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Saturday July 4th- 5k Run/Row/Ski

Saturday July 4th 5km Run Race staged from the Hut.

Gym opens for warm up at 6:30am. By 7am the Hut will be closed and then by 7:05am we will move the entire group about 800m to the starting line for the run. Anyone doing a 5k row or ski will be outside the Hut on the mats, appropriately distanced.

When you park your car- please wear your mask from your car. You will need your mask for the walk to the starting line. While you hang out warming up you should also continue to wear your mask. It would be very helpful for you have have your own watch or you could use your phone to time your splits.

By the time we finish up the run and cool down, Blue Bottle Coffee MIGHT be open 🙂

Our course: we start at the southwest corner of PCH and CrossCreek Road, run to 24616 Malibu Road and return directly back to the starting line. For those who will run slower than a 10 minute mile… you will run as far as you can for 15 minutes and then turn around and try and make it back to the start line before 30 minutes total.

Friday 200703 Sumo/Army

There were new requirements made yesterday by the LA Co Dept of Public Health via the office of Gov Gavin Newsom. You likely heard that all bars and indoor dining in restaurants is now prohibited. We are FORTUNATE that this prohibition does NOT include fitness facilities but there was a new mandate put in place. We now require that face coverings and gloves are to be worn during all group class sessions. That means both coaches and participants not only will arrive and depart wearing masks- but also through the duration of the session- these must be worn. Please comply with what the coaches are asking you to do in classes- as we are simply going by the orders of the current state mandate- which has been adopted by both the County of LA and the City of Malibu. Let’s take it day by day… and hope this changes soon.

There will be gloves set up on boxes in the dirt section next to the palm tree outside. The size mediums are black and the larges are bright blue. Please put gloves on when you arrive and then the coach will let you know which station to take for the workout. Reminder- do not walk into the gym when a class is already going on. THANKS.

July 4th Saturday session is open for booking! The gym opens at 6:30am for any warm up you would like to do prior to the 7am start to our 5km run. Athletes will be allowed to use the indoor gym for warmup activities ONLY UNTIL 7:00am At that point- we will close the doors so that we can make our way to the 5km start line about 1/2 mile walk from the Hut. Those wishing to do a 5k row, bike or ski will stay at the Hut to do their work. Sign up! The group is an unlimited number- so face coverings needed for this workout as it is not a gym session.

Julian is back with us… wonder if he remembers this WOD from quarantine.

Friday’s WOD at 7am, 9am and again at 4pm
For time, complete:
50 sumo deadlift high pulls 20/16kg KB
30 Army combat fitness test push ups
25 sumo deadlift high pulls
30 Army combat fitness test push ups
25 sumo deadlift high pulls
30 Army combat fitness test push ups
50 sumo deadlift high pulls
Record time (load) and any scaling or modifications
Compare to April 14 2020… mid-quarantine!

Intended Stimulus
A constant, concerted effort to push through the row or SDLHP as evenly paced out (and relatively fast) as possible and taking the push ups as fast as possible and trying to avoid large rest breaks. Know thyself- and anticipate how many are possible in a row, while keeping a consistent flow of work/rest. Clearly, the ultimate goal is 30 unbroken- but for most/many, this is unrealistic. Goal finish times on the fast end are sub 12 minute. On the realistic side are 15-16 minutes.

General Warm Up
Let’s prep for being in plank AND lots of hinging at the hip for today’s couplet. We will hold plank for a bit and then work with some mountain climbers, break dancing moves, and get the wrists warmed up- as well as going over the Army combat fitness test push up (see link above for the movement pattern).

Specific Warm Up
Move through sumo deadlift high pull mechanics with PVC pipe for technique work and range of motion warm up. Then gradually warm up the movement with a KB or empty barbell- even those who will row for this wod will do the SDLHP warm up. We will work on Core-to-Extremity (watch this video!). Loading for the workout today will be 20/16kg- a loading that 15-20 repetitions will be very automatic. Going Rx+ for those only having a 24kg KB is fine- no decrease in reps is necessary.

Workout Notes
The intention today is for as many individuals to use SDLHP in the workout even if they have a c2 rower. We are using 1 repetition on the SDLHP to count for 50 reps. You will likely see that 50 unbroken reps has the stimulus a bit different result on the body (getting a bit more winded than a paced out row of 500m)- even though the mechanics of the movement are very similar- this is because there is no rest segment in the weightlifting movement that naturally exists in rowing on the C2.

