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Thursday 6pm

Round 2… Sunset Restaurant for a sunset hike. 6pm start- Westward Beach Road

Thursday 200319 Three Rounder

We got a lot done Wednesday…  Just about all of our equipment has been lent out – thanks for helping that process go so well. Check in with your coach at some point this evening or tomorrow morning. Watch the YouTube video attached below or follow us on Facebook to get these posts over there.

Thursday’s Home WOD
60-40-20 reps/round for time of:
Single Arm DB Push Press (50/35)*
Single Arm DB Bent Over Rows (same)*
Double Unders (sub:double tap penguin jumps)
Check in and share results with you “team”

*alternate arms as desired, balancing work equally between left & right sides


Warm up
Simon shuffle for 2 minutes. Seriously- set a timer and go for 2 full minutes. Your calves need to be warm… then get in some calf stretches- either in down dog or like we do on the squat rack. Practice some double unders and/or do the double tap penguin jumps to get your DU timing down (Jump in the air and tap sides of thighs twice as your feet come off the ground). Some right over left, left over right arm swings. PVC pass throughs… you should have one by now/or use a broom stick! 5 inch worms, each with a push-ups or two. Then play around with the WOD movements…if you have a lighter DB use that for some reps and practice the transition from push press to row.

Intended stimulus
Use a DB heavy enough that opening up with 10 reps on each arm feels HEAVY. Since you are dividing 60 repetitions evenly between right and left arms, sets of 10 will work well. IF you can take bigger sets with the weight you have, then DO it. Bent over rows will feel a bit lighter. So similarly, take fewer sets if you can. This workout should take between 12-15 minutes. Going a bit heavier today, is better than going a bit light. Remember we have had two bodyweight days in a row!

Unlike when you are at The Hut, you probably do not have a wide selection of weights to choose from. So you will need to decide if given the weight that you have, this rep scheme is right for you. Understand that if the load is TOO heavy, decrease the number of repetitions (ex:50-35-15). It is preferable to go a bit heavy on this, so don’t worry if you absolutely need to take quick breaks between/in the middle of sets. Quick breaks. If you have a rope and have double unders, choose those. If you don’t, substitute double tap penguin jumps. For those of you who are emerging double under-ers and have a rope, today is a day to get double under practice before the WOD and maybe, scale down the reps during the WOD. There should be no more than 5 minutes of jump rope IN TOTAL during the workout.

For the bent over rows, stabilize your opposite arm on a box or bench. You should be braced at the midline and pushing through the box as you pull the DB. The DB should be pulled into the upper rib-cage and lowered to roughly the knee. Maintain a rigid neutral spine at all times and do everything you can to avoid rotation of the torso.

Find something to hang from. SERIOUSLY. I do not believe you if you say that you have nothing to hang from. You really need to find something to hang from until you are back in the comfort of The Hut.  Child’s pose with hands on box or table to get a deeper lat stretch.

Meet up at today at 7am– in front of Sunset Restaurant on Westward Beach Road for an easy run and/or walk (your choice) up to the Point Dume Headlands and back- likely about 2.5-3 miles or so. Try and not let the early morning darkness deter you… The sunrise will be worth it.

Wednesday 200318 WOD and Meet up

Noon hike at Solstice Canyon... At Corral Canyon Rd just off of PCH- drive back to big parking lot. We will walk out on the “low road” trail back to the burned out house/waterfall at 12:15pm. Most of us will continue back up and over the Rising Sun Trail. Good for everyone!

Eric gets “Mini-Murph” completed at his home gym in a FAST TIME!

Wednesday Home Workout
Five rounds for time of:
25 sit ups
30 steps walking lunge
Post time and any scaling/modifications
*total time including warm up and cool down, ~35 minutes.

Warm up
Hold on to something and get some leg swings and swipes. Get on the belly and do 10 alternating scorpions followed by on the back for some iron cross twists. Warm up the glutes and hamstrings (for the lunges!) by doing a few glute bridges… Lie on your back, knees bent with soles of feet flat on the ground. Lift your hips to the sky and feel the glutes and hamstrings engage/squeeze. Hold for about 5 seconds. Repeat 6-8 sets. Drop into 10-15 air squats and perhaps feel a bit of the soreness from yesterday’s air squats. Then get a minute (or more!) of lizard lunge stretch on each side to prep the hip flexors for the lunges. Finish up the warm up with a one minute plank hold… during which you can move the arms back and forth between push up position and forearms on the ground. (this all takes 9-10 minutes)

