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Monday 200427 Mix It Up

CrossFit Malibu, Recorded 9 AM session… Join in by clicking here.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

For time, complete in any order:
200 double unders
150 wall ball shots
100 push ups
Post time and process

Intended Stimulus
Tax the brain and the body to get this one done in entirely as fast as possible. Strategize around any of this to complete it fast. The purpose is to get all work done trying not to burn out any single movement in the process. You can determine a pattern and then abandon it/improve as desired. You can also alter the order of events in any way your heart desires. Assuming that cold dead heart of yours is capable of desire. It is true that “Karen” is dropped right in the middle of this one… it is also true that

General Warm Up
Let’s get the heart pumping and warm with some simon shuffle… then break out your jump rope for a string of 100 single unders. Now go for a 500m row or 400m run. Meet you back here in downward dog. After a hamstring/calf stretch we will get in some squats and down dog push ups.

Specific Warm Up
Going through the med ball clean progression makes for a good way to warm up squats and get in some skill work- as well as prep for wall ball shots. Figuring out the scaling for many on this will help us work on the mechanics of the push up AND warm it up well. We will do some eccentric loaded tempo push ups. Finally some double under drills will finish up the practice session for the workout.

Workout Notes
Focus on how to finish the entire workload as fast as possible. Don’t try to go too much unbroken today- instead, figure out the best way to not get bogged down on any single movement. You can make a plan and modify as needed or just feel it out. DO make sure that you are keeping careful track of the reps, though! In all movements today- choose your breaks before they choose you. Avoid the PUMP out that may come with push ups. You can modify to thrusters if you don’t have a med ball. Penguin jumps OR jumping non-stop to a small step will achieve a similar muscular endurance stimulus as the jump rope. You could get in 300 single unders.

Couch stretch for the quads and some lower leg and foot massage work will both be good cool down activities today.

Weekend Sessions

Saturday 9am WOD and the Sunday 4pm Yoga Session

Recorded CFM, virtually class session- click and GO

Sunday Yoga w Maria VI, 4pm- click here to do the recorded version

Overhead? Yes!
Every 3 minutes, for 6 rounds, complete:
10 single-arm dumbbell thrusters
50 m single-arm overhead DB carry
10 alternating DB snatch
Rest until the next three minute block
Rx= 50/35 # DB

Intended stimulus
How do you feel about your overhead stability? It’ll be really important today. This weight should feel heavy, but definitely doable. 5 thrusters on the right and then left shouldn’t bog you down; 25 meters overhead on the right should feel stable, 25 meters overhead on the left should also feel stable. And then those snatches. You could go slow on those, but that’s NOT what we want. Go quick, get the heart rate up, and then slow your breath for the next minute or so.

General Warm Up
Widen your stance and start with some windmills. Focus on an ACTIVE shoulder position here, almost like there’s a heavy weight in your hand. Keep the back long as you fold to the side. After 10 on each side, let your arms come down to the ground while you hinge forward and your head hangs heavy. Walk over to the right and to the left for the next minute. Now, head outside and take 25 long strides in one direction. That’s where you’ll walk to and back from during the WOD. Go for some lizard lunges along your 25 m course. Keep driving your hips forward and down. Now, get in some bear crawls along your course. Keep your legs long and your arms strong. After 25 meters of bear crawl, go for inch worms along the course (make sure to get those push ups).

Specific Warm up
Find a moderately heavy dumbbell and get in 5 deadlifts, 5 hand power cleans, 5 front squats, and 5 push presses on the right side. And now the same on the left. Notice how stable you feel at the top of that press. With your DB, go for 10 ground-to-overheads. On your last GTO, lock down your rib cage and take a few steps. Not too bad, right? Take a few more. Control your breath and KEEP PRESSING. Set your DB down with a rigid spine. Get that DB back up to your shoulder and get in a set of 3 or 4 single-arm thrusters. Switch sides and do the same. Grab a heavier dumbbell and feel out some thrusters, some carry, and some snatches.

