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Tuesday 210112 5 rounds NFT

Not everything has to be done with intensity.
While we know through experience that working at high intensity levels coupled with good movement mechanics are tools that yield solid results in creating well-rounded fitness. There ARE times when we pull back on intensity to work on skills and drills that provide us the time to focus on refining movement and paying attention to subtleties that can be missed when moving too quickly. Take it easy on the pace today, think through some of the positions and angles your body takes, and be patient.

Three ZOOM sessions today: 7am, 9am, 4pm  Password: TheHut

5 rounds at a steady pace, but NOT for time:
3/3 Turkish Get Ups (AHAP, but unbroken on each side)
10 Goblet Pause Squats (same load as TGUs, 2 second pause)
1 minute Handstand Hold
5 Strict Burpees + 5 extra for every break during your 1 minute HS Hold 🙂
Post load of TGU and Pause Squat to SugarWOD and log total HS breaks in the notes

Intended Stimulus

After a quick general warmup that includes some light TGUs, you’ll go for 5 rounds (for quality, not time) of 3 TGUs on each side, 10 goblet squats with a 2 second pause at the bottom, a 1 minute handstand hold, and 5 strict burpees. For every break you take during your 1 minute handstand hold you’ll add 5 more strict burpees to your set. The goal here is to stay moving, but to really focus on the quality of the movement rather than trying to finish this as fast as possible. Find a load for the TGUs that allows you to go unbroken for 3 reps on the right before taking a short rest and doing 3 unbroken on the left. You’ll use the same load for your pause squats. If you need to modify the handstand hold, consider doing a pike on a box or even a down dog. A strict burpee is simply a burpee with a strict push-up, so no throwing yourself to the ground on these! If you break your HS hold twice, you’ll do your 5 strict burpees and then 10 more (5 for each break). This WOD is going to take some time, but that’s ok, keep moving and and before you know it your 5 rounds will be done!

Monday 210111 Push Pull Run

Congratulations to Anna, Parker, and Dr Deb for winning the 3 prizes for the lululemon Malibu raffle last week! They will pick up their prizes from our friends Laura, Zoe, and Heather just down the street from us. Each day you attend a ZOOM class session you get your name added to the hat for more prizes. Howdy’s gift cards will be given out this week… so attend a class and increase your odds of winning… in addition to guaranteed odds of increased fitness.
Three ZOOM sessions today: 7am, 9am, 4pm Welcome a New Week… Password: TheHut

4 Rounds for Time:
15 SDHP (50/35kg)
12 Push Press (50/35kg)
400m Run
Post time and scaling to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a triplet of pulling, pushing, and running. This will fall right smack in our medium time domain of 12-16 minutes. You will want to be strategic in how you break up the sumo deadlift high pulls and push presses to ensure you can get after each and every run. If you can get through the entire workout breaking only once per movement per round, you found the right scaling for you. The run today, especially considering it is at the end of each round, is intended to be pushed hard (think 1 mile PR split time sort of hard)! Ensure that every time you take that barbell back to the ground on the SDHP you are under control. Remember, on the way up it’s hips pop then elbows pull and on the way down it’s elbows extend then hips close!

For those without barbells, use DBs for the Push Presses and a KB or DB for the SDHP.

Saturday 210109 Thruster & BBJ

One single zoom session today: 9am! Come join the BIG group Password: TheHut

For time complete:
21-18-15-12 DB thrusters (50/35#)
11-9-8-6 burpee box jumps (20/16″)
Post time, load, and any scaling to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
This workout fills in the gap in time domains from across the workouts programmed this week. Quite a few interval sessions with shorter bursts and then Friday’s 20 minute AMRAP, so today will hit somewhere in between.
Compared to Fran- this is a bit heavier and adds 21 thrusters to the total. Coupled with not only box jumps but ALSO burpees- you can be guaranteed to more than double your Fran time 🙂 Read the workout as 4 rounds, starting off with 21 thrusters and then 11 burpee box jumps… continuing down the line. Use a load where you CAN get a set of 15 thrusters without stopping. Whether you choose to stop at 15 reps is up to you.

Friday 210108 Triplet AMRAP 20

3 zoom sessions today: 7am, 9am, 4pm Password: TheHut

After a week of workouts featuring interval sets, shorter time domains, and some heavier loads- today we feature a non-stop AMRAP of a longer duration! Not only that- but you will be comparing your time to way back at the end of April to see if you have gained or lost some fitness over the past 8 months or so! Watch Jordan’s movement demonstration from his sunny and cozy backyard patio!