We will work on some back extensions (supermans) and some spinal twists (scorpions and iron crosses) to even out all of the hip flexion that goes on in today’s workout.

Thursday 200702 CFT3REP

The workout we have planned for today just so happens to be the BEST program for the brand new requirements that were made today by the LA Co Dept of Public Health via the office of Gov Gavin Newsom. You likely heard that all bars and indoor dining in restaurants is now prohibited. We are FORTUNATE that this prohibition does NOT include fitness facilities but there was a new mandate put in place. However beginning today we will require that face coverings and gloves are to be worn during all group class sessions. That means both coaches and participants not only will arrive and depart wearing masks- but also through the duration of the session- these must be worn. Again- lucky that today is a WOD that does not involve high intensity and heavy breathing. Please comply with what the coaches are asking you to do in classes- as we are simply going by the orders of the current state mandate- which has been adopted by both the County of LA and the City of Malibu. Let’s take it day by day… and hope this changes soon. And yes- for now- we are including the outdoor stations in the requirement. For now.

There will be gloves set up on boxes in the dirt section next to the palm tree outside. The size mediums are black and the larges are bright blue. Please put gloves on when you arrive and then the coach will let you know which station to take for the workout. Reminder- do not walk into the gym when a class is already going on. THANKS.

Glove and mask-up, it’s time to squat, deadlift, and press.

Thursday’s WOD at 7am, 9am and again at 4pm
3 Rep CrossFit Total Version
10 minutes each to work up to 3 reps each of:
Back squat
Push press
Record 3 heaviest loads for each lift

Wednesday 200701 TGU and Swing for Q and UB

Reminder that Wednesday (today!), Friday and Saturday we are open for more than just 7 athletes in each session. Wednesday and Friday are light equipment and so we can open up 2 more stations outside the sliding doors. On Saturday July 4th we are open for an unlimited number of people for our 5km run (*row/ski/bike) but please sign in on Mindbody as usual- that class is open for 30 people, sign-in begins on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s WOD at 7am, 9am and 10am and again at 4pm
For Quality and Unbroken Repetitions of:
10 Turkish Get Ups*
15 KB Swings*
– rest exactly 1 minute –
8 Turkish Get Ups
30 KB Swings
– rest exactly 1 minute –
6 Turkish Get Ups
45 KB Swings
– rest exactly 1 minute –
4 Turkish Get Ups
60 KB Swings
– rest exactly 1 minute –
2 Final Turkish Get Ups

*AHAP (As Heavy As Possible)
* Post DB/KB loads & TOTAL number of breaks for KB Swings
(ex: Mike – 45# DB/24kg KB/4 breaks)
Compare to 200320… second day of quarantine!

Intended Stimulus
Notice it says, as heavy as possible… that is for both movements, you may use a DB or KB. The main point with the TGU’s is to go heavy and maintain good position the whole time, do not rush. the intention with the swings is to get each of the four sets unbroken. The reason for the one minute break is to encourage you to go unbroken and heavy.

General Warm Up
10 burpees. YES, 10 burpees! 5 windmills on each side. single arm reverse circles, repeat on other side. Hurdler’s walk across your room and back (about 10 reps on each leg). 10 KB deadlifts, 10 sumo deadlift high-pulls, and 5 slow Romanian deadlifts. Finish the general warm-up with 5 more windmills on each side, weighted or unweighted, your choice.

Specific Warm Up
Continue your specific warm-up with a couple of Turkish Get Ups, finding each position slowly. Be under control the whole time, this is about QUALITY movement, not speed. Bring in some KB swings. Play around with Russian and American swings (to parallel/overhead, respectively).

Workout Notes
If you are pretty sure you can get 30 USA swings unbroken, then use USA swings. Notice you will post the loads for both movements and the total times you break each set of swings. The goal is zero. You can scale the TGU so much that you are not even using a weight. Spend a full mints moving through the TGU’s, pausing at those natural breaks. Be under control the whole time. Keep your eyes on the ceiling or overhead and your elbow locked at all times.

Couch stretch & modified pigeon aka seated figure-four stretch.

Tuesday 200630 Two Parts

The cleaning process is going great… it seems. Some additional suggestions and reminders so that it continues to go well. We need to continue to be thorough- it is why the classes are a few minutes shorter these days.