Workout Notes
This is intended to be a heavy push for one-and-a-half to two minutes. And then time to catch your breath before the next heavy push. Your midline stability and overhead stability are CRITICAL. If overhead is not in the cards for today, your thrusters become front squats, your overhead carry becomes a front rack carry, and your snatches become cleans. The thrusters are like a good warm up each round. Keep moving— lock out overhead, and drop down ALL the way every rep. Stay stable on the carry. If your elbow starts to bend, set the weight down and take a quick rest. Keep your ribcage locked down. Make sure you PUSH hard on the 10 snatches! Fight to get them done quickly and efficiently. Then, you get to visit with everyone as you breath deeply.

Find the couch for a few sweaty minutes in COUCH STRETCH. If you have a foam roller and/or a lacrosse ball, take it up to the shoulders, the neck, the chest. Spend some time enhancing your mobility! You could even go watch one of the 20 minute mobility sessions on our Youtube page.

Friday 200424 Three Rounder

Participate in today’s WOD alongside the 9am group, click here to start

Three rounds for time of:
21 box jumps (24/20″)
15 push press (50/35kg)
9 Turkish get ups (50/35# KB or DB)
-alternate TGU as desired
Post time, loads, and scaling

Intended Stimulus
To hit a fast and consistent pace on the box jumps, use a load to get first round of push press unbroken (regardless of what happens in next rounds), and then to maintain positioning on the TGUs. Don’t push the pace on the get ups- instead, keep calm, find your relaxed breathing, and move with a focus on keeping a solid core. Use a loading that forces your attention rather than enables a fast pace. What you use in kg for the presses is likely a good loading in pounds for the TGU. If it is too light, then Rx plus is fine- as long as you abide by this stimulus plan (ouch- that was too soon:)

General Warm Up
A very wide variety of movements this week… let’s return to some of them for the warm up: 10 air squats, 10 step lunges, 10 up downs, 5 back burpees, and 5 iron crosses followed by 5 scorpions as longs you are down on the ground already. Pick up a light KB or DB and get in 15 deadlifts, 10 swings, 10 goblet squats. Then a quick baseline reminder/haunting: 10 SDLHP with that same KB/DB, 10 jumping air squats, 10 v ups and 10 down dog push ups… finally 5 bent over rows on each side. To cap this off- go for some windmills.

Specific Warm up
We move right into an unweighted TGU on each side. Last week we did some precision work on each position.. you remember?! Add a load and go for one more on each side- take a look at how much time this needs… and determine the load you will use to get in unbroken movement for 9 reps. Let’s move to empty barbell for some complex warm up- deadlifts, power cleans and then some strict press followed by push press. We will use a maximum of 3 more sets to find the workout load today. Then finally we get in some broad jumps followed by box step ups and then jumps. You should be able to get in a jump and a step down that is consistent- with very little breaking of movement.

Workout Notes
Your box height should absolutely be a ZERO factor today- you should be mentally at ease to get these in without a break. The recommendation is a fast step down. The push presses should go in a single set on the first round. You are asked to use the same load that you used on Monday… OR a bit heavier. Watch the torso position- keep that chest up in the dip! TGUs need to be in total control. Sure they will be taxing and you will enter into them quite winded from the jumps and presses… but despite the loading on the TGU- you should resolve to slow your breathing down. Be in complete control of your mental and physical capacity during these 9 reps/round.

We will begin by hanging from a pull up bar… or getting in a child’s pose stretch of the lats. We will come back to this hang a few times, mainly to oppose all the presses today. Prop up the hips on a roller or a rolled towel to get a knees to chest and then some happy baby. Complete the cool down with a series of spinal twist and some holds.

