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Tuesday 200901 EMOM 24!

Starting off the month of September- the month formerly known as “Back To School Month” is now known as something like: “We Still Don’t Know What is Going on With School and It Is Almost Labor Day!”

But you’re fine- just come to a class and do the right thing.

Try out today’s 5pm session… and Thursday at 5pm if that fits best for you.

Labor Day Monday- classes at 7, 9 and 10am only!  (Nothing on that afternoon… So then take the rest of the day off and go to the beach.

Then beginning on Sept 14th- 6am classes begin on Mondays and Wednesdays

Winner of bumper plate and outfit color coordination contest: no surprise, it’s Dr Deb!!

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
24 minute EMOM:
Min 1: 5 Push press (AHAP)
Min 2: 3 Weighted strict pull-ups (AHAP)
Min 3: Max rep weighted box step-ups (50/35# DB)
Record loads for press and pull, height and load for box step up

Intended Stimulus
Here we have an unconventional ‘heavy day’. On minute 1 we’ll push press 5 reps. This will be something we warm-up beforehand, but are able to tinker with and add as the minutes go by. One minute 2 we’ll do 3 unbroken weighted strict pull-ups (or 5 sec eccentric lowers). Again, we’ll have the ability to tinker with loading as the workout progresses. On minute 3 we will do as many weighted box step-ups as possible using the same load every minute we do this. There are 3 goals: push press 5 reps AHAP, strict pull-up 3 reps AHAP, and max rep box step ups over the course of 8 minutes.

Monday 200831 Power Snatch and Parallettes

Welcome back Monday! We have some fun workouts for the week! Reminder that a new 5pm class is being added this week for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Right now not many people are signed up for Tuesday’s session… so please get on Mindbody and sign up to get this new class session off to a great start with attendance.

When was the last time you went all out in a workout?  I mean all out.  From 3, 2, 1, GO- you set off full speed ahead with no regard for when you would hit the wall?  When was the last time you scoffed at strategizing and timing out each round so that you would avoid “blowing up”?  Believe it or not, there IS a time and a place for deciding to forget about planning how fast execute a set of reps.  In fact, if you train for too much time without pushing to find the edge… how do you know you are actually even approaching those boundaries any more?  Make some room in your training to go out HARD… maybe even purposefully trying to bite off more than you THINK you can chew.  This is not only where learning occurs… but it is also where mental toughness is gained, and where now-found levels of intensities are experienced.  Even if the end result of the workout is that it took you longer than it would have if you played it safe… you should try it every now and then.  Maybe that day is TODAY?!

Who are the headless horsepeople in the picture below doing the elevated ring rows with Julian?

Monday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
5 rounds for time:
10 Power snatch (50/35kg)
15 Strict parallette push-ups
Record time, load, and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Plan on spending a lot of time working on the power snatch today with light loads. Then, when it’s workout time, find a load that allows you to complete 10 reps in 2 sets. Singles on the power snatches from the beginning means you went too heavy. But 10 reps unbroken means too light! The.15 push-ups should be done in 3 sets or fewer. The parallettes make these slightly easier than a normal push-up, but being elevated means you cannot sag through the midline at all!

Saturday Sessions

8 and 9am group WOD sessions are ON today. Remember to sign up in advance, there are only a few slots remaining!

Friday 200828 “DT”

We continue on with the current “summer situation” of keeping limits on class sizes to 9 people. Everything points to continuing with the method we now have in place of having all group class participants within their own personal stations and spending 5-10 minutes at the end of each class thoroughly disinfecting everything used/touched during the session. Thanks for helping to keep this going- it is a very important part of us staying open.

In the coming week we add a new group class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm. You will see it added to the Mindbody system and you will be able to sign up for that session like you are with other classes- 3 days in advance. Look forward to continuing to expand our schedule as the need arises.

