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Friday 200417 FGB Style

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Friday 200417 // 9 am WOD- FGB Style
For 3 rounds complete max reps of:
1 minute overhead single arm DB walking lunges (40/25#)
1 minute strict ab-mat sit ups
1 minute box jumps (20/16”)
1 minute single arm DB push press (40/25#)
1 minute alternating DB snatch (40/25#)
*** 1 minute rest ***
Post TOTAL number of reps, load and scaling

Intended stimulus
Yesterday we had a short burner – how are your legs feeling after 100 cleans?! Yep, me too. Nothing better for that than…MORE MOVEMENT. Today, our workout is in the style of Fight Gone Bad, quarantine style. You have a minute, or about 50ish seconds, per movement to get as many reps as you can, jot down your number of reps and then move on to the next, so on and so forth, until you get to your lovely one minute of rest. Find a seat, breathe, focus and get ready for the next two rounds. After the first round, you will have a better understanding of how to push your body, when to set the dumbbell down to shake your arms out, and when to rest. The goal is max reps here and that minute of rest between rounds is to serve as your reset. Aim to get as many reps or more as the first round. You. Got. It.

Warm Up
Now we have a shorter GWU because we want to get right into warming up the specific movements for this workout, so if you want to go for a 400 m run or get in 20 burpees before we meet up on zoom or before you start this warm up… PLEASE do so!
Let’s start with a Samson lunge, step forward, sink the hips into the ground and reach up with your arms, up and down the length of your space (about 20 lunges). In your last Samson lunge, let your palms or forearms find the ground for some lizard lunge, and 10 hip circles on each leg. Stand, for 5 inchworms, holding in downward dog for 5-10 second each time, feel free to add a push ups to each round. Finally, get in 15 jumping squats – practicing that explosive hip opening that you’ll need for the jumps, snatches and presses!

Specific Warm Up
Find your box or place you will step on to and get into 10 steps, then straight into jumps. Again, you can always substitute these for broad jumps or scale to step-ups. Grab a dumbbell and get in 10 deadlifts and then 10 single arm push presses, notice the rigid neutral spice in both of these movements, as you move up and down in those deadlifts and as your dip and drive in those presses. Now, lay down on your ab-mat and go for 10 straight legged sit-ups and then 10 strict sit-ups, drill those heels into the ground! Back to the dumbbell for snatch warmup: place the dumbbell between both feet, deadlift and shrug 5 times, then deadlift, shrug and scarecrow, and lastly, deadlift, shrug, scarecrow and get under the DB. Repeat on other side. And lastly, OH walking lunges, press that single dumbbell up and don’t let that elbow bend as you step forward into that lunge, take 10 steps, alternating arm as you need.

Workout Notes
As I mentioned before, each round you will have to push even harder than the last. Find rest on the push presses, sit-ups and lunges before rest finds you. Never-ending press with that dumbbell up as you lunge, get that ribcage down here and in the push press. The bracing of your core is the key for the WOD today. If your midline is not stable nor rigid, the dumbbells and you will be flying all over the place…maintain control 🙂
Keep those elbows pressed tightly against your chest, keep the integrity of this strict sit-ups each round. Move through the snatches and box jumps rhythmically, keep chugging along, keep these unbroken. Remember to extend the elbow before you hinge back to the ground on those snatches, and alternate after every rep! Record the number of reps you get in each round. TOTAL them up at the end- that is the number that goes on the board.

Let’s come to a child’s pose, for a minute, inhaling and exhaling through the nose for 5-7 seconds each. Come to a table top position, as you inhale, reach your right hand to the ceiling, and as you exhale, thread your arm towards the left and bring your right ear to the floor…hold for 10 breathes and switch 🙂

Thursday 200416 Couplet Chipper

Thursday’s 4pm WOD- click here to join us!
Time: Apr 16, 2020 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Password: 020912

Recorded class session from 9am… click here to participate!

For time:
100 medicine ball cleans (20/14#)
100 double unders
Post time and scaling

Intended stimulus
Brutal elegance. Yup- lots o’ reps for tenderization of them legs… then double unders. It’s almost mean. Almost.
Consider how long 100 wall ball shots take- in the neighborhood of 5-8 minutes. These are similar in time commitment. BUT they are different and that’s all I will give away there. The DUs can be done in 1 minute. “But after all those squats?” you ask. Right, well, no probably not. It is possible but unlikely. So break them up, but more likely they will break you up.

Warm Up
Let’s start off with a few rounds of 20 single under jump rope followed by 10 sit ups and 10 air squats. Once the heart is beating a bit- get in a one minute bear crawl. Go explore, like a bear would… around the living room, up some stairs if you have some, around the kitchen… but be back in 60 seconds. Now find that special dedicated location that you have created in your house for hanging. Just hang for a minute. Spend 60 seconds stretching out those appendages.

