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Thursday 200521 TWO Each for Time

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Class session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

Two rounds each for time of:
100 m single arm farmer’s carry (32/28 kg KB)
15 back burpees
20 alt. dumbbell snatch (50/35# DB)
35 SDLHP (32/28 kg KB)
20 alt. dumbbell snatch
15 back burpees
100 m single arm farmer’s carry
— Rest as needed between rounds (5-8 minutes)

Intended Stimulus
Three, two, one, GO…farmer’s carry to farmer’s carry. A quick, intense chipper, working your way up and down this pyramid scheme. Look at the clock, write the time down and REST…for as long as you need, minimum 5 minutes. Why? So, that you can push through with the same or MORE voracity and power for your second round of this. Yes, you will complete this twice. So, do not underestimate the rest time, especially if you are doing this on your own. We are moving through various different movements with heavy-ish weight, choose to go on the heavier side today and stick to it.

General Warm Up
Let’s begin with 15 burpees, why not! Then stay in that plank position and move through slow mountain climbers for a minute (hold each lunge for a couple of seconds). Lay on your back for 15 straight legged sit ups and some glute bridges, both feet on the ground, then some single legged glute bridges. Bring your arms to a T, right knee to your chest and twist, keep that right shoulder on the ground..9 more times. Roll on up to standing and grab a PVC pipe for pass throughs, windmills, good mornings and slow overheard squats.

Specific Warm Up
Pick up your KB and get 10 deadlifts, 5 sumo deadlifts and then, 5 SDLHP. Stand by your KB, brace your core and pick it up and walk your 100 m route (roughly 50 big steps out and 50 big steps back). If we were at the Hut, we would walk to the gate and back for 100 m. Set that KB down with CONTROL. Lay on your back for 10 back burpees. Now, onto the single dumbbell for 5 more deadlifts, 5 deadlifts and shrugs and then 5 snatches (squeeze the glutes for FULL hip extension) – each arm. Come back to your KB, pick up it with the other arm and go out for another 100 m farmer’s carry. Increase the weight for the SDLHP and snatches and get 10 of each.

Workout Notes
Move through the back burpees with a consistent solid pace, find the most efficient way that works for you to get from  a supine position to standing – either placing two hands by your side as you stand, no hands, or leaning over to one side. Just make sure that heels, calves and fingers tips touch the ground before you stand. Extend the elbows before you shoot your hips back in both the SDLHP and snatches. Additionally, keep that weight moving in a straight line, really close to the body. Brace the midline in the farmer’s carry, be mindful of keeping both shoulders level – avoid leaning over to the side that is holding the KB. Rest as long as you need, 5-8 minutes, sit, chat with your fellow zoomies, and brace yourself for round two.

Come into a child’s pose, first with knees touching and arms reaching back to give your arms and shoulders a break – take this time to catch your breathe. Now widen your knees and reach your arms forward, alternate pushing your right, and then left, armpit towards the floor. Then lay down on your belly and move through a couple of slow scorpions.

