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Friday 200508 TGU and KB

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded class, take it NOW!

Max reps Turkish Get Ups in 5 minutes (AHAP)
Unbroken USA KB swings- stop at maximum of 75
Relax a few minutes, then:
Max reps TGU in 4 minutes (AHAP)
Unbroken USA KB swings- stop at maximum of 60
Relax a few minutes, then:
Max reps TGU in 3 minutes (AHAP)
Unbroken USA KB swings- stop at a maximum of 45
Post number of TGUs and KBs in EACH round

Ex: 11@50#/72@24kg. 7@50#/60@24kg. 5@50#/29@24kg

Intended Stimulus
This is our 4th WOD with TGUs during quarantine- a great dual strength, stamina, and mobility builder that can be done with a variety of different pieces of equipment. Perhaps try a rep or 2 with something novel today! These are done for max load and max reps. If you can do it once- then try it again and again. Though the idea is to try and stay moving for the entire 5 minute (4 min, 3 min) durations. In short- it is training day for TGUs. The KB swings, however, are programmed to test you. They are here today to test your stamina and mental fortitude. CAN YOU COMPLETE the 75, 60, 45 reps unbroken? Big chunks… and if you fall short you are NOT allowed to continue for that round. That is today’s rule! If you break- you are DONE with that round.

General Warm Up
Windmills, PVC pass throughs and around the worlds. Some pull up bar hanging followed by pull ups OR ring rows. We will do some glute brides to warm up the hams and glutes- and workout some soreness that might be there as a result of yesterday’s lunges.

Specific Warm Up
TGUs in pieces. We will go for ground to standing and back to the ground in paused segments- stopping in each of the positions of stability. Also will take a few sets at lighter loads and then work up to something a bit heavier. **FInd something novel to take thru the movement: a barbell, a rock, a human. TRY IT!*** One single set done at the workout load- so that you can stay at that load for the entire WOD. We will do some KB progressions: RDLs, “hikes,” Russian swings and then finally full vertical swings. We will test out what YOU should do during the WOD.

Workout Notes
TGUs- find working load before you start the clock- stay moving! Each minute you should be able to get in 2 reps. Shoot for that in each of the 3 rounds. The goal is 24 total reps (12 on each side)- a few more is fine, but MUCH more only means you should have gone heavier. KB swings- be mentally strong. Either associate with the physical discomfort or try to take yourself on a vacation in your mind. Regardless of your method- shoot for unbroken sets!
Your choice to go USA or USSR. If you havent got a change of unbroken with USA_ then go USSR + a few more inches! The wod is NOT for time- take a few minutes after the KB set before starting the clock on your next TGU set.

Get in some restful positions for the lower back- knees to chest and pigeon feel good after swings. LIzard lunges-2 minute per side and also some upper back and traps on the foam roller/lax ball.

Thursday 200507 AMRAP plus Gymnastics

CrossFit Malibu, 9am Virtually- ZOOM Class Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

10 minutes AMRAP of:
8 Burpees
14 Ab-mat Sit-ups
20 walking lunges (35/20# DB in goblet squat position)
Post number of rounds and scaling
Handstand and Scales Practice

Intended Stimulus
Time for another AMRAP. yes, we just did 5-3 minutes ones on Monday, so today you only get to do one – wooo! 10 minutes of constant movement, once you finish burpees, you lay right down and crack through the sit-ups, then you spring back up, pick your weight up from the ground (of course, with a rigid and neutral spine) and lunge all around your house. Aim for finishing each round in about a minute in a half or less – if you need to scale down the volume of reps to meet that, please do. Stick around for after the WOD and get in some gymnastics practice – handstand drills and scale work, remember we dedicated a month to each of these at the Hut!

