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Wednesday 201104 Franish Triplet

Yoga with María happens tonight at 6pm! Click this zoom link to join, All welcome

Intended Stimulus
Here we have a 21-15-9 triplet! This one is going to be fast and furious! A little bit slower than Fran (notice that 60/45kg Rx on the front squat), but fast nonetheless! You’ll want to find a load on the front squat that you can get the 21 done in 3-4 sets max. Then for the 21 reps of push and pull, think 1-2 sets on the push-ups, 2-3 on the pull-ups. Same goes for the round of 15, and then maybe unbroken on the round of 9!? Stay nice and strict on the push-ups, getting full range of motion on each rep, avoiding any sagging of the midline or hinging of the hips. Bands are ok for pull-up scaling today.

The Champ ate at Lily’s… I guess that gives YOU the green light? Mathewfras IG, photo Sammy Moniz

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
21-15-9 reps for time:
Front Squat (60/45kg)
Record time, load, and scaling

Tuesday 201103 Choose

Choosing your own number of repetitions for most of today’s activities encourages you to try for better quality at a more difficult level of movement. If you can get your feet to the bar with a strict toes to bar, don’t kip wildly to get in all 10… instead work on control and simply get 5. If 2 wall walks are just right, then don’t go for 3 and move with bad form. If the load is easy for 10 reps on the step up… then carry a heavier load where 10 allows for constant motion and yet is challenging. This is called right-leveled struggle. Take a dose that you can handle and not one that knocks you out. Learn from it, get stronger, and take a bit more. Develop a tolerance, become inoculated and then the next time you can take a larger stimulus. This is adaptation. And this takes proper titration of challenge and ease. Struggle with grace.

SLIPS: Scales, L-sits, Inversions, Planks, Stretching… gymnastics fundamentals are calling out

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
20 minutes of constant quality movement:
5-10 Strict Toes to Bar
2-3 Perfect Wall Walks
10 Weighted Box Step-ups
400m Run

Intended Stimulus
Today you get lots of practice. The intention is that you find scalings that allow for continuous movement (not to be confused with easy movements). You’ll choose the rep scheme that allows for this “constantly moving, but challenging” 20 minutes. If strict TTB isn’t possible, think strict toes as high as possible, or strict knees to chest. For the wall walks, many will put feet on a box and do plank to pikes. On the weighted step up, the weight should be challenging, but you should not have to rest and lastly, you will run 400 meters. This is to get you out of The Hut and certainly fits with the theme of constant movement. Use the run to concentrate on smooth stride, quiet landing of the feet AND pay attention to your breathing pattern

Monday 201102 Hang Power Cleans

A bunch of great workouts this week… and we kick it off with a heavy day. Begin the month of November by spending an hour divided between skills and drills to improve your technique with the hang power clean and loading up the barbell and training this movement that is so effective at improving strength, speed, power, as well as coordination AND core stability.

Monday’s WOD at 6,7,9,10am and again at 4pm
Hang Power Clean
Post heaviest load

Intended Stimulus
Today, after a generous amount of skill work, the goal is to get heavy for your set of 3 hang power cleans and hold that load for the last few rounds. You’ll warm-up in load before set one. You will start your first set at a moderate load and then during your next 6 sets, you will add load as desired (and as directed by a coach). When you reach a load that is challenging enough for your skill level, hold that load for the remainder of the sets. Give yourself at least 2 minutes or rest between all 7 working sets.

Friday 201030 30-20-10

Intended Stimulus
Yes, that round of 30 is going to be a beast, but after it’s done the workout is 50% over! You need to be able to finish the round of 30 for all 3 movements in 4 sets or fewer. That means single TTBs or sets of 3s or 5s are not an option. The MB Squat Clean Thruster is just like how we often practice starting our sets of WB shots, but you press it all the way overhead instead of tossing it. That movement starts with the classic MB Squat clean. On the DB snatch, both heads of the DBs need to touch the ground and you must alternate hands each rep. You should be able to cycle at least 10 DB snatches without breaking.
Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
30-20-10 reps for time:
Toes to Bar
MB Squat Clean Thrusters (20/14#)
Atl. DB Snatch (50/35#)
Record time, load, and any scaling or modifications

Thursday 201029 LOOONG AMRAP

Way back in 2009 Jason Khalipa came to visit CrossFit Malibu to do some training while he was on a trip in LA. He hung out with all of us during our 9am workout session… I can vividly recall our workout was 4 rounds for time of 10 deadlifts and 400m runs. He continued on afterwards to complete another 3 WODs, including some heavy push jerks off the rack, and a twenty-five minute AMRAP. Reading from his phone, he wrote the workout on the chalkboard: 400m run, 50 wall ball shots, 32kg KB swings… he called his coach and said something like, “Did you mean to say 25 minute AMRAP? ” He listened to the response and then said, “oh ok… Yup,” saying to me, “it’s a 25 minute AMRAP.”  So today…

Yup, it’s a 25 minute AMRAP. 