Wednesday 200520 One Mile Cool Down

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Session

Every 3 minutes for 6 rounds complete:
24 Box Step-ups (24/20″)
12 Deficit Push-ups (Hands on DBs)
Max Repetition Double Unders to the 2:00 mark
-rest exactly 1 minute-
Run 1 mile as a cool down
Post total # of double unders and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today we do some interval work. 2 minutes of work followed by 1 minute of rest all for max rep double unders. You will move steadily though the 24 box step-ups and get right into your 12 deficit push-ups before grabbing your jump rope and using the remainder of the 2 minutes to accumulate double unders. We’ll rest a minute before going again. 6 times through total. Ideally you’ll have about 45 seconds each round to jump. After all is said and done, we will rest a bit and then do a 1 mile cool-down run. I wonder why?
General Warm-up
Go for a 500m row or a 400m run. When you get back we will simon shuffle before getting in some arm swings and leg swings. Do 10 bootstrapper squats. How are the legs after yesterday!? Let’s spend a full minute in downward dog before getting 10 alternating step lunges. We’ll finish the general warm-up with a set of 10 inch worms with a pushup on each rep and 50 single unders.
Specific Warm-up
Head over to your box for a set of 10 step-ups on the right side and 10 on the left. Driving through the heel each time. Back to the jump rope for a set of 25 doubles or singles. Get 5 push-ups, chest to the ground on every rep. Now grab a pair of DBs and go for 5-10 deficit push-ups. Time for a heart rate spike of 10 step-ups, 7 deficit push-ups, and 30 double unders.
Workout Notes
The step-ups need to be done without stopping today, and that should be doable for everyone. On the push-ups decide how you will break up the 12 reps before the WOD starts and try to stick with it for all 6 rounds. Kind of like yesterday’s WOD, think ahead to what 12 push-ups will feel like on round 4 and 5 when you make your plan. After the push-ups, take a few deep breaths, settle yourself, grab your rope, relax the shoulders and go for as many double unders and you can get before the clock says 2:00. Rest 1 minute. We’ll do that same thing 5 more times. Your score is total completed double unders. I like scaling to plate jumps today over singles. A max cal row or bike will also be fine.
We will finish by going out for a 1 mile cool down jog. You can run your 800m course twice or use a watch to make it a perfect one mile out and back course. Once finished, get in some calf massage and some couch stretch.

Tuesday 200519 Triplet-Couplet

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

For Time Complete:
21-15-9 reps of:
Front Squats (45/30kg)
Push Press (45/30kg)
200m Run
-Right Into-
15-12-9 reps of:
Thrusters (45/30kg)
200m Run

Intended Stimulus
Today we do some weightlifting and short, but fast, running. We’ll start out with Front Squats, Push Presses, and 200m runs for a 21-15-9, and then we’ll combine the squats and presses into one movement and do 15-12-9 Thrusters and 200m runs. All for time. The goal here is to wisely break up the sets of 21 and 15 so that you can run hard and then try to go unbroken through the 15-12-9. This one is going to feel sprinty!
General Warm-up
Start with a 200m jog. If you haven’t marked that distance off yet, it is roughly 30 seconds out and 30 seconds back. Then, do 10 front scales on each leg and 10 back scales on each leg. We’ll move into some alternating lizard lunge, some plank holds, and 10 push-up down dogs. Finally, do 2 rounds of 10 air squats, and 5 pushups and then a single 200m run.
Specific Warm-up
Grab a single DB or an empty barbell and go for 10 deadlifts, 5 front squats and 5 strict presses. Drop back into lizard for 10 alt. mountain climbers. Back to the barbell/DBs for another set of 10 DL, 5 FS, 5 PP. Add some weight and go for a few reps of FS, PP, and Thruster. Keep doing this until you have the weight you want to use for the workout. Go for one last 200m run, fast!
Workout Notes
Remember, this isn’t your typical 21-15-9. You have another 15-12-9 right after you finish, so it is very important to break up the sets early to prevent yourself from crashing and burning on the thrusters! Think 11+10 for the 21 reps and 8+7 for the 15. Then, try to go unbroken through the thrusters on the 15-12-9 and PUSH each and every run! You can do all of this with DBs. The weight of the DBs should be similar to what you would use in kilos on a barbell. For non-runners, a 250m row or .3 mile bike will be a good substitution. Remember to hit full depth on each and every squat and lock those BBs/DBs up overhead. Good luck and run fast!
We will wrap up the session with some modified pigeon pose and some shoulder openers on a box/bench/chair. Lastly, We’ll go for a light jog and do some cool down squatting with some deep holds.