Specific Warm Up
We will go through the medicine ball clean progression of 6-8 repetitions each of: deadlifts, deadlift shrug, front squats, pull unders into a squat, then full movement of med ball cleans. Then some double under specific work: super bouncy singles, some single double unders, then a few more drills.

Workout Notes
As usual, find a pace that prevents you from bonking in minute 3… and stick with it. The med ball movement will be taught in class… but use good “clean” mechanics in the movement. In resetting the ball back to the ground- focus specifically on extending the elbow completely before hinging forward at the hip to put the ball on the ground. This will set the motor pattern up well for the clean (helping you to NOT bend the arms early on the drive).Scaling for double unders are tuck jumps (though even better to practice the DUs). If you can squeak out 10 or more reps in a row- then definitely choose to do the DUs in the wod.

You’ll need some couch stretch for the quads and some good lacrosse ball action in the calves and soles of the feet.

Wednesday 200415 DB Burpee, Run

Today’s WOD is recorded here- do it at home!

For time, complete:
21 DB burpees
400m run
15 DB burpees
800m run
9 DB burpees
1200m run
Post time, load and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Think of this as a weight lifting and running workout- that way you will understand that the load should be something heavy enough that you consider this session has a distinct strength element to it. Too light- and you are not getting that strength work. Run fast- don’t treat the run as a rest… because 10+ minute of running (*at least!) won’t really provide a break anyway. Go fast and get it over with. When the demons start talking to you… get over it. This will be well into the late teens in terms of time domain. Consider adjusting the distances if you run at a clip that is slower than a 9 min/mile pace.

General Warm Up
Do a 400m run (500m row) at the very least by the time you show up to the session. Then we will warm up hams and hip flexors with some general run drills. And so some work to prep that DB lifting- like good mornings, shoulder warm ups with a variety of circles and arm swings.

Specific Warm Up
Get in a DB complex series- deadlifts, power cleans, push press at 5 reps each. GO thru this at least 2 rounds- then try it again with a heavier load. We will be some sets of RDLs to prep the hammies. Play around with the DB deadlift and jumping back into the ground segment of the burpee.

Workout Notes
Steady pacing on the DB burpees. Watch the positioning of the back when moving the load back to the ground. BE braced= this is one of those WODs where not enough load could catch you in bad positions. Be aware of that. Keep a steady clip on the runs. Take a timer with you to track your pace. This is very helpful for gaining a sense of pace- think about how good you can maintain pace on the C2… well that is because you have constant feedback from the monitor.

Lying down in a hot steaming mound is a great way to finish. Then pick yourself up and find someplace to HANG… find pull up bar or ledge to dangle from. Lots of PUSHING the past days- get in some upper body pulling- or at leaset some hanging.

Tuesday 200414 SDLHP/ACFTPU

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Password: 2F8Yez

For time, complete:
500m row (50 sumo deadlift high pulls 20/16kg)
30 Army combat fitness test push ups
250m row (25 sdlhp)
30 Army combat fitness test push ups
250m row (25 sdlhp)
30 Army combat fitness test push ups
500m row (50 sdlhp)
Post time (load) and any scaling or modifications

Intended Stimulus
A constant, concerted effort to push through the row or SDLHP as evenly paced out (and relatively fast) as possible and taking the push ups as fast as possible and trying to avoid large rest breaks. Know thyself- and anticipate how many are possible in a row, while keeping a consistent flow of work/rest. Clearly, the ultimate goal is 30 unbroken- but for most/many, this is unrealistic. Goal finish times on the fast end are sub 12 minute. On the realistic side are 15-16 minutes.

General Warm Up
Let’s prep for being in plank AND lots of hinging at the hip for today’s couplet. We will hold plank for a bit and then work with some mountain climbers, break dancing moves, and get the wrists warmed up- as well as going over the Army combat fitness test push up (see link above for the movement pattern).

Specific Warm Up
Move through sumo deadlift high pull mechanics with PVC pipe for technique work and range of motion warm up. Then gradually warm up the movement with a KB or empty barbell- even those who will row for this wod will do the SDLHP warm up. We will work on Core-to-Extremity (watch this video!). Loading for the workout today will be 20/16kg- a loading that 15-20 repetitions will be very automatic. Going Rx+ for those only having a 24kg KB is fine- no decrease in reps is necessary.

