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Sunday 4pm Yoga

Maria’s 14th and FINAL (for now) Yoga session is on Sunday evening at 4pm. 
Join me in thanking her for taking on a new class session that was SO necessary especially during the quarantine period. Many of you looked forward to starting off your week with this Sunday Night Stay at Home tradition.

Come get one last YOGA session with Maria on ZOOM- Sunday 4pm

Saturday 200620 E4Mx6

“Everything in its right place”… BTW the song is really worth listening to

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Saturday’s WOD at 8am and again at 9am LIVE at CFM… *9am on ZOOM
For 6 rounds, every 4 minutes to complete:
250m row sprint/225m ski/0.3 mile bike
12 deadlifts (80/55kg… approx 80% of Wednesday’s WOD)
Then work until the 4 mark to complete:
max rep hand release push ups (rounds 1,3, and 5)
max rep pull ups (rounds 2, 4, and 6)

Intended Stimulus
The idea today is to go hard on a cardio sprint for under and minute, then to get some moderately heavy deadlifts in a single, touch and go set (for the first couple rounds- but by the 3rd round you will likely break it up a bit), then get in a set of maximal effort pushups (3 sets) OR pull ups (3 sets).

General Warm Up
3 easy rounds through 150m row, 5 burpees and 10 ring rows- which is easy pull/push/pull. Then some PVC good mornings to open up the hamstrings followed by a set of glute bridges. This prepares the posterior chain for today’s deadlifts.

Specific Warm Up
Take 3 sets to work up to today’s barbell deadlift load. An example RX warm up for the “B” load of 55kg would be this: 10 reps of slow and controlled deads at 15kg, then 7 reps at 35kg, then 5 reps at 55kg. Between each of these sets to 3 handrelease push ups and 3 pull ups. Find your scaling/level of difficulty for the pull ups and push ups for today. Across the 3 sets you are shooting for 50-70 each of push ups and pull ups… but max reps means perhaps MORE!

Workout Notes
Don’t sandbag the cardio sprint… the idea is to get on the barbell breathing heavy and having to “deal with the problem” of high heart rate when you have to set a strong midline. THis is a VERY realistic application of fitness… go TOO HARD and then get your $hit together and get more work done. Then you have a mental task of completing more more more push/pull than you likely would want to. ***If you have not done many deadlifts over the past 3 months, then this number of reps will be too many. If you scale the reps back to 8 per round then take a 30 second break- finish at the 3:30 mark each round. That will save you and you’re welcome in advance.

Go for a 400m jog/walk RIGHT AFTER the 24 minutes is up. Then get in some downdog hamstring stretches as well as some reclining ankle-to-knee to stretch the glutes.

Friday 200619 Chief-Like

As summer starts, businesses gradually begin to open, and we get our feet back underneath us, it is comforting to get back into some familiar routines. One of those, of course, is being able to train live and in-person at the Hut. For those of you who have been in already, hopefully these first few days of workouts have provided an ample amount of cleanliness and distancing to allow you to feel good about being back in. IF you have not come in for a workout- for whatever reason- we encourage you to drop by during or between class sessions to check it out. To get an idea of the stations the we have created (and also to return any and all equipment that you have checked out, No hurry if you are not feeling comfortable. What might make you comfortable is…

Howdy’s is OPEN!
Congrats Linda, Howdy and the entire team over there! The atmosphere is amazing, the food is expectedly awesome and the people are the best. Check out your coaching crew after we enjoyed some steak burritos, a CrossFit breakfast bowl and a sushi burrito! Howdy is back on the map and we are SO happy about it. Perfectly timed with the Hut opening! Welcome back Howdy!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Friday’s WOD LIVE at the Hut at 7am, 9am, 4pm (*and 9am on ZOOM)
The Chief Style:
5 3-minute AMRAPs
5 hang squat cleans (50/35kg)
5 box jumps (30/24”)
5 toes to bar
Rest 1 minute between each AMRAP
Post rounds + reps, load, box height, and scaling

Intended stimulus
Five quick sprints! The rest is short and the work is fast-paced with very little rest during each AMRAP. With that being said, there is no need to abandon form, especially on those hang squat cleans. Keep movements crisp and work with precision for three minutes at a time.

General Warm Up
After two minutes on the bike, ski erg, rower, or run, hang from the bar for a minute before spending two minutes in dynamic lizard lunge. Pull out a PVC for pass-throughs, rotations, around the worlds, good mornings, and some hang squat clean prep.