Thursday 200423 Double Reverse Baseline +

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually 9am Class Session Link

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually 4pm Class Session Link

Complete for time:
500 m row/50 Sumo deadlift high pulls
40 jumping squats
30 v-ups
20 down dog push-ups
10 pull-ups/bent over rows
10 pull-ups/bent over rows
20 down dog push-ups
30 v-ups
40 jumping squats
500 m row/50 SDLHP

*** = write down your time up to here and then keep going!
Rx: SDLHP = 24/20kg barbell or KB
Bent over row = 50kg barbell/50# DBs

Post time of first half (50,40,30,20,10), total time, load & scaling

Intended Stimulus:
Baseline…at home! How many times have you gone through this…and loved it every time? Well, today is no different, except it’s the CrossFit Malibu, Virtually version. You are going to go through the usual 50, 4o…,10, take a breathe, write your time down and then…make your way back up the ladder, so keep that time running. The point of taking the time down at the half way point is to keep you accountable to push through the second part with as much gusto as the first, or faster!

General Warm-up:
If you have a rower, go for an easy for 2 minutes and if you don’t, go for 15 slow burpees: that means step up into a lizard lunge and then standing and going for a back bend, rather than a jump. Now, stand in really a wide stance, shift your weight over to the right and you bend that right knee for a side lunge, repeat to the left side, getting deeper each rep for about a minute. Take another minute to bear walk around your living room. When you come back, move from downward dog to plank, for about 15 reps – really press into the ground and drive your chest through your shoulders. Lay down on your belly and get 10 super mans and flip on over and get 10 hollow-rocks – you should feel that core on! Lastly, 10 air squats, shaking out any soreness from yesterday 🙂

Specific Warm-up:
Turn those air squats into 10 jumping squats – aim for full depth as you drive your hips back, then shoot up and stick the landing softly back into that perfect squat. Pick up what you will SDLHP: first, 10 deadlifts, then 10 SDLHP. Exchange that kettlebell or barbell and grab what you will use for the bent over rows and for 10 rows. If you have a pull-up bar, get in some kips and then a couple of pull-ups. Come into downward dog, press your chest through your shoulders and then move into plank and push up – chest all the way to the ground, no snaking! Last down on the floor, with arms extended over head and toes pointed.. now squeeze and reach your hands to your toes, bring your chest up tall.

Workout Notes:
After your first set over 10 pull-ups/bent over rows, you quickly write down your time, take a couple of deep breathes and keep moving. This is not a minute or two minute break, so move it along and push all the way through! Make sure you extend your elbows as your bring your KB or barbell down, THEN hinge your hips in the SDLHP. The jumping squats, should be difficult, break them up into 2-3 sets. If you wish to scale the v-ups, place your palms slightly behind your hips and bend your knees so that your shins are parallel to the ground, as you dip into the elbows, bring you knees closer to your chest (look at video). Those bent over rows, should be a challenge, if you can do them unbroken…add some weight.

Let’s finish up with a couple of cat-cows, then moving from cobra to child’s pose for a minute. Lay down on your back, cross your right knee over your left and twist, repeat on other side. First at home baseline in the books!

Wednesday 200422 9am ZOOM Session

Participate anytime with the recorded 9am group

Part 1.
Unconventional Strength:
3 Sets of 12-15 reps Goblet Pause Squats (3-5 sec pauses each rep), AHAP
-rest as needed between sets-
Post load and reps per set

Part 2.
For Time Complete:
800m Run
80 KB Swings (53/35#)
400m Run
40 KB Swings
200m Run
20 KB Swings
Post time, load, and any scaling

Row distances: 1000m, 500m, 250m
Bike distances: 1.3mi, .7mi, .3mi

Intended Stimulus
Today, the goal is to get in some unconventional squatting strength work. Today we will use both the pause and then number of reps to get the “heavy day feel”. Rest as needed between those sets of 12-15 Goblet Pause Squats. You should need it! We then move into a short and simple couplet of decreasing distance and reps. The intention here is to go for big sets of KB Swings. Think, 20 or more reps unbroken.. USA if you can get the set of 80 reps in 4 sets.. Russian Swings if your bell feels too heavy to accomplish that safely. These runs are not jogs or trots, so run hard!

