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Friday 210219 2 rounds for time


2 rounds for time:
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
45 Single Arm Overhead Reverse Step Lunge (50/35#)
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
45 Box Jumps (24/20″)

Intended Stimulus
You may be tempted to look at those 45s and be intimidated, but today is really about those sets of chest to bar pull-ups! If you’re unable to do sets of 5 C2B, then scale to chin over bar, and if you’re unable to do sets of 5 chin over bars, then use a band that allows you to do so. 15 pull-ups in a row (unless Rx chest to bars) means you scaled TOO much, but singles or doubles mean too little scaling. NOW let’s address those 45s 🙂 You can switch the arms as much or as little as you’d like, but but try to complete the 45 lunges in 4 sets or fewer. Then, just plug away on the box jumps. There is no use sprinting and then resting on these, so just pick a constant pace and soon you’ll be on to round 2!

Thursday 210218 Row, Swing, Push

Matthew drives hard through the heels on last Friday’s rowing WOD

Yoga on ZOOM with Maria is Thursday at 6pm!

For time complete:
500m Row
40 KB Swings (24/16kg USA)
40 Push-ups
500m Row
30 KB Swings
30 Push-ups
500m Row
20 KB Swings
20 Push-ups
post time and scaling to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
This triplet of descending repetitions is going to require a bit of strategy when it comes to the push-ups. Break them up into small chunks early with quick rests so that you don’t get to failure in the later rounds! If you need to scale, consider using training or rack push-ups before deciding on push-ups from the knees. On the kettle bell swings, try to get through each of the rounds in no more than two sets. Much like the 400m runs earlier in the week, treat each of these rows as a challenge. Set a pacing goal and stick to it!

Wednesday 210217 Front Squats and Ring Muscle-ups

Every 3 Minutes for 7 rounds:
5 Front Squats (building AHAP and holding for 4-5 sets)
3-5 Strict Muscle-ups

Intended Stimulus
Today is a hybrid of a heavy day and a gymnastics skill day. Like in a traditional heavy day for volume, the goal is to be front squatting a heavy load across 4-5 of the 7 sets. The first 2-3 sets can be continuing to build from the warm-up. If you have strict ring muscle ups, choose a number of reps between 3-5 that will allow you to keep that number across many sets. For example, it is better to get 3 reps every round than to get 5 on the first 3 rounds, but then be unable to get any on the subsequent sets. There will be MANY scaling options for these RMU so get into a class and develop some more skill through the progressions the coaches have for you!

A quick note: be prepared to take your barbell from the ground if at one of the outdoor stations 🙂

Tuesday 210216 Oly and Run

The new long sleeve CFM shirts are still available, but sizes are going fast! Get into The Hut early in the week for a workout and grab a long sleeve shirt on the way out. Andy got his and it has already proved to be the perfect second layer for those chilly 7am warm-ups! Rumor has it that María will even autograph it for you…

21-15-9 reps for time:
Clean and Jerk (60/45kg)
400m Run
post time and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Olympic weightlifting and fast running… classic! Finding a load that allows you to move through the clean and jerks in small, but quick, sets is critical to getting the high intensity stimulus that this couplet is trying to give. If you need to go singles on the clean and jerks, then the load is simply too heavy. There will be plenty of warm-up and practice that will help you make the right decision regarding loading, but for most athletes, if you’re on the fence between two loads, choose the lighter one for today! Then, run hard on every 400. There are only 3 of them, so do your best to avoid resting on your runs. It is better to run at a uncomfortably fast pace and find little rests between your sets of 3-5 clean and jerks.

Monday 210215 TTB, DB, Thruster, DU

A Valentine’s Day sunset to end the weekend and kick of a new week of training at The Hut!

As many rounds as possible in 16 minutes of:
10 Toes to Bar
20 DB Thrusters (35/25#)
40 Double Unders
post total rounds + reps and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
The main thing to focus on today is the sets of 20 dumbbell thrusters. Notice that the prescribed load is lighter than usual, meaning the intention is for you to attempt to go unbroken on the sets of 20 for as long as possible throughout the 16 minute workout. The toes to bar should go by in one or two sets maximum, and same goes for the double unders. Scale to 80 singles or 60 penguin tap jumps if necessary. Overall, you should attempt, and push hard, to stay moving for the majority of the work out. Going too heavy on the dumbbells, or choosing a scaling that is a little too difficult for you on the toes to bar or jump rope will blunt the stimulus that this workout is trying to offer.

Saturday 210213

Saturday classes at 8am and 9am. Sign up in advance!