Workout Notes
The intention today is for as many individuals to use SDLHP in the workout even if they have a c2 rower. We are using 1 repetition on the SDLHP to count for 50 reps. You will likely see that 50 unbroken reps has the stimulus a bit different result on the body (getting a bit more winded than a paced out row of 500m)- even though the mechanics of the movement are very similar- this is because there is no rest segment in the weightlifting movement that naturally exists in rowing on the C2.

We will work on some back extensions (supermans) and some spinal twists (scorpions and iron crosses) to even out all of the hip flexion that goes on in today’s workout.

Monday 200413 <<4 each for time>>

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4 Rounds, Each for Time of:
10 Inverted Burpees
20 Goblet squat 24/18 kg
30 KB swing USSR 24/18 kg
Rest Exactly 2 minutes

Intended stimulus
Lots of hip hinging today. Don’t get too worried about those inverted burpees— for some of you, this is a chance to try something new; for others, its a chance to practice being upside down. Regardless, the goal is to get inverted in some way or another. Four rounds, EACH for time. And two minutes of rest… roughly a 3:2 work:rest ratio. In other words, a SPRINT for around 3 ish minutes and 2 minutes of breath-catching. The squats should be hard, like a mental battle to not set the weight down. And the same thing for those kettle bell swings. Keep swinging through the end!
General Warm Up
Reach up to the ceiling with long arms, and then fold forward to touch your touch. Back to the ceiling and toes for the next minute. Then, step back into a plank and move through to downward dog and back to plank 10 times. Come into a table top position and shift your weight around to warm up those wrists. Stand up and go for 10 air squats, holding the bottom position for 3 seconds. Hold onto something and get in some gate-opens and gate-closes for each leg. Now, go for 10 good mornings… say hello to those hamstrings!
Specific Warm up
Grab your kettlebell (it can be lighter than the one you’ll use during the WOD) and get in 15 deadlifts. And now, hoist that KB up to a good front rack and get 5 goblet squats, STILL HOLDING at the bottom for 3 seconds. Don’t set it down yet— go for 10 KB USSR swings. Knees back and heels down through the ground as soon as the KB is between your legs. Drop your weight softly, come into a downward dog and go for a few “kick-ups”. Be graceful going up and down! You can do this against the wall or free-standing. After a few kick ups, let’s put it together— lay down on your back, find an efficient way to come to standing, plant those hands firmly on the ground, and kick up. Grab a heavier KB for some more goblet squats and USSR swings.
Workout Notes
The inverted burpees should be at a steady pace. They might feel slow, but that’s okay. Just keep moving. For the goblet squats, your weight should feel doable for 20 if you’re fresh. You might be able to go unbroken on the squats, you might need to break it up into two sets of 10. Either way, KEEP moving. Moving on to the swings. Hold on tight through till the end— it will feel like a mental battle. I promise, you are strong enough to keep going. Plus, think about how nice two minutes of rest will feel in a matter of seconds! Look at the clock, write down your time and breath deeply and slowly for the next 120 seconds. Then go again.
Collect your breath… you can just lay right on your back. Hug your right knee to your chest and then cross it over your body. Hold here for a while before switching legs. Find your roller and spend some time working up and down the legs.

Saturday 200411 SYLB WOD #2

CrossFit Malibu 9am Class… Apr 11, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Watch the WOD demo Here!… yes, click this link!

If you don’t have a jump rope OR can’t double under… NO PROBLEM, just join us. And there will be break dancing afterwards!

Saturday HOME workout (Support Your Local Box WOD #2)
For time:
100 double-unders
21 burpees
75 double-unders
15 burpees
50 double-unders
9 burpees

Time cap: 15 minutes

Friday 204010 10s for the 10th

CrossFit Malibu 9am Class- Live from Chocolate Lily Lane Studio

Here is the recorded LIVE class from this morning

Below is a preview of the Friday WOD

10s for the 10th
Part I:
Every Minute on the Minute, for 10 rounds of:
Turkish Get-Ups (1 right side, 1 left side)

Part II:
10 Minute AMRAP:
10 Supermans
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Box Jumps (30” / 24”)