General Warm-up
Go out and jog your 400m run course. Most of you have this measured out already, but if not, jog for about a minute, take note of where you are and make that your 400m turnaround point. When you get back, drop down into plank for some squat prep. We will lizard lunge for 1 minute each side, drawing circles in the ground with the hips, finding areas of tightness. Who feels the glutes from yesterday’s lunges?! Lay on your back and get 10 scorpions. Roll back over to the front for a 1 minute plank. Pop up and get in 10 slow air squats, taking care to send the hips back and down, keeping weight in the heels! Finish off the general warm-up with 10 broad jumps.

Specific Warm-up
Grab a moderately weighted KB or DB. Deadlift it 10 times. Russian swing it 10 times. Goblet squat it 10 times (no pausing.. YET). Take a 200m jog. This can be established much like the 400m. Jog for 30 seconds, note where you are and make that your 200m turnaround. It should take about a minute, give or take. Or, use a smart watch to get all your distances exact today. When you get back from your 200m run, grab a heavier KB or DB and go for 10 Deadlifts, 10 Russian Swings, 10 American Swings, and 10 Goblet Squats. If you have something heavier, grab that and let’s get on to our strength portion!

Unconventional Strength Notes
Like I mentioned earlier, we are going to use the number of reps and the length of the pause in the bottom of the squat to get the strength feel today. We are going to grab that heavy DB or KB and get a set of 12-15 Goblet Squats with a 3-5 second pause at the bottom of each rep. Take care to keep the torso upright and stay active in the bottom of each and every squat! After a few reps with a 3-5 second pause you should start to feel it! Rest as needed between sets, getting a total of 3 sets AHAP. A single set could end up taking you over a minute so mentally prepare. I want to encourage you to use your phone timer on these squats so you can have accurately timed pauses each and every rep.

Workout Notes
Try to push the pace on the running portion today. It’s likely more than half of the workout today time-wise! Then when you get to the KB Swings, try to get sets of 20 or more. Remember, if your bell is today heavy to do this with a USA swing, use a Russian swing. Keep that midline braced as you hinge, drive through the heels and squeeze the glutes as you stand, breath out at the top and then in as you hinge again. The run distance gets shorter each round so you can continue to run hard! Today, I want you to run the 400m course twice for your 800m run. We have already established the 400m course and 200m course in the warm-up.

Finish with a modified pigeon or supine figure four stretch, 90 seconds each leg. Then happy baby for 90 seconds. Go find the calf mobility video on our YouTube page and follow along with that as you finish your cool down!

Tuesday 200421 Four AMRAPs

Recorded version of the 9am class from earlier today 

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session Apr 21, 2020 04:00 PM

Four 3 minute AMRAPs:
15 Up Downs
10 Back Burpees
Max rep goblet step lunge in the remaining time (50/35#)
-rest 2 min-
Score is TOTAL number of step lunges across all 4 AMRAPS
*In total you will do this 3 min AMRAP 4 times, separated by 2 mins of rest

Intended stimulus
Each of these 3 minute AMRAPs are meant to be pushed- pushed hard. Not with reckless abandon, but with calculated control and pace on the burpee variation. Then let’s display the mental fortitude to not set down your DB/KB on the goblet step lunges. The 15 Up Downs and 10 Back Burpees should take you no longer than 2 minutes on the first round. If that isn’t the case in our practice round, you may consider scaling to 12 Up Downs and 8 Back Burpees (more on that later). The aim here is to leave roughly a minute each AMRAP to get to lunging. Set a goal to consistently lunge until the end of each 3 minute AMRAP, not setting down your load until you hear the coach say “REST!” You will get 4 chances to accumulate as many lunges as possible.
General Warm Up
Start with 1 min of Simon shuffle to get the blood pumping and then move into a set of 10 inch worms. Get a push-up on each rep. Drop into the bottom of 10 air squats, pausing for a few second on each rep. Remember to maintain ridged neutral spine at the bottom, no collapsing! Walk back out into plank and get a set of 20 plank shoulder taps, getting the core nice and ready to support us in those up downs. Stay in plank and get 10 slow and controlled mountain climbers, heel to hand of course. From plank position let’s jump into the bottom of the squat… ok, 9 more of those. We will finish the general warm-up with 10 long legged sit-ups and then 10 alternating step lunges.

