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Thursday 201217 ROW Only

Monostructural movement workouts- like we have programmed today with the four sets of rowing- are admittedly not super sexy. They don’t have the Instagram-ready movement pic like the bottom of an overhead squat or the top of a muscle up. It was EASY to choose the cool sled push pic below instead of a rowing pic; Aaron looks awesome sprinting with a sled and just about NOBODY looks remotely interesting grinding away on a stationary rower!

And within this simple anecdote lies an important truth: repeated struggle deep within the mundane lies the keys to the kingdom. Many can gut out the final finish to glory… but it is the slog in the trenches day-in and day-out that puts you in contention for the title. By round 2 or 3 on the C2 today, you will truly understand what we are talking about here!

Thursday’s WOD
Four rounds each for time on the four minute mark:
600/500m row
Record EACH row time

Intended Stimulus
Do you notice the novelty in today’s work out? Typically this would be programmed as a 500m row on the four minute mark, but today we will row 600/500m on the four minute mark, each boat will be for time. So, if your 500m row PR is 1:45, you can expect this to take about 20 seconds longer. There is an inherent challenge here, knowing what the last 100m of a 500m row feels like and having to hold on for yet another 100m per hour today 🙂 A suggested pace is roughly 5-7 seconds slower than your 500m PR pace. Keep in mind… this is NOT rest as needed, so if you crush it, you will not recover in time. You MUST start subsequent bouts ON EXACTLY the 4 minute mark. It’s part of the fun.

Wednesday 201216 Triplet

Instead of reading some daily musings… take some time to browse around the new site. Notice that you can “find” the workout of the day by simply clicking one button (it is at the top of the home page, but you are already HERE so it means that you found it already!). You can also easily browse through over a decade’s-worth of blog posts, programming, and photos of your fellow CrossFit Malibu-ites, live and in-action.

Yoga with María at 6pm tonight via zooooooom

Wednesday’s WOD 
27-21-15-9 reps per round for time of:
Alt DB Snatch (50/35#)
Sit up
Record time, load, and scaling

Intended Stimulus 
Today, we have a fairly simple triplet that is designed for you to push the pace from the very beginning. The dumbbell snatch load should be something that you can cycle at least 15 to 20 reps in a row, you should go through the sit ups unbroken, and as has been the theme the last few push-up workouts, break those up into small and maintainable sets to prevent yourself from burning out to early in the work out. Again, remember to be nice and warm before showing up right on time so that the coaches can get you going with dumbbell warm up right away. Let’s get after this one!

Tuesday 201215 SQUAT!

We head into day 2 of our new format... take a look at the video below for some ideas about what you might do for your general warm up before you show up at the Hut for your session. AND head back to the park for some stretching and cool down in the park as well! OR order your Blue Bottle and get in some mobility work in the amphitheater while you wait for your pour over.

Keep in mind that a general warm up is just that: a GENERAL warm up. It doesn’t necessarily need to have anything to do with the WOD, just focus on getting heart rate up, the muscles warm, and some sweat going.

And if you have any feedback or suggestions about at the new format… just send an email. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday’s WOD at 7, 730, 9, 930, and again at 4, 430, 5pm
Build to a moderately heavy set of 3 back squat (75-80%)
Every 2 mins for 7 sets
3 back squats
30 heel to hand mtn climbers

Intended stimulus
Remember to get nice and warm on your own before class. Getting some alternating lizard lunge, some air squats, some step lunges, and more lizard lunges held for some time to get some squat stability… and watch the video above to get more ideas on the general warm up. Then you’ll get right to class for basic barbell warmup before starting to add load and back squat from the rack. You’ll do an empty bar set of 10, a set of 5 and then 3-4 sets of 3 reps to get to 75-80% of 1RM (for those who don’t know what your max is, just build up to something that is moderately heavy, some thing there’s no doubt you can make). Then the coach will start the clock and every 2 minutes you’ll do 3 back squats at that load right into 30 heel to hand mtn climbers. You’ll do this 7 times!

Monday 201214 Swings and Runs

First day under the new format with all classes outside AND 7am, 9am, and 4pm classes divided into 2, 30 minute classes. First of all, dress warmly in layers so you can shed clothing as you begin to sweat. Again- show up WARM for these sessions at 1 minute prior to the class start. Your timeliness will facilitate a well run session. The suggestion is that you park off-site and then warm up in the Blue Bottle Coffee amphitheater or the adjacent playground (both are open to the public!)

