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Friday 200327 TGIF (Thank God I’m Fit)

Join the CrossFit Malibu 9am Class- Live from Chocolate Lily Lane Studios
Friday Mar 27, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Click this link to do the WOD alongside THIS prerecorded 9am class session from earlier this morning taped LIVE from Chocolate Lily Lane Studios

Friday’s Home Workout
For time, complete:
400m run
40 weighted box step ups (40/25#, 20/16″)
15 box dips
30 weighted box step ups
15 box dips
20 weighted box step ups
15 box dips
400m run
Post time, load, scaling… text your coaching group your results!

Intended Stimulus:
Did you think that we’d have a 5 minute sprinter today because yesterday was so long? Well, today’s isn’t exactly a sprinter, but lucky for you, it’ll have two FAST runs that sandwich a tough three-rounder. Yes, your legs should feel a little wobbly today… that’s how you’ll know you’ve run quick enough and are stepping up with enough weight. And let’s not forget the dip. Imagine if we were in the hut— we’d be doing dips on the rings, so whatever kind of dips you choose to do, they should be a challenge. Take comfort, the volume of step ups decreases each round; don’t get too comfortable though… they’ll be a burner for all three rounds. And then get back out of the door and run 400 meters faster than your first one! See you in 14-16 minutes.

General Warm-up:
Get out of the house and run at a solid pace. Once you’ve been going for just over a minute (this is where you’ll run to during the WOD), pause and do 10 inch worms in place (don’t forget that push up when you walk out into plank ;)). Widen your stance and forward fold. Let your head hang heavy as your let your torso roll from the left to the right for the next minute. Walk back out into plank and then take your right foot to your right hand and draw 20 big circles in the ground with your hips… do the same thing for your left side before you head back to your house. As you approach your house, get in some butt-kicks, some high knees, some skips, some Frankenstein walks, and some gate open and closes.

Specific Warm-up:
Find something STURDY (this is going to be your box for the workout) and get in 10 step ups. Make sure you stand up ALL THE WAY before you step down. After 10 step ups, lean your hands on the box and go for 10 incline push ups. Search your house for two small stools or sturdy chairs. You’ll use these for the dips in todays’s workout. If you’re doing dips on anything wobbly, find something else to do dips on! Oh, and go for 10 dips. Your legs will be out in front of you and at the bottom position, your elbows should be just above your shoulders. Pay attention to your posture here! Are you craning or over-extending your neck? DON’T! Grab your dumbbell and get in 15 step ups on your box. Warning— they will already feel difficult and that is OKAY! Get back to your two stools for 10 more dips. If you want to make these tougher, then elevate your feet.

Workout Notes:
For starters, the run should be FAST! Push that pace. The same goes for those of you who will be on rowers (you know the drill, 500 meters). If you don’t run and don’t have a rower, your three-rounder will be sandwiched by 25 burpees at each end. As for the box step ups, remember to DRIVE through that heel and stand all the way up. Hold your HEAVY dumbbell any way you like, as long as your posture isn’t compromised. Stay strong going up, stay stable going down. If you never found a box that’s high enough for your liking, find some stairs! For the round of 40 step ups, go up and down the stairs for 3 minutes. 2 minutes for the round of 30, and 1 minute for the round of 20. For those of you doing weighted step ups, notice what I just said about the timing. Yes, it should be about 3 minutes for that first round of step ups! Dips should average just under a minute for each set of 15. And remember, they should be tough. If they aren’t tough, elevate those feet. Remember your posture and keep those shoulders ACTIVE throughout the entire range of motion.

With your back on the ground and both heels on the ground, let both knees fall to the right… and now the left. Do that for about a minute. Roll over to your stomach, stretch your arms out to the sides, and bring your right foot high into the air and over to the left hand… let it fall back to where it started and do the same for the left foot. Do this for a minute as well. If you have a roller or a lacrosse ball, loosen up those calves (1 minute on each calf)! They’ll be a little tender from the run, but remember, no pain face. Finally, find something to hang from and accumulate 2 minutes of hanging, taking breaks as needed.

Thursday 200326 Five Rounder

CrossFit Malibu 9am Class- Live from Chocolate Lily Lane Studios
Mar 26, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Click this link to do the WOD alongside THIS prerecorded 9am class session from earlier this morning taped LIVE from Chocolate Lily Lane Studios

If you are going to do this WOD on your own… watch the video below AND read the workout notes that are below.