  • Spray equipment and let it sit WET for about a minute. This duration allows time for bacteria and virus destruction to take place.
  • Spray the towel directly with disinfectant so that it is damp- then wipe equipment.
  • Don’t spray disinfectant on anything without a “background”- like rings, bars, handles. Put a towel behind that spray across the item and “catch” residual spray on your towel.
  • Look around your station before you leave. If you see a handprint on the ground- spray and wipe! IF there are droplets of any kind- then wipe up with a towel or a quick mop. It ALL looks like sweat- so treat it like sweat.
  • Wait until your “station-neighbors” are DONE with their workout before you start cleaning… they’d prefer not to inhale the  fumes/smell of the spray.

Please continue to stay in your stations, ask your coach for help accessing equipment in other areas, and respect the space of others while arriving and leaving- particularly when there are others cleaning their equipment.

Dusty and Ceclity getting some pre-squat lizard lunge. PS: family members are OK being this close together while at the Hut… they are actually in their own outdoor stations! 

Tuesday’s WOD at 7am, 9am and again at 4pm
Two Parts
Front squat- 10 minutes to a heavy 3 rep set
Record heaviest 3 rep set
For max reps, 2 minutes per movement of:
Shoulder press (1/2 load from front squats 3 rep)
pull ups
front squats (1/2 load from front squat 3 rep)
push ups
Record total reps across the 8 minutes

Intended stimulus
Part 1- Get to something truly heavy. Only time for about 5-6 sets and not much time for rest. That’s the way it goes today. Take modest jumps in load- especially if you haven’t lifted heavy yet. If you have- then increase your intensity a bit. If you HAVE been lifting heavy then go a little heavier. Not sure anyone is ready for a new 3 rep max.
Part 2- The reason for such few reps of squats in the heavy section- is partially because there are MORE light reps down here in part 2. 2 minutes is a long time to go unbroken…and because the objective is max reps- then do just that. Planning a quick break here or there as needed. Keep in mind that all reps count alike (hint hint).

General Warm Up
Get in some cardio for heart rate increase- any of run/ski/row/bike. Then some Sampson Stretch lunges followed by
some work of each movement in the WOD: squat, push up, pull up or ring row, barbell press. Spend a few minutes with wrist warm up- some individual wrist circles, interlaced finger wrist circles, plank position with internal and external wrist “walking”.

Specific Warm Up
With a barbell in the rack, do 4 front squats and two press. Add a bit of weight and repeat. Then add a bit of weight and repeat. Get in some push ups and pull ups- figure out scaling that enables you to get 6-8 each unbroken. IF the pull ups are easy- consider chest to bar. Then get in another relatively heavy set of 3 rep front squats. You are ready to go.

Workout Notes
By the way, don’t go lighter in the heavy squats just to make the second part lighter- as you’ll just end up doing more reps. Keep a running total of reps so that you have one number to record. If you want to record all 4 numbers in your journal… that’ll be even better.

Take a 200m walk after you finish as you allow your heart rate to lower. While outside, get in some standing quad stretches (as you stay distanced).

Monday 200629 Clean and Row

This coming week finds us repeating TWO WODs that were done during quarantine, so check back in your journal when you see them listed! Those are scheduled on Wednesday and Friday of this week. Both of them require limited equipment and so we have opened 2 additional workout stations outside bringing our athlete count to 9 people on those days. These spots are appropriately distanced and are located outside the sliding door. In fact, you can see them on the picture below!

This weekend we celebrate Independence Day and our Saturday group Workout of the Day is a 5km run! It has been quite a while since we have done one at the Hut and we begin at 7am! That way you can come in as early as 6:30am to stretch and warm up, hit a running PR (rowers, ski ergs and bike are available for substitution), and then be on your way for July 4th Festivities. No limit to the number of people who can attend… but please pre-book on Mindbody. We will plan then post some guidance for how the morning takes place considering our covid-landscape.

Rich thrusters 66 times this past Saturday on his first WOD back at the Hut…that’s NOBULL.

Monday’s WOD at 7am, 9am and 10am and again at 4pm
Three rounds for time of:
21*15*9* power cleans
*400m row after each round of cleans
2 min/1.5 min plank hold at the end of each round
Record time, load and scaling
xxx- Each break in the plank hold adds 2 more cleans to be completed AFTER the final plank hold

Intended Stimulus
For three rounds this one goes “GO, GO, SLOW”… get through a set of cleans (yes a big set but these will not be super heavy), push the pace on the C2 for less than 2 minutes (well under for some), and then lie down for a minute or two! Of course, either a forearm or push up plank hold for 90-120 seconds hardly constitutes a rest. Wait and see how far from a rest it is!