Monday 200518 AMRAP Bodyweight

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am RECORDED class session
CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

Monday Workout of the Day- End of Week Eight
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
25 foot handstand walk
75 foot walking lunge
25 reps strict abmat sit ups
Post number of rounds and extra reps
10 minutes of work on scales and L-Sits

Intended Stimulus
This one is a bit mixed due to the fact that the handstand walk is illusive to many of us… so for the Rx, this will actually be quite a short handstand walk and a very fast lunge… it is bodyweight and ONLY about 25 steps SO I think the time spend on the sit ups will be the time to reenergize. For those not totally adapted to inversions- the handstand will take some toll. Shoot for completing round 1 in under or about 2 minutes. Then watch those seconds accumulate for every round to come 🙂

General Warm Up
After measuring off your 25 foot course (for most people, it will be about 8 big steps… think about the length of the big room at the Hut!) -then- get in 4 shuttle runs. Run to one side, touch the GROUND, return to the other side. Four lengths- that is 100 feet. Then do 4 step lunges, 4 air squats and 4 burpees. Back to the 25 foot course for 4 shuttle RUN lengths, then 2 shuttles done in bear crawl. Repeat that for a total of 3 rounds! There is your basic handstand walk warm up:) Kick up against a wall and get in 30 seconds of handstand hold then hang from pull up bar for 30 seconds. Set up 2 parallettes, boxes or chairs to work through some of the dips you are STILL sore from on Saturday!

Specific Warm Up
Find a down dog position and do 10 alternating shoulder taps. Come up to standing and do wrist circles in each direction. On your pull up bar or rings- get a false grip and so some hanging… maybe even a few pull ups. Wrist strengtheners for sure! You have done some lunges already- but let’s get some lizard lunge mobility and then a few alternating mountain climbers. I often move into some TGU set ups to get some hip raises (first and second moves of a TGU) for some stretch and strengthen of this position off the floor… very good transfer to other activities like surfing, break dancing, and grappling. Now we can go with the feet up on a barbell and some more shoulder taps. If you can do 10 in a row- try them while in a handstand against the wall. You handstand walkers- get in some reps here.

Workout Notes
Scaling or modification for the walk: each hand tap counts as 1 foot- so 25 taps while inverted. Or if you can in SOME inverted walking… then do it! Challenge yourself today. Perhaps you can go with a 1 minute time limit OR a number of attempts to get in the 25 feet. Lunges are light- get them all in. Those who would like to- can hold on to something for more security in the lunge. Keep those hips and feet on the ground in the sit up- these are strict!

Let’s get back to a 1 minute shuttle run to cool down. Back to parallettes to hold some plank and to prep for the L-sit work! Get in a few minutes of shoulder stretching today- some hanging and chilld’s pose. Work between the shoulder blades with your lax ball.

Weekend Sessions

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- Saturday 9am Recorded Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- YOGA with Maria 4pm Recorded Session