Thursday’s Home Workout
Five rounds for time of:
20 alternating DB snatch (50/35#)
15 shoulder to overhead
15 back burpees
Strict 20 minute time cap
Post time, load, and any scaling

Intended Stimulus:
After doing a number of shorter sprints with planned rest the past few days, this 5 rounder is meant to be on the longer side, more than 15 minutes with a 20 minute cut-off, so getting the right load and choosing the right scaling of the back burpee volume is crucial. Find a pace that you can stick with rather than sprinting out of the gate. The snatches should go unbroken for the first few rounds and the shoulder to overheads should be heavy enough to force at least one break.

General Warm-up:
Start by getting a minute or so of simon shuffle (or jump rope) before getting down on the ground for some spinal twists… right knee into chest and crossover, keeping the shoulders on the ground. 5 on each side will be great. Then stand up and get a set of 10 slow good mornings with your PVC… still don’t have one? Use the broom stick again or put hands on the hips! Get in 10 broad jumps, starting with easy jumps and getting more explosive as you go. Drop down into plank and do a set of 6-10 push-up down dogs, staying in each down dog for 10 seconds or so driving chest down and pushing through the hands. Do some more good mornings followed by a set of 10 air squats and 10 push-ups.

Specific Warm-up:
If you have a lighter DBs get in 5 deadlifts, 5 hang power cleans, and 5 shoulder to overhead (shoulder press, push press, or push jerk). Then, 5 long legged sit-ups. This is the basis of the back burpee. Do 3 back burpees. Make sure your heels, shoulders, and the back of your hands are all in contact with the ground at the same time. If you have a heavier set of DBs, get in another round of basic DB warm-up. Get in 5 single DB deadlifts on each arm and then 5 single arm DB snatches on each side with your lighter DB. Try a few alternating DB snatches. You can switch in front of your face or on the ground. Go to your heavier DB and do a few single arm DB deadlifts and 6-8 alt DB snatch. Finally.. get in a partial practice round of 10, 10, 5. Time it and see what you get. A round of the workout will take about twice that long. If you were faster than 1 minute, go heavier, slower than 2 min, go lighter or scale repetitions… reduce the number of back burpees to 10. Rest a bit before starting the workout.

Workout Notes:
If you only have a single KB, you can do 8 single arm presses on each side. This should likely be a KB strict press. Make sure that on each rep of DB snatch, set up with a neutral spine, let the hips drive open THEN pull with the elbow high and outside. On the way down, let the elbow lock out before hinging and taking that DB back to the ground. Leave your opposite arm out to the side and off the leg! Notice the raid hip extension in the snatch pairs really well with the rapid hip flexion in the back burpee. On your reps of shoulder to overhead, squeeze the stomach to keep the rib cage down and lock those DBs out all the way overhead. Again, heels, shoulders, and hands on the ground at the same time for your back burpees, nice and steady thought these, trying to sprint here will not help you in the long run… but neither will rest between every rep!

Go outside and get in a 10 minute walk, come back in and do hamstring, quadriceps, and calf stretches.

Wednesday 200325 Five Each for Time

Join the CrossFit Malibu 9am Class- Live from Chocolate Lily Lane Studios
Mar 25, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Here is the link:

Participate in the prerecorded YouTube video of this workout HERE!
Begin at the 3:30 mark- so you can start at the beginning of the WOD description

Wednesday Home Workout
For 5 rounds, every 4 minutes, for time of:
27 KB swings
21 strict abmat sit ups
15 Army combat fitness push ups
Rest for the remainder of the 4 minute block
Post time for each of the 5 rounds

Here is a 5 minute work out overview if you will do this one on your own. Watch it, then read the notes, then go ahead and get that WOD done!

Intended stimulus
To go unbroken for as many sets as possible on each movement and to finish each work set between 2-2.5 minutes. This will allow about 1.5-2 minutes rest between rounds. Go fast on each round. Try and match your time on each round.By the fourth round, you might be entering the VORTEX of “am I going to finish this round before the next round begins?” IF so- you likely went a bit too heavy OR should have scaled the reps of one of the movements. Try to foresee this situation during the warm up… so that you might scale back to something like 24-18-12 or 21-15-9 reps of these movements.

General Warm Up
Today move through some cat/cow position for about 10 reps, then move out into forearm plank and get some scapular push ups there. Then move into forearm side planks- with some movement in the lower body… moving straight legs forward and back. Continue for each side- them move into push up plank and get in some downdog-into-push ups. Find plank again for knees to opposite elbows, mountain climbers, and finally kick outs to each side alternating for 10 reps. Do some glute bridges- 5 reps, hold for 5 seconds each. Then 3 sets each on a single leg, 5 second holds. Finally- get out your PVC pipe for 5 pass throughs. Wait you don’t have one?! Crazy. Use a broomstick. You need one of these at home. You also need to think about a long term solution for the lack of pull up accommodation at your house!

