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Thursday 201231 Pull ups and Carries

Live ZOOM WODs at 7 and 9am today (no 4pm session) Password: TheHut

Try Making These Mobile Pull Up Straps

Welcome to the edge of 2020. Walk out on the bluff and get ready to fall off the cliff, right into 2021. Or maybe you want to be a bit more assertive… right off the edge in a squirrel suit and float all the way down. Or how about this one- launch with a hang glider and ride a thermal updraft and just keep going. Never know where you can take it. That’s the way I think about the new year. The cliff is simply a passive by stander. It’s only changes happen in geologic time and the only control I have is what I do with it.

Two Classes this morning and then the coaching crew is taking the New Years Evening off… and we will be back on Friday at 9am and Saturday at 9am. Join us for a big NYD WOD and then the first Saturday Session of the new year.

For time complete:
(21*)-18-15-12-9-6 pull ups
100m farmer carry (50/35# DBs or KBs or mix)
Post time, load, scaling to SugarWOD
*the round of 21 reps is an Rx+ option… how do you know you qualify? Only if you are using the Rx load AND can do the first set of 21 pull ups unbroken. THAT’s how you know.

Pull up, Carry. 5 rounds. End on 6 pull ups and a carry.

Intended Stimulus
Fast sets of pull ups and a trip around the farm. Grip strength will definitely get taxed… so move quickly with the carries. Nobody ever said you have to walk, so make it snappy, fast feet. It is understood that many of you lack some basic equipment to complete this one so keep reading for substitutions.

Of course pull ups can be adjusted in any way- use your door frame pull up bar, a beam in your backyard or garage. No pull up bar or rings? Look for a railing OR even a really sturdy table to do body rows.
A complete “sub” for this is a bent over row with a barbell that is equal to the weight of BOTH DBs you use for the farmer carry. So if you are using 20 or 25# DBs for the carry- use an empty barbell for the rows. IF you are going Rx for the carry then you will use a 100# barbell!
Another option is to do single arm bent over rows with EACH arm: 18 reps on the right and 18 on the left.
Hold Grip Strength. Yep.

Wednesday 201229 Heavy Day: Power Cleans and Front Squats

Live ZOOM WODs at 7, 9am and again at 4pm Password: TheHut
***No Yoga Class this Week***

Wednesday WOD- Heavy Day
On a running clock. complete:
Minute 0: 3 power cleans
Minute 2: max front squats in 20 seconds at previous clean weight
Minute 4: 3 power cleans at heavier load
Minute 6: max front squats in 20 seconds at previous clean weight
Minute 8: 3 power cleans at heavier load
Minute 10: max front squats in 20 seconds at previous clean weight
Minute 12: 3 power cleans at heavier load
Minute 14: max front squats in 20 seconds at previous clean weight
Minute 16: 3 power cleans at heavier load
Minute 18: max front squats in 20 seconds at previous clean weight, etc…
Minute 20: 3 power cleans at heavier load
Minute 22: max front squats in 20 seconds at previous clean weight, etc…
Record heaviest 3 rep power clean
Record heaviest front squat load and total reps at that load

Intended Stimulus
After a general warm up and some warm up on the cleans and front squats- you will begin at a load that starts to get heavy but you will still warm up with loading in the first 2 of the 6 sets you will do today. Don’t go to heavy too soon. Allow yourself to move smooth and fast in the first 2 sets. You’ll also need to stick with the clock and stay on schedule. When you don’t have a lot of loading- maybe not even a barbell- in your equipment pile, you need to change up the format and stimulus to turn today into some that that overloads you a bit. Today that format is keeping you on a strict clock and incorporating a very short max reps set that you also need to clean.

Record Keeping
Use the notes section of SugarWOD to track everything… this is a bit of an experimental shot at recording results for this kind of workout

Tuesday 201229 FGB Version

Live ZOOM WODs at 7, 9am and again at 4pm Password: TheHut

You can now see The Hut WOD, log your results, and encourage your fellow athletes!