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
25 minute AMRAP:
800m Run
20 Box Jump Up and Overs (20″)
20 Push-ups
Record time and scaling
Intended Stimulus
Ready for a long one?! Here we have a rare, but often crowd pleasing workout, that goes over 20 minutes. The intended stimulus is to pick a pace and scaling that allows you to keep moving for the entire 25 minutes. Pretty simple. Keep track of your split times on the 800s for some extra motivation to push the running. Today is not about JOGGING 800m… you should push the pace with at least a 5k race pace as a goal- something in the 3-4 minute realm for the run OR scale it back a bit. Those with orthopedic issues can choose between 1k row, 900m ski or a 1.3 mile assault. Pick a box that allows a jump up, turn, and step or bounce down, to happen without hesitation. And break up the push-ups early to prevent getting to a 1-2 rep at a time scenario. BE CAREFUL with the traffic ON THE RUNS!

Wednesday 201028 Fsquat and TGU

Yoga with María happens tonight at 6pm! Click this zoom link to join, All welcome

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, and 10am… and again at 4pm *YOGA at 6pm
Tempo Front Squat (3 second lower)
Turkish Get Up
Record heaviest squat and TGU set

Intended Stimulus

The goal today is to move with purpose and intentionally. Slowing down the front squat with a 3 second lower means you’ll be forced to find the correct movement path (hips back and down, elbows up, heels down, knees out, etc). If you don’t, it will clearly show you (and the coaches) where your front squat needs work. A 5 rep set with a 3 second lower on each rep takes about 25-30 seconds, so listen to the coach’s counting and stick to the tempo! Then, after each set of 5, you’ll move to a KB and move with purpose and intentionality some more by doing 2 perfect TGUs on each side. You’ll rest a few minutes between sets.

Tuesday 201027 Windy Couplet

WOW… that wind was something. And by something I mean: it sucked! What I really mean is that at times yesterday it got in the way of some really great gymnastics drills and skills. But thanks to YOU and the COACHES for persevering and making the best out of an extremely dry and dusty situation! While the Hut is now all nice and cleaned up (THANKS MATTHEW!) after what looked and felt like a dirt typhoon… expect a bit more of the same for tomorrow. Many classes are full or close to it- and while we cannot open the sliding door, we will do the best we can to get around to help you decide on loading, get some eyes-on for your barbell warm up, and help you set up for this one as best we can. Take a deep breath and relax (I’m talking to myself here)… we will get through wind and fire season at some point. In the meantime, hope the power comes back on at my house- AND yours!

*reminder: Yoga is on for Wednesday at 6pm, zoom style!

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
CrossFit Open 20.1
10 rounds for time:
8 Ground to Overhead (45/30kg)
10 Bar Facing Burpees
Time Cap: 15 minutes

Intended Stimulus
If you did this one in the last open you probably remember it! Today we use it as a training day. The goal is to find a load on the barbell that allows you to get 8 ground to overheads done in 1-2 sets the entire time (rather than the “quick singles” strategy many athletes took in the last open. That may mean lightening up the load a bit. We will do a good bit of skill work focused on cycling the barbell through these ground to overheads, which for most will be clean and jerks. The time cap is obviously there to make sure the time domain is met, but that doesn’t mean today is the day to Rx, get through 5 rounds, and get time capped. In fact, coaches may even suggest modifying burpee volume to 8 or 6 to keep athletes moving! 10 rounds for time is tough to wrap the head around, so don’t get sucked into a first round sprint, find a pace that you can sustain, and get after it!

Monday 201026 Gym Skills then a Row

The CrossFit Games has crowned the 2 favorites with the titles of Fittest Man and Woman on the Planet (in the solar system?). These 2 were so favored that if you bet a dollar on either of them … you would have likely made about 13 cents each. Mat Fraser wins his 5th and Tia Clair-Toomey wins her 4th consecutive- each were completely dominant all weekend long. There will be MANY highlight videos coming out on CrossFit.com all week and beyond. Find some stats and the leaderboard here. And actually, here are a few of the Vegas odds 5 days prior to the Games this year

Maria will ZOOM a LIVE yoga session this week on Wednesday at 6pm- on a new day for this week only. Adjust your schedule and/or show up at 6pm Thursday to our CrossFit Malibu YouTube Page yoga playlists

a ceremonial prayer for rain (aka- med ball power launches for max air time in Saturday WOD)