General Warm Up
Just like at the Hut, we will spend about 2 minutes getting warmed up by running/rowing/jumping. Then lay down, bring your right knee to your chest and extend that leg as you twist, move through 15 more of these iron cross/supine twists. Reach for your ab-mat and get in 10 straight legged sit-ups. Then flip on over to your stomach and get in 10 scorpions and then 10 down dog push-ups, peddle out your feet in down dog. Come to standing, find a wall and get in some leg swings and swipes, loosening up the hips. Then, reach your arms overhead, bend over to the right and left, then touch your toes and jump back into a plank, repeat that about 5-7 more times. Come back to down dog, push into the ground with your palms and get in 5 kick-ups on each leg.

Specific Warm Up
Let’s move through 10 burpees (thankful you will only have to do 8 at a time 😉 during the WOD). Step forward into a lunge and reach your arms above your head, getting in 15 lunges like this (as if you were doing this across the floor at the Hut). Pick up a dumbbell and get in 10 Romanian deadlifts, 10 regular deadlifts and then 10 goblet squats. Keeping that same goblet squat grip with the dumbbell (or whatever you have) get in 10 walking lunges. Come back to your ab-mat and get 5 more straight legged sit-ups and then 10 ab-mat sit-ups, legs in butterfly style. Stand back up, for 5 more burpees and then bump up your weight and move through 10 more lunges! You are ready!

Workout Notes
The movements are simple and you “only” have 10 minutes to move through as many rounds as you can… this is not a time to lose midline stability, throw mechanics out the window and rush to get 20 rounds. This is a time to remember that simple movements still require core activation and control of the breathe. Aim to get 1 round per 1-1:30 seconds, pace yourself. You wouldn’t want you first 3 rounds to be done in 2 minutes and then the last 8 minutes you are struggling to finish 2 more rounds… unlikely, but still, you have been warned! Scale volume as you need, hold that weight up with a strong torso, don’t let the chest fall as you lunge. After our 10 minutes, we will get in 2 minutes of handstand practice, some scales and then back to handstands. If you don’t get the chance to do/watch the zoom class – move through 10 front and back scales (torso upright, point the toes, keep the leg in the air straight, and hips squared) and 4 rounds of handstand practice (holding as long as you can, or minute at a time). Hold down dog, use a box or a wall to help you sharpen your handstand skills!

Let’s finish with a couch stretch – 2 minutes each leg!
Then, watch Jordan’s hip mobility video – whenever your day permits you to! Just look up CrossFit Malibu on YouTube 🙂

Wednesday 200506 Four Rounder

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- Recorded Session… do it NOW

4 Rounds For Time:
45 Double Unders
30 Wallball Shots (20/14#)
15 Weighted Step-ups (50/35#, 20″)

Intended Stimulus
Today we tackle a four round triplet that should land right in that ‘medium’ time domain–you know, the one that isn’t a sprint, but often tricks us into sprinting on the first round. So, stay nice and relaxed in the double unders, not trying to rush the wrist flicks or shorten your jump, but rather, jump high and be smooth with the spins. Then, let’s make a plan for the wallball shots. That is where you can redline yourself too early by taking too much at a time. Save that for round 4! Remember, in a workout like this we are trying to maintain a high intensity by choosing the right pace, so try to have rounds that all take roughly the same amount of time, and then if you can, dial up the pace towards the end of round 3!
General Warm Up
Today we start with a minute of simon shuffle. We will then move into a simple 3 rounds of 10 pausing air squats, 5 push-ups (yesterday was tough!), and 5 broad jumps. Grab your jump rope for 50 singles.Specific Warm Up
Step on your box 10 times. Make sure it is nice and sturdy! 20 inches is prescribed for everyone today. Then go back to the jump rope for 25 double unders (scale to 50 singles, or 25 penguin double tap jumps). Practice staying relaxed in the shoulders and jumping tall, keeping the elbows tight to the sides and just slightly pulled back. On to the MB for the MB clean progression, 5 reps at each phase. Next, with your DB or KB, step on your box 10 times. Drive through the heel and stand tall. Back to the wall ball for a set of 10 WB Shots. You are ready to roll!Workout Notes
Scaling options for the double unders include: 90 Singles, 45 Double Tap Penguin Jumps, or 45 curb jumps. Like I mentioned before, try not to get going too fast in round #1, especially on the wallball shots. make a plan and stick to it! I will likely choose 3 sets of 10. Lastly, the step overs really cannot be rushed, just do them. And don’t stop until you’ve done 15!
We will finish with 1 min each side with our propped up low back modified pigeon and then 1-2 minutes of propped happy baby. We’ll then use the foam roller to roll out glutes, and mid back. Have Fun!

