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Friday 200925 Maaax Reps

Darryl just completed his 8th year at CrossFit Malibu! Congrats and thanks for being a part of our community for approximately 72.2% of it’s existence. Of course, all of you already know that Coconut has attended more WODs than any canine at the Hut but did you know that Darryl likely holds the record for the most WODs any human has done at the Hut?! This is a statistic that is tough to confirm but due to his consistent schedule for most of the last 8 years (often 6 days per week!) he is the current frontrunner.
Darryl doesn’t know that Rx is 24″… he keeps jumping 28!
When Darryl arrived at CrossFit Malibu he was known as the “Other African” as Holden was our original athlete representing South Africa. Darryl has now spent the majority of his life in America BUT he did actually grow up in the exact generation of those who were major fans of Rodriguez (Searching for Sugar Man).  At times both of Darryl’s kids Tiana and Sean trained at the Hut as well… making it a true family affair. Do any of you remember when Darryl did the Whole Life Challenge and crushed it- creating some of the best pre-post pics CFM has ever seen! Darryl might have the best lululemon collection of all- but often forgets the shirts.
A 400m run and hoping that Howdy is going to hand him an Original Gourmet Burrito in passing
In the early period of Darryl’s lifespan at the Hut he ran a yoga retreat center in Ojai- and on two occasions he hosted some really FUN CrossFit Malibu get-aways. Darryl has been a regular at everything we have done, from deadlift BBQ’s to movie nights, Thanksgiving dinner, Brody’s Wedding, Taco Trucks Celebrations, the CrossFit Open Competitions, and of course, the Decathlon. Darryl- we have thoroughly enjoyed having you in our group and to count you among us as a friend. Keep coming back!
A few of the CFM old guard hanging out with a couple of relative newcomers
Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
For max reps:
2 minutes of Alt DB Snatch (50/35#)
2 minutes of Strict Sit-ups
2 minutes of SA DB Push Press (50/35#)
2 minutes of Burpees
-rest 2 minutes-
1 minute of Alt DB Snatch
1 minute of Strict Sit-ups
1 minute of SA DB Push Press
1 minute of Burpees
Post total # of reps and load used
Intended Stimulus
As many reps as possible across all rounds… that is the intention today! That means using a DB that allows you to move through large sets, working nearly the entire 2 minutes (and then the entire 1 minute). You get to end the 2 minute rounds with burpees so PUSH the pace because you’ll be rewarded with 2 full minutes of rest! Keep a rigid neutral spine on every DB snatch and get full extension and a stable overhead position on each and every single arm push press.

Thursday 200924 Triplet 5 Rounds

Welcome to CrossFit Malibu to a few newcomers: Brian is a native Northern Californian who attended UCLA and then head to NYC where he has been for a number of years. Mt Kisko is the town where he discovered CrossFit over a year ago. He and his fiancé, Sophie, will be spending the remainder of their 2020 ‘work-at-home’ time here in Malibu (any bets if they actually return to the east coast?! Jason and his family relocated from Chicago recently after trying out Malibu off and on over the past few years. Now it is likely going to mostly be ON. You might him and his family walking down Cross Creek with their wagon filled up with kids. Nancy is back with us in group classes after quite a long time away- great to have you back. A teen class with Julien, Asher, Mia, and Romy is occupying a couple of afternoon slots during the week… and it is good to know that our sessions are giving the local PE zoom classes a run for their money. Or maybe that is NOT good to know! Welcome to the HUT everyone.
Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
5 rounds for time:
20 WB Shots
15 Pull-ups
10 Ring Dips
Post time and scaling
ntended Stimulus
Today we have a squat, a pull, and a push. A classic triplet! Pick a WB load that allows you to get 20 reps in 3 sets or less. Same goes for the pull-ups and the ring dips. If you scale the pull-ups and the ring dips to something that goes unbroken, then you’ve made it too easy! I would recommended having a plan, specifically on the 15 pull-ups, that allows you to move through the reps with short rest bouts, rather than getting a large set to start and then needing a long rest. 5 rounds for time… enjoy!

