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Monday 210927 5 Rounds NOT For Time

Think of this workout as a bunch of small tests. Each movement, in each round, is an opportunity to test yourself at something small. These small tests will add up to one big workout, AND, you’ll have fun along the way! The TGUs will be unbroken each side and AHAP by round 5. The 10 pulls for power on the rower are an opportunity to go all out in an attempt to hit the largest number of watts as you possibly can (you’ll then have a goal to exceed on subsequent rounds. The inversion will be a chance to get upside down. Choose something that is challenging enough that making it the full minute isn’t guaranteed. And on the sled (oh how we love the sled) go as fast as you can and try to beat that time again and again. 5 rounds of these little efforts = one challenging WOD 🙂

Parker gets triple extension on a power snatch while Becca maintains an active shoulder in the receiving position.

Yoga at The Hut and on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 6:00pm!

5 rounds NOT for time:
4/4 Turkish Get Ups (AHAP)
10 Pulls for Power on the Rower (for highest watts)
1 minute Inversion (for fewest breaks)
2x12m Sled Push (180/135# for fastest time)
Record TGU load, highest watts hit, inversion breaks, and slowest sled time in notes

Friday 210924 Helen

With matching all black uniforms, Giovanna and Victor get in some heavy back rack lunges. Welcome to The Hut Giovanna!

3 rounds for time of:
400m run
21 Kettlebell Swings (24/18kg)
12 Pull-ups
post finish time and any scaling
compare to December 3 2020, May 15 2020, July 25th and May 7 2019, Sept 12 2018 and May 11 2018, May 2 2017

Intended Stimulus
This is a 3 round triplet with a monostructural, gymnastic, and weight lifting movement that is intended to be finished in under 10 minutes, With all repetitions unbroken and a relatively fast run- it will be done in 7-9 minutes. A goal today is to go unbroken on the KB swings FOR SURE and to get in some pretty fast running (while still taking care exiting and entering the yard).

A reminder that our good friend and CFMer, Kiran Gandhi, is playing a free show tonight (Friday 9/24) from 6:00-10:00pm (she goes on at 8:30pm) as part of the KCRW Summer Nights 2021 concert series! It is a free show and you can find all the details, and claim your ticket, by clicking the link below. Register, have a great time, and come support!

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Thursday 210923 Tabata These

Our good friend and CFMer, Kiran Gandhi, is playing a free show this Friday night from 6:00-10:00pm (she plays at 8:30pm) as part of the KCRW Summer Nights 2021 concert series! It is a free show and you can find all the details, and claim your ticket, by clicking the link below. Register, have a great time, and come support!

Click here to get more info and register!


TABATA these (8 rounds of 20 sec work/10 sec rest):
Parallette Push-up
-rest 1 minute-
Strict Sit-up
-rest 1 minute-
Box Jumps (24/20″)
-rest 1 minute-
Hanging H/L-sit*

*subtract 5 reps from final score for each break on the H/L-sit
post total reps and any scaling

Wednesday 210922 Back Rack Lunges and a Mile Run

Nothing beats a Saturday morning workout at The Hut

Workout of the Day
Back Rack Lunges
8-8-8-8 (volume sets, 8 reps = 4R+4L)
A finisher:
Run 1 mile for time
post loading, mile time, and any scaling

Intended Simulus 
On the back rack lunges, build during the warm-up to something moderately heavy. Then, use that for all 4 sets of 8. There should be absolutely no change of missing a rep on any of these sets. In fact, chances are you’ll be more sore than you think after using just a moderate load.  After your 4×8, you’ll head out front for a few more running drills and then a 1 mile run for time. Shoot for a negative split, stay at current PR pace on the first 800m and bring it home a touch faster. Who doesn’t love a shot at PR!?

