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Friday 201120 Wall Ball-n-Cals

Intended Stimulus
This one is going to be fun! Wall ball shots go down by 5 reps each round and the calorie row goes up by 5 reps each round. If you can get sets of 10 WBs at the Rx load, today is the day to give Rx a go! Quick transitions in and out of the rower are a must, especially in the early rounds. Just to be clear: Round 1 is 30 WB and 5 Cal Row. Round 2 is 25 WB and 10 Cal Row. You’re going to want to write this one out in your journal so you don’t get lost 😉

Blue Bottle flash-WOD in the “amphitheatre”- finished the AMRAP before even getting kicked out

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
For Time Complete:
Wall Ball Shots (20/14#)
Calorie Row
–or ski or bike!
Record time, scaling and any modifications

Thursday 201119 Five Rounder

The Intended Stimulus… is here today to ENSURE you read before class!
Today the goal is to be inverted for large chunks of time, and after round 1 you’ll be inverted with an elevated heart rate which will add to the challenge! You should choose a scaling for the HS hold that you CAN do for 1 minute. I’m not saying make it easy, but if you can only hold a handstand against the wall for 20 seconds when fresh, today is the day to maybe get inverted in the squat rack or pike on a box. After your one minute of HS hold you’ll do 12 burpees and 12 toes to bar, BUT if you had to kick down once, you’ll add 3 burpees. So, you’d end up doing 15 burpees and 12 toes to bar that round. On 3…2…1…GO it will be easy to know when a minute is up because everyone will be starting at the same time and the clock will read 1:00, but on round 2, for example, if I start my handstand at 2:55, I’ll need to hold until 3:55 without dropping to do no extra burpees. If I have to kick down, at 3:30 (25 seconds early) and don’t kick back up until 3:50, I still have 25 seconds to complete! Toes to bar should be able to be completed in 3 sets MAX! *** if you are outside- you might want to use your phone timer to keep track of your minute.

Another favorite from last year’s decathlon event… simpler times just sitting shoulder to shoulder.

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am again at 4 and 5pm
5 rounds for time:
1 minute Handstand Hold*
12 Burpees
12 Toes to Bar
*= add 3 burpees to the set of 12 for each kick down or missed kick up!
Record time and scaling

Wednesday 201118 Beat The Clock

The punchline: the clock wins. The clock always wins. But YOU can do what you can to milk it for more reps; more pull-ups, more clean and jerks, more quality time with friends, more exotic trips, more food-envy picture-worthy meals, more family home evening… ANYTHING you want. But in the end… you don’t decide. The clock does.

The clock represents all those things that are beyond our locus of control. Those aspects of living a human existence on this planet that are outside our ability to exert our individual power- the 6.4′ King Tide, that dastardly 4:57pm sunset, the Woolsey fire jumping PCH, or even that damn dog that craps on your lawn every morning. Who owns that mongrel anyway?

Coming to terms with this might not make it any easier to digest, but at least it’s a start. See if you can beat the clock in class today!


WAY back over a year ago… when most of us were simply resigned to the fact that a few of us would catch the flu in the winter… what a difference 14 months make. Love seeing your faces

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm
On a 15-minute clock, for max reps each round:
From 0:00-3:00, run 400 meters then do pull-ups
Rest 1 minute
From 4:00-7:00, run 400 meters then do clean and jerks (70/50kg)
Rest 1 minute
From 8:00-11:00, run 400 meters then do pull-ups
Rest 1 minute
From 12:00-15:00, run 400 meters then do clean and jerks

Intended Stimulus
Today, we have 4- three minute sets of work each followed by one minute of rest. In rounds one and three after your 400m run you will do as many pull-ups as possible till the three minute mark. In rounds two and four, after your 400m run you will complete as many clean and jerks as possible till the three minute mark. The load on the barbell should be one that if required of you, you could cycle 5 reps in a row, but you may choose to go with quick singles in the workout. For those of you who typically run 400m run in more than two minutes and 10-15 seconds, consider scaling the distance a bit. Watch for traffic! Row/Bike/Ski are also options.

