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Friday 220708 monostructural chipper

Nate and Nick get inverted for some HSPU


For time complete:
600m Run
200 Double Unders
800m Row
150 Double Unders
1 mile bike
100 Double Unders
Post finish time and any scaling

Run, Row, Bike can be done in any order

Thursday 220707 Thruster 3RM

Keep working on the basics, the fundamentals- it is attention to the most rudimentary skills that separates the intermediate mover from the beginner.  It even separates the master from the advanced practitioner.  There are dozens of movements that we use in CrossFit training each week- taken from many different areas of sport like weightlifting and gymnastics; areas of  exercise like calisthenics and plyometrics, and combined fields of sport/recreation and play like rowing, running, jumping rope.  With the CrossFit cry for becoming generally physically prepared in a wide range of areas this MIGHT sound like it also means to develop only an average level of ability in each one of these areas.  NOPE.

We want a concerted push towards mastery of EVERY movement that we use.  This doesn’t mean that we spend hours on the rower each week or our entire weekend on olympic lifting workshops.  This DOES mean that every time we cover a movement in a warm up, during a practice/skill set or within a workout- that athletes gain more proficiency than they had prior to that session.  That each time we do the basic air squat- there is something new taken away.  That each day we practice handstand push ups- there is new light shed on how to do it better- even how to scale it more effectively or what to practice moving forward.

This often means learning to walk before you run.  Or more appropriately: learning to clean or snatch well from the hang position before going from the floor.  Moving with better mechanics in a bar dip before doing a WOD on the rings.  Gaining a better front rack position with an empty barbell for a front squat or clean before load it up with too much weight, same goes with the dreaded overhead squat!  Developing solid technique with a  regular push up and a static handstand before using handstand push ups.

This might even mean putting in some extra time with these things outside your time at the Hut.  Many of you do this with mobility work at home, with jump rope practice when you go out of town, or other skills that are easy to work on when you have time on your own.  This can also mean choosing one or two things to focus on each month- maybe static holds on the rings/bars, it could be grip strength with the false grip, it could mean daily wrist mobility/strength work.  What ever it is for YOU- start with identifying a few specific points. Try some concerted and focused work just a few minutes a day… see if they move you just a step beyond the realm of beginner… that also means pushing towards the direction of mastery (2018)

Laura and Shanley get after some DB snatches before max rep burpee box jumps!


post new 3RM!

Wednesday 220706 21.2 Remix

Matthew, Nick, Jo, and Christine all in different phases of a hang squat clean


On the 4 minute mark for 5 rounds:
15 Alt DB Snatch (50/35#)
Max rep burpee box jump overs to the 2:00 mark
Post total BBJO and any scaling

Tuesday 220705 Tabatas and Runs

Shoulders in front of hip crease on the row = more power!


On a 28:00 running clock:
TABATA Toes to Bar
-then on the 6:00 mark-
Run 800m for time
-then on the 12:00 mark-
TABATA Reverse Step Lunge
-then on the 18:00 mark-
Run 800m for time
-then on the 24:00 mark-
TABATA Toes to Bar
post total reps here and fastest 800m time in the section below

Monday 220704 Hammer

Happy 4th of July CFM! Two classes today, 7:00 and 9:00am… celebrating a HERO, celebrating the US of A!

Harper works on deadlift positioning and builds up to 40kg!


Five rounds for time of:
5 Power clean (60/45kg)
10 Front squat (60/45kg)
5 Push jerk (60/45kg)
20 Pull-ups*
-rest exactly 90 seconds between each round-

**Strict 25 minute time cap**

post total time (including rest bouts) and any scaling

*scale the pull-ups by decreasing difficulty or volume in order to complete each set in 3 sets MAX

This workout is in honor of U.S. Army First Sergeant Michael “Hammer” Bordelon, 37, of Morgan City, Louisiana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), based out of Fort Lewis, Washington, who died on May 10, 2005, from injuries sustained when a car bomb exploded near him in Mosul, Iraq on April 23, 2005. He is survived by his wife Mila; children Mike Jr., Jacob, and Johanna; mother Dolores; and sister Doreen Scioneaux.

Friday 220701 3 RFT

Gayle sets up with rigid neutral spine on her KB deadlifts. Welcome back!

3 rounds for time:
12 Power Cleans (70/50kg)
15 Handstand Push-ups
45 Air Squats
post finish time and any scaling

Thursday 220630 Lynne Style

How many strict pull-ups can you do without dropping off the bar? What’s your personal record for unbroken double unders? How many calories can you rack up in one minute on the rower? Today we answer these questions as we move through a Lynne-style workout. You’ll cycle through these 3 tests five times, resting as needed between bouts of work to ensure that you’re rested enough to test again. It will certainly get harder to hit the same number of pull-ups each round, but the DUs and rowing are bouts you can “PR” each time if you settle yourself and go for it! If you are an emerging DU athlete, scale to a 1 minute DU test instead of a max unbroken set. If it is not possible to get more than 8 strict pull-ups without dropping, scale to a band that allows for that, OR, get in 5 eccentrics as slow as possible.

Dulcie is back! Here she reps out one of many devils presses

Lynne Style
5 Rounds for reps:
Max rep set of unbroken strict pull-ups
Max rep set of unbroken double unders
Max calorie row in 1 minute
-rest as needed between bouts-
post total completed reps

Wednesday 220629 OHS 5×3 and a Finisher

Dr. Jo after 1000m of farmer carry

Workout of the Day:
Overhead Squat
post all loading and any scaling
A finisher

Intended Stimulus
“Heavy overhead squats challenge your strength while demanding solid mechanics and good flexibility. Athletes at all skill levels should attempt overhead squat triples. Experienced athletes can go as heavy as possible, while newer athletes will use this workout as an opportunity to drill the movement, potentially increasing the reps for more practice.”* Rest at least 3 minutes between sets. Then, buckle up for a fun finisher!


Tuesday 220628 AMRAP 20

Continued skill work leads to continued improvement

20 minute AMRAP:

20-15-10-5 Push-up*
200m Farmer Carry (24/18kg)
*after the round of 5 push-ups, return to the round of 20
post total # of push-ups completed

Monday 220627 AMRAP 20: Push-up and Carry

Nice pull-ups, Kyle! More of that later in the week… but for now, intervals of devils press and running!

5 rounds EACH for time on the 6 minute mark:
7 Devils Press (50/35#)
400m Run
7 Devils Press
post each finish time and any scaling

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