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Thursday 210812 Row+Run+Rest

Yes, this one is simple. Yes, it will be hard. Yes, you should to come do this at The Hut so your community can help you reach that intensity level you don’t normally reach on your own. Now that those 3 burning questions are answered, it’s time to row+run+rest!

Rachel receives her hang power snatch with an active shoulder and locked elbows, her PF Flyers in the perfect stance.

4 rounds EACH for time:
400m Row
400m Run
-rest as needed between rounds-
post all 4 round times and SugarWOD will do your math

Wednesday 210811 5 Rounds Not For Time

This “Not For Time” style workout may be just what you wanted after yesterday’s long trudge though the weighted step-ups. We’ll work out some of that inevitable glute soreness with a nice long general warm-up before getting in a hang power snatch and TGU specific warm-up. You can build throughout the workout today and should consider all these sets, including the 5 working sets, skill work! Get the right inversion scaling so you can get 90 seconds with 0-1 breaks in the first round. The score you’ll post today is the total number of breaks you take during the 90 second handstands across all 5 rounds. Put all other important data (TGU load, snatch load, how you felt, what cues stuck out to you, etc.) in the notes section.

Dulcie smiles here way through some ring dips

5 rounds NOT for time:
5/5 Turkish Get Ups (AHAP, unbroken on each side)
5 Hang Power Snatch (AHAP, unbroken)
90 Second Handstand Hold (as few breaks as possible)

post number of HS breaks and any scaling

Tuesday 210811 AMRAP 20: Step-up, Pull-up, Ring Dip

Eric, Kyle, Shaya, and Bob tackle some strict sit-ups. Welcome to The Hut Kyle!

20 minute AMRAP:
24 Weighted Box Step-ups (35/25# DBs in front rack, 24/20″)
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
8 Ring Dips
post total completed rounds + reps and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
20 minutes of consistent pacing is the goal today. Pick a step-up pace where you’re not rushing and therefore don’t need to rest during, or after, your set of 24 reps. Break the C2Bs and ring dips up into small sets you KNOW you can maintain from the get go. This also mean choosing scalings on these 2 gymnastics movements that allows for you to keep moving long after round 1. Going Rx on the dip, for example, when you know you can only get a few consecutive reps in a row while you’re fresh will inevitably lead you down a path where singles with rest is the only way forward. Work with your coaches to find the perfect scaling for YOU 🙂

Monday 210809 Shoulder Press + Deadlift 7×3

As we continue on into week 2 of our month of L-sits, many of you may already be noticing that the holds are becoming easier. That is a direct result of practicing the skill! This week, try for longer holds, or more difficult variations during the coach led minutes at The Hut, but also get in some L-sits on days you aren’t coming to a class. Use 2 stools or chairs, hang from a pull-up bar, or go from the ground. The challenge for you is to do a few minutes of practice all SEVEN days this week, starting Monday! Do you accept?

After today’s L-sits, you’ll build to roughly 80-85% of your 1RM for both the shoulder press and the deadlift. This should be accomplished in 3-4 warm-up sets (maybe 5 for the deadlifts) and you should move between the 2 lifts as you progress in load. Try for volume today, meaning the goal is to get at least 5 of the 7 sets at the same load. There is no prescribed transition time between pressing and deadlifting, so take your time transitioning, but be sure not to deadlift too close to the end or your 3 minute interval because the presses will start on the 3 minute mark!


Yoga on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 5:30pm!
Every 3 minutes for 7 rounds:

3 Shoulder Press (~80-85% 1RM)
3 Deadlifts (~80-85% 1RM)
post loading used across all sets

Saturday 210807

Kick off the weekend by heading to the 8:00 or 9:00am class here at The Hut! Reserve your spot in advance on MindBody.

Friday 210806 Heaving Snatch Balance and a Sprint Metcon

Here we have a weightlifting piece that isn’t for load. In fact, the heaving snatch balance often challenges athletes before the loading is even close to something they think will feel heavy, and that’s the point today! To practice this skill transfer exercise over a lot of PVC reps, empty barbell reps, and maybe moderately loaded reps so that you get more comfortable dropping under the bar quickly while still receiving it in an active shoulder position. This is for everyone. So, come in to The Hut, be humble, practice, practice more, and get better. And make sure you get your new CFM shirts before they’re gone!

get ready to dip, drive, press, drop!