Specific Warm Up
KB deadlifts for 10 reps followed by ‘kipping’ sit ups and then a few push ups/knee push ups. Those are- roughly speaking- the 3 movements for today’s activity. If you have a light KB or DB- do 8 Russian swings and then a set of 5 Romanian deadlifts, moving slowly through the eccentric/lowering portion. Do about 10 strict butterfly sit ups

Workout Notes
KB swing- if you have a KB that is light enough that you can get4 full American swings for 27 reps unbroken (UB), then go overhead. If it is too heavy- then go Russian- just out to parallel and fight for UB! IF you can’t go UBN, then simply decrease the reps. Strict sit ups= no momentum. Keep butt and feet on the ground at all times. Play around with making an “abmat” out of a towel or a blanket. You can’t really get strict full sit ups without it. If you have an abmat, then you are in luck! Push ups- also need to go UB. Find a difficulty level that you can get all 15 without stopping. This is a SPRINTY workout- keep moving keep moving! Then rest so that you can do the next round at the same speed. Use the clock to keep precise time. Grab your phone and actually time it. Write down the finish time of each round… and then keep your clock running so that you can start the next round at the top of the minute at the next 4 minute block! That means this WOD will take about 18.5- 19 minutes. Work rest at almost a 1:1 ratio. You are trying to complete each round in 2-2.5 minutes. (see Intended Stimulus)

Get on your back and do some iron cross spinal twists, alternating for 10 reps. Then prop up your hips and get in some happy baby. Roll to the belly and find cobra pose… and then after a minute get into child’s pose. Now… go for a 15 minute walk. Go get your coffee=, get yourself outside… and take a walk.

Tuesday Recorded WOD Video

If you wanted to join us at the 9 AM class but were not able to… Click on the link below and take the class virtually, alongside the 9 AM participants.

9am LIVE class results (most of them!) Let your coaches group know how you do on this one

Tuesday 200324 Tabata Five

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking or cut/paste this into your browser/


Meeting ID: 357 881 886

Join a few minutes early if you’d like to chat with your friends.

I HIGHLY encourage you to do a general warm up on your own before you join the session… that way you can be assured to be as “warm as you need to be” before we begin. For suggestions on the WARM UP- go to www.crossfitmalibu.com and do the warm up that is written.

Tuesday’s Home Workout (aka- same as the 9am Group WOD!
Tabata 5 Movements
8 sets of maximum repetitions for 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest
-rest for 70 seconds-
Handstand Shoulder Taps (“marches”)
-rest for 70 seconds-
Row for calories OR KB sumo deadlift high pull (20/16kg)
-rest for 70 seconds-
Hollow rocks (count number of breaks taken!)
-rest for 70 seconds-
Bottom-to-bottom air squats
Post total number of repetitions completed for EACH movement
Example- Mike: Burpees-51/HS taps-93/SDLHP-72/Hollow Rocks- 4 breaks/squats-110
Take the one minute rest to write down your score for that movement
*There are dozens of “tabata timer apps” available for free. If you do this on your own- get an app. It will beep when you need to start and then 20 seconds later beep to signal the 10 seconds rest break. They have versions that play music, etc.
*You will do ALL 8 sets of burpees… then take the break (2 cycles of 20:10, and then start the handstand shoulder taps. This is NOT a circuit. Each movement will last for 4 minutes, so including breaks- the tabata section of this WOD will last 24 minutes.
Intended Stimulus
This is a classic high heart rate, high intensity interval training workout. Do your bests to keep moving for as many reps as possible during each 20- second bout. It is interesting how 10 seconds rest seems to be “just enough” to be ready for more! No work during the rest phase- though at some point you will likely need to sneak a quick rest into the work section. Go out hard and try and continue. Then go harder. The one minute rest break will give you MUCH needed recovery time to go again.
General Warm Up
As I recommended yesterday- go for a 4-5 minute run (or walk if you can’t run… then row for 2 minutes). When you come back in the house do the following routine:
10 long legged sit ups, 10 scorpions *(on belly 10 alternating torso twists), 10 air squats… then get in 8 inch worms: stand tall, forward bend, crawl hands out to plank, do one (or more) push ups, then walk feet to the hands, stand up and repeat- move around the house!
Lie on your back for 10 alternating iron cross trunk twists, and then 10 more sit ups. Finally do 5 air squats- pausing for exaclty 10 seconds in the bottom of each one. NOW you know what a bottom-to-bottom squat is!
Specific Warm Up
In the ZOOM class we will simply spend a minute or two practicing each movement- going through range of motion and common flaws and corrections. Today we will cover some scaling options and modifications for the sumo deadlift high pulls (at the gym we would just use the rower- but today we will use a kettlebell- unless of course you DO have a rower, in that case use it!) We also need to cover the handstand shoulder taps. Take a look at the video below where it is covered for you briefly.
Have someone draw a chalkline around you. Get up within an hour… or they will think there is a real problem. Do some of the yoga related stretches you know. Set a timer for 8 minutes and relax into some positions for one minute each. End by sitting cross-legged. Sit quietly, eyes closed for some duration… but set a timer to know when you are done! (I suggest 4 minutes!)