Signing in and cancellations
This doesn’t happen very often- but sometimes athletes sign in to FULL class sessions and then do not show up. Subjective evaluation = not good. In most cases it means that someone else did not get added to the wait list because of that person’s no-show. Sometimes people cancel too late for others to add. Please cancel as FAR in advance as possible. If you “late cancel” or “no show” you will receive an email kindly asking you not to (*&^*$ do it again. Thanks 🙂

Today will be our final 9am ZOOM class session offered... it has served it’s purpose and while we loved it when we needed it, we will be closing it down for now. We will continue Yoga with Maria on Thursdays at 6pm- as that has picked up some traction!

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on February, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm.
Five rounds for time of:
12 Deadlift (71/52kg)
9 Hang power clean (71/52kg)
6 Push jerk (71/52kg)
Post time and load

Compare to: April 3 2020, Sept 5 2019, Nov 3 2017, July 17 2017, April 18 2017, June 10 2016, June 29 2015, June 3 2015, July 4 2014, April 8 2014, Jan 8 2014, Oct 18 2013, July 5 2013, May 9 2013, Nov 12 2012, June 4 2012, Nov 8 2011, April 15 2010

Intended Stimulus
Today, we want you to choose a weight that challenges you. If you can get through an entire round (you’re going to do a full practice round) easily without needing to set down the bar at least once, it’s too light. If you need to break up the push jerks (especially in the practice round) it’s too heavy. We are shooting for sub 12 minutes today. That’s under 2:30 per round. You more experienced athletes- you can probably do more weight than you think you can. You can definitely do more weight than you WANT to!





Thursday 200827 Chippper

Welcome back Becca... ready to have you assisting in some classes. Remember that Becca was a Sports Med 440 student last fall (a class that most CFM coaches have taken during their time at Pepperdine) and she was a few months into her coaching internship when it was interrupted in mid-March. She is back and continuing her journey, now is the teaching assistant in Sports Med 440, and continuing her coaching intern/apprenticeship with us at the Hut. Veterans, you’ll remember her- newcomers, introduce yourselves!

Exciting chipper coming to you today! Those of you doing the workout on the front deck or on the new squat racks on the back patio- please realize that you will be doing your wall ball shots up to the top of the rig. SOOOO, you will be using a heavier load than you usually do for these reps. Again you WILL be using heavy medicine balls! It is going to be great. Anyone on the 30# all-black med ball today?!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Maria’s 6pm YOGA ZOOM session HERE … join LIVE

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4pm
For time complete:
30 Toes to Bar
45 Cal Row/Bike
60 Wallball Shots (20/14#)
45 Cal Row/Bike
30 Toes to Bar
Record time and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a really fun chipper! Volume wise, it doesn’t contain crazy numbers, yet it is the large sets that will surely prove to be challenging today. Pick a TTB scaling that allows 5 or fewer quick sets. Row with a steady and pushed pace. Break up the WBs into manageable sets, less than 5 hopefully, and then row and TTB again!

General Warm-up

Go for a 20 cal row followed by 2 rounds of 10 sit-ups, 30 second hang from the bar, and 10 air squats. Get in 10 scap pull-ups and a few kip swings before getting in a nice long hold at the bottom of the squat.

Specific Warm-up
Get in a set of kipping knees to chest. Grab a MB for 10 DL, 10 Front Squats, and then some MB Clean practice. Jump back on the bar for a set of TTB. Back to the MB from 2 sets of 5 WB Shots. Lastly, let’s get a sprint of 5 TTB, 10 Cal Row, and 15 WB Shots before resting a few minutes.

Workout Notes
Breaking things up into manageable sets is going to be key today. However, don’t over scale so things go largely unbroken. Find a happy medium. Think about doing 5 sets or fewer for the TTB and WB and going hard on the row! Bike and ski are the same amount of cals for today!

Finish with some elevated childs pose. This is sure to be a sweaty one so get everything nice and cleaned up!

Wednesday 200826 Helen Intervals

When you get up early, take your weights up the hill to the Point Dume Headlands, get in a good basic dumbbell warm up, and then throw down 5 rounds of push press, air squats, and running sprints… then I guess a spectacular sunrise is well deserved.