Complete as many repetitions as possible in 20 minutes of:
1 Turkish get up, 2 burpee box jump over, 3 box dip,
2 Turkish get up, 4 burpee box jump over, 6 box dip,
3 Turkish get up, 6 burpee box jump over, 9 box dip,
Post total number of repetitions
Rx = 50/35# DB; 20/16” box
Intended stimulus
The Turkish get ups should feel moderately heavy and require focus each rep; the burpee box jump overs will get your heart rate up; and the dips will be a challenge while still allowing your heart rate to slow down before the TGUs. Work hard for 20 minutes. Obviously this is no sprint, nevertheless, you’ll be breathing heavy the whole time. I encourage you to find a pace and that you can keep steady for the whole 20 minutes.
General Warm Up
Start with some windmills and stretch the sides of the body. Go for some leg swings, some Simon shuffle, some leg swipes, and then some reverse step lunges. Walk out into plank, go for 10 push ups, and then push back to down dog. Spend a minute peddling out your feet before lowering your chest and then going for 10 scorpions. While we’re on the ground, roll over for some iron crosses, followed by 10 slow glute-bridges.
Specific Warm up
Take a few jumps up in weight to find your heavy DB or KB for the TGUs. Make sure you feel stable in each position of the TGU and keep staring at the weight over head. When you feel a little sweaty from the TGUs, grab a low box for some step ups, some box jumps, and then step away from your box for some broad jumps. Tuck your knees higher than usual! Now, do the same OVER your box. Land gracefully before taking your chest to the ground for a burpee. Now, jump over the box again. If all of your boxes are too high, consider using a medicine ball or something like that to jump over during the workout. Keep your box out for some dips. Take your feet far in front of you, lower down so that your elbows are at or above your shoulders and then drive up. Remember to keep your hips high. If these are too easy, consider elevating your feet. Let’s get in one practice round so you can get the feel of it. 1 TGU, 2 burpee box jump overs, and 3 dips. This should take you somewhere around 1-1:30 minutes.
Workout Notes
Notice the pattern. Suppose you can do the first round in about a minute… if you maintain that pace, you will get in to the round of 6 TGUs, 12 burpee box jump overs, and 18 box dips by the 20 minute mark. Pacing will be critical today. Don’t go out too fast. Stability is key for the TGUs today. As for the burpee box jump overs, make your transitions quick. Take 1 or 2 breaths between each rep, and make sure your box height doesn’t put you at risk of missing the jump. As I said, find your pace and check back with the clock periodically to keep yourself accountable.
Spend some time rolling out the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Work the upper body as well: the lats and upper back especially.

Friday 200515 “Helen”

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Three rounds for time of:
400m run
21 KB swings 24/18kg USA
12 pull ups
Post time, load and scaling
Compare to July 25th and May 7 2019, Sept 12 2018 and May 11 2018, May 2 2017

Intended Stimulus
This is a 3 round triplet with a monostructural, gymnastic, and weight lifting movement that is intended to be finished in under 10 minutes, With all repetitions unbroken and a relatively fast run- it will be done in 7-9 minutes. A goal today is to go unbroken on the KB swings FOR SURE (as this has been a point of focus for us over the past few weeks) and to get in some pretty fast running. Now the pull ups have been a bit lacking in the past 60 days- but if you have a spot to do them… get them done!

General Warm Up
Take your 400m run loop at a very relaxed pace and then come back to your “home gym”…. to get in 10 burpees, 10 air squats, 10 sit ups. Get some in-place run drills: butt kickers, high knees- and then head back outside for 6 reps of butt-kickers-that-move-into-surges. They only need to be about 30m each, so go back and forth 3 rounds of this. Get back in for some hanging on the pull up bar, some kipping swings, followed by PVC pass throughs.

Specific Warm Up
With your kettlebell, get some deadlifts, sumo deadlift high pulls, russian swings. Then brace one arm on a 20-24″ box and do single arm bent over rows with your KB- get about 5 each side. Followed by some more Russian and then American swings. Get a couple of strict pull ups, then a few kipping pull ups. Go for big- unbroken sets today if 12 seems to be easy. If not- find the RIGHT number that you don’t need much more than 15 seconds break before getting up there for more. Let’s then do a mini-round of Helen with a fast 200m run, 10 swings and 5 pull ups. Rest until you are ready to GO!

Workout Notes
No pull up bar? Do Single arm bent over rows (braced with free arm on a box) for 12 reps on each arm- broken in sets as desired. If you did sets of KB unbroken this past Tuesday AND last Friday if you did much of the WOD unbroken- then do that today! For those of you with a heavy KB only- permission to go Russian, provided you go unbroken as well. Other monostructural movements can be do as follows: row- 500m, Ski- 450m, Bike 0.7 miles per round. You can scale as needed to keep power output high enough to finish in 2 minutes or less on each round. You runners best try and finish at the 2 min mark each bout as well.

Go for another jog of 1200m… the same distance of all running within the WOD. Return for some hanging, lizard lunge and couch stretch to get the quads all stretchy. Some deep glute stretches will finish it off.