Tuesday 201117 Squat Salad

When Laura is not at CrossFit Malibu, she attends zoom classes for her Pepperdine GE course HUMANITIES 113: Masters and Masterpieces. This painting of her going over head with 30kg multiple times last Saturday is a true masterpiece of 17th Century, inspired by none other than legendary Italian artist Caravaggio. Stylistically it captures the chiaroscuro he was most known for- however here he uses a white backdrop compared to the more typical black. Evident most notably for the vast contrasts of dark and light, we see in this weightlifting piece, he focused on the bumper plates lying in the foreground to cast a bright glow from the rising of the morning sun. This stark difference in shading with the plates on the raised barbell is perhaps a characterization of evil’s attempt to triumph over good. The face of his lifter depicts emotion with a mix of fear and innocence in an attempt to cast aside the demonic in an effort to move towards the light. Bright blue shoe strings give a glimpse of positivity- as the athlete stands upon a foundation of hope. The only other uses of color are the thin orange band and pink foam roller, suggesting that the artist’s personal use of mobility work could be the true way for goodness to be replenished. The foreshadowing of a global pandemic is clearly illustrated with the spray bottle and cleaning bucket filling the otherwise blank space of the painting.  

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
Overhead Squat
Front Squat
Back Squat
post heaviest load for each movement

Intended Stimulus
Today we get all 3 barbell squat variations! For most, you’ll be able to continue to add weight each set as you work through the 4 sets over OHS and 4 sets of Front Squats. Then, you may need to take a bit of load off for your first set of 3 Back Squats. We will go on the 2 minute mark for each set, but will have some extra transition between squat types. If the skill is there, be ready to get heavy! And if you’re still perfecting the squat, today is an excellent day to practice!

Monday 201116 Max Reps

Sometimes the “right” workout doesn’t happen inside a gym. These days it happens outdoors for most people, most of the time! Some days it happens out on a trail for a long hike or a run. Others times on the court for tennis or pickup basketball. For many of us, it is the ocean for a surf, swim, or paddle. This morning it was a barbell and a few plates, and some cones that were left in the car from soccer practice yesterday, and the grass at Trancas Park. Hours before it officially opened.

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4 and 5pm
3 rounds for max reps:
1 minute KB Swings (24/16kg)
1 minutes Push-ups
1 minute KB Weighted Box Step Ups (24/16kg, 24/20″)
1 minute Push-ups
1 minute KB Swings
-rest 1 minute-

Intended Stimulus
Today is all about continuing to move. That means 2 things: pushing through the desire to stop swinging, stepping, or pushing, AND finding scalings that allows for this continual movement. In a minute, imagine setting the KB down 1-2 times, not stopping on the step-ups, and getting in sets of 5-10 push-ups with SHORT rest breaks in between

Friday 201113 DL/DU Sandwich

For those of you who don’t like cardio… you got the lifting today. For those of you prefer the agility and the coordination, you get to do some double unders, and for those who enjoy the distance thing… you get some relatively long distance running. So you can either look at today as “something for everyone to hate” or “at least some of you can like some of this.”  Mark my words, this one is going to be a crowd-pleaser AND something you won’t easily forget all too soon!

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, and 10am and again at
For time complete:
Buy in: 1 mile run
3 rounds of:
10 Deadlifts (100/70kg)
50 Double Unders
Cash out: 1 mile run

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a three round couplet of deadlifts and double unders that is sandwiched by 1 mile runs! On the deadlifts, choose a load that allows you to do all 10 reps in one or two sets. Then, get quickly to your jump rope for 50 double unders or 100 singles. These should go quickly today. After your first 1 mile run, you will complete that couplet three times before completing another 1 mile run. If your mile run PR time is slower than nine minutes consider running a 1200m run. This is going to be a fun challenge where you will attempt to hold a fast pace on the first run and then a fast pace on the second run! As always, be careful on the roads out there.

Thursday 201112 Gymx and Max Reps

Coming This Saturday! ONE SINGLE Fundamentals Session at 10am
Spend 45 minutes in a special VIRTUOSITY WORKSHOP with some basics to improve your mechanics, technique and understanding of the MUSCLE UP. This session is a break down of a specific muscle up progression and will help provide you with an overview of the movement as well as give you some tools to practice it on your own. For all experience levels- in fact, it would be appropriate for any and everyone. Sign up asap, limited to 8 participants (it IS okay to attend the 9am first and then continue on for the 10am). You will find it on MindBody just like you sign up for any other CFM class. Many of you have participated in these essentials sessions in years past- repeat attendance is perfectly fine. Arrive early to get in some shoulder warm up!
Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 4 and 5pm
10 minutes of scales and L-sits
2 rounds for max reps:
3 minutes of Box Jump (24/20″)
2 minutes of Walking Lunges
1 minute of Strict Pull-ups
-rest 2 minutes

Intended Stimulus
Today, after the general warm-up, we get some dedicated practice of scales and L-sits. Both will require focus and are not to be rushed or done sloppily. Then, we have a really fun conditioning piece that is for max reps. In total across the 2 rounds you’ll box jump for 6 minutes, walking lunge for 4 minutes, and strict pull-up for 2 minutes. On each of these movements you’ll need to find a load/scaling that allows you to keep moving for large sets. Specifically on the box jumps you need to have a box height that allows you to go rep after rep for at least 15-20 box jumps. You don’t want to have a box height that requires you to mentally gear up for each and every jump. You should be able to do at least 5 strict pull-ups unbroken with the scaling that you choose. There is no transition time between movements other than after a full round is complete, so transition quickly and smoothly!

