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Saturday Sessions

8am and 9am sessions with a few spaces available …sign up soon to guarantee attendance!

Friday 200724 HPClean and Jerks+

What am I going to do with all this fitness? Take it outside and try something new. Find a railing at the park and practice your balance by walking on it or just standing in place. Get back into pick up soccer- there is a game (supposedly) at Trancas park every Tues and Thurs in the evening (fairly competitive group). There is a long-standing ultimate frisbee group at Point Dume Elementary School every Sunday morning (ask Dr Jo about it) that meets at roughly 8am… there is a more competitive (read: aggressive!) group at 10am. Go for a trail or beach run. Rent a standup paddle board and take it out (or ask Mike for a lesson). There is SO much you can do. Ask a coach for some suggestions!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session at 9am

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4pm
Hang Power Cleans (50/35kg)
Push Jerks
*=1 min high plank hold

Intended Stimulus
Today we move a moderately heavy barbell quite a few times. After each set of barbell work, you’ll drop down into a high plank and hold it for 60 seconds. If you drop before the minute is over, you’ll need to get back in plank and get the remaining seconds to make 60! Choose a load that you can move the round of 18 and 15 in no more than 3 sets.

General Warm-up
Go for a few minutes on the rower or bike before dropping into a 1 minute plank hold. Down dog for a minute and then go for 10 push-ups. Get in a set of unweighted good mornings and then do another 1 min plank.

Specific Warm-up
Move over to your barbell for a 5 rep set of basic barbell warm-up. Add a little weight and do that same 5 rep set of basic barbell. Put some more weight on the bar and go for 5 hang power cleans and 5 push jerks. Do a few more push-ups and a final set of 5 hang power cleans and 5 push jerks before resting a bit and starting!

Workout Notes
Really work the core to extremity patterning here. On the cleans it goes dip, hinge the bar 2/3 down the thigh, drive, shrug, and pull under. On the push jerks it does dip, drive, press and drop, lock it out, THEN stand to full extension. Again, a ‘1 minute plank’ mean accumulating 60 seconds in plank each round.

Finish with a minute of cobra or up-dog, and then get in some hanging from the pull-up bar (2 sets of 30-40 seconds).

Thursday 200723 CHiPPer

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session at 9am

Eric nails many multiples of chest to bar pull ups- check that height!

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 4pm
For time complete:
1 mile Run
50 Strict Sit-ups
60 Alt DB Snatches
Record time, load, and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Everybody loves chippers… Even ones that start with a one mile run! Run fast, but not like you’re trying to set a PR, then do 50 strict sit-ups. Be strategic about how you break those up. Getting to a point where you’re doing 2-3 strict sit-ups at a time is NOT the way to go today. After the sit-ups, do 60 alternating DB Snatches. Break these up into manageable chunks that help you feel accomplished after each set. Pretty simple today.

General Warm-up
Get in a 400m run. Get in a set of push-up down dogs. Hold down dog for a while before rolling over and getting 15 abmat sit-ups. Hang from your bar for a bit. Do 10 air squats and then 10 jumping squats. We’ll then do some stationary running specific warm-up in our zones.

Specific Warm-up
Grab a DB and do basic DB complex on each arm (10 DL, 10 Hang Clean, 10 Goblet Squat, 10 Push Press). Then, do 6 Alt DB Snatches from the hang and 6 from the ground. Grab a heavier DB and get in 5/5 DL and then 10 Alt DB Snatches. Lastly, go down to the abmat for 10 strict sit-ups. No momentum from the arms here!

Workout Notes
Be extra cautious on the run course (out the yard, right on civic center way, then right on Stuart Ranch Rd, turn around at the mark on the ground about 50m up-it is an infinity sign spray painted on the asphalt). On each and every snatch. lowed the DB to the ground with control and a neutral spine. Both heads of the DB need to touch the ground. Feel the hips do the work for you here! This one will take some mental toughness!

Hold supine figure four for a minute or longer on each side and then childs pose for 2-3 minutes.