Hey, it doesn’t mean you don’t have every right to crawl out of bed, sip some coffee, and watch the ball of fire predictably emerge to start a new day. But you have to admit, it does feel a bit different.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Wednesday’s WOD at 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4pm
4 Rounds EACH for time::
400m Run
21 KB Swings (24/16kg)
12 Pull-ups
-rest 2 minutes-
Post times for each of the 4 rounds
Compare time with June 23 and May 15 versions of Helen

Intended Stimulus
Today we take the classic benchmark workout “Helen”, add a round, and do it interval style with 2 minutes of rest between rounds. The goal is sub 3 minutes for each round… likely meaning unbroken KB Swings and quick sets of pull-ups (think 0, 1, or 2 breaks maximum). Each round ends with a 2 minute rest so make sure you push the run, rather than using it as more rest.
General Warm-up
Go out on a 400m run. As soon as you get back to the hut, go on another 400m run and mix in skipping, side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers and some surges. Once you’re back from run #2 get in 2 rounds of 10 air squats, 10 scap pull-ups, and some kip swings.
Specific Warm-up
Grab a KB and go for 10 KB deadlifts. 10 SDHP, and 10 russian swings. Get in 5 more tight kip swings before doing 10 USA swings. Go for a heavier bell and do the same. After the KB load is established and sufficiently warmed up, get 2 sets of 5 kipping pull-ups. Once ready, do a practice round of 200m run, 10 KB Swings and 5 pull-ups. rest a bit and let’s do this!
Workout Notes
Again, the goal here is EACH round for time so shoot for unbroken sets of KB swings and do your absolute best to start each and every round with a fast 400 (think sub 2 minutes)! Careful on the runs today. You’re going to be running hard, but don’t let that keep you from paying attention and being cautious out there on the streets. You will be in charge of timing your rounds and your rest. I suggest using your phone timer to check your round time, let the 2 min rest happen, then quickly reset the timer before starting a fresh round. That way you don’t have to clock math!
Finish with a 400m walk and then some coach led low back decompression stretches.

Tuesday 200825 Fsquat and Finisher

Announcement: Maria teaches a Thursday evening YOGA class session on ZOOM at 6pm. This is a joint venture between CrossFit Malibu and Autumo… so join in, the more the merrier. A link will be proivded with Thursday’s blog post.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4pm
Front Squat
Unposted finisher

Intended Stimulus
Here comes the heavy day! The goal here is to build to one final heavy set of 3 reps on the Front Squat. Maybe it is a new PR, maybe it’s just the heaviest you can lift today. Either way, the intent is to build to something heavy. You’ll rest roughly 2 minutes between sets, and roughly 3 minutes between the last few sets. The finisher is short and not the focus of the day, so don’t even worry about it 🙂
General Warm-up
After a short simon shuffle, get into plank position and work through some slow lizard lunges. Then, lay flat for 10 scorpions. Roll over for 10 t-crossovers. Using your squat rack, get 10 assisted squats with a 5-10 second hold at the bottom. Lean side to side and drive the knees forward to stretch the ankles.  Get in 10 fast air squats and a few push-ups for good measure.
Specific Warm-up
Grab a barbell go for one quick round of basic barbell. At the end, leave the bar on the front rack and get in 10 slow elbow punches. Go for 5 pausing front squats. Stay at the bottom for a few seconds and focus on driving the elbows up. Put on some weight and do that again.
Workout Notes
The warm-up and skill work will take about 15 minutes today, leaving you with roughly 20 minutes to continue building in load to your heavy set of 3 (potentially 3RM). Make sure you don’t rush your sets. Two minutes is the MINIMUM rest you should be taking, and that should be 3 or maybe more between the last 2-3 sets! Remember, big breath at the top, hold tension in the belly, and exhale as you stand.
After your last set, you can put your bar on the floor and we’ll finish with a quick finisher!

Monday 200824 Three Parts.