Wednesday 201111 E6M

Coming This Saturday! ONE SINGLE 7am Fundamentals Session:
Spend an hour being coached through a VIRTUOSITY WORKSHOP with some basics to improve your mechanics, technique and understanding of the SQUAT. This session is a back to the fundamentals… and will help you further develop your squats. For all experience levels- in fact, it would be appropriate for any and everyone. Sign up asap, limited to 9 participants (it IS okay to attend the 7am and then the 8 or 9am as well). You will find it on Mindbody just like you sign up for any other CFM class. Many of you have participated in these essentials sessions in years past- repeat attendance is perfectly fine. Gym opens at 6:30am for warmup

Tonight: 6pm Yoga with Maria- you are welcome to direct others to this link as well

All set for the 6am & 5pm class sessions outside… be sure to wear your mittens

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm
Every 6:00 minutes for 4 rounds:
15 DB Hang Squat Cleans (50/35#)
400m Run
post all 4 times and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
You’re going to have a lot of rest today and that is going to allow you to run at near PR pace for your 400m run every round! Pick a set of DBs that allow you to go through the 15 reps of DB hang squat clean unbroken for a while (maybe 2 sets in the later rounds) and then run hard on each and every 400! The goal here is to have at least as much rest as work if not more. This is one of those WODs that give back what you put in 🙂

Tuesday 201110 Jerks and a Couplet

A few necessary reminders for making sure everyone is following the guidelines that we have set up at the Hut with respect to COVID. Keep in mind that the rules we have in place are required in order for you to participate in group classes- regardless of what your own perspective or opinion is regarding COVID.

  • Wear a mask on the way IN and OUT of Yard as well as when entering your workout space. You may remove your mask once you are in your own workout space.
  • Do not enter another person’s workout space. If you need a piece of equipment that is outside of your space- please let the coach know and they will get it for you.
  • Enter the big room from the sliding door, and the small room from the front door.
  • Members of the same household may be asked to occupy a common space- it is up to you if you want to do so.
  • Please spend the final 10 minutes before the top of the hour to clean your equipment. Spray, then wipe, and then put back in place.  Coaches should not have to organize your equipment once you are done cleaning. Thanks very much.
  • Of course, it goes without saying at this point, but we will state it just to be thorough: wash your hands, and do NOT attend classes if you are sick. Cold, flu, etc. Just say No
The only thing better than watching the sunrise… watching it with a kettlebell in your hands!

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
12 minutes of Split Jerk technique work
15-12-9-6-3 reps for time:
Push Press (70/50kg)
Back Burpees
Record jerk loading AND time, load, and scaling

Intended Stimulus
The goal today is to get in dedicated split jerk practice at light to moderate loading. We will be working with sets of 5 throughout all 12 minutes of practice and we will go from the rack. Focus on footwork as well as speed under the bar. The loading is secondary today! Then, you’ll get to continue going overhead with a less technical press – the push press. Find a load that allows the set of 15 and 12 to go with 1 break maximum and then remember to lay flat on your back (shoulders, glutes, and calves touching) for each and every back burpee – no rolling!

Monday 201109 Big Baseline

While you have done a lighter and faster baseline version before (some a LONG time ago and some of you VERY recently!)- this one is quite a bit different in time domain. YES, you will still be encouraged to get through it with very few breaks in reps- but at a pace where you can push through for a bit longer yet still keeping high intensity. It is a chipper like this that keeps you in the moment during any given movement and THEN a big relief as you get to the new movement. That relief is always short lived 🙂 Enjoy the transitions and KNOW that 5 minutes after you finish you will inexplicably “find” a spot where you claim you could have gone faster!

Reminder: 5pm classes now Monday through Thursday!

Jonathan goes from ground-to-over-the-shoulder with a ~150# boulder

Monday 6, 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm
Big Baseline for time:
60 Cal Row
50 Front Squats (30/20kg)
40 Sit-ups
30 Push-ups
20 Pull-ups
Record time, load, and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today, we have a fun chipper that on paper looks a lot like CrossFit baseline, but in practice will feel a whole lot different! The main scaling focus will be on getting the right load on the barbell so you can get 50 reps in 3-4 sets MAX. Same goes for the pull ups, 3 to 4 sets max. Training pushups will be a good option for some. Have fun and push the pace!

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