General Warm Up
After a row for 2 minutes (find your “race pace” for the WOD at some point during this warm up), move into a short circuit of push ups, empty barbell deadlifts, do cycles of push up planks-into-forearm plank “marches”, and then simon shuffle- roughly 30 seconds each for 3 rounds.

Specific Warm Up
With that empty barbell, get in some hang power cleans and then some power cleans. Today is “touch and go” so work on getting the arms “long” so lowering to the ground is not done with bent elbows. Take 2 increases in load to find your working weight.

Workout Notes
You can see that the working load is not listed. You figure that out for yourself. What is the most you can “touch and go” for 10-15 reps at a time if you had to? There is your answer. You choose the pace of the row but remember, this is a FOR TIME workout and you get to recline in plank for a while before the next set of 15 or 9 cleans.

Hang from pull up bar immediately after WOD ends. Then do a 400m easy run. Stretch calves on the 45 degree squat rack pole. Standing quad “runners’ stretch” to finish.

Saturday Morning Sessions

Saturday’s WOD at 8 and 9am… there is no zoom class session today.
For time complete:
33 DB thrusters 40/25#
200m run loop
22 DB thrusters
330m run loop
11 DB thrusters
700m run loop
Record time and load

All runs are new courses today! This is the 200m run loop. Come see the 330m and the 700m!

Friday 200626 Again For Quality

The mystery athlete hanging from the pull up bars below was one of our winners who received a King Kong Apparel gym bag because she was the second most consistent in attending ZOOM workouts during our 90 “at home” time. Ironically, she still needs to install a pull up bar at home :). She not only showed up to MOST of the daily sessions but also organized some small group bike rides and is has done the same with ocean swimming. I am sure that if you don’t know her by the description above, that you will recognize the musculature of her upper back/shoulders. Help us congratulate or mystery athlete by commenting or tagging her in IG:)

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm. (*9am also via ZOOM)
Every 3 minutes, for 7 rounds, complete for quality:
3 weighted pull ups
4 overhead squats (50/35kg)
5 super slow and strict pushups (Rx=decline)

Intended stimulus
Today, we have some more quality work to do. While this is not necessarily for time, you will have to work within the provided time block. A few pulls, a couple more pushes, and some perfect squats right in between. Collect your breath and get back to it.

General Warm Up
Move quickly during today’s warm up. Rotate between and active hang, lower-extremity band stretching, and dynamic lizard lunge. Get in some perfect squats holding on to the rack, followed by some ankle/calf stretching also on the rack.

Specific Warm up
Still holding on to the rack, lower to the bottom of your squat and raise one hand at a time. Work on bracing through this movement. Start adding weight to your pull up, or practice some eccentric lowering. Pull out a barbell for some snatch/overhead squat tech work. Grab a set of parallettes for some decline pushup work.

Workout Notes
Pull ups are strict today. If those aren’t in your repertoire, use a band for eccentrically lowered pull ups today. Keep those overhead squats clean and crisp. Fight for integrity at the bottom of each squat. And those pushups… they should be slow sloow slooow.

Spend a few minutes on each lat with a roller of your choice.

Thursday 200625 For Quality

“For time” workouts enable you to work at a high power output. They demand that you push the pace in order to accomplish as much work as possible in a given amount of time OR that you complete a set amount of work as fast as you can. Either way- these formats allow us to test your work capacity. We can then compare it against the same set of work that you did in the past (revealing fitness gains) or measure it against the amount someone else has done (to get a “winner”). Personally- the fitness improvements are the most relevant to most of us at the Hut. However, the subtle competition aspect typically will push us to accomplish more… that is the benefit of the group. TODAY, however, we are going to prioritize quality movement. The intensity takes a back seat to addressing solid mechanics and movement patterns. Test to see if your strict toes to bar have improved or “come back” after the quarantine. Let’s slow down the box jumps and see if you can get HIGH every jump with less risk of falling. And finally, we can move some barbells looking to improve technique.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, and again at 4pm (*zoom session at 9am)
Six rounds NOT for time of:
8 strict toes to bar
6 box jumps (36/30″!)
4 power snatch at 60% of 1RM

Intended Stimulus
Today, we go for some NOT for time work. This means that the focus is on perfecting movement, moving with intentionality, and attempting to perfect form, even under fatigue. The toes to bar will be strict. The box jumps will be tall, and the power snatch will be at a load where you can make specific technical adjustments.