Tuesday 200505 Push Up 800m Run

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am RECORDED Class Session… do it now!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

For Time Complete:
40 Push-ups
800m Run
30 Push-ups
800m Run
20 Push-ups
800m Run
10 Push-ups

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a couplet of push-ups and running. Pretty simple. The run distance doesn’t change, but the push-ups will decrease by 10 reps each set, hopefully keeping you from needing to take long rest breaks. Memorial day is right around the corner and today gives us another opportunity to get in some push-up volume! These 800m runs are there to challenge you to make yourself uncomfortable when it comes to your pacing. In other words, they ARE a break from doing push-ups, but they ARE NOT rest!

General Warm Up
Let’s start by getting in an 800m jog. Many of us already have this course mapped out, but if not use a smart watch OR jog for 2 minutes out, make that your turnaround, and then come back. Go for 10 slow and controlled air squats. Then lay on your stomach for 10 slow scorpions, reaching that heel up to the sky and then across the body as close to the opposite hand as possible. Spend some time in that position. Not only is it a great spinal twist, but it will start to get the chest prepped for all our push-ups! Speaking of those… get a set of 10 push-up down dogs. Grab a DB or KB and get in a set of 10 RDLs and then 10 goblet squats.

Specific Warm Up
Go out for a 200m run and mix in some side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, and do some skipping. When you return, do 5-10 amazingly strict push-ups. Take a short rest and then 3…2…1…GO!

Workout Notes
Consider how you break up your push-ups for “Murph” (the Memorial Day WOD alluded to above). Do you go for sets of 20? 10? 5? Today try to break up your push-ups in a similar way. I know that today you won’t have pull-ups and air squats to give you natural rest breaks from more push-ups, but having a strategy always works better than doing a max rep set of push-ups to begin a workout, and then finding out that it is really hard to eek out good strict push-ups after you’ve bitten off more than you can chew! These can be scaled to training push-ups or knee push-ups, and if needed you can scale further by reducing the volume a bit to something like 35-25-15-5 reps. Regardless of scaling, these need to be strict and done at a full range of motion–chest to the ground and back to full lockout of the elbows. Check your split times on each 800m run so you have something to shoot for when you’re fighting the urge to just jog it in.

Finish with some chest mobility…sinking into a standing or kneeling childs pose and holding it for a minute. Then, go back to the ground for 10 slow scorpions. Consider massaging the calves for 5 minutes or so after the session is over.

Monday 200504 DB Chief Complex

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Class Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

Five sets, each a 3 minute AMRAP of:
5 DB deadlifts (50/35#)
5 DB hang power clean
5 push jerk/press
5 front squats
After each 3 minute AMRAP, rest exactly 1 minute

Intended Stimulus
Over the last few weeks we have done the DB strength complex (April 6th) and also a workout with the same template of the Chief (March 28th). Today we blend the 2 WODs and go through the DB complex with a time limit and an added conditioning focus of doing maximum repetitions. Take a look back- particularly at April 6th- to see the load you used. Now, think about this: If you can get a round every minute, it would go like doing 3/5 of the DB strength complex in a SINGLE set! Hopefully you go a bit heavier and it takes you at least that long to do a round. Then again- you might be limited with equipment and therefore go through as many as 20 rounds of this thing. That would mean today is geared more towards conditioning and stamina than strength… so it shall be. Please, if you CAN get through a round unbroken with a heavy load- then USE THAT LOAD- even if it tough!

General Warm Up
Back to basics: CrossFit Warm up… get two rounds of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats and 15 Samson Stretch lunges. (sub DB bent over row if you don’t have a pull up spot). Then we will work some additional preparation for today’s specific movements: RDLs for the deadlifts, glute bridges for hamstrings, PVC pass throughs and then hanging, and finally some lizard lunges.