Intended stimulus
Always beware when you see a simple couplet like this! It is always a bit more “pointy” than you think. You should go at this full speed on the sit ups. For each person this will be different- but go at a pace where you can get the first set of repetitions done at an unbroken, steady pace. Top speeds will see the first round finish in 90 seconds and likely continue at a pace that completes the entire WOD in just under 10 minutes. This is designed to be done in 12 minutes or less. Test out a sample 1/2 round. See if your time can match that pace… if not, consider scaling back a bit in the number of reps. This is a WOD that many can finish the movements “Rx”… but can you finish it in the intended time domain? Finally, the sharp end of this couplet will be felt on Thursday or Friday- with a poke in the glutes- but only if you hit the pace hard. Go fast and don’t stop.

Decrease the repetitions to 20 sit ups and 20-25 steps walking lunge for a reduction in total work of about 25%. Unsteady in a walking lunge? Then hold on to a counter or something steady for balance. Try reverse step lunges for more control and stability. If you didn’t do squats yesterday and lunges arent your thing- substitute air squats.

Play around with folding up a thick towel in different ways to replicate an abmat. The idea is to get some leverage with your low back. Keep it simple.
On the lunges, take care of that trailing knee. Let it kiss the ground gently. Try it on the beach and go even faster in the hard packed sand. Keep your leading heel on the ground during the step. Hands can go anywhere except on the knees.

Repeat some of your warm up movements. Do a few supermans and then hold a gentle cobra position for bit to extend the back after all the flexion of the spine in the sit ups. Pull the knees into the chest for a long “happy baby” and after you are there for a while- do the ankle to knee deep glute stretch for 1 minute on each side.


Come pick up your loaner equipment today between 10am and noon, again between 5-6pm.

Tuesday 9am Meet-Up

(Please read the CLOSURE POST below as well as this post)

People will be meeting up at the far west end of Zuma Beach parking lot at 9am. (that is the Trancas end of the beach). Parking along PCH and then walking to the far end of the “beach wall” alongside the sidewalk. The group suggestion is to do “Mini Murph”- the ‘at home version’ that is listed below. Currently weather shows a 40% chance of rain. Let’s see what happens. Afterwards consider ordering some take out food from Kristy’s or Vintage Market and eating in the park. All social distancing can be readily achieved, as well as getting in some fresh air and exercise.  A second round of this will be meeting at 4pm same spot, but check this site in advance for any updates.

Tuesday’s Main WOD- for those of you with at home gyms:
Mini Murph … It IS St Patty’s Day after all
For time:
800m run
4 rounds of:
10 pull ups
20 Army combat fitness test push ups
30 squats
800m run
Post time and scaling

*Listen to the Drop Kick Murphys perform LIVE from Boston at 4pm PST*
-We will watch/listen to the show on YouTube during your workout
First time in 24 years they will not perform a St Patty’s Day Show

Home Workout Option
For time:
Run 800m
4 rounds of:
10 pull ups ***
20 Army combat fitness test push ups
30 squats
800m run
Post time and scaling

Home Workout Notes
*** no pull up bar?- substitute 10 back burpees***
This means lie down flat on your back, heels and back of hands in contact with ground, then get up and jump with body totally vertical (clap or not, your choice), repeat. Get FLAT! Don’t rock and roll:) One rep means going from the body being totally horizontal to totally vertical.
To “measure” out an appropriate distance for this: after warming up your pull up, go for a 2 minute run at a pace that is sustainable but not easy. THAT is your turn around spot. Turn back around and return to the start. That is the “right” distance for you today. Make sure you run MUCH faster than that once the workout starts! Be strict with your positioning and range of motion on the 3 movements, burpee, push up and squat, during the 4 rounds



Closures and MORE INFO… please read entire post!

The Hut is officially closed- by executive orders of the Los Angeles County of Public Health and the City of Malibu until at least March 31st. We will be a hub for you during the next 2 weeks and potentially beyond as we offer the following info/resources:

<<reminder, check in later tonight for tomorrow’s plan>>

1.) Post information on meet ups in various locations that will have workouts in open, public spaces where mandates of social distancing can be adhered to. Trails run by the federal government, beaches run by the county, and private spaces like tennis courts and backyards will be the settings for these informal gathering of friends to get some exercise. Thanks in advance for those who have volunteered spaces- let us know if you’d like to do so. These will likely be held at 9am and 4pm. Other times may emerge.