Specific Warm Up
Let’s practice some Up Downs as they may be new for many of us. Simply put, an Up Down is a burpee with no push-up. So, you will start standing, put your hands on the ground and jump back into plank position. Jump or step your feet back up to your hands, stand, and then jump and clap overhead. See, a burpee with no push-up! Do 10 of those, fast. Then lay flat on your back (heels, butt, and shoulders touching the ground at the same time), and do a controlled set of 10 back burpees. Grab your DB or KB and go for a simple basic DB warm-up… 5 Deadlifts, 5 Hang Cleans to the front rack, and then a set of 10 goblet step lunges. Bump up the weight if you want and do that basic DB warm-up again. Now let’s to test out our timing. Do 15 Up Downs and 10 Back Burpees for time. 3..2..1.. go! If that took longer than 2 minutes, consider scaling to 12 Up Downs and 8 Back Burpees. The heart rate should be sufficiently spiked. Rest a few minutes and let’s do this thing.

Workout Notes
To be clear, today you’ll be doing the 3 minute AMRAP of Up Downs, Back Burpees, and Max Goblet Step Lunges, FOUR times. Each one separated by a 2 minute rest. On the Up Down, make sure you jump all the way back into plank, no piked butts today! Also, take care not to hyperextend your back when you jump back into plank. Stay ridged! On the back burpee, lay flat and under full control before doing that long leg sit-up and standing. On bother the Up Down and the Back Burpee you’ll need to stand to full extension, jump and clap overhead to complete the rep. On the lunges, keep the torso upright and hold tension in your abs as you step forward, touching the knee to the ground. The knee should be over the top of your ankle here, heel on the ground. Keep that tension held as you drive yourself back to the standing position. If lunging gives you trouble you may scale to goblet squats. As always, bring your DB or KB down from the goblet position and set it on the ground with a neutral spine!

Go on a 2 minute walk. Come back and get in 90s each side of couch stretch. Finally, hug a knee to your chest and crossover the body for a SLOW set of 10 spinal twists

Monday 200420 Three Rounder

Recorded 9am session… click to DO IT!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session- 4pm

Three rounds for time of:
15 clean and jerks 50/35kg
12 pull ups (C2B?!)
400m run
Post load, time and any scaling

Intended stimulus
The load today is one that you can blaze through round 1 with no breaks. BUT one that will likely need to be broken up a bit in the second and third. But today error on the side of going a bit lighter and push for no breaks. Then over to the pull up bar for some unbroken chin-over-bars. This could turn into chest to bars for those of you with really good pull ups. And then the run should be pushed… but really, only the third and final run should be an all-that-you-got effort. The first 2 are mainly to allow you to keep the pace high on the weights and pull up bar. Nothing left after the last 400- so leave it all out there.

General Warm Up
Start with 8 glute bridges and then 4 on each side. Then up and standing for a set of hip circles in each direction and 5 unweighted wind mills on each side. Then after you get in air squats- always more air squats- do some hanging from the pull up bar, or that special spot you’ve dedicated for hanging. Do 8 slow motion good mornings/Romanian deadlifts getting even more hamstring preparation- as the lowering of the barbell (and you will likely lower many of these because the weight is low)- then go out on a 400m run and decide which sections of the course you will try and push your pace. Maybe it is one of the uphill pieces or the turn around. You decide.

Specific Warm Up
This is all about the barbell and pull up bar… so get in 3 rounds of basic barbell warm up- a complex of your choice. Between each set of barbell work- warm up the pull ups. You might need to use bent over rows (use 2DB at the same time!) to replace the pull ups. On the second and third rounds- bump up the loading a bit- if you have the weight to do it. If not- add a few reps to each movement. In class, we will work on barbell cycling. Bringing the bar down in the same path as it went up. A click and go- rather than a break each rep. Go on one final warm up run- take less than your 400m course- but go easy OUT and return HARD.

