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Wednesday 220629 OHS 5×3 and a Finisher

Dr. Jo after 1000m of farmer carry

Workout of the Day:
Overhead Squat
post all loading and any scaling
A finisher

Intended Stimulus
“Heavy overhead squats challenge your strength while demanding solid mechanics and good flexibility. Athletes at all skill levels should attempt overhead squat triples. Experienced athletes can go as heavy as possible, while newer athletes will use this workout as an opportunity to drill the movement, potentially increasing the reps for more practice.”* Rest at least 3 minutes between sets. Then, buckle up for a fun finisher!


Tuesday 220628 AMRAP 20

Continued skill work leads to continued improvement

20 minute AMRAP:

20-15-10-5 Push-up*
200m Farmer Carry (24/18kg)
*after the round of 5 push-ups, return to the round of 20
post total # of push-ups completed

Monday 220627 AMRAP 20: Push-up and Carry

Nice pull-ups, Kyle! More of that later in the week… but for now, intervals of devils press and running!

5 rounds EACH for time on the 6 minute mark:
7 Devils Press (50/35#)
400m Run
7 Devils Press
post each finish time and any scaling

Friday 220624 Handstand Skills and AMRAP 8

Eric and Paul push for max cals in a minute!

Workout of the Day
12 minutes of handstand skills and drills
8 minute AMRAP:
8 C2B Pull-ups
40 Double Unders
Post total rounds + reps and any scaling

Wednesday 220622 FGB Style and a PSA

As we have gotten back to normal here at The Hut, there are many things we have learned over the last 2 years that we continue to implement. One of those things is that you simply shouldn’t come to the gym if you are feeling crummy, sick, with a cough, etc. This is a reminder for ALL cases of being sick… don’t come to a workout hoping to “sweat it out”. In reality, your body needs rest, hydration, and good fuel, not a WOD. In the long run, extra rest and recovery will prove more beneficial and is consistent with our mission and your goal here at The Hut: improving fitness! If you are just dying to exercise, text one of us for an at home WOD, and we’ll send you something appropriate, or help you modify what’s on the blog. As coaches, we do not come to work when we are sick, and as athletes, you should do the same. With summer kicking off, and as more and more of us travel, this is an important reminder! Thanks for thinking of one another, CFM family. Enough with the PSA and on to Fight Gone Bad Style!

Nate and Dr Jason trudge through the burpees during Monday’s 4 round burner!

Fight Gone Bad Style
Three 5 minute rounds for max reps:
SA DB Clean and Jerks (50/35#)
Box Step Overs (24/20”)
Push-up Down-dogs
Abmat Sit-ups
Calorie Bike
-rest 2 minutes-
Post total reps completed and any scaling

Tuesday 220621 E4M x 7: 4 Back Squats

Laura goes ground to overhead with a power snatch while Max and Mike cheer her on

Every 4 minutes for 7 rounds:
4 Back Squats (AHAP)
Build to a heavy load and hold for the last 4-5 sets

Intended Stimulus
We’ll do most of the building in load before the E4M begins. If necessary, add a bit of load during the first 2-3 sets, but we’re shooting for volume here, so ensure your final 4-5 sets are at the same heavy load! You’ll be looking to build to more than 75% 1RM here (some over 80!). That means make a plan going backwards from the load you plan on using for the final 5 sets. This will help you make wise jumps in load instead of wandering. During the rest, REST. You’ll be back on the bar before you know it!

Monday 220620 4 RFT: Run, Snatch, Burpee

Happy Father’s Day to all of the CFM dads! Our community wouldn’t be what it us without you. Know that your hard work and dedication to your health and fitness is an example to all. We hope you feel celebrated and appreciated.. because you ARE! We welcome you back to The Hut with an absolute BURNER of a 4 rounder 🙂

Father and son (and ScottDavis) put in WORK during the max meter row day!

4 rounds for time:
400m Run
15 Power Snatch (45/30kg)
9 Burpee Over the Bar
Post finish time and any scaling

Friday 220617 55s Chipper Riff

Wall walks on Wednesday, and today a riff on the 55s chipper Open WOD. FUN!

14 minute AMRAP:
55 KB Swings (24/18kg USA)
55 MB Cleans (20/14#)
55 Calorie Row
55 Push-ups
post total reps completed and any scaling

Thursday 220616 5 Rounds For Quality

See, wall walks ARE fun!

5 rounds for quality:
10 DB Bench Press (AHAP)
6/6 KB Turkish Sit-up (18/12kg)
15m Sled Pull + 15m Sled Push
post all 5 sled times
post all other loading and scaling in notes

Wednesday 220615 AMRAP 20

Way to use your fitness, Scott!

2 Wall Walks*
12 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20″)
200m Run
*add 2 wall walks each round
post total wall walks completed and any scaling

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