Tuesday 210921 5 Rounds EACH For Time

These rounds are going to be a fight. They’re going to take some grit… a lot of grit. Attempt to go unbroken on the wallballs, move over to your barbell and get 15 reps in no more than 3 sets, sprint through 10 burpees over the bar, then REST! As the rounds tick by, you may need to break up the WBs, but continue to push the pace, specifically on the final 10 burpees to end each round. As we have been practicing over the last few months, take your 2 minutes of rest rather than just letting it pass you by. Sit on a box, close your eyes, and breath. Mentally prepare for the next round. All you need to think about is the next round in front of you. This is where we get fitter!

Thanks to Brooke Wells for coming to share stories and experience with us!

5 rounds EACH for time:
20 Wallball Shots
15 Deadlifts (80/60kg)
10 Burpees Over the Bar
-rest 2 minute-
post finish time and any scaling

Monday 210920 Snatch and Run

We kick off the week with some olympic weightlifting skill work and then a fun couplet of power snatch and running. Post warm-up and skill work, you’ll have 10 minutes to get to a heavy 3 rep set. This is NOT a 3RM, simply a heavy set of three touch-and-go for today. No dropping from overhead. Remember, this is skill work and keeping the weight to something manageable enough you can still make changes to your technique is important, In fact, it will only help you push the pace in the coming metcon! Use a load for the 21-15-9 that allows you to break off big sets (at LEAST 5 reps at a time during the set of 21). Shoot for 400m runs that get faster each time. The run is not active rest today. Pushing the run pace ensures to hit the stimulus 🙂

Yoga at The Hut and on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 6:00pm!

Shout out to ALL athletes who improved their ring muscle ups and transitions this past thursday!


Workout of the Day:
10 minutes to build to a heavy set of 3 Power Snatch
For time complete:
21 Power Snatch (50/35kg)
400m Run
15 Power Snatch
400m Run
9 Power Snatch
400m Run
post finish time and scaling

Saturday 210918

Saturday classes at 8am and 9am! Sign up in advance on MindBody and have some unknown and unknowable fun to kick off the weekend!

Friday 210917 Volume Push Press + Accessory

We end the work week with a straight forward heavy day. Yes, the second of the week! You’ll build to roughly 80% 1RM in the warm-up and then attempt to hold that load across all 5 sets. After each set of push press, grab a band and get in 20 banded good mornings (or jump on the GHD for 10 hip extensions IF you have experience doing these in the past). Rest the remainder of the 4 minutes before starting again.


Every 4 minutes for 5 rounds:
5 Push Press (~80% 1RM)
20 banded good mornings (2/1”) or 10 GHD Hip Ext
Post push press loading

Thursday 210916 AMRAP 18: DU, Squat, Push-up, RMU

Matthew and Kyle power through 12 burpee pull-ups before running a tough 600m.

18 minute AMRAP:
60 Double Unders
40 Air Squats
20 Pushups (ACFT)
10 Ring Muscle-ups
Post completed rounds + reps and any scaling

Intended Simulus
Use this 18 minute AMRAP to practice the 2 high skill movements that start and end each round, the double under and ring muscle up. That’s not to say that squatting and push-ups don’t require technique (they do), but those 40 air squats and 20 ACFT push-ups are more like grunt work today that you trudge through to get to the “skill work”. Without totally sacrificing intensity, focus on skill today and less on rounds + reps. Ring muscle up transitions are a GREAT scaling for those without RMUs 🙂

Wednesday 210915 Burpee Pull-up + Run Intervals

Give each round everything you’ve got. This is meant to be mentally challenging, like yesterday’s back squats, but in a TOTALLY different way. This one is cardio + will power. For those who cannot jump and pull-up their chin over the bar from the ground, use a box to step up on after your burpee and do a jumping pull-up from atop the box. Scale the run to a 400m run if your time trial 600m is longer than 3:30. Push the pace. All 4 rounds. Let your effort on these intervals make you fitter.


4 Rounds EACH For Time:
12 Burpee Pull-ups
600m Run
Rest as needed between sets
post all 4 finish times and any scaling

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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