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Friday 201009 AMRAP Triplet

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4pm
12 minutes AMRAP:
8 Goblet Reverse Step Lunges (50/35#)
6 Toes to Bar
4 Box Jumps (30/24″)

Intended Stimulus
Today you’re going to shoot for a lot of rounds… A LOT! These rounds are short and, at least for the majority of the 12 minutes, should go unbroken. You’ll want to find a TTB scaling that allows unbroken sets and , though the box is higher than normal, it just still be something that you can do 4 reps in a row without much hesitation. You’ll do the goblet reverse step lunge with a single DB. On these, ensure that you’re not pile driving your back knee into the ground, but the knee should touch the ground with back knee at 90 degrees. Step far enough back that your front knee stays behind the toes on that same leg. Find a blistering pace and hold it!

Thursday 201008 Pressing Strength

Not a week goes by that I don’t receive some sort of info on “exercise and the brain” from one of our athletes, friends or community members.  Links to the New York Times  referencing alteration in brain chemistry after heavy lifting, cutouts from local newspapers and other magazines which discuss recent research in high intensity exercise and reduction in the risk of Alzheimers, health newsletters from various hospitals that advise being proactive in hitting the intensity in your workout because of the connection to improving brain function, and even anecdotal reports from family members saying that “CrossFit workouts result in clearer thinking after each session.”  This goes ON and ON… and DO keep sending in the articles.  Keep telling us your truths.  Most important- keep up the hard work because it has positive affect on YOUR brain and it helps you in myriad of other ways.  But we already know that you come in for the fun and the heavy weights.
Laura, manager of lululemon Malibu, is back with us at the Hut
Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 4 and 5pm
Shoulder Press 5-5-5
Push-Press 3-3-3
Push Jerk 1-1-1

Record heaviest load for each movement

Intended Stimulus
Today we’ll spend the entire class working on all 3 lifts in the pressing series of our 9 fundamental movements. You’ll do lots of warm-up and skill work and when the technique has been reviewed and practiced, you’ll have three sets to build to a heavy 5 rep strict press. Then, three sets to build to a heavy 3 rep push press. And lastly, three sets to build to a heavy 1 rep push jerk. Athletes with competence in all these lifts should be able to press more load as we progress through these lifts for 2 reasons. Reason #1: each lift inherently allows the athlete to lift more load via more power produced and then the ability to drop under the bar on the jerk. Reason #2: there are fewer reps per set as we progress from strict press, to push press, to push jerk! Technique is the focus today, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get heavy relative to our individual abilities!

Wednesday 201007 Triplet Row Swing Sit

Help me welcome Jonathan to our CrossFit Malibu coaching crew. He has been training with us since about the time the Hut opened back up in the early summer… and was a student in SPME 440 which takes place here at the Hut. He started CrossFit in 2013 at Fit 1 Foundation, a non-profit gym in Riverside that focuses on outreach and supporting the community. He earned his CF level 1 certificate in 2016 and taught classes at Pepperdine CrossFit for his duration as a student. He trained competitively with Precision CrossFit and appeared in the California and West Coast Regionals in 2017 and 2018- the feeder competition for the CrossFit Games. After graduating from Pepperdine with a degree in business administration and a minor in sports medicine, Jonathan is now pursuing a graduate degree in leadership. He will now be leading a number of classes on the schedule. Welcome his to the Hut as he steps from the participant side of the gym to the coaching side!
Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9 and 10am and again at 4pm
For time complete:
100m Row
50 KB Swings (24/18kb USSR)
15 Strict Sit-ups
200m Row
40 KB Swings
15 Strict Sit-ups
300m Row
30 KB Swings
15 Strict Sit-ups
400m Row
20 KB Swings
15 Strict Sit-ups
500m Row
10 KB Swings
15 Strict Sit-ups
Intended Stimulus
Very few athletes completed yesterday’s Db Thruster + Run workout Rx, and that’s ok! Today will likely be very different, especially considering the fact that, although the first few sets of KB Swings have lots of reps, they are Russian! So, today maybe try a heavier KB than usual because we can all complete these short rows and do some sit-ups 😉

Tuesday 201006 Thruster/Run Couplet

Gayle joined us at CrossFit Malibu back in the early days… even before every single person on the planet had a phone imbedded in their camera. Exhibit A is the first picture below… taken with a waterproof digital camera and a flash 😉 Might as well have been the stone age!

