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Friday 210528 DB Complex for Load and a 1-mile Run

Memorial Day Murph is this coming Monday! Sign up in advance on the chalk board in The Hut and on MindBody to reserve your spot in class and your station. If you reserve an outdoor station you can share it with a partner, while the big room will have 4 stations and the small room will have 3. Classes will run at 7:00 and 8:30am. Plenty of slots are still available in the 7:00am! As is the case with everyday here at The Hut, Murph is universally scalable to any individual. So, sign up in advance, get in a great workout with your community, celebrate Memorial Day, and maybe grab some food with friends after!


5 rounds for load:
5 DB Deadlifts
5 DB Hang Power Cleans
5 DB Front Squats
5 DB Push Press
post heaviest load and # of sets at that load

1 mile cool down run

Thursday 210527 Power Cleans and Power Push-ups

This is going to be a fast one! Even if you choose to do singles on the power cleans, you should be able to get RIGHT back to the bar for another rep. Break up the power push-ups into manageable sets because going to failure too early will mean needing to take long rests and that is NOT ideal today! Dial in your clean technique during the warm-up and then get full hip extension on every rep. Drive those elbows through fast and stand it up. Smooth is fast here. 21-15-9, let’s go!


Dulcie is back, and here she pushes herself under the bar to receive a heavy push jerk. Welcome back!


21-15-9 reps for time:
Power Clean (60/45kg)
Power Push-up (jump hands to 20kg plate)
post time and scaling

Wednesday 210526 Run, DU, RMU

Christine hits full depth on her 7th back squat, right before getting 2 Rx weighted strict pull-ups with 2#s in her pockets. Nice work!

For time complete:
800m Run
80 Double Unders
8 Ring Muscle-ups*
600m Run
60 Double Unders
6 Ring Muscle-ups
400m Run
40 Double Unders
4 Ring Muscle-ups
post time and scaling

*if necessary, scale ring muscle-ups to a muscle-up transition variation

Tuesday 210525 Back Squat and Weighted Pull-up

This is the schematic you will use to sign up for your Memorial Day Murph slot at 7:00 or 8:30am, and yes, you will still reserve on MindBody as well! Find it at The Hut and get your name down!


Every 3 minutes for 6 rounds:
7 Back Squats (AHAP)
2 Weighted Pull-ups (AHAP)
post heaviest load for the back squat here and load for pull-up in the notes

Monday 210524 AMRAP 12: KB Swing, BBJ, KB S2OH

This coming Monday, May 31st, we will celebrate Memorial Day by doing “Murph” as a CFM community! There will be 2 morning classes at 7:00 and 8:30am. There will be 7 slots inside The Hut and 6 slots outdoors. If you reserve an outdoor slot, you can choose to share it with a partner. There will be a schematic at The Hut for you to sign up and claim a spot early this week 🙂

Yes, sometimes even Jonathan needs to go shoes off immediately post WOD 😉

12 minute AMRAP:
18 KB Swing USA (24/18kg)
12 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20”)
6/6 KB shoulder to overhead (24/18kg)
Post time and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Pick your KB load based off of your ability to go unbroken on the shoulder to overheads on each arm. With that load established, strategize how you’ll break up the KB swings to ensure you’re able to push the pace through the entire AMRAP. Set an uncomfortable, yet maintainable, pace on the burpee box jumps. You will NOT jump over the box on these which means you need to reach full hip extension on top of the box each rep. Push the pace and have fun!

Friday 210521 Tabatas and 800s

A BIG congratulations to Becca and Shaya as they attend Pepperdine graduation this weekend! Becca will walk across the stage on Alumni Field on Saturday morning with a BA in Sports Medicine while Shaya will walk on Sunday as part of a VERY delayed 2020 ceremony recognizing her BA in Psychology. Both also minored in Hispanic Studies. Congrats to you both, we are proud of you and look forward to spending much more time with you at The Hut!




Workout of the Day:
TABATA Toes to Bar (8 rounds of 20 sec work/10 sec rest)
-then on the 6:00 mark-
Run 800m for time
-then on the 12:00 mark-
TABATA Reverse Step Lunge
-then on the 18:00 mark-
Run 800m for time
-then on the 24:00 mark-
TABATA Toes to Bar
post total reps here and 800m times in the section below

Thursday 210520 Clean and Jerks + Row Sprints

Dr. Deb and Laura M face off out back during Monday’s 20 minute AMRAP

5 rounds each for time on the 4 minute mark:
3 Power Clean and Jerks (80/55kg)
21/16 cal row
Post all times and any scaling
Score is your SLOWEST time 🙂

Intended Stimulus
Get a load on the barbell that forces you to think. You should have to approach the bar and intentionally get set up before attempting the lift. Then, after dropping the bar, you should need to take a few breaths to gather yourself for another lift. If you can just bust out 3 clean and jerks without much hesitation, then go heavier. The row is just long enough to make sprint hurt, but sprint nonetheless 🙂 Rest the remainder of the 4 minutes. Post all your times to SugarWOD. Your slowest is your score.

Wednesday 210519 TGUs+L-sits then Annie

Training days like yesterday’s 5×5 volume sets of deadlift are so essential to our program because they allow us to dial in our mechanics and get in a relatively high number of reps at a load we can manage, a load we can still make adjustments at. So many of you left The Hut yesterday with a better deadlift than the one you came in with! It’s also worth noting that volume work makes us stronger 🙂 Today, take the same approach with the TGUs and the gymnastics L-sit variation the coach prescribes for you. Dial in your technique from the very first warm-up set. Then, go and PR “Annie”!

Andy stands tall on the final rep of one of his sets of 5s

Workout of the Day:
With a 20 minute cut off:
Build to a heavy set of 2/2 Turkish get up
Parallette/Ring L-sit skill work between sets of TGUs


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
Butterfly Sit-ups
Compare Annie to Dec 7 2018, April 19 2018, Nov 16 2017, July 20 2017, May 24 2016, Dec 30 2015, Jan 8 2015, Jan 6 2014, June 11 2013, June 10 2011
**Rowing Annie is a great substitute. Row in these increments: 150m, 140m, 130m, 120m, 110m

Monday 210517 AMRAP 20: Row, Pull, Push, Squat

Jacob gets set up in the proper deadlift position for a MB clean.

Yoga on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 5:30pm!

20 minute AMRAP:
250m row
6 pull-ups
12 deficit push-ups
18 DB front squats (35/25#)

Intended Stimulus
Check out that light DB load for today! Try to go unbroken as long as possible on each movement today. That means getting the scaling just right on the push-ups AND the correct loading for that big set of DB front squats. As the rounds go by you may need to start breaking things up, but at the start of this workout shoot for unbroken sets. Intentionally pick a row pace and stick with it for all 20 minutes. Somewhere right around 8-10 seconds slower than your 500m PR pace should be perfect 🙂

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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