Specific Warm Up
Here is where we can out some light DBs, or other weights, and go through each of the 4 WOD movements, complex-style. This means we do a few reps of one movement and simply flow into another. Going light, we can move into many positions without any concern that load is a limitation. Gradually we get heavier and focus more specifically on onky the movements in today’s session.

Workout Notes
As stated above- look back at your April 6th results. Find the heaviest load used. Can you get through a round of 20 reps in less than a minute? Then you can do the wod with this load. If you c an handle MORE in a minute- then bump it UP! That would give you 75 reps of each movement for the entire wod, which is very manageable. LImited equipment… you can use a single KB for this- hopefully it is heavy. Deadlifts, a power clean from the ground (resembling a SDLHP), single arm push press/jerks, then a goblet front squat. If all you have is a med ball- the adjustment is the same as if all you have is a KB- but you will likely do some push press launching to sub for the presses- get the ball to go up as high as possible on each rep! If the DB you are are not heavy- consider adding 2-3 reps per movement to keep your number of rounds a bit lower. This can certainly be done with a barbell at the same loading overall.

I think a 400m run would be good for the brain AND body following this very “locked in one place” WOD… so run out 200m, and then run back using some lateral shuffles, skipping, bounding and carioca steps- as this WOD was very linear as well. Complete this with some front and back scales… then some hanging from a pull up bar.

Weekend Sessions

Saturday 9am Class and Sunday 4pm Yoga

CrossFit Malibu, Recorded 9am session- click to do the workout

Yoga w Maria- 4pm Sunday… recorded link to the session, click for instant YOGA!

For time, complete 15*12*9*6* reps of: 
DB burpees (50/35# DBs)
*400m run
Post time and load
Intended stimulus
42 burpees with some weight (yes, overhead) and one mile. Suppose you go hard on all your runs and can manage to keep a 2 minute pace per 400 meters. In total, that’s 8 minutes of running. Combined with 42 heavy DB burpees, I’d imagine you could shoot for a time around 18 minutes. Notice that means you get around 14 seconds per DB burpee (if you keep your run fast). And that is for a reason. The weight should feel heavy and force you to be under CONTROL on the burpees. All that to say— find a solid pace on the burpees and PUSH the run. And if your DBs aren’t heavy enough, I’m afraid you’ve missed the intention for today.
General Warm Up
Start with an easy 400 m run and some leg swings. Spend time opening up the hips in dynamic lizard lunge and dynamic side lunge. Find downward dog and peddle your feet out for a minute before rolling up to standing for some good mornings. Now time for big arm circles and hugs to warm up the shoulders, followed by a few push ups. Practice jumping from plank into the bottom of your squat and then back into plank. Keep your stomach tight and land with stability.
Specific Warm up
With two moderately heavy dumbbells, go for 10 deadlifts (RIGID spine!), 5 hang power cleans, 5 front squats and 5 push presses. Now, a few burpees without weight. And now back to the weight. With your DBs on the ground just outside your shoulders, lay flat with your stomach on the ground. Jump to the bottom of a squat, deadlift your DBs, go for a hang power clean, and now a push press. Lower your weight to the shoulder, then your waist, and then back to the floor with TOTAL CONTROL. This time, skip the deadlift if you’re feeling good and take the DBs straight to your shoulders with a power clean. Push press up and lower the same as the last rep. Now, if you’re feeling great, go straight from the ground to overhead, like a double DB snatch. Strong lockout over head and a controlled lower back to the ground. Get in 6 DB burpees, watching the clock. If 6 takes you over a minute and a half, you might want to consider altering the volume. Head out on a fast run to your 400 m turn around point. If this takes you over a minute and a half, you might want to consider altering your distance.
Workout Notes
For today, if your run (or row, bike, ski) has to be shorter, that is fine. Find a distance that will allow you to push hard for roughly 2 minutes. Similarly, alter the number of DB burpees if you need to because your weight is too heavy for the prescribed 15,12,9,6. Perhaps 12-9-6-3 would be a better volume for you. If you have a heavier KB than your two DBs combined, use your KB today. Do a burpee and a KB swing over head for one rep. Again, these DB burpees should be heavy! With that being said, stay under TOTAL control every time you are touching the DBs. We did a workout like this 2 weeks ago, on April 15. The volume was a bit different and the runs increased in distance progressively. Today, find a pace and stick to it from the get go. Every time you switch from one movement to the other, it is time to push hard.
We’ve been doing couch stretch a lot lately. Today is no exception. Find the couch and spend at least a minute on each side.