Wednesday 200923 Deadlift 7×3

We are proud to claim that Pam’s CrossFit roots sprouted here at The Hut… and she has grown into a full-on oak tree over the last 3 and a half years. She brought with her a background in swimming and cheerleading *(read: competitive, physical, and moderately outgoing!) and more interests and hobbies than any human I know. From what I’ve gathered over time… she can renovate and decorate a house, throw some amazing pottery, take care of horses, do triathlons, knows a ton about vintage cars and NOW she coaches at 1* CrossFit in Rhode Island. Pam went through our very own coaches-prep program, got her Level 1`Certificate about a year and was getting ready to complete our internship about the time Covid hit. Coincidentally, that was at her 3 year CrossFit anniversary and she has spent the last 6 months in training- both to become a coach AND her own physical training in her home gym (via many of our ZOOM classes!) and then at One Asterisk. She packed on the muscle and then joined the staff at 1*. We can’t wait for them to use the pic below in her coaches’ bio!

Jeez, and some people wonder why we do the sumo deadlift high pull… well, THIS is why 😉

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9 and 10am then again at 4pm
Post new 3RM

Intended Stimulus
The goal for today is to find a new 3RM touch-and-go deadlift! Much like yesterday with the calorie sprints, there is going to be a lot of rest, and you should take it! Unlike yesterday’s calorie sprints, the rest you take today will allow you to recover in a way that you may not necessarily FEEL, but you need it nonetheless! After the warm-up and skill work, you’ll do 7 sets of 3 reps, resting at least 3 minutes between sets, maybe more between your last few. Today is best approached with an end goal in mind, rather than just wandering to something ‘heavy’. This will allow you to make a plan backwards from your final set.

Tuesday 200922 Give it All In the Fall

Our first CrossFit Malibu highlight comes from the Jones Family-Trisha, Tom, and son Jaxon- who now live up in Lake Tahoe. They made the move north after their Malibou Lake home was lost in the Woolsey Fire. Their relationship with CrossFit started prior to their experience with CrossFit Malibu- when Tom’s company produced a “Fight Gone Bad” event in Los Angeles. It was there that they heard about CrossFit, it was also there that Jax took his first reps on a C2 rower!

Shortly after, Trisha was the first member of the family to join group classes and train with us. She was a long-time member of the 9 and 10am class sessions. Tom was in the late night crew- attending individual session at all hours of the night due to a heavy work schedule. Back in those days Jaxon would show up with Trisha and hang out at the Hut, chatting with the coaches and other members… asking when HE would get to join in the workouts. Then during one CrossFIT Open, a former CFM coach, Josh- become Jaxon’s personal workout coach… running versions of the Open with him.

As years progressed, Jaxon would come in and train with us to prepare for elementary school track and field competition days then did some swim training to get ready for the school swim team. Eventually on some mountain bike riding outings in Bluffs Park he found an activity that become his thing- something he loves to do now up north (with a lot more padding!) He goes to an outdoor experiential education school near Squaw Valley!

Thanks Trisha, Tom, and Jaxon for being such a part of the CrossFit Malibu Family- there are so many more activities we shared- but having the 3 of you all a part of us at various times is what the Hut is all about! Best in Tahoe- and thanks for sharing memories!

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 4 and 5pm
Row/Bike/Ski 50 cals for time
-rest as needed-
Row/Bike/Ski 40 cals for time
-rest as needed-
Row/Bike/Ski 30 cals for time
-rest as needed-
Row/Bike/Ski 20 cals for time
-rest as needed-
Row/Bike/Ski 10 cals for time
Post time for each sprint
Intended Stimulus
How about some sprints that decrease by 10 cals per round for a single modality monostructural day? Sounds good! This is one of those workouts that you’re going to want to be at The Hut for, surrounded by your fellow classmates (in a socially distanced environment, of course). The intention is to finish each round as fast as possible. Sounds simple, and really it is simple on the rounds of 30, 20, and 10 cals, but on the rounds of 50 and 40 cals you’re going to want to pace just enough so that your RPMs/Cals per hour don’t take a massive dive after the first 30-45 seconds! You’ll rest as needed (within reason) and then get on to the next round. Remember, it’s 10 cals shorter than the one you just did so SPRINT!