Here is a sample of what you can do for your warm up: run and easy 400m, 10 leg swings and swipes on each side, Simon Shuffle for one timed minute, 10 air squats, 10 slow motion Romanian deadlifts with hands on thighs, 5 inchworms (each with a push up or more), lizard lunge for 1 minute on each leg, 10 glute bridges, 10 standing broad jumps, another 400m run. This will take about 15-20 minutes if you do a through job… get it done. YOu will move RIGHT into KB deadlifts when the class begins. Go back to this space to do a cool down- some stretching and mobility. You are going to learn to love this pre and post-WOD set up.

Wear a face covering as you walk into the Yard towards the Hut and when you depart. Thanks!

Mike just finished Elements and begins classes this week… check out that front rack position! Also  take a look at the new training set up for our outdoor workout stations. 

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7,730, 9, 930, 10am and again at 4, 430 and 5pm
4 rounds for time:
25 KB Swings (24/18kg USA)
400m run
Record time and load

Intended Stimulus
Today, we keep it simple as we work our way into a bit of a new routine. Simple doesn’t mean easy, in fact it is often the opposite! The goal today is to get those American swings done in no more than two sets and then push hard on the run! As always, be careful running in and out of the yard especially with this new set up. Choose a load that allows you to go for an unbroken set on round one and then figure the rest of the workout out as it comes 🙂 Those who cannot/should not run for orthopedic reasons can claim a station with a rower. Thinking through timing… if you can do KBs in 2 sets, they will take no more than 2 min. Same with the 400m run. Under 16 minutes, some will finish close to 13!… regardless of YOUR actual time, you should take an educated guess at YOUR likely finish… a GOAL time.

Friday 201211 “Class Outside!”

You will notice something very different about today’s workout environment.
Every work station is set up outside.
Yup, for group classes today, there are 7 outdoor training stations and each station will belong to an individual athlete. The entire time you are at the Hut today (aside from bathroom break or until when you stagger away from the workout in a daze) please remain at your station. Continue to wear your face covering when you are walking to the Hut across the yard and before you exit your outdoor work station.

Put another way…  indoor workout stations are closed to athletes taking part in group class and will be this way for the foreseeable future. THANKS in advance for helping us to keep this guideline in place. Please do not go into the Hut for anything. Coaches will assist you in getting any equipment that you might need. We do realize that we are getting into the COLD months of Malibu which might be a bit unbearable (sarcasm intended) however the issues going on around us have led us to believe that this will be a good enough situation for now. And, well… CONSTANTLY VARIED, right?! 

On that note- be ready for more strange announcements about next week... you will likely get the picture once you go to sign up for class sessions beginning Monday December 14th and beyond. Thanks for your continued hard work, your support of what we are accomplishing as a movement and a business, and your constant positive feedback of our coaching staff. They do deserve it!

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4pm
15 min to build to a heavy 3 rep thruster
Record heaviest 3 rep load
With 65% thruster load complete:
15-12-9 reps for time:
Burpee over the bar
Record time and loading

Intended stimulus
After a nice squat specific warm-up, you will take 15 minutes to build to a heavy three rep thruster from the GROUND. In that timeframe, you should plan on getting in six or seven building sets culminating and a heavy set of three. If you get heavy too fast, just end with multiple sets of three at the same load. Then you will do a little math. Take 65% of the load you built up to over the course of the 15 minutes and that is the load you’ll use for the metcon. Imagine someone builds to a heavy set of three at 80 KG, they would use 52KG for the work out. This is intended to be a burner so really push the pace and try to go unbroken if you can! Do this one FASTER than yesterday’s for sure!

Thursday 201210 Triplet Chipper

It has been a big year in CrossFit for Chandler and before officially announcing her as our new CFM intern at the Hut… let me say happy CrossFit Malibu anniversary to her as of Nov 26, 2019- the day she attended her orientation session as a new athlete with us! Chandler completed her Elements Program before coming back to Malibu to begin her journey as a sports medicine student at Pepperdine.Then in 2020, she jumped right into classes and has completed 90 IN PERSON sessions, which doesn’t include the closure period WODs she did… so her dedication is obvious. In the fall, she too SPME 440- the course I teach in the sports med department- and not coincidentally- where we “found” Matthew, Maria, and Becca! It is an excellent proving grounds to avail one’s self as a leader and prospective CFM intern/coach. You will find Chandler assisting in classes (as of the beginning of the week), particularly in the 7am sessions as she facilitates your experience be helping with equipment distribution, relaying tasks from coach to athletes, as well as helping you with your movement and in understanding the WOD intentions. So, please help me welcome Chandler to our staff!

Matthew, Chandler, Maria in a post-WOD selfie from a while back.