Wednesday 200722 Front Squat Volume +

Should we change our name from “The Hut” to the “Do It Center”?!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session

Wednesday’s classes at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm. ZOOM at 9am.
Front Squat
5-5-5-5-5 (for volume)
5 min AMRAP:
10 Burpees
15 Air Squats
50 Plank Shoulder Taps

Intended Stimulus
Today we go for a volume set of Front Squats followed by a ultra fast 5 minute AMRAP finisher. The intent is to get to about 80% of 1RM on the Front Squat and hold it for all 5 sets of 5 reps. Keep in mind that if you have not been lifting heavy recently, it may not be the best idea to shoot for 80%. Be smart and listen to your coaches on this one. The finisher is an all out sprint for 5 minutes. Start fast and see what happens!

General Warm-up
Get in a nice long cardio warm-up. We’re talking 4-5 minutes on a rower or bike. Then move into 10 lizard lunges, 10 pigeon steps, and a nice long bottom of squat hold. Walk out into plank and hold for a minute. Feel the body find the perfect position, not saggy, not piked. Go for 10 pushups. On number 10 pop right up into 5 burpees. Lastly, get a full round of the AMRAP finisher.

Specific Warmup
Here we focus on the heavy squatting. Take your bar off the rack and get in 10 elbow punches. Now do 10 pausing empty barbell front squats. Drive the elbows up throughout the entire squat. That will help keep the torso upright. Put some weight on and do a set of 5. Get in 10 more lizard lunges before taking 2 or so more sets to get around 80% 1RM. Get in 5 sets of 5 at this load.

Workout Notes
Tinkering with the load is fine, but you should not be making large jumps in these 5 sets. Rest 3 full minutes between these working sets. The last few reps of the last few sets should be tough. Think, knees out, elbows up! The finisher is simple. Burpee fast, squat to depth and stand all the way up, and don’t rock side to side on those shoulder taps. Start fast, end fast.

2 min couch stretch on each side. 2 minutes of pancake.

Tuesday 200721 KB Plus

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session at 9am

Plenty of jumping around outside yesterday… good double under practice for many!

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, and 4pm
6 rounds for time of:
25 KB Swings (24/16kg)
200m Run/250m Row/0.3mi Bike/200m Ski
Post time, load, and scaling.

Intended Stimulus
Today we go for a 6 rounder of KB Swings (USA) and the mono-structural movement of your choice. The intent is that you would push hard on each and every mono-structural piece and then go for only 1 rest on each set of swings. This will be a fast and furious burner that takes 10-14 minutes.

General Warm-Up
Go for 3 minutes on a row/run/ski/bike. Do a nice long set of lizard lunges and then some air squats and pushups. Hang from the bar a bit before getting in a set of 10 broad jumps (going for more powerful hip extension each rep). Hope back on the cardio equipment you started on and go for another 2 min.

Specific Warm-up
Grab your KB and go for 10 deadlifts, 10 SDHP, 10 goblet squats, and lastly, 10 Russian swings. 10 more broad jumps and then 10 USA Swings. Grab a heavier bell and work through the same complex. Do 10 USA Swings.

Workout Notes
The swings need to be challenging enough that you want to set them down. Maybe you decide to go for 15+10 to make your 25? And then PUSH the pace on all 6 cardio pieces. Pretty straight forward. Make sure that KB is stable overhead every rep and that we are hinging at the hip, not squatting it down!

Wrap things up with a long supine figure four on each leg. Prop up the hips with a foamie to incorporate some low back decompression. Go on mind body and sign up for Friday.


Monday 200720 Step, Push, Bounce

Let me ask you… what do YOU think is the “favorite” warm up movement at the Hut? Of course, we use many different dynamic range of motion activities to prep the body for more specific movement. Here is a challenge: choose ONE SINGLE movement/activity that fits the following criteria for warming up…

  • Involves no equipment whatsoever,
  • can be done by just about anyone, with very little-to-no explanation at all,
  • gets the blood flowing, circulation moving, and heart rate steadily climbing,
  • requires very little focus/concentration (at least the more basic aspects of it),
  • is one of our coaches’ GO TO activities for getting people ready to move

Now, take a minute to come up with an actual answer to the question before moving on
…MY ANSWER is hidden below the picture of an upside-down Dr Jo…

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Session alongside the LIVE class at 9am

Dr Jo nails the handstand portion of the “Static Holds WOD” last week… outside at play!