Friday 200501 Snatch and Box Jump E2M

CrossFit Malibu recorded session from 9am this morning

Every 2 minutes for 10 sets complete:
3 hang power snatch
5 box jumps
-heavy and high!
Post number of sets and heaviest and highest

Intended stimulus
The sentence above explains enough: heavy and high… and the movements are redundant. Both are powerful expressions of hip extension. Both “appear” as jumps. For the snatch- you are “jumping” a heavy object overhead. For the box- you are jumping UP on top of it! As simple as that. Through the warm up and maybe the first few rounds- increase loading gradually. Get heavy and then high… and keep it up for as many rounds of the 10 that “count” as you can.

General Warm Up
Go out on an 800m run or 4 minute row or bike. Get the heart rate up and you will then be ready to join the class session.We are going to move RIGHT into PVC snatch tech work … good for general warm up of the joints and muscles… and for nervous system prep. Deadlift positioning, the “first pull” movement from the ground, and then a series called the Burgener Warm Up, followed by some hang power snatch practice. We will also get some standing broad jumps and box jumps. If you do not have a barbell- use a single DB to move through hang power snatch. You can also try 2 DB to snatch from the hang.

Specific Warm Up
We will use an empty barbell to hang power snatch. Many sets, for 3 reps at a time. Increase loading as movement is smooth and fast. Between some sets, get in some box jumps. As you get warm and primed- increase height on the box. If you can’t increase in load for lack of equipment- do not necessarily just double the reps- that can lead to pointless fatigue and overuse. You CAN hold positions for small periods before moving into next steps. You can pause in the hang before the “second pull” or you can pause with the bar locked out overhead.

Workout Notes
Increase loading when you are moving well- smooth and fast. When the hip drive is “on” and the footwork is good… when you are pulling right on time- and NOT before the hip extension is completed. You can get in broad jumps and SOME depth jumps if you can’t increase your box height (good time to ask you not to do anything risky or WIERD just to get a higher platform to jump to!). If you can’t increase loading- DON”T get in hundreds of reps… but DO work for moving the load that you have FASTER!

In the final 20 minutes of the group session at 9am we will do 15-20 minutes of mobility work- so bring your roller and lacrosse ball!

Thursday 200430 Two Rounds

CrossFit Malibu 9am RECORDED class… click to PLAY!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

2 rounds for time of:
50 alt. jumping lunges
20 dips
2 min plank*
50 air squats
20 handstand marches ((inverted should taps))
2 min hang*

*if you come off the bar/come down from plank, mark a point…at the end of the WOD you will tally up the breaks you took

Post time, scaling and number of breaks taken

Intended Stimulus
Two rounds for time….no biggie! Yes, no big deal – you have already conquered so much this week, so why not move through jumping lunges and handstand marches? Those jumping lunges and marches are a bit more complex then just shoulder taps or walking lunges – just here adding some flavor to your Thursday. But, on a real note, they are slightly more unusual for a reason – the jumps add more a heart rate spike and test your balance and the handstand i gets you inverted and practicing shifting your weight with control. All good skills to work on! These more complex movements are juxtaposed with air squats and dips – timeless gymnastic movements. The volume is no joke here, so have a plan to break up the dips or jumping lunges. The break today is your hang and plank, a static push and pull, with as little breaks as possible during those 2 minutes!