Specific Warm up
With the PVC, we will cover the hang squat clean. Pull out a box for some step ups and a few quick and springy jumps. Hang once more and start combining your kip swing with a leg raise. In between your three sets of weight-increase for the hang squat clean, get in TTB practice.

Workout Notes
Notice the mandatory rest. This means you should really PUSH each three minute AMRAP. After each three minutes, note where you left off, because that is where you will pick back up at in exactly 60 seconds. Find a weight, height, and scaling that ensures a non-stop three minutes of work.

Lay on the ground for supine figure 4 and then a minute or so of dynamic spinal twists. Grab a roller and hit the quads, glutes, and lats.

Thursday Chipper 200618

Only Anna could make THIS type of clean look good… but hopefully you can do your best to disinfect your station the way that Anna does 🙂 It might not get you a PR but doing a good job wiping down all surfaces that you have touched during your group workout is THE WAY to ensure that others benefit from a sanitized training space.

Any of you get a glimpse of the dude in Redondo Beach who built individual shower stalls in the middle of his training space- complete with 270 degree-through shower curtains?! While in some situations that might set the mood… I am not entirely sure that would get me ready to throw down with a barbell and some KBs… especially on carpeted floors!

Thanks to everyone for using the last 10 minutes of your class session to get things in shape for the next group. Once you go through the process a handful of times- you will become an expert. Perhaps you will even rival our coaches at keeping this place ship shape… but that is fine, as we take more pride in our coaching than we do in our cleaning. Though our power cleans are pretty solid too.
CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Welcome back Anna… someone has been working on “cleans” at home during covid!

***Notice that we have added an 8am Saturday morning session for the time being!***

Thursday’s WOD at 7am and 9am (also via ZOOM at 9am) and again at 4pm.
For Time Complete:
800m Run
60 Weighted Box Step-ups (50/35# to 20″ box)
40 Supermans
20 Hang Power Cleans (60/45kg)
800m Run

Intended Stimulus
Today we go for a long chipper. A welcome change of pace to the 2 part strength-then-a-met-con style workouts we had to start the week. Nothing here should be overwhelmingly difficult. It is the volume of everything that makes it tough!
General Warm-up
Run a practice 800. Then get right down into plank for 20 shoulder taps and then a nice long down dog. Do a few sets each of air squats, sit-ups, and good mornings. Grab your box and step up 10 times each leg.
Specific Warm-up
Using that same box, get a DB and do 10 more step-ups holding the DB however you want (just not resting on your leg). Move to your barbell for a round of basic barbell warm-up. Spend a few minutes working up in load on the hang clean, finding a load where 5-7 in a row is doable. Finish with a heart rate spike of a few reps of each movement.
Workout Notes
The main focus today is on the barbell hang cleans, so choose a challenging load that requires you to break the 20 reps into a few sets. Just keep moving on everything else and run that final 800m hard!
Finish with some focused and well needed cleaning 🙂

Wednesday 200617 Deadlifts and Tabata

Train Different. So, we are coming off of 90 days of doing things a little bit differently than we have been accustomed. After most of us became relatively “used to” getting in our workouts over ZOOM… boom, we are now back together LIVE and in person… once again doing it yet another different way.

Booking classes in advance, limiting group numbers to 7 people, washing hands and wearing masks on the way into the Hut, staying within our stations for the session, finishing early to have enough time to clean and sanitize our equipment, not being able to have complete interaction with everyone in the class, not writing our scores up on the board.

But let me tell you – that the vast majority of CrossFit Malibuites (85% of those who responded to our email survey) reported training at least as much during the 90 day gym closure as you had been training prior to the shut down. Some of you even feel like you became fitter during that time. This means most of you were able to transition from a vibrant and results-positive training community to virtual home confinement and still you were able to THRIVE! You took home a few pieces of equipment, innovated some other gear, and then, via computer screen, participated in CrossFit sessions in your living room, home office, garage, patio, etc. AND YOU F>@$ING pulled it off! How is that even possible?

And now here we are back at the Hut. Which by all accounts is SO AMAZING… but it still feels a little strange. Hang in there. We are literally only 2 days into this thing. Take a breath, figure out your Mindbody account, make time to get into the routine, read this blog and internalize the workouts before you come in (even if it is just for a few minutes in the car before you walk in), and then come in and get the workout done. You will get back on track and, once again, you will THRIVE.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

By the way… the shirts have 6 more hidden elements to them… see if you can figure them all out.