Thursday 200514 For Max Push Ups

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am RECORDED Class Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Session

5 – 3 minute rounds, for MAX reps of:
15 deadlifts
10 hang squat cleans
Max army combat fitness test push-ups
Rest exactly 2 minutes
(Start each round on the 5 minute mark with a continuously running clock)

Rx = 50/35kg barbell

*Post number of total push up reps, loading and scaling*
**If using KB see workout notes for modification/warm-up ideas**

Intended Stimulus
Yes, more push-ups, more Murph prep, more hard work, more fun. The idea today is to choose a weight for the deadlifts and hang squat cleans that will be heavy enough to take up 2 minutes of each round…that means that you will have around ONE minute to crank out as many army combat fitness test push-ups you can. A word of caution – we have five rounds to get through, stay as consistent as you can. Break those push-ups up before you are trembling and can’t push one inch from the ground. Be smart and push!

General Warm Up
Let’s start out with a minute of reaching up and down towards the floor, starting of the hinge prep. Then walk out into a plank position, work through 15 plank to down dogs, peddling out the feet or reaching one leg towards the ceiling during these down dogs. Step your right foot forward, in lizard lunge: plant the left hand in the ground, as you reach up with the right arm and then draw your right elbow toward your right ankle – move through 15 on each side. Find your handy dandy PVC pipe and get in some pass throughs and good mornings. Lastly, get in 10 air squats.

Specific Warm Up
With an empty barbell or light weights, please do 10 deadlifts…then 5 more with a strong shrug at the top – keeping elbows long. Now, 10 front squats to prepare to catch that barbell in the bottom of the squat in our cleans – focus on full depth, driving knees out, ripping the floor apart with your feet. Move through 10 hang power cleans, then 10 hang squat cleans. Let’s set our weight aside for a bit. Come to the floor for 5 regular push-ups, take this time to remember to squeeze the glutes, the quads the core, elbows stay close to the torso. No snaking! Shake the arms out, get in some right over left, left over right. Back to plank for 10 army combat fitness test push-ups – you want to be able to do 10 of whatever scaling you choose, even though you might not do 10 consecutively during the workout (training, on a box, knees). Push back into a down dog. Now time to bump up the weight, 2 more sets to bump up weight: get in a coupe of deadlifts and cleans each increase in load.

Workout Notes
If you are in between a lighter or heavier weight, choose heavier today… we want around one minute for push-ups, not two. Bring that chest to the ground with control on the push-ups, avoid flopping onto the ground and disengaging. Take many QUICK breaks on the ACFTPU, rather than moving to failure on the first round. Find a doable number of reps that you can move through. Be mindful that your spine stays rigid and neutral in those deadlifts, you are going to want to move fast – don’t sacrifice how you put or pick up that weight. If you have to put down that barbell – it’s okay, just make it quick like the push-ups. Fight for that depth in the squats, think about driving up as soon as you make it to the bottom of that perfect squat :).
** If you are using KB today: 15 Sumo deadlift high pulls and 10 USA swings, might suit you better today, to achieve the same stimulus. All you might want to add in the warm-up is widening your stance in our deadlift warm-up and adding the pull. Remember, elbows extend before hinging forward to place KB down. Additionally, get in some Russian and then American swings. Keep those swings explosive – they are supposed to be challenging!

To cool down, let’s sit on the floor with legs extending in front of you – reach as far forward as you can. Let your head hang heavy – perfect spot to catch your breath. Roll up slowly, place your hands by your sides to prop you up, bend you right knee so that the sole of your right foot is on the ground, and then cross your left ankle on to your right thigh. Seated figure four stretch – hold for 2 minutes and then switch. Finish with a child’s pose and chill here for a long time!