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Fight Gone Bad Version
Three Rounds of 5 movements, one minute each for max reps of:
Single arm, alt DB snatch 50/35#
Box jumps 20/16″
KB swings 24/18kg
Single arm, DB push press 50/35#
Rest exactly one minute
Post total number of reps for each movement through the workout

Intended Stimulus
Today, our workout is in the style of Fight Gone Bad, homemade version. You have a minute, or about 50ish seconds, per movement to get as many reps as you can, jot down your number of reps and then move on to the next, so on and so forth, until you get to your lovely one minute of rest. Find a seat, breathe, focus and get ready for the next two rounds. After the first round, you will have a better understanding of how to push your body, when to set the dumbbell down to shake your arms out, and when to rest. The goal is max reps here and that minute of rest between rounds is to serve as your reset. Aim to get as many reps or more as the first round. You. Got. It.

Monday 201228 TTB and Deadlifts

We return with the final week of training for the year. Another “compare to” that might include some movements that you might not have access to in terms of “going as prescribed”… and if that is the case, then thing of these movements as a “hip closer” and a weightlifting “hip closer” and then go about scaling and substituting… take a look below at the Intended Stimulus as well as the Suggestions. Better yet, join us at 7 and 9am again at 4pm on ZOOM

Live ZOOM WODs at 7, 9am and again at 4pm Password: TheHut

Tuesday’s WOD at 7, 9am again at 4pm
Five rounds for time of:
15 Toes to bar
12 Deadlifts (80/55kg)
Record load, time and scaling
Compare to July 7, 2020

Intended Stimulus
A gymnastic “hip closer” and a weightlifting “hip closer”- in a fairly high repetition setting with only moderately heavy load. The load for the deadlifts should allow you to get all 12 unbroken- but you will likely choose to break them up during the workout at some point. Load should be at about 50-55% of 1 RM. These should never be dropped and most should go unbroken. Toes to bar intention is small sets and very short breaks. Preferred are “actual” TTB at a slower pace instead of scaling ROM and fast. SO- if you can do Rx movement but it takes you a while, then simply scale the number of reps. Consider 2 minutes of TTB the maximum time allotted for the first and second sets, then 3 minutes per round in the latter stages. Today on TTB, “If you CAN, you SHOULD.”

Substitution Suggestions
If you don’t have a bar or rings to hang from- instead of toes to bar do a toes to fingers “sit up.” The same range of motion as TTB, but you are on your back, hands up over head, a horizontal version of hanging from a pull up bar… then you keep your hands fixed and bring your toes up to your hands. You can hold on to some DB or a KB overhead as an anchor. A scaled version is bringing your “toes to ceiling.” If you don’t have a load heavy enough to challenge you then get together what you do have- and go as heavy as possible. If you don’t have enough to make 15 reps tough- then you can add more reps up to 18 reps per round, but don’t do any more than that!

Saturday’s 9am ZOOM Live

Join us Saturday for a 9am session on ZOOM, a repeat of a WOD we did back in mid-May. You can even watch Jordan give us an archived preview of the session, then join everyone live to go through it together.

Saturday Morning Zoom Session today… 9am Password: TheHut

Hope each and everyone of you enjoyed Christmas and Hanukkah this year and the long awaited final week of 2020 is here. For our family, we finish out the year celebrating the life of Kristin’s dad, my father-in-law, Jack Bergin. He died on Christmas morning here at home. After coming to California from Cape Cod in April he spent many of his evenings watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. He was welcomed to heaven with a spectacular one. In his 87 years on earth, he worked hard for everything he got and had legendary stories to back it all up. All of them are true. While he was successful and loved his work- I think his most cherished accomplishment was his family. With his wife Ellie, Jack had 5 children, 12 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. We miss him already, but are grateful that he is together again with his Ellie.

Saturday WOD- compare to May 19th 2020
21-15-9 reps of:
Front Squats (45/30kg)
Push Press (45/30kg)
200m Run
-Right Into-
15-12-9 reps of:
Thrusters (45/30kg)
200m Run

Intended Stimulus
Today we do some weightlifting and short, but fast, running. We’ll start out with Front Squats, Push Presses, and 200m runs for a 21-15-9, and then we’ll combine the squats and presses into one movement and do 15-12-9 Thrusters and 200m runs. All for time. The goal here is to wisely break up the sets of 21 and 15 so that you can run hard and then try to go unbroken through the 15-12-9. This one is going to feel sprinty!
General Warm-up
Start with a 200m jog. If you haven’t marked that distance off yet, it is roughly 30 seconds out and 30 seconds back. Then, do 10 front scales on each leg and 10 back scales on each leg. We’ll move into some alternating lizard lunge, some plank holds, and 10 push-up down dogs. Finally, do 2 rounds of 10 air squats, and 5 pushups and then a single 200m run.