The answer is… the Simon Shuffle… which will be a good way to get ready for today’s WOD.

Monday’s WOD at 7, 9 and 10am and again at 4pm
Every 3 minutes for 6 rounds complete:
24 Box Step-ups (24/20″)
12 Deficit Push-ups (Hands on DBs)
Max Repetition Double Unders to the 2:00 min mark
-rest exactly 1 minute-
Post total # of double unders and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today we do some interval work. 2 minutes of work followed by 1 minute of rest all for max rep double unders. You will move steadily though the 24 box step-ups and get right into your 12 deficit push-ups before grabbing your jump rope and using the remainder of the 2 minutes to accumulate double unders. We’ll rest a minute before going again. 6 times through total. Ideally you’ll have about 45 seconds each round to jump.
General Warm-up
Go for a 500m row or a 400m run. When you get back we will simon shuffle before getting in some arm swings and leg swings. Do 10 bootstrapper squats. How are the legs after yesterday!? Let’s spend a full minute in downward dog before getting 10 alternating step lunges. We’ll finish the general warm-up with a set of 10 inch worms with a pushup on each rep and 50 single unders.
Specific Warm-up
Head over to your box for a set of 10 step-ups on the right side and 10 on the left. Driving through the heel each time. Back to the jump rope for a set of 25 doubles or singles. Get 5 push-ups, chest to the ground on every rep. Now grab a pair of DBs and go for 5-10 deficit push-ups. Time for a heart rate spike of: 10 step-ups, 7 deficit push-ups, and 30 double unders.
Workout Notes
The step-ups need to be done FAST and without stopping today, and that should be doable for everyone. On the push-ups decide how you will break up the 12 reps before the WOD starts and try to stick with it for all 6 rounds. Think ahead to what 12 push-ups will feel like on round 4 and 5 when you make your plan. After the push-ups, take a few deep breaths, settle yourself, grab your rope, relax the shoulders and go for as many double unders and you can get before the clock says 2:00. Rest 1 minute. We’ll do that same thing 5 more times. Your score is total completed double unders. I like scaling to plate jumps today over single unders. A max cal row or bike will also be fine.
Once finished, get in some calf massage and come couch stretch.

Saturday Sessions

Have a great weekend everyone!

Congrats to Patrick on 2 full years of CrossFit Malibu- his big commitment has yielded  big results. Here’s to the next 5 years! #outdoorwodsarebest

Saturday’s WOD at 8 and 9am
25 rounds for time of:
3 toes to bar
2 deadlifts (80/55kg- same load as 200707)
1 box jump (30/24″)
Post time, load, and scaling

Intended Stimulus
This WOD is all about multitasking… it has SO SO many transitions that the focus today is moving quickly from one task to another. It matters A LOT how you set up your station- so do a good job of keeping things close by and transitioning fast. ONLY 3 toes to bar should go unbroken for a long long time, then a light deadlift using the same workout load as July 7th. The box jump should be high enough to demand attention- but no hesitation at all. Big jump and then back on the pull up bar. Come up with a method of keeping track of rounds… that will be the second most difficult task today.

General Warm Up
Simon shuffle for 1 minute, then 3 rounds x (5 reps each of air squat, 5 step lunges, burpees) followed by a full minute of pull up bar hanging. After that do 5 rounds x (1 standing broad jump, 2 KB deadlifts and 3 sit ups).

Specific Warm Up
Empty barbell deadlifts followed by 3 load increases while you deadlift a handful of reps or so. This lift is going to go so fast BUT you will have 50 total reps- so you need to use something that is light… no more than 50% of 1RM deadlift. Do a few TTB and decide on your scaling… these should be a breeeze as there are 75 of them today! Then go get a box… the height should be easy to decide on.