Our special edition 90 Day Quarantine shirts are for sale at the Hut. We sold out of XS and S and M on the first day, but you can still get L and XL now. The smaller sizes and some kids versions have been ordered and are on their way soon.

Wednesday’s WOD at 7am, 9am (and 9am Via ZOOM!), and again at 4pm
12 minute limit to build to a heavy 8 rep
Record each 8 rep load
Tabata Alternating DB Snatch (50/35#)
Tabata Strict Sit-ups
Tabata Air Squats
Record TOTAL number of reps & scaling

Intended Stimulus
Starting to find a pattern in this week’s programming? Well, your keen observation and maybe soreness have proven you correct! We are lifting AGAIN. We are re-acclimatizing ourselves to picking heavy objects off of the ground. So today we will have 12 minutes to find a heavy deadlift for 8 reps. 3, 2, 1, GO.. increase the weight on the first two sets and then stick up with that weight for the remainder of the 12 minutes. Then take lots of deep breathes, pick up your dumbbell and snatch for 20 seconds, rest for 10….so on and so forth! Notice that today there is no break between Tabata movements, that will keep you on your toes!

General Warm Up
Let’s start with 2 minutes of cardio. Then 10 inchworms with a push up, peddle out feet in down dog. Widen your stance for 5 windmills, followed by 10 good mornings and 10 air squats. Now go ahead and lay down for 10 supine twist and 10 glute bridges.

Specific Warm Up
PART 1 – Deadlifts
Pick up your empty barbell and go for 5 RDL and 10 deadlifts. Formulate a plan – what weight are you aiming for after 2 bumps in load? Then, the clock will strike 1 and you will have 12 minutes to deadlift. Two bumps in weight and then stick with that same weight for the remaining time. Rest for at least a 1-1:30 between sets.

Shimmy your abmat underneath you for 5 straight legged sit-ups and 5 strict sit-ups. Windshield wiper your legs and stand for 10 more air squats. Then pick up a lighter DB and get in 5 DL, 5 DL + shrugs and then straight into 5 DB snatches. Increase in load.

Workout Notes
Many of us have not deadlifted very heavy in a while, so start of slow and maybe a little lighter than usual… this is our first week back and 8 reps in no joke. Get your stance, grip and position on that barbell, brace the core and lift! Oh, yes and don’t forget to take that big breath!
For the Tabata, you will not be taking your usual 1 minute of rest between movements so be prepared for quick transitions. On the Alternating DB snatch, keep that dumbbell moving close to your torso and extend the elbow before hinging the hips on the way down. Full depth of the squats and no kipping with the elbows on the sit-ups! You got this!

Use your ab-mat to move into couch stretch for 2 minutes and then go for a 400 m walk.

Tuesday 200616 Presses and a 3 Rounder

Sounds like you didn’t know there was going to be an awards ceremony following our “release” from home confinement :). Well, Andy was the clear winner when it came to consistency for attendance in the 9am ZOOM sessions over the 3 month period. He was awarded with a King Kong Apparel back pack which is going to come in handy now that it is required to take all of your belongings home with you every day from the Hut. Congrats Andy… improving your fitness is going to be THAT much easier since you stayed fit over the last 3 months. Tomorrow’s announcement- who won the runner up prize for the SECOND most consistent?!

If you currently have oly shoes, a jump rope, your WOD journal, knee sleeves, a lifting belt, or any other items at the Hut left over during the covid… please take that stuff home with during your next workout. Our suggestion is that you dedicate a bag for your Hut stuff so you can take it back and forth each day. Perhaps MOST IMPORTANTLY, is your journal and a pen. You will need it to record all WOD data. Write down the WOD BEFORE you arrive… and ues the journal to track lifting loads and AMRAP rounds, etc. We don’t have any chalk for writing on the ground/walls.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

IF you are unable to crack the Mindbody code to sign up for a group class- please text Mike with the sessions you want to add. Then get back on the MB site and continue figuring it out!:)

Andy receives the award for Most Consistent Zoom Attendance over the 90 day quarantine