Thursday 201224 Four Rounder

Morning Zooms only today… 7 and 9am class sessions Password: TheHut

Merry Christmas Eve! We will take Thursday evening and all Christmas Day off… see you again on Saturday morning ZOOM at 9am.

Merry Christmas from SugarWOD… remember to create your unique profile page heading!


Thursday’s WOD- “Leg Day:)”
Four rounds for time of:
36 air squats
24 weighted box step ups (40/25# object with a 24/20″ box)
12 power cleans (50/35kg)
Post time, load and any scaling

Some Notes on today’s WOD
Light, fast body weight squats, followed by a bit of a trudge with a moderately heavy, moderately high step up, finishing with some power. Use any heavy object to step up to a bench, chair, or a box if you have one. These are not meant to be too overwhelming… so a steady and consistent pace are expected. Same with the cleans really. IF you are going Rx- you should very capably get 6 reps in a row without stopping. These should be touch and go, taken from the ground. If you have some DBs, those will work… just lower them to below the knees for each rep.Kettlebell cleans can work too, if you are familiar with them. IF you only have a med ball… try 12 powerful medicine ball launches.

Wednesday 201223 Triplet AMRAP

Live ZOOM WODs at 7, 9am and again at 4pm Password: TheHut

Yoga with Maria happens today at 6pm! Password: TheHut
(notice these are the SAME link!)

Wednesday’s WOD
As many rounds as possible in 16 minutes of:
4 standing broad jumps (90% of 1RM)
8 Army Combat Fitness Test Push ups
16 sit ups

Intended Stimulus
A longish test with a powerful jump at an almost max capacity, a tough push up standard, and a slog thru some sit ups to prepare for more big jumps. After practicing some jumps and warming up… you will take THREE 1RM efforts. Then by marking off 90% of your longest jumps’s distance- you have established your personal “Rx” jump for this workout. After a couple rounds, these push ups will might be come tough… don’t cheat the movement! BUT the way to scale these today is by doing either training push ups OR even knee push ups are OK today. The sit up is any way you like: butterfly, long legs- and you CAN kip these today. Look at the clock after one full round- then try and keep up the pace.

Tuesday 201222 TGUs and KBs

ZOOM Sessions at 7, 9am and 4pm… this link will WORK forever
Password: TheHut

Today we have our first ZOOM “compare-to” day- so reach into your journal and look up the second day of quarantine on March 20, 2020… and you will find today’s WOD. It also happens to be the second day of our current shut down. It is an elegant couplet that encourages some heaviness and quite a bit of mental fortitude/struggle (opposite sides of the same coin) with the intention of quality.

“Quality…you know what it is, yet you don’t know what it is. But that’s self-contradictory. But some things are better than others, that is, they have more quality. But when you try to say what the quality is, apart from the things that have it, it all goes poof! There’s nothing to talk about. But if you can’t say what Quality is, how do you know what it is, or how do you know that it even exists? If no one knows what it is, then for all practical purposes it doesn’t exist at all. But for all practical purposes it really does exist.” Robert Pirsig, ZATAOMM

Tuesday’s WOD…. compare to March 20th 2020
For Quality and Unbroken Repetitions of:
10 Turkish Get Ups*
15 KB Swings*
– rest 1 minute –
8 Turkish Get Ups
30 KB Swings
– rest 1 minute –
6 Turkish Get Ups
45 KB Swings
– rest 1 minute –
4 Turkish Get Ups
60 KB Swings
– rest 1 minute –
2 Final Turkish Get Ups

*AHAP (As Heavy As Possible)
* Post DB/KB loads; TOTAL number of breaks for KB Swings
(ex: Mike – 45# DB/24kg KB/4 breaks)

Intended Stimulus
Be under control the whole time, this is about QUALITY movement, not speed. Notice it says, as heavy as possible… that is for both movements, you may use a DB or KB. The main point with the TGU’s is to go heavy and maintain good position the whole time, do not rush. The intention with the swings is to get each of the four sets unbroken. The reason for the one minute break is to encourage you to go unbroken and heavy. If you are pretty sure you can get 30 USA swings unbroken, then use USA swings. Notice you will post the loads for both movements and the total times you break each set of swings. The goal is zero. Zero breaks at a heavy loading. You can scale the TGU so much that you are not even using a weight, but go as heavy as you can maintain control. Keep your eyes on the ceiling or overhead and your elbow locked at all times. Move with quality… and care.