Monday 200323 5×5 + Met Con

Monday Home Workout and 9am ZOOM Group Class
click the link and set up your camera/computer
I will join AT 8:59am. See you then.

You will need a pair of DB (as heavy as possible for YOU) or you could also use a barbell!

Part I.
DB Hang squat clean thruster

Part II.
As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
15 DB goblet squats
10 renegade rows (“pulls” only)
10 mountain climbers
Post total number of rounds completed

Intended Stimulus
Part I. The 5×5 of hang squat clean thrusters should be heavy. IF we were at the Hut- we would likely use barbells. So, if you have a barbell at home, then consider using it for today. IF you have some heavy DB, then use those. IF all you have are light-ish DB, I will provide some guidance so that the 5×5 FEELS a bit heavier!
Part II. More squats… but use only half the load than you did for the 5×5. You should be able to push through all squats unbroken (UB). Then holding plank for the next 2 movements is going to be “FUN”. You should still be able to get all reps UB… at least for the first few rounds. The row is the pull only (you’ll get enough push ups later in the week:)) and then the mountain climber today is NOT a jump and switch… it is step R, return R, step L, return L foot. it is a “march.” You are shooting for over 4 rounds.

Warm Up
Get outside and go for a 4-5 minute run. In our group session we will be doing simon shuffle and leg swings. But if I were doing this on my own- I would get outside for those warm up short runs as much as possible, especially if you are going to be working at home all day! Because powerful hip extension is so important in the squat clean- do some standing broad jumps- a total of 8. Each one, gradually get more and more power. Blast OFF. Then go for a set of squats- then a few goblet squats. Spend 2-3 minutes on some lizard lunge mobility. Then try out the mountain climbers.

Specific Warm Up
This will be with a light set of DB. But don’t think I forgot- many of you only have one set of DB. If that’s the case, then do some of this with only one DB… then go to the 2.
5 reps each of deadlifts, hang power cleans (or snatch), push press- then a couple thrusters. Take a break, get some push ups, PVC pipe pass throughs and/or downdog and child’s pose to warm the shoulders. Try out some plank position DB “pulls.” Get in one more set of 5 DB hang squat cleans… moving right into the thruster. You are ready for your first set in the 5-5-5-5-5

Workout Notes
Part I. After about a good general warm up: if it is clear that the DB you have will never truly be “heavy”… please make the following adjustment:
Do a hang squat clean thruster- pause in the bottom (the lighter the load, the longer the pause, but begin with 3 seconds), then blast out of the bottom and go directly overhead, hold the overhead position for that same duration, then reset and continue with reps. If you have heavier load- then shorter duration pause OR no pause at all! Rest about 2 minutes between sets. IF you are going truly heavy- then perhaps wait 3-4 minutes between sets. Increase load if you have more weight… if not, simply make today a volume set. Keep same load each set.
Part II. You only need one of your DBs- or if you were on the barbell, decrease the load by at least 50%, maybe more. Try out a few goblet or front squats. 10 reps UB should be guaranteed. Start your first round and just get the hang of the sequence. Second round, speed it up a bit. Then round 3 is at the pace you try and hold for thet remaining few minutes. SHORT breaks. Remember to count your rounds (use some loose change and add one to the set ot keep track).

Get back outside and do that 4-5 minute run once again. Let all your neighbors know that you are sweaty because you just did a “5 by 5 and an 8 minute AMRAP”… they already think you’re weird. It’s ok.
Today let’s go for some more deep glute rotators with either pigeon pose on each side for 1 minute or the reclining ankle to knee. Then try soem child’s pose with hands/arms elevated on a table or chair.