2.) Post REGULAR CrossFit Malibu programming with basic workout notes for those of you with home gyms containing enough equipment to run these kind of WODs.

3.) Post simple Home Workout Options for those of you with minimal equipment or space. There has been great feedback from many people that did Monday’s at home session. We will look to provide some video content via YouTube to complement that information.

There will be time set aside today and tomorrow to determine our ability to loan out equipment and for coaches to write some individual programming and to make house calls. Of course we know that YOU and your family are going through this in different ways and have to handle the next 2 weeks and beyond. We are on your team and are ready to offer the support that we can.

Some final suggestions:

*Eat well. Do what you can to not comfort yourself with food, drink, alcohol, etc. This is exactly the time to batten down the hatches and STAY COMPLIANT.

*Move. More or less than usual- but that is up to you to determine. Sure watch some movies, play cards with the kids, catch up with reading your Hummingbird’s Daughter. But get some movement, workout, mobility, stretching, yoga. Whatever it is… meet up with friends.

*Practice your methods of self care that keep you calm, connected, and grounded. We are humans on earth having an experience. One that is very new to all of us. Though the context is different, I have very real mental and visceral sensations that compare to the Woolsey Fire aftermath. The situation feels similar in terms of my nervous system response… I’ve been here before. I know what works for me. Do what works for you… and if you want to talk- just call, email or text.


Monday 200316 E3M

We are currently open for group classes. Just as you and your families are doing- we are taking this one day at a time. Mayor of the City of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti just announced mandatory closures of many businesses- among them restaurants, movie theaters and gyms. If and when that is issued by Governor Newsom in the State of California or right here in Malibu by our Mayor, then we will close in compliance with those orders.

Until then, our hours on Monday March 16th are as usual- see below. You will also notice that there is a Home Workout Option. We will post a version or other workout daily so that you can keep up with programming at the Hut if you are staying at home or can’t make it to the gym.

If we do end up having to close- we will have meet ups at beaches, parks and trails so that we can get in some training, enjoy the fresh air, and get out our frustration and worries. We will also be able to write person-specific programming of workouts that you can do at home if you simply give us a list of the equipment you have at home!

Finally- please check in here often. There will be daily wods and other announcements posted.

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Every 3 minutes for 8 rounds of:
3 squat cleans
2 push press
1 box jump (36/30″)
Rest until the next 3 minute round begins
Post number of sets at heaviest load and box height

Home Workout Option
Every 3 minutes for 24 minutes complete:
3 maximal effort standing broad jumps
2x25m bear crawl
3 maximal effort standing broad jumps
1 minute handstand hold

Some workout notes for at home option:
Get in 6-8 minutes of a general warm up (GWU) of Simon Shuffle, leg swings and swipes, air squats, walking lunges, push ups, and hanging (if you have a spot!)
Then work through a very relaxed 2 rounds of the workout movements
Broad jumps: after a SOFT landing, compose yourself, take a deep breath, get set and JUMP again.
Crawls: measure off 8 really big steps- that’s close enough to 25m. Bear crawl at a relaxed pace
Handstand: stop at 1 minute if you make the duration, if you can’t, then go as long as you can. That will be the perfect amount

Saturday Session 9:30am AND Correction


The cleaner we use has been checked with a list compiled by the American Chemistry Council and is on recommended as a cleanser  This is the same product we have always used. Adding the clorox bleach wipes, we are doubling down on what has alreadty shown to be very consistent track record of keeping our environment clean and free from communicable contagious outbreaks. (from this blogpost on 200313)

After further research- the type of Simple Green that we have always used at CrossFit Malibu (the All Purpose version) is a cleanser and not a disinfectant and is not one of the 2 Simple Green products that DOES protect against “emerging enveloped viral pathogens” that can transmit/cause Covid-19. Apologies for the misinformation, I am sorry that this was not accurate- but please keep reading so that you will know our updated plan…

While we WILL continue to clean the floors daily in our usual way- we will also disinfect the gym floors using a bleach solution that, according to the CDC’s information on environmental cleaning and disinfection recommendations – “will be effective against coronaviruses when properly diluted.”

Keep in mind that according to the CDC reference linked above, “spread from person-to-person (coronavirus including this novel version as well as similar versions that cause SARS and MERS) most frequently happening among close contacts.” We will still be using the routine CLEANING methods that we have before because it does reduce the number of germs and reduces the risk of spreading infection (according to the article). We will also DISINFECT (using the bleach wipes and solutions) because it kills germs on surfaces “after cleaning which can further lower the risk of spreading infection.”