Tuesday’s WOD- 7 and 9am, and again at 4pm- book in advance ONLY.
Push Press
12 min to build to a heavy 3 rep
Record each 3 rep load
3 Rounds for Time:
400m Run/500m Row/400m Ski/.7mi Bike
12 Burpees
Record time and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Much like yesterday, we start with 12 minutes of strength work. Today, we will build to a heavy-ish 3 rep Push Press. The goal is to build to a load that feels good, looks good, and most importantly continues to build confidence as we get back to some more serious strength. Then, we transition to a very simple 3 round couplet. Simple doesn’t mean easy, especially when you see that every round has 12 burpees! This is one to be pushed hard! Run/row/bike/ski fast and then get right to the burpees, moving smooth and fast.
General Warm-up
Start with 2 minutes of cardio. Then we will move to 3 rounds of 10 air squats and 5 push-ups down dogs. Followed by some more hanging from the pull-up bar. We’ll do some twisting and more hanging before grabbing a barbell.
Specific Warm-up
Do 2 rounds of basic barbell. Then we will do some pausing work on the finer points of the push press before adding load for a warm-up set of 5 and the start of the 12 min time limit.
Workout Notes
Like yesterday, 6-8 sets of 3 is plenty for a 12 min window. Build as you see fit. After the 12 minutes of push press, we’ll do a few burpees and a half distance warm-up run/row/bike/ski. Part 2 of today’s workout is meant to be pushed, so set an uncomfortable pace on the cardio and then move quickly through the burpees. It’s only 3 rounds!
Right after you finish the workout consider walking outside instead of collapsing on the floor of The Hut. It will make your clean-up easier! Then, wipe down your bar, cardio equipment, and the ground where you did your burpees.

Monday 200615 Opening Day

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Please watch this preview video… there are some notes about how to approach your first week back at the Hut. Each day we will address some of the programming ideas and any procedural updates about attending LIVE classes at The Hut.

Monday’s WOD at 7am, 9am (*also on ZOOM at 9am), and 4pm
Part I
Back squat, 5 reps
12 minutes to a heavy set of 5
Post heaviest load
Part II
As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
5 ring rows (or Rx pull ups)
10 push ups
15 walking or step lunges
Post number of reps and and remaining rounds

Intended Stimulus
After 3 months of minimal strength work we spend a few days for each of the coming weeks working to reclaim our strength, patiently. Today we work up to a heavy-ish 5 rep backs squat. The time limit will also hold us back from overdoing it on day 1. Remember this is NOT a 5 rep max… it will be working up to something that feels GOOD… perhaps not even too challenging.
The AMRAP is intended to get in 3 simple movements and get into your groove after not being at the Hut in a while. It is so short that you can go out of the gates FAST and just try and hold on. What you choose for your PULL should be something that you can do right off the bat- no bands, no work finding any scaling. Push ups- find a level that you can get in either all 10 reps OR can manage 5+5 reps for the first 3 rounds. Step lunges should be easy and fast… all within your “station” if you are one of the 7 in class.

General Warm Up
Run 400m if you don’t have an erg at home or in your station at the Hut. IF you do have an erg… go for 2 minutes. Then we will do a variety of squat related warm ups… and some hanging and pulling. No hanging for a while?… ease back into it… 3 months off is a LONG time if you haven’t. Then we will prep the AMRAP by moving through 2 rounds of the ring rows/pull ups, push ups, step lunges- finding scaling and subs for each of them. Go easy Tiger.

Specific Warm Up
We get on to that squat rack for a set of 10 back squats- with a few reps using a slow lower and a few reps with some pauses at the bottom. Hang from the pull up bar for 30 seconds, add a bit of weight to your bar, and then do a set of 8 back squats. Go for one more 30 seconds of hang… add load and to 6 reps of back squat. We start the clock and get the 12 minutes moving.

Workout Notes
Between back squat sets- get in some mobility work and dynamic range of motion. It is OK to stretch during strength work when we are really just doing it to feel our way through a strength “come-back!” Use the time between sets to keep the AMRAP movements “warm.” Three warm up sets on the barbell is sufficient- as you will be getting in 6-8 sets during the 12 minute timed back squat “event.” For those of you at home… do 5 reps with 5 seconds eccentric lowering and hold for 2 seconds at the bottom before coming up fast. Go AHAP- as heavy as possible.Treat the AMRAP as if you were doing a mini-mini Murph. A sprint. Go out hard and try to hold on.

IF you are at the Hut, you will clean as your cool down :). Plus a few shoulder stretches and some couch stretch.

Saturday 200613 Chipper Time

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Class Session

Complete for time:
35 toes to bar
25 deadlifts (50/35kg)
15 push jerks (50/35kg)
1 mile run
15 push jerks
25 deadlifts
35 burpees
Post time, load, and scaling/modifications

Intended stimulus
Happy Saturday— we have a long chipper for you! It’s almost like we’re back to normal at The Hut (hint, hint: check your email this weekend). Kicking things off with 35 toes to bar and then descending in volume … well, only descending for a little before mirroring everything and capping off a sweaty morning with 35 burpees. Shoot for no breaks on the deadlifts and then 2-3 quick sets for the push jerks. Of course, push the pace on the run, knowing full well that you’re approaching the halfway mark :-).