October of 2009- Gayle was at it with us in the Hut in the early days! Solid picture quality ;0

At the time, Gayle was introduced to the concept of CrossFit by her teammates- they raced outrigger canoes out of Marina del Rey. You know, those crazy athletes who are in their boats in the dark to do an hour of back breaking, soul wrenching work with the benefit of seeing the sun peak over the horizon. They sent her to the right place… even over a decade ago it was the hardcore athletes who KNEW the results of our kind of training!

Gayle and her husband Barry were among the first crew of CMFers who showed up to bail out the water and then take part in the subsequent cleaning of the Hut in our first flood. They lived to tell about it and then showed up annually to help when the next storm hit.

Gayle retired from her job as a pediatrician roughly 2 years ago- she worked at children’s hospital in downtown Los Angeles for most of her career. Prior to her work as a doctor she was actual a physical therapist! In addition to outrigger canoe paddling, Gayle has played competitive tennis for most of her decades as an athlete. (This is the part where I am not sure if I should tell you that she was on the court hitting balls 3 weeks after her hip replacement surgery)

She has traveled all over the world as a team physician for Operation Smile- working with medical teams providing life-altering facial, oral and other vital surgeries. She currently helps run a clinic in a remote town in northern California (yes, this is her retirement!). She trains at the Hut when she is back here in Malibu. Thanks Gayle for coming to us over 11 years ago- and for continuing to trust us with your training needs!

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
21-18-15-12-9 reps for time:
DB Thruster (45/30#)
200m Run

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a variation on CrossFit Open 15.5, which was Thrusters and Rowing for calories. We’ll do DB Thrusters and a 200m Run and while the reps of DB Thrusters decrease each round the run stays at 200m! Choose a DB load that allows you to move through each set in 2 mini sets of fewer, then run hard on those 200’s! This workout is longer than Fran, but needs to be approached with the same type of tenacity. Push hard while the clock is running, you’ll be better for it.

Monday 201004 Cleans and Push ups

Question of the day: How are olympic lifting and push ups related? Ha- they aren’t! That is, unless you are a CrossFitter interested in more fitness domains than just the power that Oly lfting requires or the muscular endurance that a calisthenics athlete demand. Who wins an snatch/clean and jerk completion? -an olympic weightlifter. Who wins a push up competition? -probably someone training specifically to win a push up contest. Who wins a contest combining both- a CrossFitter… FOR SURE!

This broad, general and inclusive fitness that we aspire to… and are on a constant path towards attaining- is one that prizes health and fitness as our main goal. The road is paved with intensity and judged most critically by increases in performance. Would a race car drive trade top end speed for higher theoretical horse power? NO WAY. In the same way, a sprinter wouldn’t trade a world record time in the 100m run for a higher VO2 max. It is what the mechanism can actually DO that matters. Not what MIGHT be done given the caliber of the machine that counts. Hit the throttle and risk crashing every now and then… but rest assured if you continue to improve the way you move and then push the envelope, your hard work IS leading you to a healthy, more fit way of life. Pedal to the metal.