Friday 210212 For Max Meters

Throwback to another all rowing day 🙂

Bring all the grit you have stored up with you. Your classmates will surely do the same! These single modality monostructural days often test more than just our fitness, but our mental toughness as well. Dig deep in the early minutes and get each round off to a good start. You’ll be rewarded with lots of meters AND more rest as the 5 minutes pass. Each round is 5 minutes long, with the work duration decreasing and rest duration increasing with each passing minute until 5 minutes have past and you start again. These are the days your community pushes you to do better and be better so get into The Hut for this one!

On a 25-minute clock for max meters, 5 rounds of:
Row for 50 seconds, rest 10 seconds
Row for 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds
Row for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds
Row for 20 seconds, rest 40 seconds
Row for 10 seconds, rest 50 seconds

Thursday 210211 Shoulder Press for 1, Push Press for 3

Yoga on ZOOM with Maria is Thursday at 6pm!

Workout of the day:
Shoulder Press
Push Press

Intended Stimulus
Pretty simple intended stimulus here! After 3 or so warm-up sets, build to a heavy 1 rep strict press over the course of 5 sets of 1 rep, resting about 2 minutes between sets. Then, transition to push press for 5 sets of 3 reps. Before starting your first set of 3, you may want to deload your bar a bit from the final set of strict press, but most will be able to continue on with push press from the last load of strict press. Again, rest 2 minutes between lifts.

Wednesday 210210 “Jackie”

Today we test out a Benchmark “Girl WOD”- and her name is “Jackie.” This is likely the shortest chipper benchmark… as it has been finished in 5:04 by one-time CrossFit Games champ Jason Khalipa- during the 2013 Nor Cal regionals. While this is a blazing, world class pace- some of our top athletes will complete it in around 7 minutes. The general time domain is at or under 10 minutes… but since this is a very accessible WOD to go Rx (as it is super light and has “only” 30 pull ups … if you CAN go Rx, then do it! That means as long as you can get a few pull ups- then go for it. We have repeated this WOD many times- check back in your records and try and beat your previous time. IF you scaled it the last time you did it- consider scaling it the same way so that you can compare your results directly.

Dr. Jason and his shadow go rep for rep on some push press

For time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (20/15kg)
30 Pull-ups
Post time and scaling to SugarWOD

Compare to: Sept 11th, 2020, Nov 19th, 2019, Sept 28th 2018, Jan 2 2018, Aug 30th and July 19th 2017 in Wed 5pm Specialty class… and also in group WODs on April 8 2016, Dec 14 2015, July 22 2015, August 18 2014, April 19 2014, Feb 8 2014, May 1 2013, April 23 2012, Oct 12 2012, Dec 24 20

Intended Stimulus
1000m row, 50 empty barbell thrusters, and 30 pull-ups for time anyone?! Jackie is a classic CrossFit benchmark. Here is your path to a PR (or to the best possible time for YOU today): row fast, but not a pace that will blow you up. Maybe even consider rowing at a pace a few seconds slower than last time. Then, go unbroken as long as possible on the thrusters or break into 2 planned sets, and then break up the pull-ups as needed with VERY shorts bouts of rest! You’re looking to finish sub 10 minutes!

Tuesday 210209 4 rounds for Quality

It is so often that these “For Quality” days sneak up on us. They start off with a warm-up, move to finding the correct scaling or modifications, and then the workout starts. After a round or 2, the epiphany hits, “this rep after rep of dedicated practice IS truly sufficient for the workout of the day!” And that is why these WODs show up at The Hut, because in constantly seeking out better more quality movement rep after rep we get a challenging workout for the day, yes, but more importantly we get the benefit of increased skill. Skill that we can then use in our task or time priority workouts to be more efficient and in turn, accomplish more work in less time.


4 rounds for quality:
1:00 TGU right side
1:00 TGU left side
1:00 Handstand skill development
1:00 Strict toes to bar
1:00 Rest
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Intended Stimulus
Today we go for quality! There are 1:00 intervals for each movement, but the goal is to move well and develop more skill, not necessarily get as many reps as possible. You’ll build in load on the TGU in the warm-up and then use the same DB/KB in all 4 rounds of the workout. For the handstand skill development coaches will provide options that challenge you as an individual, but are not so difficult that you spend most of the 1:00 resting. Options include, but are not limited to: HS hold against the wall, wall walks, pike on a box, freestanding kick-ups to HS hold, kicking up to a HS against a wall with parallettes, etc. The final minute of each round before your 1 minute of rest is for strict toes to bar. The idea is to make these challenging! Scaling options include: slow dragon flag sit-ups, strict knees to elbows, slow strict knees to chest. Remember, focus on quality and constant movement!

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