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9 and 10am and again at 4pm
Gymnastic Skill Work
6 minutes of Ring Muscle Up Transition Drills
6 minutes of Parallette H/L-Sit Drills
6 minutes of Handstand Drills
For time:
Row 1000m

Intended Stimulus
Today we get a nice long chunk of gymnastics skill work! It is going to be different with all of you spread out around The Hut in your stations, but if you listen closely and follow along with the drills, this is going to be a really beneficial and productive day. Everyone will start class with a set of rings, parallettes, and a place (or way) to be upside down. Then, just follow along with the progressions and by the end of 20-ish minutes you’ll be more skilled AND you’ll be ready for that 1k row test! Check your old PRs and go for it!

Friday 201023 3 Round Tripl3t

The CrossFit Games begins today! Five men and five women have made it through the worldwide open, some sanctional events, and then semifinals to reach the final event this weekend. Three day of competition consisting of at least 10 events- some are now known and some are still yet to be released

Here are details about where and when to watch over the weekend (Friday, Sat and Sun!)

Athletes competing this weekend can make legitimate claim to be the fittest on the planet… according to the way that CrossFit defines fitness: work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Watch Greg Glassman talk about it here and here.

Matthew and Lacey get in early morning swings long before the sun came up Thursday!

Friday’s WOD 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
3 rounds for time:
500m Row
25 Thrusters (20/15kg)
15 Pull-ups
Post time, load and any other scaling

Intended Stimulus
“Wait, so all we’re using is an empty barbell?” Yep! Today, we have a 3 rounds triplet that looks eerily similar to the benchmark WOD Jackie. Actually, it’s Jackie+50%, but because it is split into 3 rounds, the stimulus will feel a bit different. Go out hard on each of the 3 rows, but don’t redline early. Think, 15 seconds or so slower than your 500m row PR pace. Then, go through the thrusters unbroken (remember, it’s only an empty barbell :)) On the pull-ups, if you can do sets of 5 over and over then go for it, but if you are an emerging pull-up athletes, consider using a light band today that allows the 15 reps to be done in 2 sets. Three rounds of this at a blistering pace will be mentally challenging, but that too is something we want to hone and refine alongside our endurance, strength, power, agility, balance, speed, accuracy, flexibility, stamina, and coordination!

Thursday 201022 Triplet “Compare To”

Managing your movement is important. It is so important, that as coaches, we spend most of our instruction time providing CrossFit Malibu athletes with corrective cues to improve upon mechanics… in the betterment of the way you move. Yes, we do use our time together to figure out scaling options so that workouts can “fit” ability levels and to ensure that everyone is hitting the intended volume of work based on individuals’ capacity. In many cases we are also pushing you to work with intensity- to get you to maximize THE key to results: moving with power.

But MOST of our efforts and attention is directed at moving effectively and efficiently… which increases the level of safety of our training program. We do this forever. Not just in your orientation session when we are covering the very fundamentals of a squat or in the Elements Series as we introduce newcomers to the 9 foundational movements and convey the CrossFit training regimen through first-hand experience. But we continue to help you refine your movement patters so that your results will manifest as you expect them to- within a reasonable time frame and via sensible progressions that minimize undo exposure to injury and overuse.

What we do NOT do is leave you on your own to decide when to add more weight, when to over Rx a workout, or to develop unsafe movement habits- leaving you unchecked or without assistance. It is why you don’t see people walking in and out of the Hut simply doing their own thing, listening to their airpods, and moving to the tune of their own coaching. We DO very much allow you to march to the beat of your own drum… it is clear that we give you plenty of room you to be yourselves- you bunch of goofballs. But in the end, we like to be in charge… telling you what to do and how to improve…. and you are the better for it : )

Yoga with María happens tonight at 6pm! Click this zoom link to join, All welcome

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
For Time Complete:
42 KB Swing (24/18kg USA)
21 Burpee w/ Lateral Jump Over Abmat
21 Strict Abmat Sit-up
30 KB Swing
15 Burpee w/ Lateral Jump Over Abmat
15 Strict Abmat Sit-up
18 KB Swing
9 Burpee w/ Lateral Jump Over Abmat
9 Strict Abmat Sit-up
(compare to 200803)
Record time and scaling… better than back on Apugust 3?!

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a retest of a workout from August 3rd! It’s a fast and furious triplet of KB Swings, Burpee w/ lateral jump over abmat, and strict sit-up. From the get go, push the pace hard. Break up the swings into as few sets as possible and fly through the burpees! This is one to redline on 🙂

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