Sunday 4pm Yoga LINK HERE

At 3:59pm today, cut and paste this link into your browser and you will join Maria for a 30 minute yoga class. This is our first test of using ZOOM in a large group- a new experience for us all!

You can download Zoom here, but it is not a requirement to join the class because Zoom will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting


Feel free to pass this link to family or friends via email or text… anyone can join us!

Sunday Yoga 4pm

This collection of photos sent in from CrossFit Malibu athletes over the past 4 days paints a picture of a community of individuals who are continuing to take their fitness lifestyles into their own hands… when so much is out of our control. #socialdistancingfitnessedition #321go #gooutsideandplaygoap

Check back on this page on Sunday for a link to our 4pm Yoga Session via ZOOM. Regular CFM athletes will receive a meeting invite via email. Let’s see how it goes 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday- and a “regular” week of programming (whatever that means!) comes your way beginning Monday. More Home Workouts with helpful notes and videos to keep you going through the week… DAY BY DAY!


Saturday Activities 200321

11am #socialdistancing hike at Sara Wan Trail- park along PCH opposite Malibu Seafood. Keep in mind you don’t actually have to run across the highway- there is an “interesting” underpass there that we can use once everyone arrives. Following (or towards the end of the hike) we can call our orders in to Malibu Seafood- pick them up at the to-go window and then eat at the beach. Current weather shows a 6-7% chance of rain- so I think it’s a GO!

Saturday’s Home “Active Rest Activity”: or A 30 Minute YouTube Experiment 
Below is a link to a video filmed in the living room of some basic gymnastics scales, h/L sits, and some glute stretching, etc. It was done free form as an example of the regular “feel like moving but not a workout” kind of things I sometimes do. If you’ve ever done the Whole Life Challenge- it’s what I tend to do for the 10 minutes of daily mobility… but an extended remix version of that!

Upcoming Note for Sunday Yoga with Maria Via ZOOM at 4pm-LIVE!
Each of you on a CFM Coaches Team will be sent a meeting appointment and you can join in at 3:50pm for the session to start at 4pm. Some more experimentation with various ways we can connect and move together. Let’s do it LIVE!
Download ZOOM here.

Friday 200320 TGU & KB WOD

Friday Morning Meet Up
On Malibu Road- we will do a trail running interval workout that will start at 8am and end by 845am. If you want to come and just hike the trails- that is FINE- running is not required (though many of us will!)
Park at 24616 Malibu Road (roughly!). Try and be there a few minutes early.

Friday’s Home WOD
For Quality and Unbroken Repetitions of:
10 Turkish Get Ups*
15 KB Swings*
– rest 1 minute –
8 Turkish Get Ups
30 KB Swings
– rest 1 minute –
6 Turkish Get Ups
45 KB Swings
– rest 1 minute –
4 Turkish Get Ups
60 KB Swings
– rest 1 minute –
2 Final Turkish Get Ups

*AHAP (As Heavy As Possible)
* Post DB/KB loads & TOTAL number of breaks for KB Swings
(ex: Mike – 45# DB/24kg KB/4 breaks)

10 burpees. YES, 10 burpees! 5 windmills on each side. single arm reverse circles, repeat on other side. Hurdler’s walk across your room and back (about 10 reps on each leg). 10 KB deadlifts, 10 sumo deadlift high-pulls, and 5 slow Romanian deadlifts. Finish the general warm-up with 5 more windmills on each side, weighted or unweighted, your choice. Continue your specific warm-up with a couple of Turkish Get Ups, finding each position slowly. Be under control the whole time, this is about QUALITY movement, not speed. Bring in some KB swings. Play around with Russian and American swings (to parallel/overhead, respectively).

Intended Stimulus
Notice it says, as heavy as possible… that is for both movements, you may use a DB or KB. The main point with the TGU’s is to go heavy and maintain good position the whole time, do not rush. the intention with the swings is to get each of the four sets unbroken. The reason for the one minute break is to encourage you to go unbroken and heavy.

If you are pretty sure you can get 30 USA swings unbroken, then use USA swings. Notice you will post the loads for both movements and the total times you break each set of swings. The goal is zero. You can scale the TGU so much that you are not even using a weight.

Spend a full mints moving through the TGU’s, pausing at those natural breaks. Be under control the whole time. Keep your eyes on the ceiling or overhead and your elbow locked at all times.

Couch stretch & modified pigeon aka seated figure-four stretch… you MIGHT still feel those lunges from Wednesday? The Coaches ALL do!

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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