Monday 200920 Barbell and Sprint

It has been a full year since the CrossFit Malibu Decathlon… an amazing day celebrating 10 years of the Hut. A full year later, this week, we look back on yet another year of fitness and friends. It would seem natural that a backyard BBQ with deadlifts and grilled steak and asparagus (our specialty) is in order, but clearly- this will not be happening in this day an age. Instead, let’s celebrate using the next couple of weeks to feature some of you who actually completed EVERY EVENT at the decathlon!
Here is what you can do: send a short email detailing one memorable moment from CrossFit Malibu from over the years. It could be specifically about the Decathlon event OR not. You can choose any story; a success, a blooper, a first day experience, etc. Then we will get a pic of you and your CFM Limited Edition “X” ten year hat- just in time for our 11 Year Anniversary! Send the email to crossfitmalibu@gmail.com… look forward to featuring YOUR moment.
Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
12 minutes to build to a heavy 3 rep Squat Clean
3 rounds for time:
10 Squat Cleans (60/45kg)
200m Sprint
Post heaviest set of 3 and time
Intended Stimulus
Today, the goal is to get in lots of practice reps of squat clean. You’ll do lot’s of skill work. Then, if directed by your coach, you’ll add load to your barbell every couple of sets over the course of 12 minutes. This practice will come in handy as you have 30 squat cleans to do in this short, but sweet, metcon! The goal here is to run FAST and then find a methodical pace through all 10 squat cleans, whether that’s 10 quick singles or some touch and go sets. You’re looking to finish the metcon in under 7 minutes while still running in and out of the yard with great caution!

Friday 200918 Sprintiness

Another introduction to this year’s CrossFit Games… it is fascinating how The CrossFit Games planning group (headed by Dave Castro) has been able to keep this part of the “CrossFit Mothership” sailing a steady course despite rough waters within the company AND especially considering the global pandemic. The leadership has adapted and remained creative, steadfast and flexible in order to pull off another annual spectacle. Nothing like any of the others before- with 30 male and 30 female individuals taking on all the initial WODs from their home gyms (each with an official CrossFit HQ judge traveling to THEM) and then ending with 5 male and 5 female competitors battling it in the FINALS over a few days, from The Ranch.

Friday (this week’s all out sprint!) at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
7 rounds for time:
7 Burpees over DBs
7 DB Hang Squat Cleans (50/35#)
(Rx+: 10 Burpees and 70/50# DBs)
Intended Stimulus
This one is going to be fun! The intention here is to sprint out of that gate and try to hold on to that blistering pace through all 7 rounds. Going unbroken through the majority of the rounds of DB Hang Squat Cleans is a must. You’ll do the burpees with a lateral jump over both DBs laying flat. If there was ever a day to ‘accidentally’ red-line by throwing pacing to the wind, it’s today!!

Thursday 200917 Chip/AMRAP?

The CrossFit Games begins this weekend! Watch the new owner/CEO of CrossFit take on the first workout of the Games. Read this article if you’d like to find out some details about how this year’s Games are going to take place within the current environment. Perhaps more importantly: HERE IS HOW TO WATCH

Yoga with Maria at 6pm today! Join in, friends and family are welcome!

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, and again at 4 and 5pm.
20 min AMRAP:
80 KB Swings (24/18kg)
60 Wt Box Step-ups (24/18kg)
40 Sit-ups
20 Handstand Push-ups
Record results!

Intended Stimulus
Is it a chipper? Is it an AMRAP? That’s easy, it’s an AMRAP that feels a bit like a long chipper. Today the sets are big and will require some breaking up. That’s not to sway anyone from going heavy! If there was any day to accidentally go on the heavy side, it’s today. Have a plan going into the workout. You can always adjust that plan! Pick a KB you can swing USA at least 20 reps unbroken. You’ll use that same load for the step-ups, and yes, you’ll need to break these up into smaller sets as well. The sit-ups will be a breeze after all that KB work! Lastly (well, lastly if it was a chipper!) you have 20 handstand push-ups. These will be tough, especially after all those reps, but if you can do a few in a row, go for it today! If you need a scaling, you’ll likely be doing down dog push-ups 🙂 Check the clock after your 20 HSPU, you might have a few minutes to get back into the swings and, dare I say, the step-ups?!

Wednesday 200916 Every 5 Minutes

I love CrossFit Malibu. By extension, I also love CrossFit. It has been a central focus of just about everything I have done for well over a 12 years. The potency of the method (THAT is works) and the foundational underpinnings (HOW it works) are so concrete and easily explained and rationalized. It is why I love teaching the CrossFit Level 1 Seminars- being a part of translating the message to newer CrossFitters, some of whom might continue on to train others or even open their own CrossFit gyms, is a fulfilling way to spend a weekend.

The message of “Old School CrossFit” was transmitted person-to-person. Though it spread like wild-fire via early internet virality, it might seem counterintuitive so say that most early adopters’ stories of starting CrossFit usually included some friend dragging them into a workout. Something about the manner in which a friend introduced you to it made it feel like a secret frat or sorority initiation. The personalized way each newbie seemed to be exposed to the method gave it personal context.

