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Saturday 221001

Welcome to October at CFM! Saturday classes as usual this week, 8:00 and 9:00am. Come ready for the unknown and unknowable!

Friday 220930 5×5 Push Jerk + Wtd. Sit-up

Handstand PRs in every class yesterday!

Every 5 minutes for 5 rounds:
5 Push Jerks (75-80% 1RM)
10-15 Weighted Strict Sit-ups
post all loading for the jerks and sit-up load in notes

Thursday 220929 AMRAP 10

Who is the mystery lifter?

10 minute AMRAP:
3 Deadlifts (120/80kg)
5 Burpees
7 Pull-ups
post total rounds completed and any scaling

Wednesday 220928 Handstand Holds and WB Shots for reps

Tall box jumps were a success! Nice work CFMers!

4 rounds for reps:
1:15 Handstand Hold*
Max rep Wallball Shot (20/14#, 10/9′) to the 3:00
-rest 2 minutes-
post total number of wallball shots completed, subtracting 5 reps for every HS break taken

Tuesday 220627 Push Press and Row (Compare to!)

Lincoln, Nate, and Kate go heavy 10 sets of 2 for volume!

For time complete:
Push press, 21 reps (65/50kg)
500m row
Push press, 15 reps
750m row
Push press, 9 reps
1000m row
Post finish time and any scaling
Compare to 200727, 170519, and 141222

Intended Stimulus
Push the pace today on the row… don’t treat the rowing like a warm up to some relatively heavy presses. And yes, these presses are heavy enough to need 2-3 sets per round. Once that barbell hits the ground after 21, 15, 9… get right into the seat, strap in and GO. Not as if you’re going to set a 500m PR… but as if every stroke counts. This couplet intentionally ends on a row. You KNOW you’re done and the idea is to really get after the pace on that final 1k! At your workout load, you should NOT be able to get more than 10-12 reps in a given set… while you are fresh! So you get the idea that the presses will be done in about 3 sets (most likely). Take the first few stokes on the row as you gain your composure and understand, truly, that you WILL die someday… but it won’t be as a result of pushing hard on today’s workout! Be brave. When you have about 100m remaining of the first 2 row sets- start to back off and get ready for the barbell work. On your final set of row- finish strong. Substitute the rows with 400, 600, 1000m run or .7, 1.0, 1.7 mile bike. Ski substitutions are the same as the row.


Monday 220926 6 Rounds for time

Powerful hip extension + skillful hip flexion + more powerful hip extension. That what we have here with this rather short, pointy, gymnastics + weightlifting triplet. Aim to start fast and hang on for unbroken sets on the KB Swings and TTB (ok, maybe break once on these!). Test yourself with the box height today. You should have to wind up for each jump. Think hip hinge to load the hamstrings, then use the arms for momentum, explode, and softly land on top of the box. No misses today, but jump tall boxes!

Mike gets full hip extension BEFORE the “shrug-pull”

Yoga at The Hut and on ZOOM tonight at 6:00pm!

6 rounds for time of:
8 Box Jumps (36/30”)
10 Toes to Bar
12 KB Swings (32/24kg USSR)
Post finish time and any scaling

Friday 220923 Heavy Snatch + Isabel

With our Snatch specialty series coming to an end this week AND with lots of snatches in the WOD today… it is important to remember that we include relatively complex movement patterns so that each of us improves across a wide variety of activities. That by “working on our weaknesses” we have more to gain that constantly trying to improve aspects of fitness that are already strengths for us as individuals. Also, in learning and improving in movements that increase power AND help increase our neuromuscular conditioning, we get a high degree of transfer to movements that we will more often encounter in real-life activities.

Skiing is always fun on an 85 degree in Malibu!

Workout of the day:
20 minutes to build to a heavy single rep snatch  (power or squat)
For  time complete:
30 Snatches (60/45kg)
post loading and post finish time

Compare to: Feb 18 2020, Feb 1 2018, March 21 2017, Jan 13 2017, Dec 12 and Aug 28 2012 (from the hang), Oct 26 2011

Thursday 220922 EMOM 20

Jo and Parker DB hang squat clean there way through the heat wave

20 minute EMOM:
1) 20 SA DB Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35#)
2) 15/12 Parallette Push-ups
3) 250/200m row for time
4) rest
post all 5 row times and any scaling

Wednesday 220921 Rings, Run, Burpee

Darryl drills proper depth on one of his 10 sets of front squats

Workout of the Day:
12 minutes of ring skill work
4 rounds for time:
400m Run*
20/15 Burpees*
-rest exactly 2 minutes between rounds-

rounds 1 and 3 run then do burpees
rounds 2 and 4 burpee then run
post finish time and any scaling

Tuesday 220920 Front Squat 10×2

Peter loads up his sled for some reverse sled drag last week

Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds:
2 Front Squats (85-90% 1RM)
post all loading and any scaling

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