Monday 201221 Thruster -n- Shuttle

7am. 9am. 4pm Live Zoom sessions with YOU today.- link below

So, here we are… amidst the holidays and ready to get in some training to round out the year 2020. This is NOT new to any of us. Just log in during one of the 3 daily class times (they could change from day to day, but we will start with these) and get in a good workout. We will warm up, get some mobility, so some skill pieces, go hi intensity for a bit, then cool down. Show up and you’ll be fine. The intention is that the LINK stays the same each day.

We have set aside a few more pieces of equipment for those of you who couldn’t make it Sunday afternoon. Still waiting to hear from a few of you… please just check in if you’ll be out of town- so we know not to hold on to anything for you. If you come back next week- you can get some things then.

Monday’s WOD
Every 3 minutes for 8 rounds, each for time, of:
8 Thrusters 40/35#DB or 45/30kg barbell (unbroken sets)
8x8m shuttle sprint (100m row sprint/20sec bike sprint)
Record finish time for each round.
Rest the remainder of the 3 minute time block

Intended Stimulus
Find a load that feels like a “Fran” that you can finish ALMOST unbroken. Today you should be able to do MOST, maybe even all of the 8 sets of 8 thrusters without a break. That means less than 30 seconds of ‘thrustering’. You’ll put that down then head right into a shuttle sprint that should take 20-30 seconds. You’ve just done 1 minute of high threshold activity. You deserve 1 minute of heavy breathing, one minute of rest, then go again. For non-runners- get in a row or bike. Otherwise, 8-12 burpees will do the trick.

As you begin your 3 weeks of at home/zoom training- start to take on the challenge of thinking about the intended stimulus and adapting the written workout with what you decide to do on your own. Sure you can ask questions… but you can also participate in the mental exercise of deciding what to do to fulfill the intended stimulus.

Attending the live session is a REALLY GOOD IDEA. Next best is to tackle it on your own. Warm up properly. Convince someone to join you!

Live Zoom Sessions at 7, 9am and again at 4pm!

Meeting ID: 823 4657 3551
Passcode: TheHut

Friday 201218 TGUs and an AMRAP 10

At the Hut have a long-standing tradition of collecting data from our training days as a way to both track our improvements as well as to confirm our strengths and inform us of our weaknesses. We have loved the pencil and composition notebook; our athletes are known for their rigor in writing down workout results. Lots of analog data is better than only a little bit of digital data. We also love the ability to quickly search for and analyze our stats, and this is where the handwritten journal falls short. Many of us will continue to use our journals but we also want to enter into a new era of making the data that we collect more usable. We have chosen SugarWOD as our new method of tracking workouts and performance.

You can now see The Hut WOD, log your results, and encourage your fellow athletes!

Click here to download the app, sign-up, and start tracking your Hut workouts!



Friday’s WOD
Take 10 minutes to work up to 3 reps Turkish Get Ups
Record max 3 rep loading on each arm
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 burpees
15 medicine ball cleans (20/14#)
20 medicine ball reverse step lunge in front rack position
Record number of rounds and remaining reps

Intended stimulus
Show up warm and ready to go because today were jumping right into the Turkish get ups. You’ll do a few with no load and then the coach will start the 10 minute clock where are you will build to a heavy three wrap on each arm. That means that you will do three consecutive Turkish get ups without resting between them. That will likely keep the load lighter than normal and that’s OK! Then, you’ll get to a medicine ball and go through brief practice of the med ball clean and reverse step lunch. The goal for this simple 10 minute Amrap is to move the entire time. Try and go unbroken on all sets of medicine ball cleans if you can!

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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