We now have nitrile and latex gloves that you can and SHOULD wear when using bleach wipes or spray to DISINFECT any surfaces. This practice is for the sole purpose of protecting your hands from the harshness of bleach on your skin. My hands are already showing signs of irritation after less than 2 days of using these products. Use gloves only once, throw them away in the trash can, wash your hands before entering the gym and on your way home.

Finally, I have ordered the Simple Green disinfectant suitable for use in the gym that does not need dilution and that is scheduled to arrive next week. Until then, we will use the Clorox bleach disinfectant solution.

Friday 200313 Tabata Friday

Lots going on out there. We are up and running and had a great day of classes on Thursday amongst all that is going on. See you throughout the day Friday.

This paragraph has been deleted as it contained incorrect information. The full content of the paragraph can be found in the blogpost dated March 13. 

With that- we have taken another step to our class-to-class individual cleaning procedure after workouts: each person will use a new/clean cloth to wipe up their space and equipment and once everything is wiped down- that cloth goes into the white bucket. All cloths and towels are being cleaned daily and the floors will be thoroughly mopped daily- and likely more.

  • Please stay home if you are exhibiting any cold, flu, other seasonal sick symptoms- runny nose, sore throat, coughing, etc.
  • Strongly consider staying home if someone in your household is sick!
  • Wash hands with the soap and water in the sink before entering and after leaving
  • Keep hands away from face… this should be a constant meditative practice… and if you catch yourself- then go wash hands!
  • Keep your shirt on and don’t roll around on the floor getting your fluids everywhere
  • Read this sign below.

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 3 and 5pm
Tabata These Movements (8 sets of 20 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF)
Single arm overhead squat (50/35#) alternate arms every set
Rest one minute
Rest one minute
Alternating DB snatch (50/35#)
Rest one minute
Strict abmat sit ups
Rest one minute
32/24kg Russian KB swing
Post total reps of each movement

Friday’s 4pm Open Training Hour

Saturday 9:30am BIG WOD

Thursday 200312 Crowdpleaser?

G W M… What do these 3 letters mean to you when looking at today’s WOD?

G is for gymnastics. Chest to bar pull ups are a staple of moving your body thru space.
W is for weight lifting. A heavy-ish front squat is a basic tenet of the barbell movement.
M is for monostructural. Essentially traditional “cardio”… let’s leave it at that for now.

So that means we are training 3 different domains today. It also typically means that YOU will love (or at least LIKE) one movement, and hate (let’s say strongly dislike) another. The third movement will likely be a bit neutral for you. These WODs tend to be the “crowd-pleasers” … something for everyone to love/hate. And then knowing that you are not only getting to do something you are good at but also training one of your weaknesses as well.

I’ll leave that for YOU to decide… or we can just let today’s attendance speak for itself.

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Four rounds for time of:
12 chest to bar pull ups
9 front squats 70/55kg
400m run
Post time and scaling

Thursday’s 5pm Specialty Session- CrossFit Endurance Training
Some longer duration monostructural work blended with other movements

Wednesday 200311 DeadsPush

Dr Deb has the official CrossFit distinction of being a “doc in a box,” meaning that she is an official level 1 CrossFit trainer and she is a practicing physician. So is Dr Jo (but for some unknown reason her name does not appear in the directory… We will help her fix this!) If You would like to choose your medical providers based on the fact that they understand your health and fitness regimen… Now you can do so by going to CrossFit.com and searching for a physician of any specialty.

The CrossFit Physicians are, by virtue of their medical training and CrossFit participation, special creatures. They possess a view of health, metabolism, and exercise that is neither mainstream nor traditional yet entirely correct and vitally important.

The CrossFit community at large has become aware of the existence of CrossFit Physicians and wants to identify them. CrossFit athletes seek out the “doc in a box” because they believe, rightfully, that whatever the medical need, it will be best served by consulting with a doctor who “gets it.” Similarly, CrossFit Physicians would like to find professional peers within and across specialties and geographies. It is for these reasons that CrossFit, Inc. announces the CrossFit Physician Network. -text from CrossFit.com March 10,2020

Wednesday’s WOD at  6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Five rounds for time of:
4 deadlifts (140/85kg)
20/15 Army combat fitness push ups
Post time, load, and any scaling

Wednesday 5pm Open Training Hour 

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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