By about 2012 or so, public awareness of CrossFit was at an all-time high. With the rise of social media, the success of the iPhone, YouTube having 6-7 years under its belt, and the infancy of the podcast- CrossFit was becoming a household name. However, at this point, most people were not brought to it by a friend who had already drank the kool-aid. Most were able to see and read others’ opinions on it, and by extension, able to form their own ideas about it from a distance- rather then via experience.

The video below is an overview of a new CrossFit HQ program. It is an amazing thing to have sparked out of HQ in the past few months. Over the years, CrossFit didn’t do many programs like this. That is, CrossFit HQ didn’t take the driver’s seat in spearheading company-wide initiatives like this. However, these programs have been ALL over the CrossFit world since the opening of first CrossFit gym in the early 2000’s. The video below is pretty special. AND think about the fact that there are 14,000+ affiliates world-wide. There is a lot of power for good work. These kinds of things are soon to be the norm for HQ, which is great. And there are tens of thousands more points of light emanating from local boxes all over the world.

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9 and 10am, again at 4pm
On the 5:00 mark for 5 rounds:
15 Deadlifts (80/55kg)
12 Back Burpees
max rep supine ring row to 2:30
-rest the remaining 2:30-
post total supine ring rows and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today you’ll work for 2:30 and then rest for 2:30. You’ll do that 5 times! It is imperative that you choose a load on the deadlift that allows you to go unbroken, at least on the first 2 rounds or so. Then, move through 12 back burpees without stopping. These don’t need to be a sprint, but don’t stop to rest, you get 2:30 of rest at the end of each round! With the remaining time in your 2:30 chunk of work you will accumulate as many reps as possible of supine ring rows (Rx is feet on a rogue block).

Tuesday 200915 Push Press & Go

“The thrill of the wild… with the strength and agility to master almost any terrain!”
Debby launched her carreer in the stunt business with this commercial in 1983. For those of you who have been around the Hut for the past decade- you have seen her training and getting stronger and fitter. As one of our “lifetime members” (The Hut’s lifetime, not her’s!) she arrived as an athletic and accomplished tennis player & stunt woman. She has stuck with it for more than TEN years, between road trips, winters in the mountains, and months down-under, she (and now RA!) has become one of our legendary members at the HUT! Thanks for contributing to so much to our community Debby! If you want buffalo riding lessons, Debby is now taking new students.

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 4 and 5pm
For time complete:
21 Push Press (60/45kg)
750m Row
18 Push Press
500m Row
15 Push Press
250m Row
12 Push Press
Record time and load

Intended Stimulus

Here we go with a classic push+pull couplet! The ‘pull’ just so happens to be a monostructural row (though some may bike) and the ‘push’ is a powerful hip driven push press. Find a load where you can get the 21, 18, and 15 push presses done in 3 sets or fewer. You heard this Friday during Jackie no doubt, but you’ll hear it again today… do not blow yourself up during the first 750m row. Push the pace for sure, but that first row cannot be a sprint. Save that for the 500m and 250m!

Monday 200914 Heavy Thrusters

Heading into another week of problematic air... and we will continue to monitor and offer options when you don’t want to breathe heavy or when it is best that we offer more strength-based programming with less lung-intensive training. SO today we kick the week off with heavy thrusters. Sure your respiration will be more than it is while Netflix-ing, but far less than during Filthy Fifty. Adapt your own movement to fit what you need and we will help adapt our program to fit the overall needs at the Hut.

We have three of you on the schedule for the NEW 6am class, great!… sign up for the next 6am session coming on Wednesday!

PLEASE cancel well in advance if you cannot make a session. There have been steadily more occasions where some are cancelling at a time that doesn’t allow waitlisters to make it into the session. If you are not sure if you can make a session- please don’t sign up and the drop out last minute. THANKS.

More chalk art at the Hut… for some of you who are always outside only!

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9 and 10am, then again at 4pm
(for volume)
Post # of sets at heaviest load

Intended Stimulus
Remember when you did the workout “Jackie” on Friday? Remember those 50 empty barbell thrusters? DId you set the bar down? Well, today we take that thruster and instead of doing many light reps for time, we do much fewer heavy reps for load AND quality. After thoroughly warming up the front squat and the push press, you will build to roughly 80% of your 1RM thruster and hold that load across all 5 working sets. This should be a load that feels heavy on set 1, but there is no thought of missing. Then, on subsequent rounds the last rep or 2 of each set should be very tough!

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