Workout Notes
Push the pace and shoot for unbroken rounds- especially in the first and maybe second. Keep it fast in round 3 and really run hard to finish up the workout. Rx is 12 pull ups- but MANY of you who can easily rip thru 12 pull ups can try chest-to-bar instead (right Julian?!). You might even consider some bar muscle ups today. If you can get 6 unbroken bar muscle ups- I would have you do them in the wod (maybe scale them to 9? Depends on your experience with them). While we have pushed the pace in recent running WODs, take it a BIT easy on rounds 1, 2… but round 3 you really need to crush.

Get back out on that run course for a 400m walk/jog. Then we will work through couch stretch and some shoulder mobility (child’s pose with threaded arm to the side) and hopefull you have a roller or lax ball for some smash and sliding.

Sunday Yoga

yoga w/ maría – V
Apr 19, 2020 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 940 7242 2091
Password: 017314

Saturday 200418 SYLB #3

Today is the final WOD of Support Your Local Box! The third of the 3 session over the recent 3 Saturdays. Sign up- either for free or make a donation. Do the WODs. Post your scores.

Participate in the recorded version of this WOD here.

For time: 
50 dumbbell deadlifts (50/35# DBs)
50 abmat sit-ups
50 box step-ups. (24/20”)
50 single-arm dumbbell thrusters (50/35# DB)
Intended stimulus
200 reps today. 200 well paced, consistent, intense reps. Keep those dumbbell deadlifts clean and crisp. Fight to keep your back rigid! Keep your feet balanced, your chest tall, and your gaze out to the horizon and you’ll be just fine. As for those sit-ups, move quickly and sit up tall! Box step-ups, NOT jumps. Drive through the heel and try to control that breath. And finally, a round of applause for the thrusters. Alternate arms as desired. This will be hard. That’s okay. Hip crease below the knee and a powerful drive to take the DB overhead. Control each rep, fight for stabilization each rep, and break them up as you need.
General Warm Up
Start with some leg swings and swipes on each leg before moving in to some walking lizard lunge. Really focus on getting a long stretch in the hip flexor— tuck your tail down and bring your hips forward. Feel it now? Good. Get in 10 inch worms with a push up on each rep and finish by letting the head hang heavy as you bring your chest toward your thighs. Plant your hands on the ground and find a plank position. Alternate between downward dog and plank for a minute before you lay on your stomach for 10 scorpions. Now roll on to your back and get in 8 or so glute-bridges.
Specific Warm up
Pull the soles of your feet together and go for some abmat situps. Feel free to use your arms for momentum— just sit up tall at the end and bring your chest past your hip crease. Come to standing and step up onto your box, driving through the heel and coming to a full stand at the top of the box. After 15 or so step ups, go for 8 ish jump squats. Full depth and a powerful drive out of the bottom. Grab moderately heavy dumbbells and get a set of 10 deadlifts. Notice that your hips and shoulders rise at the same speed! Now drop one DB and hoist the other to a front rack. Drop to the bottom of a squat and hold here for a few seconds. Notice that your abs are turned on, fighting to keep your torso upright. Now stand and go for 5 push press on each arm. Get in a few more deadlifts, and then quickly transition into some single-arm thrusters. Keep your torso upright on the descent and don’t let the DB leave your shoulder until your butt cheeks are squeezed. That’s where the power comes from. Lock out that press and keep your arm pit facing in front of you. Once you decide on your DB weight, get in 5 reps of each movement!
Workout Notes
Keep your back rigid on those deadlifts! Before the WOD begins, decide that your deadlifts will look pristine for all 50 reps! Additionally, keep sitting up nice and tall for ALL 50 sit-ups. These first two movements might feel quick. Control the breath here. And then embark on the trudge of 50 step ups. Find a pace and stick to it— you shouldn’t have to sprint for a few step-ups, rest, and then sprint some and rest some more. Finally, pick up the dumbbell, take it low, and drive it high. Alternate as you wish! This will feel heavy and that’s okay. I’d (Matthew) probably break this up into 5 sets of 10 with the prescribed loading and take REALLY quick breaks before getting back to the DB.
Grab your roller and prop your hips up with it. Hug your knees to your chest. Then, right ankle over the left knee for a figure 4. Hang out here for a minute before switching sides. Finish out this WOD in child’s pose for a minute, focusing on your nasal breathing.