As many rounds as possible in 20 min of:
200m Run**
20 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35#)
20 Strict Sit-ups
Post total completed rounds and reps and any scaling to SugarWOD
*Compare to April 28 2020
Intended Stimulus
Today we have a WOD on the longer end of the time domain spectrum, but this go around it is a time priority, meaning we give you a set amount of time and you get as much work done as possible. The goal will be to find a pace on the runs that is SUSTAINABLE. You’ll also want to have a plan before the workout starts on how you will break up/switch arms on the DB hang clean and jerks. Racing through the first round or two will not help you today! It is going to be all about that sustained power output across all 20 minutes. **Row 250m or Bike 0.3 miles



Thursday 210107 Four, EACH for Time

Three ZOOM sessions today, at 7am, 9am, 4pm Password: TheHut

Yoga with MarĂ­a at 6pm… has returned to Thursdays Password: TheHut

Photo: Darryl, post-zoom session on the beach at dusk

4 Rounds, Each for Time of:
10 inverted burpees
20 single arm KB push press 24/18 kg
30 KB swing USSR same load as the press
Rest Exactly 1 minute

Intended stimulus
Lots of hip hinging today. Don’t get too worried about those inverted burpees— for some of you, this is a chance to try something new; for others, its a chance to practice being upside down. Regardless, the goal is to get inverted in some way or another. Four rounds, EACH for time. And one minute of rest… roughly a 4:1 work:rest ratio. In other words, a SPRINT for around 3-4 ish minutes and a single minute of breath-catching before getting back upside-down. The presses should be hard, like a mental battle to not set the weight down. And the same thing for those kettlebell swings. Keep swinging through the end, try for an unbroken set of 30!

Wednesday 210106 DB Strength Complex

Today’s workout is the most repeated non-traditional strength set we do at The Hut. So if you have been around a while, then you have done it plenty of times and no doubt have an idea of where you stand in terms of completing an unbroken set of 20 reps. Doing this at home (like we did back in April- watch the video for a reminder of where we were both physically and situationally in the early quarantine days) you will not have the full array of equipment that you are used to… so you might have to go a bit too heavy too soon OR never quite get there in terms of overloading. Take it easy in the warm up, there’s plenty of time. And, if you can’t overload with weight, then do it by adding reps. On your own, or with us on zoom. See you tomorrow on SugarWOD regardless.

Zoom Sessions at 7, 9am & again at 4pm  password: TheHut

***the 6pm Yoga class will now return to Thursday evenings, beginning tomorrow***

Watch the video below if you will do the WOD on your own… or just want to be ready for the group session

DB Strength complex
Five rounds for max load, NOT for time of:
5 DB deadlifts (one side of DB must touch ground) AHAP… RX is 70/50#
5 DB hang power cleans
5 DB front squats
5 DB push press
Post load for each round to chalkboard/journals
Mike: 4@50, 1@60 (PR from 3@45,2@50)
Compare to: April 6, 2020Aug 23 2019

Intended Stimulus
To go heavy and unbroken even though there are 20 reps in each round. Warm up well so that you can begin as heavy as you can for the first round. If you hit that load for unbroken reps- then either go heavier OR add a rep or 2 to each movement. Both of these tactics will increase the total volume lifted. It is preferable that you add weight. But if you don’t, add reps. You are completely welcome to do this with a barbell if you like… Rx is 70/50kg!

Tuesday 210105 On the 3 Minute Mark

So far, all 4 of the workouts programmed this year have been “for time.” That means we have been prioritizing the amount of work that is to be accomplished. We have set out a total amount of work to be done and you do it (scaled appropriately) as fast as you can manage. One “fun” part about this type of training, is that you can see the finish line. It gives you a clear idea of how much you need to do to get through everything and a goal to shoot for. Today’s workout gives you a set number of step ups and a total volume or running/rowing you must finish BUT the amount of push ups you can  complete is up to YOU. If you “give up too easy” then you won’t put the necessary stress on your body to get better at push ups. But one this is clear- the ball is in your court when it comes to mustering the ambition to get MORE push ups done. This is done on purpose. Only YOU can bring on the drive and determination to do more. You win by getting in more work AND by summoning your inner drill sargeant, motivating yourself to get tough on your own.  The coach wins by not having to play the bad guy! Do MORE Push ups!

