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Tuesday 211116 WB Shots + Push-ups

Dane and Dr Jason during last Monday’s thruster WOD. No, this was not a team workout… They just love army green and black 🙂

For time complete:
50 Wallball Shots (20/14#)
30 Pushups
40 Wallball Shots (20/14#)
30 Push-ups
30 Wallball Shots (20/14#)
30 Push-ups
post finish time and any scaling

Monday 211115 Push Press 7×3 for Volume

Yoga at The Hut Monday’s at 6pm! Join in person or on ZOOM by clicking here. Get in and continue working on your mobility, flexibility, and balance, AND help your shoulders and midline recover from your 7×3 Push Press!

Cecily and Giovanna work on perfecting the “knees out” take off and landing

Workout of the Day:
Push Press (volume sets @ 85-90% 1RM)
post loading and any scaling
Between sets build to a 1RM weighted pull-up and log in the next section on SugarWOD

Friday 211112 3 Rounds For Max Reps

Kate pushes hard on the bike to try and get her partner back to working ASAP!

3 Rounds for Max Reps:
1 minute DB Hang Cleans (60/40#)
1 minute Double Unders
1 minute Toes to Bar
1 minute Double Unders
1 minute DB Push Jerks (60/40#)
-rest 2 minutes-
post total reps per round and any scaling

Thursday 211111 Back Squat 5×5 for Volume


Workout of the Day:
Back Squat
5-5-5-5-5 (all sets around 80-85% 1RM)
Post loading for all sets and any scaling
Use these dates to help plan your plan: June 15 2021 (5×5), May 25 2021 (7s), March 4 2021 (3RM), Oct 14 2020 (5×5), Jan 21 2020 (3×3), Aug 27 2019 (5×5), June 26 2019 (5/3/1)

Intended Stimulus
Today we train with a 5 round volume set of 5 reps. In all, “just” 25 total reps over the course of 5 working sets (that is: not including the work done in warm-up sets). Once you have worked up and are ready… you have 5 sets at 5 reps each. Use a heavy enough weight so that by the 3rd or 4th rep of each set you have to use everything you’ve got to stand up, and then FINISH THE SET! A rest of about 4-5 minutes is absolutely necessary to get ready for the next set. As you approach the bar to start each set- you need to have the mindset that you CAN do this! Give it everything you’ve got. An experienced athlete will be able to manage a weight of about 85% of 1 rep max. You can and should bump up the weight a percentage point or two if your first set does not elicit a sufficient amount of grief, fear, or guilt (if you don’t have enough weight on the bar and you know it!)

Wednesday 211110 10 RFT with a Partner

10 rounds for time with a partner, work rest:
0.5/.4 mile Assault Bike
6 Power Snatch (50/35kg)
6 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20″)
post team finish time and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Hit each round hard, as if your main goal was to get your partner back to the bike before they want to 😉 Then, hopefully they’ll return the favor and you’ll both be in this beautiful fitness improving loop! The power snatches need to go unbroken for the majority of the workout, so chose your loading wisely. Get your bar safely to the ground and ensure it’s not moving before quickly transitioning to the box and getting your 6 burpee box jump overs. Your partner rests while you work, you rest while your partner works, and when the team gets 10 rounds (5 rounds per athlete) check the clock and log that time. Enjoy!

Tuesday 211109 3 RFT: Run, Sit-up, Ring Dip

Congrats to all who PRed during the Deadlift BBQ and in the morning classes that day! Get those written up on the PR board if you haven’t already done so. PRs like these prove we are collectively getting stronger month after month while PRs on workouts like last Monday’s “Jackie” demonstrate an increase in fitness in a different time domain and different modalities. Together they show that you are increasing your work capacity across broad time and modal domains…. simply put: here at The Hut, we’re STILL getting fitter! Today’s workout is not a “compare to”, but it does represent training in yet another time domain and with different monostructural and gymnastics movements. Hitting training days like this hard surely pays off when we get to the testing days we all love 🙂

Jonathan leads a CFL1 style DL circle. Remember, the warm-up and skill work is always purposeful!

3 rounds for time:
800m Run
40 Sit-ups
20 Ring Dips
post finish time and any scaling

Monday 211108 AMRAP 10: Thruster + Row

Yoga at The Hut makes a return after a week off tonight (Monday) at 6pm! Attend in person or on ZOOM by clicking HERE. Remember to reserve your slot in the 5pm CrossFit class if you plan on doing that before yoga! It will be an awesome hour of recovery centered yoga, especially after today’s CrossFit Open style 10 minute AMRAP… which by the way, you should attack by going unbroken on the thrusters as long as possible 🙂


10 minute AMRAP:
3 Thrusters (45/30kg)
12 Calorie Row
6 Thrusters (45/30kg)
12 Calorie Row
9 Thrusters (45/30kg)
12 Calorie Row
…continue adding 3 thrusters per round until the clock strikes 10:00
post total thrusters completed and any scaling

Saturday 211106

We have a regular Saturday morning schedule with at 8:00 and 9:00am! Sign up in advance on MindBody.

Friday 211105 1RM Deadlift

The 1RM Deadlift BBQ is today! Come grill/eat and lift from 4:00-6:30pm, or lift in a morning class and come in the evening to grill/eat/hangout. If you are new to The Hut or have taken time off, you don’t NEED to go for a 1 rep max. In fact, it may be more beneficial for your fitness to get in 5 sets of 5 at a moderate load as you continue to learn and dial in the deadlift technique. Those going for a 1RM are required to have a written plan. No accidental PRs today. Rest 3 minutes or so between heavy lifts and enjoy the fun and supportive atmosphere that always comes with workouts like this! Bring food for the grill and anything you want to share.

Did Maria make this 30″ box jump?!

post loading of all sets, post new 1RM to the PR board!

Thursday 211104 Row, Run, Jump x4

The Fall Deadlift BBQ is this Friday, November 5th, from 4:00-6:30pm! Bring something for the grill and a side to share! Enjoy some quality time with your CFM community and lift some heavy barbells. Lift during a morning class and come to the BBQ to hang out, or lift AND hang out at the BBQ. Please arrive before 6:00pm if you plan on deadlifting. Coaches will be available to help with warm-up ideas, load planning, and to supervise.

Coordinated tall box jumps in the big room!

4 rounds EACH for time:
300m Row
200m Run
100 Double Unders
-rest exactly 3 minutes-

post all 4 finish times and any scaling

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