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
For time complete:
800m run
50 sdhp (24/18kg KB)
30 push press (60/45kg)

Intended stimulus
Are you ready for an all out Sprint? Today, your run 800 m at a near sprint before getting in 50 sumo deadlift high pulls with a kettlebell in hopefully no more than three sets. You’ll then immediately move to your barbell for 30 push presses that you will hopefully complete in no more than five sets. Coaches will spend much time today before the work out ensuring that you have the correct scaling because in order to receive today’s stimulus, you’ll need each of the three movements to be tailored perfectly to you. Everyone should run unless prohibited due to orthopedics. A 1000 m row, 1.3 mile bike, or 800 m ski are the substitutions. You’re looking to complete all this in under 10 minutes.

Wednesday 201209 Max for Minutes

Barbell Logic
Some universal truths regarding barbells: they have a certain form with many similar physical characteristics across most barbells such as the shaft with a variety of types of knurling for grip, sleeves of differing lengths depending on the type of bar, various markings differentiating power lifting and olympic weightlifting sections. They are of a certain mass; typically 20kg for men’s competition, 15kg for women’s competition, and 10kg for juniors. There are differing bar circumferences and is common for the 20kg bar to measure 28mm and the 15/10kg bars are often 25mm- seemingly small differences but very easy to notice once gripped. The descriptions of variety and differences could go on and on… but the purpose of this post is to simply state that the main differences are only important to note when in competition. If one were to be specifically training for a comp- then a solid argument to be made for the “RIGHT” bar to be used in training. The rest of these comments are not universal in their nature, but rather, they apply to barbell usage at the Hut.

While these differences in bars DO exist, the rationale for using a certain specific bar should not matter much at all. In fact, there is a good argument to be made for switching up what bar you use- the load and the bar thickness. Get used to something that you are not used to, and you make a physiological adaptation as well as often overcoming a mental block that might have existed in the past about using a certain bar for superstitious or other reasons.

The MAIN reason to choose a specific bar in a workout (in my opinion) is so that the plate loading you use will lend itself to dropping the bar safely if need be. Don’t use more than one piece of change if dropping more than a single rep or so every now and then. Bumper plates of 10kg or larger should be the only ones dropped intentionally over multiple repetitions. The plastic technique plates should never be used for multiple reps alongside any other plates- bumper or change.

Finally- when you arrive at your station and there is a barbell already there- consider using that exact bar. Just try it out. If it is just too heavy for you OR if it doesn’t fit into your plan of arriving at a good load to drop multiple times- then use it! Try it out… it won’t make much difference and it will expand your experience.

Yoga with María at 6pm tonight via zooooooom 
anyone/everyone is welcome to attend… pass the link on!

Another barbell pic in a current installation of power clean shots. Here is Paul, ready in the hang.

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm
4 rounds for max reps:
1 min supine ring row
1 min box jumps 24/20″
1 min plate OH rev step lunge 20/10kg plate
1 min double Unders
1 min rest
Record total number of reps per movement AND maybe even your new double under max reps PR!

Intended Stimulus
Today we have another 20 minute workout (actually it’s 19), but it will feel much different than yesterday’s! In every movement you should be able to keep moving for the majority of the minute. That rest at the end of each round is going to go by fast so try just sitting on your box and focusing on RESTING rather than letting it slip by. On the lunges make sure you lock out your elbows overhead! This is a great day to practice double unders if you can do a few. 

Tuesday 201208 AMRAP 20

Fill out a survey to help a grad student researching an aspect of CrossFit Training:
I am a Master’s Student in the Department of Exercise Science & Sport Management at Kennesaw State University under the supervision of Dr. Yuri Feito. I invite you to participate in a research study entitled “The Role of Training Habits and Personality Traits in Risk of Injury and Performance among High-intensity Functional Training Participants.” The purpose of this study is to learn more about the daily training habits and personality traits among functional training exercise participants (specifically, CrossFit®) and the relationship between these variables and both incidence of injury and performance.  In order to account for all training patterns and skill levels, we are inviting anyone 18 years of age or older who have participated in CrossFit® to any extent over the last two years.