Christine T  works through the steps of the turkish get up this past Saturday

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4pm
E2M for 20 minutes:
3 Power Clean (~80% 1RM)
7-10 Strict Push-ups
Record number of sets at heaviest load and total number of push ups

Intended Stimulus
We kick off the week with some olympic lifting! Today you’ll build up to roughly 80% of your 1RM power clean and then the goal is to stick with that load throughout the E2M. Tinkering up or down in load is ok if technique feels like it’s getting sloppy or feeling extra good. Dropping between reps is ok, but make sure your station is clean and there is no change of that barbell ricocheting. After each set of 3 power cleans you’ll get right to the ground for 7-10 of the most perfect push-ups you can do. The idea here is that we scale the volume, if necessary, in order to keep the push-ups with a tougher scaling than you may normally choose, still staying rigid through the midline throughout all the reps!

Friday 201002 Four Tests

Days like to today, well, you’ll be glad it’s the weekend. But then again you can always opt to pace your way through a set of work like this without really pushing the pace on anything- the breaks will feel long and relaxing. However, if you hit the intended stimulus on this and actually treat each of these as a test… those breaks are going to fly by! Most of all, the work you put in will simply be a good overall broad test of fitness, but they will impart the kind of stimulus that changes you- mentally and physically!
Luke cranked through the Rx load of DB deadlift burpees!
Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4pm
4 tests for glory (8 minutes at each station):
1. Max rep push-up in 2 minutes
2. 500m row for time
3. 3 attempts at a max duration handstand hold
4. Max distance double KB farmer carry (24/18kg)*
*farmer carry course is around the hut
Intended Stimulus
It’s test day! The fun kind of test day. There are 4 very different tests for you to complete today. Each station will be 6-8 minutes long. So, after you’re 2 min max push-up test you’ll have a nice long rest before jumping on the rower for a 500m PR attempt. Most of you know how that feels 🙂 so again, there will be lost of rest before you get 6-8 minutes for 3 attempts at a max duration handstand hold. You’ll scale to something that allows you to hold for at least 30 seconds. Lastly (after another long rest), you’ll grab 2 heavy KBs and make as many laps as possible around the hut without setting the bells down. You only get one shot at this test so hold on as long as possible and give every once of grip strength you have!

Thursday 201001 Snatch & Row

The Foulquier Family have been active athletes at CrossFit Malibu for about 5 years, essentially since about the time they relocated to Malibu straight from Marseilles, France. Thib, Sandra, older brother Valentin and younger brother Romane landed in the USA, opened some hair salons- one in Malibu- alongside a boutique called ‘Les Mistinguettes.’ Thib continues to run the operations of his business in France from his laptop with (pre Covid) a 10-14 day trip back “home” every 3 months or so.

No English, no problem. Romane (pictured below) jumped right into 4th grade at Webster and quickly became the kid everyone wanted to hang out with… AND- as his parents say- became American in about 6 months. He picked up skate and skim boarding, to round out his athletic skills that he brought from France- namely soccer. He is also a proficient viola musician, playing in the Malibu High/Middle School Orchestra. If you have ever spoken with Romane- you will find a mature young adult wrapped in a 9th grader’s body… a body that is bound to start getting ripped soon, with all of the training he has been doing these days! Thib and Sandra come to see us a few times each week for ‘couples therapy’ (private training sessions;)… and a couple more group sessions each week. Occasionally all 3 of them are with us in one class! Thanks FAMILY for being a part of our fitness family at the Hut!

ZOOM Yoga with Maria at 6pm… send link to friends and family, all are welcome

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
12 minutes of Power Snatch skill work
4 rounds for time:
10 Power Snatch (45/30kg)
15/12 Cal Row

Intended Stimulus
The goal today is to get some dedicated practice and skill work in on the power snatch followed by a blistering metcon of snatches and rowing! We’ll spend 12 minutes SLOWLY adding load to the power snatch. The focus is on skill development, not on loading. Load is EARNED today! We’ll work through various drills to improve things like bar path, turnover, set-up, and finish positions. You’ll then take what you’ve learned and apply it to 40 light-ish snatches in the metcon. You should be able to go unbroken on the snatches, but you might choose to do 5-5 in order to stay moving fast in rounds 3 and 4 😉 The row today is a near all out sprint. Have fun!