Workout Notes
25 rounds… you’ll really need to come up with a round-keeping process. GO out of the gate fast and try to keep the pedal to the metal all morning. As stated above- set up your station in a way to keep the transition time down to zero. In terms of mechanics- don’t be lazy in your deadlift set up just to go fast.

Take a little jog and shake it off… your nerves are doing to be bit frazzled. Then get on a foam roller to do some low back decompression.

Friday 200718 Strict Nicole

Today’s WOD is a CrossFit Benchmark workout… though it has been altered in a significant way, in that the pull ups are meant to be done strict. That means scaling and modifications are all still perfectly fine; you can use a band, do ring rows, or otherwise alter the movement based on injury or inability to do strict pull ups. However, if you want to do this one “Rx”- it needs to be done with strict, rather than kipping pull ups.

Another interesting aspect about this WOD is that it is one of the “GIRL WODs” that is actually named after a female employee of CrossFit Headquarters, Nicole Carroll. Simply put- she is a bada$$ in many ways. In my opinion, one of her personal attributes that make her such an amazing person is that she is the co-director of CrossFit Training, the wing of CFHq that runs the Level 1 and 2 seminars as well as the Level 3 and 4 certifications. She is an incredible leader of our staff on the seminar training crew. Here is an excerpt of one of her introduction speeches for the Trainer Summit a few years ago. (Rated R for language- not work/family safe)

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session 9am

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
Strict Nicole
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
400m run
Max repetition strict pull ups
Post number of complete rounds AND total number of pull ups completed

Intended Stimulus
Run fast and do lots of pull ups. Keep MOST of your 400m run fast- specifically the straight-away along Cross Creek Road. In and out of the Yard please make sure you play it safe and watch for traffic; then once you KNOW that you have some free and clear space- run fast. The pull ups should be max rep… until you cannot do any more on EACH set. Try to max it out. IF you get rounds of 10-10-10-10 for example… that is evident you are planning your sets. Grit it out for one or 2 more each set!

General Warm Up
Run the course- get an idea where you will turn around based on where your pull up station is and then do some hanging from your bar. On your return run, get in some shuffle, carioca and skipping style runs. Do some shoulder warm up with PVC pass throughs and push ups.

Specific Warm Up
After getting in enough pull ups to determine any pull up scaling… you are ready for the workout. You don’t need to use up any more pull ups than necessary… you’ll need them later 🙂 Save some time for the cool down.

Workout Notes
Those of you outside- run all the way to the opposite curb as usual. Those of you in the front room, turn around at the gutter BEFORE the curb, those of you in the big room, turn around at the Anawalt Lumber sign after you pass their driveway. Once again- BE AWARE, WATCH FOR CARS! Pull up difficulty level should be “set” so that you can do at least 8-10 repetitions in the first rounds. If not, use a band. The rule is- if you drop from the bar, you go for another run. After any break (touching the ground) you run a 400m lap. Those doing this WOD at home might substitute push ups or bent over rows if you don’t have a pull up bar.

Take some time to roll out the shoulder blades and the quads. You can also get some quad stretch and calf stretches- it’ll feel good after the running.

Thursday 200716 Static Holds

Today’s “movement” is focused on not moving. WHAT? Today we will hold static, or non-moving, positions. In physiology these are referred to as isometric contractions- where involved muscles are creating tension but at a fixed position. This means that the muscle contraction does not produce any joint movement- so you will be staying in place. These types of contractions only work well when applied with actual movement (concentric/eccentric contractions). Today we will be holding in strong positions- either the top or bottom of the range of motion. Other types of static holds that are great to experiment with are those that stop in positions that are tough to hold- where bones are not stacked- but joint capsules are in “mid-range” positions- like holding a handstand with bent elbows instead of locked out!