General Warm Up
Simon shuffle, leg swings and swipes to start off the day. Go for some walking knee hugs, high knees, butt-kickers, gate open and closes. Find something that you can hang from and get in 10 scap pulls. Then go for 10 burpees — you can either step or jump. Lay on the ground for a minute of spinal twists and 10 long legged sit-ups.

Specific Warm up
Grab your barbell for 10 very slow deadlifts. Clean it up to the front rack, take a big breathe, pull your elbows high and go for 2 strict presses, 3 push presses, 4 push jerks. Safely bring the bar back to the ground and add some weight. As you add weight, get in a few toes to bar — focus on establishing a rhythm that enables you to get 5 at a time.

Workout Notes
Hopefully you have a means of doing toes to bar today… however, if you don’t, you’ll be doing dragon-flag or butterfly sit ups in today’s workout. For those that will be doing TTB find a scaling where 35 reps takes you no longer than 5 minutes. If you pace your deadlifts correctly you should be able to complete 25 reps “unbroken.” As for the push jerks, you will probably break up the first 15 into 2 sets and the second 15 into 3 sets. SHORT BREAKS HERE! Make sure you don’t treat the run as a rest. Keep your legs moving…it’s all downhill from here. And guess what? You’ll finish off with burpees instead of TTB. How cool is that!?

Find something soft to place underneath your knee because we will hang out in couch stretch for quite some time. Additionally, lay down on your belly for a minute of scorpions. Finally, spend some time massaging your calves and Achilles.

Friday 200612 Gwen Style

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Gwen Style
18-15-12-9-6 reps (unbroken) for load
KB deadlifts
KB hang power cleans
KB swings USA
Rest as needed between each set
Post load and number of breaks for each set
(ex. Matthew- 32kg: 3, 2, 1, 0, 0)
Intended Stimulus
Do you have a heavy kettlebell handy? Grab it, pick it up, move it around your body, don’t set it down (yet), take a deep breath and move it around your body more, and set it down safely. Collect your breath, take a seat, and make a gameplan for your next set, which is conveniently less reps than the set you just completed. The idea is to complete each round without setting down your kettlebell. Hopefully you have something heavy enough so that this is difficult! If you get through 18 deadlifts, cleans, and swings without breathing heavily, please find something heavier!
General Warm Up
Start off today with a 400 m run. Come back for a minute of inch worms, a minute of dynamic lizard lunges with twists, a minute of spinal twists, and a minute of hanging. Grab your PVC for passthroughs, rotations, around the worlds, and good mornings.
Specific Warm Up
Find a light-to-moderately-heavy kettlebell, grip the handle, gaze into the horizon, screw your shoulders back, pull your chest up an inch, and feel the ground with your heel, big toe, and pinky toe and go for 10 slow slow slow deadlifts.. Are your hamstrings awake yet? Good. After your 10th deadlift, stand tall with the KB just below your waist. Shift your hips back as you lower your chest to mimic the “hang” position of a barbell clean. Jump your KB up to the front rack. Your hands will likely have to adjust— from the top of the handle to the sides of the handle. Go for a few of these cleans. Set your KB down, take a step back, reset your position and grip, hike the bell back, and go for 5 Russian swings and 5 American swings. Instead of setting it down after 10, stand up so that it is just below your waist once more. Now, initiate a swing from this standing position. You’ll likely have to work your way into a full range of motion… your first two swings will probably be under eye level. Let’s repeat all of this (the entire specific warm up) with some heavier weight.
Workout Notes
Today, you may “rest” with the KB at your waist or in the front rack. If the KB touches the ground (except for an immediate touch-and-go during the deadlift portion), you have taken a break from your set. The goal is that you would not take any breaks today… at least DURING the sets. In between the sets, you may break as long as you need. In fact, you are encouraged to take a good break in between each set IN ORDER THAT you won’t need a break in the middle of the set. With all that being said, you’ll know you picked an appropriate weight if you really really REALLY want to take a break in the middle of your set. Just to reiterate, a full set is x amount of deadlifts, hang power cleans, and USA swings as heavy as you can go without putting the weight on the ground.
Spend 10 minutes rolling out with a foam roller, lacrosse ball, or some other kind of massage tool.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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