Zoom Sessions at 7, 9am & again at 4pm  password: TheHut

Every 3 minutes for 6 rounds complete:
200m run (or row)
12 weighted box step ups (20/16″, single 50/35# DB)
Max deficit push-ups until 2 minute mark (Hands on DBs, perhaps elevated feet)
-rest exactly 1 minute-
Run 1 mile as a cool down (row 2k)
Post total # of push ups accumulated and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today we do some interval work. 2 minutes of work followed by 1 minute of rest all for max deficit push ups. You will move quickly though the run or row and then get right into your 12 weighted box step-ups (PUSH the pace on these) before grabbing your DBs and using the remainder of the 2 minutes to accumulate push ups. We’ll rest a minute before going again. 6 times through total. Ideally you’ll have about 20-30 seconds each round to do push ups… if after the first round you don’t have that much time to do push ups- then decrease the distance of your run/row to ensure that much time on subsequent rounds. After all is said and done, we will rest a bit and then do a 1 mile cool-down run.


Monday 210104 Two Couplets

The first Monday of the New Year. Welcome to the working week.

Zoom Sessions at 7, 9am & again at 4pm  password: TheHut

Two Parts and a Set of DBs
15-12-9-6-3 reps/round for time of:
DB hang squat clean (50/35# DBs)
Record time and load and any modifications
-then, after exactly 3 minutes of rest time, complete:-
12-9-6-3- reps/round for time of:
DB push jerk (same load as cleans)
Burpees with lateral jump over flat DBs

Intended Stimulus
Choose a load that you can move through the squat cleans with minimal break in the round of 15. You don’t have to most FAST, just consistently. These are paired with up-downs so that you can get back to the DBs with minimal break. You might need to take short breaks from the hang squat cleans BuT try not to put those DBs down. “Rest” with them in the front rack. Catch your finish time and post in SugarWOD… add 3 minutes to your finish time to calculate the start time for Part 2. Same load but fewer reps. Push jerks are ordered so you can get through each set unbroken… but you can choose to push press if you like. These are paired with a burpee and later jump… just to keep you focused with some agility/complexity under fatigue. Anyone think you can finish part 2 faster than part 1? That is the test. Score these as 2 separate workouts in Sugar WOD.

Saturday 210102 Triplet

Live ZOOM WOD- one BIG session today at 9am Password: TheHut

For time complete:
100 double unders
40 SDLHP (24/18kg)
25 push ups (ACFT standard)
25 push ups
25 push ups
100 double unders
Post time: record load and any scaling in the notes section of SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
The reps are blocked into moderately big sets. You’ll likely start off fast and unbroken and then gradually have to break things up due to loss of stamina, coordination, and probably BOTH. With the SDLHP it is necessary to maintain the “core-to-extremity” nature of the movement. The light load can make it easy to fall into the trap of a pulling early OR not extending the arms before lowering the load- a core-to-extremity violation. Make sure you maintain good rigid neutral spine, and get good ROM- all the way down to the ground and then elbows high and outside. For the push ups, EVERYONE should be doing these on the floor today (no bench, box or table) and then using training push ups OR knee push ups if you can’t sustain 5 reps at a time without a break. Double unders need to be done in less than 3 minutes for 100 reps- and if you don’t hit your 100 in 100 seconds… put your rope down and complete the remainder with double tap penguin jumps.

Friday 210101 New Year’s WOD

Live ZOOM WOD- one BIG session today at 9am Password: TheHut

Start off 2021 right by joining us on ZOOM at 9am!


Four rounds for time of:
400m run/500m row
15 hang power snatch (50/35kg barbell)
30 wall ball shots (20/14#)
Post time and loads, and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Here’s a brute for you today! Just a bit heavy on the snatches- but too heavy to go unbroken and likely sets of 5 in later rounds. Shoot for only 2 sets of wall ball shots… try hard to find a legit 10/9′ target to hit.

If you don’t have a barbell, use 2 dumbbells to get in double DB hang power snatches. Rx would be 50/35# dumbbells. If you don’t have a medicine ball, then do a single arm DB thruster, 15 on the L and 15 on the R, alternate as desired go a bit heavy as you won’t be needed to throw and catch it.
Ands while I hate to say it… if you are a non runner and don’t have something to row, cycle, etc… then you are going to get in 2 minutes of burpees. Rx would be 25 burpees.

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