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Wednesday 230104 Power Snatch 10×2

It’s time for some olympic lifting technique work! This hour is going to be geared at becoming more skilled and efficient in taking the bar from the ground to all the way overhead in one motion. If there is one thing to focus on as a gym today it is this: getting full hip extension and shrugging BEFORE the elbows bend and pull. So, let that single component of this complex lift be your guiding light as to how heavy or light to go today.

Here’s to many more PRs in January!

Power Snatch 
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Tuesday 230103 E4M for 5

A big congratulations to all the athletes who got up on the PR board to close out the year! If the trend of the last decade plus continues, the January 2023 PR board will be full too! Start the year off right by getting into a class early in the week and parlay that momentum into a nice rhythm of 3-5 classes per week with some out of the gym activities. If you have friends or family interested in starting up at CFM, now is the perfect time to nudge them on in for Elements!

Thrusters and TTB during the 7 RFT Festivus WOD!

On the 4 minute mark for 5 rounds:
8 Back Rack Lunges (AHAP)
12 Weighted Strict Sit-ups (AHAP)
16 Pushups

Shoot for unbroken on all movements
Post lunge loading

Monday 230102 partition + 2k compare to

Welcome to the first week of training at CrossFit Malibu in 2023!! Start the year off right by making getting into The Hut early in the week a priority! We are back to our regular class schedule which includes Yoga tonight at 6pm!

We kick off the year with a “compare to” WOD from early last year. Partition the squats and pull-ups how you like and then finish by leaving it all out there on that 2k run!

Yoga at The Hut and on ZOOM tonight at 6pm!

Nice work Kate closing out 2022 with a ring muscle up!

For time complete:
125 Air Squats*
75 pull-ups*
2000m run

*partition squats and pull-ups as desired, 2k run to be completed after all reps of squats and pull-ups are completed
**check notes for some partitioning plans

post finish time and any scaling


Week of 221226

Merry Christmas CFM!!

Modified Schedule this week:
Classes Monday through Friday at 7am and 9am ONLY!

Special 8am Yoga/Mobility session Tuesday Dec 27th!

Saturday Dec 31st, classes at 8am and 9am!

Back to our normal schedule (including Yoga) Monday January 2nd

Friday 221223 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas
On the first (second, etc….) day of Christmas, My true love gave to me…
1 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (32/24kg KB)
2 Deadlifts (same 32/24kg KB)
3 Kettlebell Swings (same KB- Russian Swings)
4 DB Thrusters (40/25#)
5 Tuck Jumps
6 Back Burpees
7 Burpees
8 Butterfly sit ups
9 Air squats
10 Pull ups
11 Push Ups
12 1200m run
Yes… push through this in the same way you sing the song!
ON the final round you will: run 1200m, do 11 push ups, 10 pull ups… etc on down the line.

Thursday 221222 AMRAP 20

William DBL KB Deadlifts before a heavy farmer carry in a recent 1-on-1

3/3 Turkish Get Up (24/16kg)
100m SA KB Farmer Carry (24/16kg)
15 KB Goblet Squats (24/16kg)
20 KB Swings (24/16kg)
Post total completed rounds + reps and any scaling

Wednesday 221221 Max Rep Heavy Day

Ariana works up to a max hight box jump!

5 rounds for max reps of:
¾ bodyweight shoulder presses
Strict Pull-ups

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds and any scaling

Tuesday 221220 8 RFT

Lacey and Paula build in load during the Festivus BB complex

8 rounds for time:
12 toes to bar
200m run
Post finish time and any scaling

Friday 221216 Deadlift 10×2

Shanley swings, Lisa jumps, Lincoln snatches, and Bigs rests through “Ellen”

Workout of the day:
10 minutes of ring skill work
Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds:
2 Deadlifts (AHAP)
post all loading
*athletes can build across the first few rounds, but this should look more like a volume day, and they should hold a working load for the last 5 sets

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