Friday 200417 FGB Style

Click here to DO the recorded zoom class of this WOD

Friday 200417 // 9 am WOD- FGB Style
For 3 rounds complete max reps of:
1 minute overhead single arm DB walking lunges (40/25#)
1 minute strict ab-mat sit ups
1 minute box jumps (20/16”)
1 minute single arm DB push press (40/25#)
1 minute alternating DB snatch (40/25#)
*** 1 minute rest ***
Post TOTAL number of reps, load and scaling

Intended stimulus
Yesterday we had a short burner – how are your legs feeling after 100 cleans?! Yep, me too. Nothing better for that than…MORE MOVEMENT. Today, our workout is in the style of Fight Gone Bad, quarantine style. You have a minute, or about 50ish seconds, per movement to get as many reps as you can, jot down your number of reps and then move on to the next, so on and so forth, until you get to your lovely one minute of rest. Find a seat, breathe, focus and get ready for the next two rounds. After the first round, you will have a better understanding of how to push your body, when to set the dumbbell down to shake your arms out, and when to rest. The goal is max reps here and that minute of rest between rounds is to serve as your reset. Aim to get as many reps or more as the first round. You. Got. It.

Warm Up
Now we have a shorter GWU because we want to get right into warming up the specific movements for this workout, so if you want to go for a 400 m run or get in 20 burpees before we meet up on zoom or before you start this warm up… PLEASE do so!
Let’s start with a Samson lunge, step forward, sink the hips into the ground and reach up with your arms, up and down the length of your space (about 20 lunges). In your last Samson lunge, let your palms or forearms find the ground for some lizard lunge, and 10 hip circles on each leg. Stand, for 5 inchworms, holding in downward dog for 5-10 second each time, feel free to add a push ups to each round. Finally, get in 15 jumping squats – practicing that explosive hip opening that you’ll need for the jumps, snatches and presses!

Specific Warm Up
Find your box or place you will step on to and get into 10 steps, then straight into jumps. Again, you can always substitute these for broad jumps or scale to step-ups. Grab a dumbbell and get in 10 deadlifts and then 10 single arm push presses, notice the rigid neutral spice in both of these movements, as you move up and down in those deadlifts and as your dip and drive in those presses. Now, lay down on your ab-mat and go for 10 straight legged sit-ups and then 10 strict sit-ups, drill those heels into the ground! Back to the dumbbell for snatch warmup: place the dumbbell between both feet, deadlift and shrug 5 times, then deadlift, shrug and scarecrow, and lastly, deadlift, shrug, scarecrow and get under the DB. Repeat on other side. And lastly, OH walking lunges, press that single dumbbell up and don’t let that elbow bend as you step forward into that lunge, take 10 steps, alternating arm as you need.

Workout Notes
As I mentioned before, each round you will have to push even harder than the last. Find rest on the push presses, sit-ups and lunges before rest finds you. Never-ending press with that dumbbell up as you lunge, get that ribcage down here and in the push press. The bracing of your core is the key for the WOD today. If your midline is not stable nor rigid, the dumbbells and you will be flying all over the place…maintain control 🙂
Keep those elbows pressed tightly against your chest, keep the integrity of this strict sit-ups each round. Move through the snatches and box jumps rhythmically, keep chugging along, keep these unbroken. Remember to extend the elbow before you hinge back to the ground on those snatches, and alternate after every rep! Record the number of reps you get in each round. TOTAL them up at the end- that is the number that goes on the board.

Let’s come to a child’s pose, for a minute, inhaling and exhaling through the nose for 5-7 seconds each. Come to a table top position, as you inhale, reach your right hand to the ceiling, and as you exhale, thread your arm towards the left and bring your right ear to the floor…hold for 10 breathes and switch 🙂

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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