Wednesday 200513 Four Rounder

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Class

4 Rounds For Time:
21 Alt DB Snatch (50/35#)
15 Front Squats (45kg/30kg)
9 Shoulder to Overhead (45kg/30kg)

Intended Stimulus
Today we have an all weightlifting triplet that you will cycle through 4 rounds for time. Notice that the prescribed loads are moderately-light (in the grand scheme of weightlifting WODs that is). That means the goal today is to stay moving through each of the movements, going mostly unbroken and letting the volume of work and the speed with which you move be the challenge, rather than simply the load chosen for each movement.

General Warm-up
Let’s go for a classic CrossFit warm-up here. After getting in some simon shuffle and spending some time in lizard lunge on each leg, get in a 5 min AMRAP of 10 air squats, 10 push-ups, 10 up-downs, and 10 glute bridges. We’ll move into some good mornings and then some tempo air squats (3 seconds on the way down, 3 second pause, fast up!) before moving into our specific warm-up.

Specific Warm-up
Move to your barbell or DBs for a basic warm-up: 10 deadlifts, 10 hang cleans, 10 front squats, 10 strict press. Lets move to the DB for 10 single arm deadlifts and 10 alt hang snatch. We’ll then continue through the movements adding load each time until you decide what load will be best for you to nail the intended stimulus! Lastly, complete 10 alt DB Snatches, 10 Front Squats, and 5 Shoulder to Overheads as a heart rate spike to prep for the intensity that is ahead!

Workout Notes
For those without barbells, use a set of DBs for the front squats and the shoulder to overheads. Those can be jerks, push presses, or strict presses. Notice that the loading of the DB Snatch is roughly half of the loading for the squats and presses. That means if you are using DBs for the entire workout, you’ll likely use the same DB for all 3 movements. For example, If you choose to use 40# for the Alt DB Snatch, the use 40# in each hand for the front squats and the presses. If you use 40# for the DB Snatch, but then use a barbell, it will likely be around 40kg.

We will finish with some forearm stretching and smashing as well as a nice 2 min child’s pose, working on the shoulders and low back.

Tuesday 200512 Chipper

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Session- do it NOW!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Session

For Time Complete:
100 Double Unders
800m Run
60 Abmat Sit-ups
40 Unbroken KB Swings USA (24/16kg)*
20 Burpees
100 Double Unders
*If you break the KB Swings up before 40, you must complete 60 total before moving onto the burpees
Intended Stimulus
Today we have a straight forward chipper with a little novelty smack in the middle. Think “unbroken” as the theme and your goal for this one. Maybe you have to break the double unders into a few sets, but everything else think UNBROKEN. Run without a fluctuating pace. Do not stop or slow down on the 60 sit-ups. Unbroken on the American KB Swings. That is where there will actually be a little punishment for not going unbroken! Push through the burpees without resting and then back to the jump rope for another set of 100 double unders to finish the workout.
General Warm-up
Go out on your 800m run course. As you’re running mix in some skips, side shuffles, high knees, butt kickers, and surges. Now lets do a set of 50 bouncy single unders. We’ll finish off the general warm-up with 10 KB Deadlifts, 10 alt lizard lunges, and 10 Burpees.
Specific Warm-up
Lay flat on your back and get a set of 10 long leg sit-ups, followed by 5 strict sit-ups, and then right into 10 traditional butterfly abmat sit-ups. Back to the KB for a basic KB warm-up: 10 DL, 10 KB Squat Cleans, 10 Russian Swings, and 10 American Swings. Back to the jump rope for 25 double unders/penguin taps, or 50 bouncy singles. Grab a heavier KB and go through the basic KB warm-up again, but with only 5 reps per movement. Do 5 burpees for good measure and rest a bit.
Workout Notes
Again, think UNBROKEN when it comes to todays movements. yes, you may need to break up the Double Unders, but do it in planned sets like 4×25 or 2×50. Then try to complete the rest of the movements without stopping. On the KB Swings there will be a little added motivation! If you have to break before hitting 40 swings, the number of swings required becomes 60. So do your best to hang on, but do so safely! Last, stick with the same plan you had for the first 100 Double Unders on this final set of 100.
We’ll wrap up class with some spinal twists. Scorpions and T-crossovers. 10 Each. Then spend some time in happy baby.

