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Monday 210419 Power Clean and Jerk 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1

Two housekeeping items before we get to the fun stuff:

1: Please be on time to classes. That means not only being in the yard or at The Hut, but being in your station and ready to grab a rower/ski/bike at the top of the hour. Starting late only takes away from the warm-up and skill work that is necessary to both get ready for the given day’s workout AND develop our skill for the future!

2: If you are signed into a class that you cannot attend please cancel your reservation as soon as you know you won’t make it. We have limited slots in each class. No showing a session you’ve reserved often times prevents other members from being able to attend that specific class session. We get it, things happen, things come up last minute, but please cancel your reservation as soon as you know you won’t be there. Thanks! Ok… now the fun stuff 🙂 Check out Dr. Jason getting that tripod position in his box strict hspu from last week. Even Doctors scale!


Yoga on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 5:30pm!

Power Clean and Jerk
Post heaviest set of 1 to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
After much skill work with an empty barbell and some light loading, you’ll start building in load after each set you complete. The ultimate goal is to hit a heavy set of 1 today, but don’t overlook the sets of 5s and 3s, they are there to get you some volume under load. The sets of 5 should be touch and go. You can drop during the sets of 3 if needed, but you must get right back to the bar. Rest 2 minutes between sets and even more between the final few sets of 1! Good technique is a prerequisite for adding load today.

Saturday 210417

Classes at 8am and 9am as usual. Please sign up on MB in advance!

Friday 210416 Run and OH Lunge

Please take some time to welcome a bunch of newcomers to The Hut! Mike Z comes to us with a ton of CF experience all over and is a friend of Darryl’s (we won’t hold that against him)! Analise wrapped up her elements sessions a few weeks ago. You’ll see her attending morning classes with her furry friend Little Bear (who is not a bear of course). Jaren is in town for a few months and comes with lots of boxing and HIIT training experience. Emily is a Pep student and has been with us for a month or so after returning to Malibu from Mississippi. Annie, also a Pep student, just finished her elements sessions and is now attending group classes. You can see her floating up to the top of a 20″ box jump below! Welcome to you all!


For Time Complete:
800m Run
25 OH Lunges (20/15kg plate)
600m Run
25 OH Lunges
400m Run
25 OH Lunges
Post finish time and scaling

Thursday 210415 Light Thrusters, Box Jumps, and Strict HSPUs

Team turquoise goes overhead with some synchronized American KB swings

3 rounds for time:
21 Thrusters (30/20kg)
15 Box Jumps (24/20”)
9 Strict Handstand Push-ups
Post time and scaling

Intended Stimulus
This SHOULD be a fast one, so long as you get the appropriate load on the bar for your thrusters and the right scaling for the strict handstand push-ups! You should be able to go through the 21 thrusters in 3 sets max. Many should try to go unbroken here! Unlike many of the thruster workout we see, these reps don’t decrease each round, so set a goal for how you want to break them up adn then rise to the occasion to hit your goal! Same goes for the handstand push-ups if you have that skill developed, 3 sets max. There will be many scaling options available for the strict HSPU (as is always the case for EVERY workout here at CFM) starting with adding some height under your head in the form of a plate, to going with feet on a rack, to feet on a box, and ending at the other end of the scaling spectrum with seated DB strict presses.

Wednesday 210414 AMRAP 12 of increasing push/pull

Dr. Jo demonstrates the proper “catch” position throughout the 5k row

12 min AMRAP:
2 ACFT Push-ups*
2 Pull-ups*
10 KB Swings (24/16kg USA)
*add 2 push-ups ansd 2 pull-ups each round
Post TOTAL reps completed

Scoring Cheat Sheet:
Score after round #1: 14
Score after round #2: 32
Score after round #3: 54
Score after round #4: 80
Score after round #5: 110
Score after round #6: 144
Score after round #7: 182
Score after round #8: 224
Score after round #9: 270
Score after round #10: 320

Tuesday 210413 5k Row

Lincoln stays long in the arms as he drives through the heels

Workout of the Day:
Row 5,000 meters for time
Post finish time to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
Get into The Hut and do this one with your community! They need you and you need them for this one 🙂 It is critical that you choose to come out of the gate at the right pace. Taking off too fast for the first 1k means you’ll likely have to adopt the ‘just hold on’ strategy for the remaining 4k. Ideally, you will hold your chosen 500m split time from the start until right before the finish, where you’ll give it everything you have for the final 200-300m. Having sound rowing technique is so important here. You’re going to take a lot of strokes, so remember the order of events for maximum efficiency! “Legs, hips, arms”. Set up with a strong and braced neutral spine at the start of each stroke, drive through the HEELS (not the balls of your feet or your quads will turn to jelly), and finish with the arms pulling the handle to the bottom of the sternum. Pulling early with the arms, even by just a little bit, can give you that forearm pump sooner than you’d like to feel in a 17-25 minute bout of rowing.

Monday 210412 1-3-5 CrossFit Total

Jonathan gets nice triple extension in route to setting a CFM record on “The Chief”


Yoga on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 5:30pm!

1-3-5 CrossFit Total
Shoulder Press
Back Squat
Post cumulative load AND heaviest load for each movement in the appropriate section in SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
After warming up each movement and getting some loading in the process, you’ll take some load off your bar and begin your first set of Shoulder Press. The goal is to get to a heavy 1 rep shoulder press. Remember, utilize the 1.25kg (and other small change plates) if needed! There will be a strict 10 minute cut off for each movement. So, rest about 2 minutes between sets and after 4-5 attempts at shoulder press, move on to the back squat. Again, there is a strict 10 minute cut off here. The goal is to build to a heavy set of 3 back squat. After 10 minutes (and 4 or so sets), put your bar on the ground and do it all over again for a 5 rep deadlift. Record your cumulative total for your 3 heaviest lifts (1 per movement) as well as the heaviest for each movement in SugarWOD. There is a place to enter the cumulative total first, then you will find the movement specific places to log load.

Friday 210409 Run and Carry

Marcia, Sandra, and Thib go for some Push Jerks on Monday’s long triplet!

18 minute AMRAP:
400m run
200m farmer carry (24/18kg in each hand)
Post total rounds + reps

Thursday 210408 “The Chief”

Becca gets in her 7×5 OHS skill work AND sets a PR in the process!

“The Chief”
5 sets, each a 3 minute AMRAP of:
3 Power Cleans (60/45kg)
6 Push ups
9 Air squats
Rest exactly one minute.
Post total rounds, reps and load.
Begin each new set where the last set left off.
Compare to 180130, 170614 (5pm class only), 150821, 150507, 140922, 140128, 130515, 120712, 090914.

Intended Stimulus
Five quick sprints! The rest is short and the work is fast-paced with very little rest during each AMRAP. With that being said, don’t let your technique falter, especially on the power cleans. Keep movements crisp and work with precision for three minutes at a time. Each power clean gets a good set up and then elbows through the plane of the bar at the finish. Each push-up gets chest to the ground and full extension at the top. Each air squat gets full depth AND full extension of the hips and knees at the top of each rep. Today, you’ll start the next AMRAP where you left off on the previous one. So, you will end up with one score of total rounds + reps across all 5 AMRAPS. Bring your journal or some scrap paper to keep an accurate tally!

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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