If you agree to participate in this study:
You will be asked to complete an online survey detailing CrossFit® experience, training habits, injuries, personality traits, and demographic information.
o   The COVID-19 pandemic has caused 2020 to be unlike any other year, as such, we are asking participants to complete sections related to training habits and injuries for both prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and during the pandemic.
o   This survey should take approximately 25 to 30 minutes to complete
Following completion of the survey, participants will have the opportunity to enter into a chance at winning one of forty $25 Amazon.com Inc. gift cards
Entrance into this raffle is completely optional AND completed through a separate form in order to ensure anonymity with the CrossFit® Training Survey

Click here to fill out the survey

Please feel free to share this link and email with others!  If you have any questions, please contact the primary investigator: Jacob McDougle at mcdougle.thesis@gmail.com

Tuesday’s WOD at 7&9am, again at 4&5pm.
20 min AMRAP
21 cal row
15 pushups
9 hang squat cleans (50/30kg)
Record total number of rounds completes plus remaining reps and any scaling

Intended stimulus

This is going to be fun!! Today really comes down to having the right scaling on the pushups and hang squat cleans. You’ll want to break up the pushups early and often as to not burn out halfway through. For those who cannot get a set of 10 unbroken, go for training pushups. For the hang squat cleans, consider choosing a load that allows for unbroken reps, but may lead you in to a strategy where you do 5+4 with a short rest. You’re looking to be moving the majority of the 20 minutes so don’t let the loading of the hang squat cleans slow you down too much! Today there is going to come a time, whether 6 mins in, or 10 or 12, where you have to DECIDE if you’re going to give this one the effort or just slow down and wait out the clock. Choose to get after it!

Monday 201207 Deadlifts 7×3 and a Finisher

Primum non nocere
A fundamental principal in bioethics and across the medical treatment field is often translated as “Do No Harm.” A more broad look at this concept is that in any given problem or situation, there exists a potential option that doing nothing might be a better solution than doing something, just for the sake of doing something. Each one of us, whether conscious of it or not, has decided that undertaking a physical training program imparts more GOOD than HARM to us as individuals. As coaches, we make choices that apply to large groups and then make more nuanced decisions on an individual basis regarding what athletes do at the Hut. With the overriding principle of primum non nocere in mind- coaches and athletes tacitly come to mutual agreements on a daily basis regarding the nature, the volume and the difficultly level of the work that is prescribed and then accomplished. Seek out, on a daily basis, that solution that is ‘just right.’

Te Cura
A corollary to the above discussion, I would suggest, is “Take Care of Yourself.” Given the workout listed, coaches provide guidelines for scaling, modifying and/or substituting certain movements. The coach/athlete interaction sometimes is short and sweet (‘substitute sit ups for the toes to bar’) sometimes it is part of a long history of discussions, phone calls, meetings, emails in which coach/athlete have been addressing an issue that is ongoing. Coaches won’t usually be able to know about issues you don’t discuss with us. And we can’t get inside your body and FEEL what you are feeling. Recovery, mobility, days off, active rest… all part of maintaining your physical fitness. Many of you have no problem getting in here and working yourself into oblivion. Keep a long-term perspective. Lots of people are involved in giving you input but ultimately, take care of yourself.

Douglas grinds away on some power cleans in last Saturday’s WOD, “The Chief”

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm.
Record number of sets at heaviest load
Compare to Sept 23rd 2020, April 17 2019, Oct 31, 2018- 3 rep, for volume, April 27 2018 3 rep max day.
3 rounds for time:
20 Abmat sit ups
10 burpees
Record time and scaling

Intended stimulus
When you show up today, don’t even think about the tiny three rounder waiting for you at the end of class. Instead, intentionally focus on everything the coaches present to you in the warm-up and skill work in order to build to the heaviest three rep deadlift that you can. After the general warm-up and a few warm up sets of five, you’ll have seven sets of three reps each to build to one last final heavy set of three. If you have a number in mind, make sure you backwards plan from that number to ensure that the jumps you make are appropriate. Between sets, rest two minutes and towards the last few sets, rest three minutes. NO intentional dropping today… but touch and go is TOO LIGHT. Then after you’ve built to a heavy set of three, maybe even set a PR, the coaches will present to you a three round Sprint of 20 sit ups and 10 Burpees.

Friday 201203 “Helen”

Here is a WOD preview of today’s work from way back in the month of May- during quarantine closure. You did Helen from home… and might not have been able to do it as intended… hopefully you can get to the Hut today and do so! If not, remember that 90 period where you did them all from home. And then simply get it done!

Three rounds for time of:
400m run
21 KB swings 24/18kg USA
12 pull ups
Post time, load and scaling
Compare to May 15 2020, July 25th and May 7 2019, Sept 12 2018 and May 11 2018, May 2 2017

Intended Stimulus
This is a 3 round triplet with a monostructural, gymnastic, and weight lifting movement that is intended to be finished in under 10 minutes, With all repetitions unbroken and a relatively fast run- it will be done in 7-9 minutes. A goal today is to go unbroken on the KB swings FOR SURE (as this has been a point of focus for us over the past few weeks) and to get in some pretty fast running. Now the pull ups have been a bit lacking in the past 60 days- but if you have a spot to do them… get them done!

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