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Tuesday 210504 5×5 Push Press for Volume


Push Press for volume
post load to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
After a thorough warm-up, we will build in load until reaching about 80% of 1RM push press (or something that feels moderately heavy). Then, the goal is to complete all 5 sets at that load. Rest at minimum 2 minutes between sets, likely more between the later sets.

Monday 210503 MB Run + WB Shots

In the photo below, Anna demonstrates a Plate Overhead Reverse Step Lunge with excellent technique. (Check out those locked out arms with the load right over her center of mass!) The lunge can be considered a very basic body weight movement, and often times we perform lunges unweighted or with a bar or DBs in the front rack. BUT because we must be prepared for the unknown and unknowable, sometimes very traditional movements, like a lunge, get paired with something non-traditional, or underground. Not only does this keep things exciting, it allows us to test ourselves against some movement variations we may not be accustomed to. Take today’s workout for example, we take a straightforward 200m run and add the novel task of doing it with the medicine ball you will use for your wallball shots. Hold it however you want and when you get back from the run, get as many wallball shots as you can before time expires!


Five 3-minute rounds of:
Run 200 meters with a medicine ball
Max reps wall-ball shots (20/14#, 10/9ft)
-rest 1 minute between rounds-
Post total # of Wallball Shots completed

Saturday 210501

Sign up in advance on MindBody for classes at 8am and 9am!

Friday 210430 Power Snatch + Finisher

It’s time for some olympic lifting technique work! This hour is going to be geared at becoming more skilled and efficient in taking the bar from above the knee to all the way overhead in one motion. If there is one thing to focus on as a gym today it is this: getting full hip extension and shrugging BEFORE the elbows bend and pull. So, let that single component of this complex lift be your guiding light as to how heavy or light to go today. Then, find a load that you can get at least 6 at a time for the finisher and SPRINT those runs!


Workout of the Day:
20 minutes to build to a heavy 3 rep hang power snatch
post heaviest set to SugarWOD


12-9-6 reps for time:
Hang Power Snatch (50/35kg)
200m Sprint
post finish time and any scaling to SugarWOD

Thursday 210429 Air Squat, Scott-up, C2B

Caroline gets inverted during an AMRAP. Active shoulders, pushing hard into the ground.

12 minute AMRAP:
30 Air Squats
20 Scott-ups (20/10kg Plate)
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
post total rounds+reps and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Pick a steady pace through the air squats, maybe stopping once per set to shake out the legs. Maintain control as you lower your shoulders to the ground on EVERY rep of scott-up. Crashing the shoulders into the ground likely means you need a lower plate, or none at all. If you can link a few C2Bs together then go for Rx pull-ups, but if you don’t have C2Bs yet, or must do one at a time, get a band that allows you to do 5 reps at a time.

Wednesday 210428 DU-SDLHP-ACFTPU

Ready for yet another chance to get on the already full PR board?! This one is a compare to way back on January 2nd of this year. The reps are blocked into moderately big sets. You’ll likely start off fast and unbroken and then gradually have to break things up due to loss of stamina, coordination, and probably BOTH. With the SDLHP it is necessary to maintain the “core-to-extremity” nature of the movement. The light load can make it easy to fall into the trap of a pulling early OR not extending the arms before lowering the load- a core-to-extremity violation. Make sure you maintain good rigid neutral spine, and get good ROM- all the way down to the ground and then elbows high and outside. For the push ups, EVERYONE should be doing these on the floor today (no bench, box or table) and then using training push ups OR knee push ups if you can’t sustain 5 reps at a time without a break. Double unders need to be done in less than 3 minutes for 100 reps- and if you don’t hit your 100 in 100 seconds… put your rope down and complete the remainder with double tap penguin jumps.

Jenny and Dane hit the 9am class and get the small room all to themselves. Oh, and they both went HEAVY on the 10×2 front squats!

For time complete:
100 double unders
40 Sumo deadlift high pull (24/18kg)
25 push ups (ACFT standard)
25 push ups
25 push ups
100 double unders
Post time: record load and any scaling in the notes section of SugarWOD
Compare to January 2nd, 2021

Tuesday 210427 Front Squat 10×2

RA, Andy, and Debby put in WORK during yesterday’s rowing + up-down intervals!

Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds:
2 Front Squats
(build in load during the first 5 rounds and hold a load for the final 5 rounds)
post loading to SugarWOD

Monday 210426 5 All Out Sprints

Looking to improve your work capacity and stamina? Come in to The Hut and be the push for someone in your gym community while you surely get a push to give it your all in return 🙂 After your front and back scale review and practice, you’ll hit an all out sprint of a couplet 5 times. The row needs to be sub 2 minutes, so scale distance if necessary so you can really get the sprint stimulus today. Solid row technique is going to provide the efficiency you need to sustain your fast pace time after time. Think back to our 5k row day and put all those skills into practice for these row sprints! After your row sprint, quickly transition out of the rower and get in 12 up-downs as fast as you can. You will jump to a target you cannot reach standing and reaching straight up (for most this will be the pull-up bar in your station). Rest the remainder of the 4 minute interval (should be roughly 2 minutes), and repeat!

Emily gets in some heavy DLs. Welcome to The Hut!


No Yoga Tonight!

Workout of the Day:
10 minutes of Front and Back Scales
5 rounds each for time starting on the 4 minute mark:
300m row
12 Up-Downs to a target
post all 5 times to SugarWOD (the slowest round will be your final score)

Saturday 210424

Sign up in advance for Saturday’s group classes at 8am and 9am!

Friday 210423 Deadlift and TTB Compare to!

A gymnastic “hip closer” and a weightlifting “hip opener”- in a fairly high repetition setting with only moderately heavy load. The load for the deadlifts should allow you to get all 12 unbroken- but you will likely choose to break them up during the workout at some point. Load should be at about 50-55% of 1 RM. These should never be dropped and most should go unbroken. Toes to bar intention is small sets and very short breaks. Preferred are “actual” TTB at a slower pace instead of scaling ROM and fast. SO- if you can do Rx movement but it takes you a while, then simply scale the number of reps. Consider 2 minutes of TTB the maximum time allotted for the first and second sets, then 3 minutes per round in the latter stages. Today on TTB, “If you CAN, you SHOULD.”


Five rounds for time of:
15 Toes to bar
12 Deadlifts (80/55kg)
Record load, time and scaling to SugarWOD and post PRs to the PR board!
Compare to Dec 28, 2020 and July 7, 2020

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