General Warm Up
Let’s start by grabbing our makeshift PVC pipes and getting in a couple pass throughs, rotations and around the worlds. With your PVC on your back rack get in 10 good mornings and 15 step lunges. Drop your broom/curtain rod and step back into a lizard lunge, move from right to left leg about times, getting in some movement in the hips (circles or shifting back and forth) on each side. Come to a downward dog and go for 10 push-ups right here – tough, I know…push that chest through! Shift into plank, hold for 30 seconds, move into side plank on the right and then left for 30 seconds each. If you have a place to hang – DO that now… If, not drop into a child’s pose, reach as far forward as you can – then walk your hands over to the right and left side – don’t rush this part : )

Specific Warm Up
Press back into a downward dog and start get in some “kick ups”… now, freeze in down dog, keeping your hips nice and high above your shoulders, lift your right hand off the ground and tap your left shoulder – perfect, now keep switching for 10 more reps (try to control the sway of your hips from side to side). We can take this up a notch, step up on to a box or chair and do the same thing. Now, let’s jump back into 10 air squats, finding full depth every single time. Then, find your lunge position, back knee taps the group, use your arms to spring up and switch legs in the air…stick the landing, with elegance and poise! 10 more jumping lunges. Now, find your dipping station – two chairs, rings, etc – get in 5-7 dips. Lastly, if you want to kick up against the wall and try for handstand marches – go for it! If not, stick with the box or down dog scaling you found previously.

Workout Notes
Note about scaling for handstand marches – you are more than welcome to kick up against the wall, if you start with your hands on the ground, kick up with control and can manage around 5 taps.That goes for any other variations, you want to make sure you can do 5 reps wherever you are. The dip scaling should work in the same way, 5-7 reps is your goal. If you need to make them a bit more challenging place your feet on top of another chair or box. The planks and hangs are intended to be your rest, yes, a bit challenging, but they are a place for you to control your breathing – take long inhales and exhales. If you tale a break, it’s okay! Just make it quick and mark it down as a break!

Lay on your back and move through some slow twists, taking 5-10 seconds on each side. Come to a low lunge, with your back knee on the ground… inhale as you hold this lunge and exhale and you shift your weight back and straighten that front leg (hamstring stretch or half split) – do that 10 times, breathe to movement, and repeat on the other leg!

Wednesday 200429 Strength and A Couplet

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session
Password: 207810

Accessory Strength
Romanian Deadlift
3 rounds for time of:
15 Thrusters (45/30kg)
12 Burpees Over the Bar
Post total completed rounds and reps and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today we get in some accessory strength with the Romanian Deadlifts and then move into a short but sweet 3 round couplet that should be right around our ‘Fran’ time domain. (If you’ve done the CFL1 this MIGHT look a bit familiar!) We will get nice and warm on the barbell and then get 3 slow sets of 7 Romanian Deadlifts, working on keeping the back rigid and neutral while getting hamstring and glutes to fire. Then, the couplet is meant to a sprint. Unbroken everything for as long as possible. TIME!
General Warm-up
Go out for a 400m jog. On your way back in for the turnaround do some skipping, side shuffling, high knees and butt kickers. Once you’re back, do 10 air squats with a nice long pause at the bottom. Move in to 10 push-up down dogs and 10 mountain climbers. Roll over onto your back and do 10 T-crossovers- lifting one leg and crossing it over the body and the arms are out to the side, shoulders down on the ground. Grab 10 more air squats and then 10-15 PVC good mornings. Take as long as you want on these, keeping the midline rigid and neutral every rep!
Specific Warm-up and Accessory Strength
Grab you barbell or a light set of dumbbells and work through 10 reps of each, deadlift, hang clean, front squat, push press. Put a little weight on and this time do 10 RDLs, 5 front squats and 5 push press. Rest a bit before picking that same load up for 5-10 thrusters. One more weight change and we should be at the load used for the thruster burpee metcon. Do 5 thrusters at that weight. Now let’s move on to the RDL accessory piece. You will do 2 warm-up sets before deciding on a weight to use for your 3 sets of 7 reps. Rest 90 seconds to 2 minutes between each of the working sets. De-load your barbell or DBs back to the weight you’ll use for the thrusters and lets do a heart rate spike! 10 thrusters and 8 burpees for time. You are now ready.
Workout Notes
On the Romanian Deadlifts you want to be very certain you are maintaining rigid neutral spine. The RDL may touch the ground at the bottom of the rep, or it may not. This depends on your ability to stay rigid throughout the midline. This lift starts with a higher hip than our conventional deadlift, you should feel it in the ham strings! Moving on to the 3 rounder… this weight needs to be something that you can go unbroken through at least rounds 1 and 2, maybe even round 3, but that will likely depend on your willingness to continue to push as you get deeper into this workout. On the thrusters, hit full depth and lock that bar out overhead on every single rep. On the burpees you do not need to stand up all the way, but you do need to take off of 2 feet as you laterally jump over your bar. Get down to the ground quick! This is a fast one, see you on the other side!
Go out and walk that same 400m course we started class with. Then spend a minute or more in an elevated child’s pose (arms extended on a table or counter or something) pressing the chest down towards the ground, taking in deep breaths and allowing your heart rate to come back to normal, it may take a while!