General Warm-up
Start with 2 minutes of cardio and then get right into some leg swings and sweeps followed by 10 inch worms and some strict sit-ups. Move over to your pull-up bar and get in 30 seconds of active hanging. Drop down for a nice long lizard lunge on each side. Do 10 step lunges and 10 air squats before getting in another hang from the bar.
Specific Warm-up
Grab your barbell and your box. Step on that box 10 times and then get a few jumps. Move over to the barbell for a snatch grip basic barbell (DL, Muscle Snatch, Back Squat, behind the neck push press). Get in a few strict toes to bar or knee raises. Make your box taller and get a few jumps. Now, we’ll work through some snatch specific warm-up, finding both the load we want to use (about 60% 1RM) and the box height we want to jump.
Workout Notes
Move with purpose. Listen to the cues given to you on the power snatches. Remember, core to extremity! The box jumps should be tall, but NO MISSES! There is no rush today. It is all about quality.
Finish with 1 minute of cobra and some spinal twists.

Wednesday 200624 Two Parts

Howdy’s back=Howdy is back training with us at the Hut. Howdy’s is back=Howdy’s is open for business everyday from 9am to 4pm. Here is his instagram site

We have a new class session on the schedule. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am we have a class started up this week… sign up and do it!

Saturdays we are currently running both an 8am and a 9am class session. This should fulfill our Saturday morning demand… and while we are not yet able to run the BIG WOD style that Saturday typically has- we can still work with 14 of you in the morning!

Problems figuring out your Mindbody app? Try this fix that has worked for many: get in the app, go to profile, then settings (the gear icon), then hit “resend account confirmation email, go to your email and follow the directions. For some it hasn’t worked- we are looking for a fix for that! Stay tuned.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Wednesday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm (*zoom at 9am)
Strict Press
10 mins to build to a heavy 5 rep
then –
5 Rounds for Time of:
10 dips
15 DB Push Press (50/35#)
Post heaviest 5 rep load & time, loading and scaling for 5 rounder

Intended stimulus
And we are back for a two part workout today – first half of the class we will spend building to a heavy set of 5 strict presses off of the rack. Second half we have a five rounder that will require you to go heavy enough on the push press that you will have to break up 15 reps into 2 sets or maybe 3 sets towards the final rounds and choose a dip scaling that requires you to break the 10 reps into maybe 2 sets, as well. So… chose a scaling that will challenge you and stick to it. Remember, find rest, before rest finds you!

General Warm Up
Starting with 2 minutes of cardio: run, row, jump, etc. Let’s start warming up the shoulders and core by moving through two rounds of 7 downward dog push-ups, 7 scorpions and 7 ring rows (if you don’t have rings – hang for a bit or hold child’s pose).

Specific Warm up
Move to your parallettes and go for 3 push-ups, then hold an h-sit for a couple of seconds and then, get 3 dips. Now move through all of that move smoothly: push-ups, tuck your knees to your chest and shoot all the way through (bringing the hips up high) and then dip. Repeat that five more times. Come back to your rings for the ring dip progression: Stand in-between the rings for assisted ring dips, keeping your toes on the ground, move slowly through 10 reps // Now hold at the top of the press, trying to lift your feet off of the ground, shoulders away from ears // Lastly, hold for a couple seconds at the bottom of your dip. Extra credit: hold an H-sit or L-sit for a couple of seconds, afterwards.

Workout Notes
Part 1: Strict Press
Step into the rack, take a deep breathe, brace your core and move your head out of the way…. 10 strict press with the empty barbell. Add a bit more weight and go for 8 reps. Remember not to bend your knees, squeeze you quads and glutes. Some of you may not need to add that much more weight, if you need to stay at that weight for the 10 minutes you can. OR when the clock starts, you can continue to increase load each set of 5 reps for the next 10 minutes.

Part 2: 5 Rounders
Choose the dip scaling that will require you to break each set up into 2 sets. Rings, parallettes or boxes. Make sure that your shoulders comes down below your elbows. Before we start the clock for this part, move through 8 push presses with a lighter dumbbell and then go for 8 more with your load of choice for the workout. The strict presses will have fatigued you a bit, but more importantly, warmed up your shoulders. Dip, drive and keep that rib cage down as you press up!

Hang from your pull-up bar and swing your legs around a bit more some low back decompression, and then clean everything up, including the pull-up bar your just touched! 🙂

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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