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Thursday 231214 21-15-9 SqCL + Pull-up

Sandra works on powerful hip flexion, or closing of the hip, with some ball slams to prep for a few ski sprints


21-15-9 reps for time:
Squat Cleans (50/35kg)
Post finish time and any scaling

Intended Simulus
Prepare for a “Fran-like” effort on this one. The double pull will certainly cause a bit more interference than what is typically experienced during Fran, and cycling squat cleans tends to take slightly longer than cycling thrusters, but today’s WOD will have the same feel nonetheless. Get a barbell loading and a pull-up scaling that allows you to complete the 21 reps in no more than 3 sets. Then, try to break the 15 into 3 sets or less, and the 9 into 2 sets or less.

Wednesday 231213 Pressing Series

After some heavy pressing overhead, make sure to get back to the gym at 6pm for the final CFM Yoga of 2023! Maria will be here with lots of shoulder mobility and a relaxing atmosphere as usual. See you there!

Paula floats on top of the box for one of her SIXTY box jumps!

Workout of the day:
Shoulder Press
Push Press
Push Jerk
post all loading and any new PRs!

Intended Stimulus
Ready for a hefty helping of pressing!? Use today to dial in the bar path for all 3 lifts. Chin back as the bar drives straight up off the front rack, lock it out overhead, active shoulders with the bar directly over the heel, and head back through. This order of events doesn’t change across all three of the overhead presses today. What does change is what happens BEFORE all that pressing. On the push press you add a “dip and drive” to the above sequence and on the push jerk you add a “dip, drive, press and drop” to the above sequence. Focus in on 2 things today. The bar path and the timing of the “drive then press” (on the push press and push jerk). Then, after all 3 lifts are warmed up and the movement pattern is primed, build in load on the should press across 4 sets of singles. Try to end with a new 1RM! After 4 sets, transition of 4 sets of 3 reps building in load on the push press. Then, do the same, but with 5 reps, on the push jerk. In total, there are 12 sets today. Settle in for an all weightlifting day! Rest AT LEAST 2 full minutes between sets and post any PRs to the PR board.

Tuesday 231212 Mono + Gymnastics Chipper

SLIPS Specialty Class dives into some skin the cat technique work on the rings!

For time complete:
1000m row
20 Box Jumps (24/20”)
20 Back Burpees
800m run
20 Box Jumps
20 Back Burpees
1.3/1.0mi bike
20 Box Jumps
20 Back Burpees
Post finish time and any scaling

Monday 231211 AMRAP 16: Snatch, WB, Run

Session 2 of our Holiday Specialty Series is tonight at 6pm! If you registered, make you you make it to the gym (or back to the gym) as this is going to be a SLIPS focused session you will not want to miss! With regards to today’s WOD… make sure you can go unbroken for the first few rounds of snatches… MAYBE take 1 break on each set of wallballs… and run hard!


8 Snatches (50/35kg)
16 WB Shots (20/14#)
200m Run
Post total completed rounds + reps and any scaling
Compare to march 14 2023

Thursday 231207 4 RFT: Lunge, TTB, Run

Alex strides in smiling from a recent run!

4 rounds for time:
10 Front Rack Rev. Step Lunges (50/35kg)
15 Toes to Bar
400m run
Post finish time and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Choose a barbell loading that allows for unbroken lunges, but is still quite challenging. Find a TTB scaling that you can get through in 2-3 sets, or unbroken IF, and only IF, you’re going Rx. Run at a pace that allows you to get back to the barbell right away and start lunging. Then, send it on that final 400!

Tuesday 231205 EMOM 20

A packed 9am class pushes through yesterday’s AMRAP 10!

EMOM 20:
1- 10 strict pull-ups
2- 15 ACFT Pushups
3- 20/15 calorie row for time
4- rest
Post row times and any scaling

Monday 231204 DB Complex + AMRAP 10

We realize this is a busy season. Make it a priority to get training sessions in the new few weeks. You’ll feel better, you’ll stay on track, and you’ll de-stress with your community. As to not add another holiday event to everyone’s schedule… we’ve chosen to host our annual in house CFM Festivus event on Saturday, January 6th!! It’ll be a great way to kick off 2024!! The event will run from 8am to noon. Mark your calendars well in advance as this is a gathering you won’t want to miss!! More info to come. For now, prioritize your health, physical and mental, and we’ll see you in the gym 💪🏻

Faith, deadlifting under the lights

Workout of the day:
On the 4:00 for 4 rounds (building AHAP):
5 DB Deadlifts
5 DB Hang Power Cleans
5 DB Front Squats
5 DB Push Press
Post loading in notes
Alt DB Snatch (50/35#)
Goblet Squat (50/35#)
Post total completed reps and any scaling

Friday 231201 L-sits + a Quick Couplet

Brian gets triple extension BEFORE shrugging and pulling with the arms!

Workout of the day:
15 minutes of dedicated L-sit and inversion drills and practice (bars, rings, parallettes, boxes, wall, freestanding) ending with 3 max duration attempts and athletes L-sit of choice
For time complete:
50 Double Unders
40 Double Unders
30 Double Unders
20 Double Unders
10 Double Unders
post finish time and any scaling, and post longest L-sit and the variation/scaling in notes
compare to: 220803

Thursday 231130 AMRAP 15

5k for time!

8 Deadlifts (100/70kg)
14 Toes to Bar
28 Air squats
Post completed rounds + reps and any scaling

Wednesday 231129 Row 5k

Workout of the Day:
Row 5,000 meters for time (or bike 6.5 miles)
Post finish time to SugarWOD and new PR to the board!

Intended Stimulus
Get into The Hut and do this one with your community! They need you and you need them for this one 🙂 It is critical that you choose to come out of the gate at the right pace. Taking off too fast for the first 1k means you’ll likely have to adopt the ‘just hold on’ strategy for the remaining 4k. Ideally, you will hold your chosen 500m split time from the start until right before the finish, where you’ll give it everything you have for the final 200-300m. Having sound rowing technique is so important here. You’re going to take a lot of strokes, so remember the order of events for maximum efficiency! “Legs, hips, arms”. Set up with a strong and braced neutral spine at the start of each stroke, drive through the HEELS (not the balls of your feet or your quads will turn to jelly), and finish with the arms pulling the handle to the bottom of the sternum. Pulling early with the arms, even by just a little bit, can give you that forearm pump sooner than you’d like to feel in a 17-25 minute bout of rowing.

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