Workout of the Day:
Heaving Snatch Balance
3-3-3-3-3 (for technique)
5 rounds for time (SPRINT!):
40 Double Unders
20 Air Squats
post snatch balance loading, metcon finish time and any scaling

Thursday 210805 Chipper: Row, TTB, DB Snatch

New CFM shirts are in! Check out the styles and colors below. María and Becca graciously tried them out for us AND tested out some push presses in them. The shirts passed the test. Get your unisex army green or women’s heather gray at The Hut for $25 by filling up the clipboard with the following details: name, color, size, quantity, and if you are paying cash or would like us to chard your card on file. Then, put it on and do some rowing, toes to bar, and alternating DB snatches!

For time complete:
750m Row
20 Toes to Bar
40 Alt DB Snatch (50/35#)
500m Row
40 Alt DB Snatch
20 Toes to Bar
750m Row
post finish time and any scaling

Wednesday 210804 1RM Back Squat

If you didn’t see this coming that’s ok! We’ve had quite a few heavy days that have involved squatting over the last few months, 5x5s, 3RMs, EMOM style, 7s, heavy front squats, etc. So, even if you didn’t see a 1RM back squat day coming, fear not, if you’ve been fairly consistent the last few months, you’re ready! For those who haven’t done much lifting recently, for whatever reason, then consider not shooting for a new 1RM, but instead make today a training day RATHER than a testing day. We’ve talked lot’s about the distinction between the two recently. If you are an athlete newer to the Hut or have never done any heavy lifting, do more repetitions per set and slowly work up in load as you feel comfortable. Your coaches are here to guide you, so use us! Those of you ready to fire away and hit a new PR… pick your number, plan backwards, rest at least 3 minutes between sets (especially the last few), and go for it!

Marcia and Christine power through those 12 burpees so they can get to the C&J

Workout of the Day:
Back Squat
post new 1RM

Most recent compare to:
December 21, 2012 (CF total)
February 17, 2017
or the PR whiteboard!

Tuesday 210803 E3M For Max Reps: Burpee + C&J

This fairly straight forwarding looking 1:1 work:rest interval WOD is actually going to require a bit of strategy. All out sprint through the 12 burpees and risk not being able to get right to the barbell and get in rep after rep of clean and jerk (especially in the later rounds). Take the burpee pace too easy and risk not having enough time to accumulate clean and jerks, thus missing the stimulus. Ideally, you’d find a pace on the 12 burpees that is just conservative enough to allow you to stand up after #12, go right to the barbell and start getting reps of clean and jerk. You’re load is too light if you touch and go the entire time. Maximize every second remaining after your burpees! At the 90 second mark the round ends and everyone rests till the next 3 minute mark.

Stephanie, Jenny, and Madeline rack up the rowing calories during last week’s FGB style WOD. Welcome to the blog (and Hut) Jenny and Madeline!

On the 3 minute mark for 5 rounds:
12 Burpees
Max Rep Power Clean and Jerk (70/50kg) to the 90 second mark
post total # of clean and jerks and any scaling

Monday 210802 Strict Nicole

Welcome to August, the month of L-sits! Each group class in the month of August will have some time dedicated to L-sitting. Variations like L-sits on the floor, on parallettes, hanging from the bar, supported on the rings, hanging from rings, supported on the bars out front, etc. are all fair game and throughout the month we’ll spend some time at each. Some L-sit time during classes will be a mixed bag of types while others will focus on just one type. This also means that H-sits are also fair game. They can, and should, be used as a scaling. These few minutes per class are not in place of any of the regular CFM programming, but will simply give us some structured time daily to develop this skill. Don’t worry, you can still arrive 5 minutes early or stay 5 minutes after class to practice those double unders 😉

Joanna presses to support above the rings demonstrating a nice hollow body position. Next step, lifting the legs for an L-sit!

Yoga on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 5:30pm!

“Strict Nicole”
20 minute AMRAP:
400m Run
Max rep strict pull-up
post # of strict pull-ups completed and any scaling

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