Tuesday 200428 AMRAP Triplet

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session
Password: 207810

Participate in the 4pm session- click here!

As many rounds as possible in 20 min of:
200m Run
20 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35#)
20 Strict Sit-ups
Post total completed rounds and reps and any scaling
Intended Stimulus
Today we have another WOD on the longer end of the time domain spectrum, but this go around it is a time priority, meaning we give you a set amount of time and you get as much work done as possible. The goal will be to find a pace on the runs that is SUSTAINABLE. You’ll also want to have a plan before the workout starts on how you will break up/switch arms on the DB hang clean and jerks. Racing through the first round or two will not help you today! It is going to be all about that sustained power output across all 20 minutes.
General Warm-up
Go for a 200m run. Remember from last week that it takes roughly 1 min, so 30 seconds out, marking the turnaround, and then running back will get you in the ballpark of 200m. Now let’s work through 3 rounds of 10 air squats and 5 push-ups. Drop down into our dynamic lizard lunge to further relieve some of the soreness caused by yesterday’s wallball shots. 1 minute on each side. Rollover for 10 long leg sit-ups and then 10 strict sit-ups. Lastly, get in a set of 10 good mornings and then 10 more with a wide stance before going on another 200m jog.
Specific Warm-up
Grab a single DB and work through 10 Deadlifts, 10 Goblet Squats, and then 5/5 Push Press. Next, do 5 hang poser cleans on each arm. Practice driving the DB up using the hips BEFORE pulling with the elbow. Remember to drop under each rep. That is going to help you cycle when we add in the press/jerk. Set down the DB and get in 5-10 strict sit-ups depending on how difficult they feel for you. Back to the DB for a set of 10 Hang Clean and Jerks, 5 on each side. Here is where we practice dropping under the weight on the catch position so we can go right overhead with the jerk. Go heavier for another 5/5 DB hang clean and jerks.
Workout Notes
Today you should not use the runs as recovery time. Run at a pace that is slightly uncomfortable, but now a sprint. You can break up the single arm hang clean and jerks however you want. Make a plan that allows you to get through all 20 reps without any long rests. These can be done with a KB, just remember to receive the KB clean in the front rack, not high on the shoulder. Find a steady pace for those strict sit-ups. No abmat? Use a rolled up towel. You will really want something under the low back. If rounds of 20 strict sit-ups feels daunting, like you’ll be resting after every 7-10 reps, consider doing regular abmat sit-ups. Check the time after your first round and make pacing adjustments if necessary. Remember, when those strict sit-ups start to get tough… keep them strict! No karate chopping or kipping elbows!
That was a long one! Let’s finish with pigeon or modified pigeon for 90 sec on each side. Then some low back decompression with a propped up happy or a long child’s pose.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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