Intended stimulus
Notice the two distinct parts for todays workout. Say “hello” to the dumbbell or kettlebell that is STABLE overhead in that Turkish Get Up. It’s been a while, so it might take some time for you to get reacquainted. Pay attention to your positions here; it should be taxing even if your weight is light! Moving on to part II, this should be a fast burner. Not too much thinking involved, but plenty of explosiveness (with those jumps ) and control (with the Superman’s and mountain climbers).
General Warm Up
Widen your stance and start with some windmills. Keep the back long as you fold to the side. After 10 on each side, let your arms come down to the ground while you hinge forward and your head hangs heavy. Walk over to the right and to the left for the next minute. Now, hold on to something and get in 10 reverse step lunges (a slight back bend will do wonders to the hip of the leg that’s back). Belly to the ground for 10 Superman’s. Hold your hands and your feet in the air for 3 seconds before coming down… Remember, no flopping around like a dying fish! 10 scorpions and then bring the hips back for some child’s pose.
Specific Warm up
Stand up from child’s pose and squat down to FULL depth, only to launch up toward the ceiling for 10 jumping squats. EXPLOSIVE hip extension— this will come in handy a little later for those box jumps. Now find your way to a lizard lunge and draw 10 circles in the ground for each leg. This is the position you’ll be in for your mountain climbers! Grab your box and get in 10 step ups; drive through the heel on the box and stand up FULLY at the top. Time for some jumps, onto your box. Land softly (remember, you’re a supple leopard). Annnnd, now, grab your imaginary dumbbell. Starting with your back on the ground, move through some HEAVY (not really, the DB is imaginary at this point) Turkish Get Ups. Keep pressing up to the ceiling and pause at these points: with your forearm on the ground, with your palm on the ground, with your hips up high in a tripod position, with your arms perpendicular to the ground, at the bottom of a lunge, and standing.
Workout Notes
A quick word on part I: You might not have a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell. That is fine— the point is to move through a TGU on each side with PERFECT form. Keep it slow and keep it stable. If your DB is “too light”, just do more TGUs per minute (like 2 or 3?). This is going to be 10 minutes; it shouldn’t kill you. It should make you think about moving WELL with some WEIGHT. Now, as for part II, if you don’t have anything to jump on, then your scaling is broad jumps. Jump as far out as you can. And still land softly. Even those who don’t have boxes should aspire to be supple leopards. If you don’t jump, then sub with weighted step ups. The jumps should be fast. The Superman’s should be stable— CONTROL that midline. Keep the chest and the thighs far from the ground. As for the mountain climbers, one foot on the ground at all times. No swinging from side to side in midair. Get the foot to your hand and send it back to the other foot… and then do the same for the other foot. Its only 10 minutes, so PUSH that PACE!
Collect your breath in child’s pose. Push back in to downward dog and peddle out the feet. Lay on your back and get some iron crosses.

Thursday 200409 Barbell and Handstands

Another mobility session is posted on CrossFit Malibu’s YouTube page… and 2 links for Thursday classes below.

Jordan taught a 30 minute YouTube Mobility Session focusing on hips and lower back-
Get your mobility work in AND have Jordan hang out with you, virtually, in your living room.


CrossFit Malibu 4pm Class- Live from Jordan’s Patio
Password: 3OxjQh

Watch tomorrow’ss workout Preview… even if you are joining the4 9am or 4pm ZOOOM!

Wednesday 200408 Home Triplet

CrossFit Malibu 9am Class- Live from Chocolate Lily Lane Studios
Apr 8, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Click here to participate alongside the recorded version of today’s 9am WOD

Watch the preview of today’s workout below (*what is he doing with that board?!)

For time, complete:
50 wall ball shots (20/14″ to 10/9′)
40 butterfly sit ups
30 push ups
40 wall ball shots (20/14″ to 10/9′)
30 butterfly sit ups
20 push ups
30 wall ball shots (20/14″ to 10/9′)
20 butterfly sit ups
10 push ups
Post time, load and scaling

Intended stimulus
The goal is the get in some volume of wall ball shots. And 2 other movements 🙂 I’d like you to get through the entire WOD as fast as you can regardless of how you decide to break up the wall balls shots. You mnight consider a big first and second set… but after getting into round 2, the small sets and even smaller breaks could be the best way to go! At the end of round 1 it might FEEL like a push up workout. But not for long.

General Warm Up
Let’s begin with a good old fashioned “CrossFit Warm Up”… minus the pull ups, unless you have a pull up bar!
5 pull ups, 10 push ups (or a warm up version of them), 10 air squats, 10 Samson Stretches. Hit that for 2 rounds… and we are ready to move on.

Specific Warm up
Let’s do a bit of squat therapy… as well as some single legged squat work. This will start with some lizard lunge mobility and head into some candlesticks that eventually lead to driving up from the candlestick in a single legged squat back to standing. We will practice some med ball cleans. Then we will be ready to go.

Workout Notes
As mentioned in the intention… come up with the best way to get through the shots both fast and unphased. Yes, those are on opposite ends of the spectrum- but try and find the middle. Smallish sets and VERY short breaks. I like 8-10 reps every 30 seconds. The rest is built in if you start a set exactly every 30 seconds. Let it drop, take a breath, pic it up and do it again. 16-20 reps each minute and you have air and stamina for the sit ups and push ups. This is NOT the goal on every wall ball workout- but it is the drill today.

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