One aspect of today’s workout that should be inextricably related… is that of breathing. One minute will eventually become tough. Keep your focus on a controlled inhale through the nose and a slow exhale through the nose. When things get really tough- the exhale is ok through the mouth- but keep it controlled. Feel your heart beat then entire time. Stay relaxed- particularly in body parts that are not directly related to the movement (hint: relax that jaw… stop clenching your teeth!).

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session 9am LIVE 

Dane smiling thru his 500m row on the baseline test…. outdoors. He is in his first Elements series

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 4pm
As unbroken* as possible for 4 rounds, 1 minute each of:
push up plank hold
bottom of squat hold
ring support hold
bottom of squat hold (again)
handstand hold
rest exactly 1 minute
*rest exactly 15 seconds for any break taken before restarting the hold
Post total number of breaks taken

Intended Stimulus
Holding static positions for one minute each with minimal break during transitions. If you “break”… do so for 15 seconds and then join back in right away. Keep track of total breaks for the entire 24 minute workout. Find versions/scalings of movements IFF you know you will eventually break positions each minute. Best to never break at all holding the version that makes you feel like you might just need to break!

General Warm Up
Simply practice the movements listed- INCLUDING moving versions of the movements. For example, do some squats, push ups and ring, bar, box of parallette dips. Do some wall walks and spend a bit of time doing kick up to handstands OR barbell assisted handstands.

Specific Warm Up
so a cycle of the workout with 15 seconds per movement. Ensure you know each version of each movement you will do.

Workout Notes
Maintain your position AND focus on relaxing the body and breathing.

Some simon shuffle, arm swings, PVC pass thoughs- this easy movement is intended to just get your circulation going after holding the static positions.

Wednesday 200715 Heavy Back Squat

Here we go with a dedicated heavy day. Warm up, squat the bar, keep adding loads, then a heavy set of 15, rest enough to but up the load for a heavy set of 12, more rest, more plates then 9 reps… then 6 then 3- each with respectively heavier loads. Today EACH set should finish with grunting moaning and driving out of the bottom until that bar is securely sitting on the rack. You’ll definitely need the rest because progressively fewer reps necessitate heavier loads for each set. This is total volume work- so start heavy, get heavier,

Welcome to Luke- who has just started with us at CrossFit Malibu. He began while on study abroad in Israel and has continued to do it on his own with other Pepp students. Welcome Luke! … the clean set-up position looks strong:)

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session- LIVE during the 9am class

Wednesday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
Back squat
15-12-9-6-3 (AHAP* each set)
Post 5 loads

*As heavy as possible

Intended Stimulus
As stated pretty clearly above: it’s a heavy day. Each set heavy and about 2/3 of the way through the set there should be some soul-searching regarding how you are going to get out of “the hole” yet AGAIN! Each set should make you a bit worried about the upcoming set! IF not, it shouldn’t count… as light weights are only for warm ups today.

General Warm Up
Bike, row, run, jump rope…anything to get the heart rate up and the sweat starting. General hip warm up need not be super complicated: leg swings, air squats, some lizard lunge mobility work, glute bridges for hamstring activation and a few broad jumps for finding some power.

Specific Warm Up
It should take you about 4-5 sets of squats to set up your first “15 rep round.”
Empty barbell… for about 10-12 reps- some with pauses at the bottom. Add some load and get 5 squats and then 4-5 tempo squats- slow on the way down and fast on the way up. Two more sets increasing load: remember, the GOAL is to get warm, NOT to get fatigued. Feel out the load. THink, “Can I get this 10 times?” If yes- try it for 15! After all- this is 100% physical AND 100% mental.

Workout Notes
Yes, this is experimental. So experiment. You might only get 12 reps of 15 on the first set… then bump up the load and with less effort get in all 12 of the second set. Some strategy can be taught… but there’s much to be figured out along the way. I suggest to NOT go out speedy through the first through reps- but hold for a solid BEAT when you are standing tall. That is a 2-3 second break while the skeleton bears some load and you get a breath to reset the midline. Be brave. Don’t be pigheaded.

Take a walk. Don’t rush home. Take a walk around the yard… or your neighborhood if you are doing this at home.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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