Monday 200511 Time Trials

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am recorded session… do it?

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Session

6 Round Time Trial: 2 minutes max distance each bout
Pick the monostructural mode of your choice, mix-n-match is OK!
Go 2 minutes max distance
Rest for 3 minutes, repeat.
Use one movement or a maximum of 2. Choose from run, row, bike, ski, swim, jump rope, etc. Obviously some of the domains work for your current environment and others don’t. Keep reading/watch the preview video for more information. Don’t skip this one… REALLY try to join a group to get it done WELL!

*In class, we will set a clock and GO on the five minute mark… giving us exactly 3 minutes of rest following each bout. Once the clock starts, we will get in 12 minutes of work and 15 minutes of rest. The “clock time” lasts only 27 minutes.

Intended Stimulus
Going hard for 2 minutes is TOUGH! Blurring the line between aerobic and anaerobic activity, this short duration and high intensity is tough to maintain. It is even tougher on your own. Join the group! Since the distance is NOT given today, those with a machine will be able to more easily calculate their total distance. See Notes for strategies to make this easier for you. This is intended to be at a very fast pace- and yet one that can be continued for 4-5 bouts. Three minutes is not a lot of rest time- so don’t go at all out pace. Go at about 80-85% pace for the first round and then try to hold or even exceed that by just a bit in the next rounds. By the final 2-3, you will likely be just hanging on. The goal is 5 or 6 of these at a max distance. This is a volume set of work at high intensity. Today the goal is not to get further each round, but to go FAR on each and every round. You will get enough warm up in the early 12-15 minutes of the class so that you can be ready to go hard by the beginning of round 1.

General Warm Up
Before arriving to the group ZOOM session- get in an easy 2 minute monostructural warm up on your usual 400m course or the machine you have at your house. If you are running… using your usual 400m course- or maybe even your 800m course would be a good idea… this way you won’t have to check your gps/phone/watch as many times to determine when the 2 minutes is “up.” After getting in your first 2 minutes, we will get together and do some general jumping, swinging, burpeeing, and any other heart rate warm up activities. I don’t want to all monostructural warm up… for many people, in fact, this can simply lead to overdoing a “good thing.” For example- some people who are runners tend to do nothing much but running. As a runner- “cross training” your warm up is the LEAST you should do to help your overall fitness AND your running!

Specific Warm Up
Here is where we will get in to the exact type of movement prep you will do for your workout. Here, I will focus on running- though in the class I will give specifics to those rowing, biking and skiing. For runners, we will do some sets of high knees, butt kickers and some hip and lower leg running prep drills. Then we will do about 3 “surges”… starting off with butt kickers in place, then a lean forward into a run that progresses in speed to just shy of a sprint. As you get in a few of these, the pace for the eventual “surge” will be that of the pace you will run your first round!

Workout Notes
If you are running, biking, swimming you will need a gps (phone) and an app like Strava or Map My Run (which I use and it works fine). You hit the START button and GO for 2 minutes. Choose the modality you like… OR perhaps the one you need to most work on! You can mix a maximum of 2 movements- most of you will be limited by now having a machine/erg. I will most likely SKI this one, since I am broadcasting from the Hut and that way I can keep coaching the session AND stay in front of the camera. Seriously… for SOME OF US… only 4 rounds could be “enough!” Let nausea lead the way. Any “twinges” in the hip flexor, hamstring, and/or calf… and you are DONE with the workout. Seriously. You did too much too soon… should have warmed up more and not gone quite so hard. Rest up.

Whatever you did for your movement- do something ELSE for a cool down. If you rowed- walk/jog, if you walk/jogged, get in some simon shuffle in place… Then we will do some lower leg lacrosse ball action to work on the calves and achilles tendons (particularly for those of you who ran today!)

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View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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