Wednesday 200929 amrapS

Over the next couple of weeks we will have a photographer attend some of our class sessions to take pictures and capture some video so that we can showcase the Hut in various ways. Of course, our footage needs to be as authentic and we are- so we won’t be staging anything… simply depicting an hour in the day of our athletes. Act natural… you are an animal in the wild and we want to catch you in your pristine, instinctual self. And please know- we will only make you look AWESOME to those who do not yet know of the Hut’s existence.

The latest edition to the CrossFit Malibu chalk window series
Wednesday’s WOD at 6,7,9,10am and again at  4pm
Three 4 min AMRAPs:
3 DB Burpee Deadlifts (70/50#)
6 Pull-ups
9 Air Squats
-rest 2 minutes between AMRAPS-
Intended Stimulus
It is crucial that you find DB loading and pull-up scaling that allows you to move FAST! The goal here is to accumulate as many rounds as possible in each 4 minute amrap. You’ll add up the total rounds at the end and then the total reps so there is some incentive to finish the last round you’re on before the amrap ends! You should go unbroken through most of the rounds of pull-ups and certainly the air squats and DB burpee deadlifts! Fast and furious… four times!

Tuesday 200929 “Running Annie”

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 5pm
3 rounds for time:
800m Run
100 Double Unders
30 Abmat Sit-ups
Post time and scaling
Intended Stimulus
The time domain for today is 15-20 minutes. A good portion of that is running, but that doesn’t mean that you can overlook the 300 double unders! Consider ‘chunking’ those into manageable sets that don’t put you over the edge (physically or mentally 😉 You can take the 30 abmat sit-ups at a pretty fast pace because a decent amount of time is going to pass by before you get back to another set of 30, so push! On the run let’s shoot for right around 1/2 of your mile run PR for your 800m split times. If you run an 8 minute mile, shoot for a 4 minute 800m. If you run a 10 min mile, shoot for a 5 min 800m. If your mile is over 10 minutes, consider running 600m today.

Monday 200928 EMOMx8

The ability to jump requires power, which is a combination of speed and strength. One without the other does NOT result being able to move body mass a given vertical distance. You need BOTH. Fortunately, the act of jumping actually trains both. Jump high, jump hard, get more reps, go a longer distance, get higher. Each of these are ways to improve.

But what is a necessary part of the jump that many do not consider? Well, it sounds silly… but if you don’t JUMP then you can’t LAND. And it is actually the landing that can be even more stressful on the body. Stress does not need to be perceived as good or bad. It just is. In physical training, stress equates to the stimulus that is necessary to cause changes in tissue structure and function that makes it stronger and more resilient… as long as it doesn’t break or strain. It is the amount of stress that is “just right” that allows for the body to recover from the stimulus and create positive changes and adaptation so that it can grow.

When one jumps off the ground it takes X amount of energy. But in order to land safely, the body must absorb all of its body mass plus the force that gravity places on it from above, X+ gravity. That means the landing actually requires MORE energy than the jump itself. The physiology is more detailed than that BUT, suffice it to say that jumping and landing is something that is good for the physical body.

Jumping also requires mental and neurological components that one might not consider. Think about trying to gauge the height of the box, taking a step up to calibrate your mental tape measure, and then getting just the right amount of explosiveness that you barely “make the landing” on the top of the box. Think about the brain/body programming that had to work- the hardware and the software integrating to make it happen…. the neuromuscular side. Then think about the last time you were a bit overwhelmed by the height of the box in front of you. Or even in the real world: size up that huge puddle forming in front of Ollo/Bui restaurants in a rain storm… and you take the leap. In either situation you MAKE IT… and you ahve overcome a physical challenge that used to stifle you- a mental WIN.

Jump… go ahead and jump.  Remember to LAND, too!

Monday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
24 min EMOM (8 rounds):
Min 1: 5 Power Clean
Min 2: 5 Front Squats
Min 3: 5 Tall Box Jumps
(as heavy and high as possible, building across rounds)

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