When you take a look back at a month (or more!) of workouts that you get done at the Hut, it is clear to see the variety of tasks that you complete. Many durations of work, heavy to bodyweight and back again, various skills, with a few of your true strengths as well as your weaknesses are covered. Today’s training session is a microcosm of an entire month. Something heavy, something fast, some endurance, a final blast (to the tune of something borrowed, something blue;)

The series of today’s “tests” could also be looked at as a workout that is like the Hopper Model in testing fitness levels. The MORE load you lift on the Turkish Get Up, the more likely you are to need work on your mile run. If you can do the mile run in 4.5 minutes, it might just predict that your plank and push up aren’t yet top notch. The prediction is that anyone who “WINS” one event will likely need work on one or both of the others. However, most of you have been around for a while and have developed a well rounded fitness such that you will probably do pretty well at each of these. If you don’t … there is your opportunity awaiting your attention to spend some time improving it!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Monday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
I. 10 minutes to set 1RM Turkish Get-up
II. 3 rounds: 1 minute plank + max rep set of unbroken push-up
III. Run 1 mile for time
Record 1RM TGU, number of push ups, mile run time.

Intended Stimulus
Today we have 3 stimuli to impart. After the general warm-up, you’ll have 10 minutes to use the DBs/KBs at your station and build to a 1RM R/L Turkish get up. Then, you’ll take another 10 minutes or so to get in 3 sets of a 1 minutes plank right into a max rep unbroken push-ups. Lastly, you’ll run a mile for time.

General Warm-up
Go out for an 800m run mixing in some running drills along the way. Then get back to the hut for a quick few rounds of some simon shuffle, push-up, air squats, and PVC pass throughs. Get in some coach led Turkish Bridge-Ups.

Workout Notes
Get right to the DBs/KBs for a Turkish Get Ups. The 10 minute time limit will be strictly enforced. In total, plan out the timing so you get about 6 sets, leaving more rest towards the end of the 10 minutes. Then, on the coaches clock, you’ll hold a one minute high plank and go right into a max rep set of STRICT push-ups. These need to be at a steady tempo with no resting at the top or bottom. You’ll do a round of this roughly every 3 minutes. Lastly, get outside for some running drills and then a 1 mile run for time. The turnaround in the infinity sign on the ground after you turn right on Stuart Ranch Rd. As always, be careful as you run in and out of the yard and as you pass driveways along the way.

Walk the 400m course and get your TGU equipment cleaned up.

Saturday Sessions

8 and 9am group training sessions are happening. They are not yet at capacity, but they will fill up by morning, so book your space soon!

Friday 200821 E3Mx10

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session at 9am

Dulcie (holding green med ball) heads to college at Colgate today! Congrats and have FUN!
Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
Every 3 minutes for 10 rounds:
3 Hang Squat Cleans (AHAP)
200m Row/Ski Sprint or .3mi Bike Sprint
post # of rounds at heaviest load AND fastest and slowest sprint times
Intended Stimulus
What a beautiful combo we have today! Heavy hang squat cleans (not quite heavy enough to drop) and a short sprint! The goal today is to go as heavy as possible and still get the 3 hang squat cleans unbroken before SPRINTING 200m on a rower/ski erg or .3 miles on the bike. You should have more rest than work today. This is a 30 minute workout so PLEASE BE ON TIME.
General Warm-up
Go for 2 minutes on your erg. Get in 1 min lizard lunge on each side and 1 min pigeon on each side. Hold the bottom of a squat for 30 seconds or so, rocking side to side and pushing forward to stretch the ankles. Hop on your cardio erg and go for a practice sprint.
Specific Warm-up
Go through a coach led basic barbell two times. Then, practice some high hang squat cleans. Add some load and do a few more. Now move on to the hang, and get in a few building sets of 3-5 reps. Remember, in the workout you need to have a load that is both heavy, and that allows you to complete 3 reps without dropping, at least for the first few rounds.
Workout Notes
Choose a weight on the barbell that really challenges you. A load that you want to set down but don’t. Take your time getting into a hang position where tension is maintained through the lats and midline, and then execute a rapid change of direction from UP to full hip extension and back DOWN to the rigid bottom of a squat. Then… SPRINT! That means getting to your erg quickly and getting after it. Good Luck!
There won’t be a ton of time after the workout today. Please get your station cleaned and remember to socialize outside of the hut and to stay socially distanced. If you are in a morning class, remember there are likely a few people coming for individual sessions after your class is over, so be courteous in how you clean your station and by doing so in a timely fashion. Thanks to you all.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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