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Saturday 210123

Saturday Classes as usual at 8am and 9am. Reserve your spot in advance and get ready for a fun one!

Starting this coming Monday 5pm classes are back on the schedule Monday through Thursday! We are also looking for a dedicated group of CFM athletes who are interested in, and will show up for, 6am group classes on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. As soon as we hear from a few of you we will add that to the schedule.

Friday 210122 DU, TTB, Erg Chipper

Starting this Monday (Jan 25th) 5pm classes will be added to the schedule Monday through Thursday! Hope to see many of you there. As always, reserve your spots in advance.

Chandler and Shaya get full depth on 1 of MANY med ball cleans!

For Time Complete:
150 Double Unders
20 Toes to Bar
30/20 Cal Bike, Ski, or Row
20 Toes to Bar
30/20 Cal Bike, Ski, or Row
20 Toes to Bar
150 Double Unders
Post time and scaling to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
Let’s get right into the nitty gritty details here. The jump roping at the start and end of this workout should take no more than 3 minutes per set. So, scale the volume of double unders to make this possible, or go for 300 singles. 3 minutes is a long time to accumulate double unders, so challenge yourself with the number you choose if you scale the volume! On the sets of 20 toes to bar, choose a scaling that allows you to complete 20 reps in 4 or fewer sets. If you scale and can complete 20 reps unbroken, then your scaling was way too easy! Good scaling options for the TTB include, knees to chest, toes as high as possible, and hanging knee raises. Notice that you have three sets of TTB and only two sets of calories on the erg. Let that be a mental boost that allows you to push the pace fast for each of your erg efforts! You will use the same machine for both bouts. If you are in the big room with a ski erg in your station you will ski! If there is a bike in your station you will bike. All other stations will row.

Thursday 210121 20 min AMRAP

Calling all CrossFit Malibuites with extra EZ-ups in your garage or storage! As we look towards next week, we see the potential for some rain. Send a quick text if you’ve got one for us to borrow for a few days next week to keep our outdoor stations dry! You are much appreciated!

Scroll down and checkout the workout before continuing to read on (also notice the link to ZOOM Yoga)… ok, now spend some time before class thinking this one through. After getting a mental feel for what a round will look and physically feel like, imagine yourself 10-12 minutes into this 20 minute AMRAP. What are your round looking like now? How are you breaking up the pull-ups? Push presses? The med ball cleans are going unbroken of course 😉 Many of you will find this type of strategizing beneficial for not only today’s 20 min AMRAP, but most long AMRAPs. Visualizing what your rounds will look like in terms of breaks and intensity before actually starting the workout helps prevent the “go all out at the start then crash and burn” feel that often accompanies longer workouts. If you see yourself breaking up the 8 pull-ups after a few rounds, then it is likely a good idea to start the workout breaking these sets up. Same goes for the push presses. Remember the intention is to get as many roundsas possible in 20 minutes, not to see how fast you can get through 2-3 rounds and then wait out the clock because you’re spent! You should aim at choosing scaling that allows you to complete the pull and press in 2 sets per round, and aim at going unbroken on the med ball cleans for as long as possible 🙂



Yoga on ZOOM with Maria is Thursday at 6pm!

20 minute AMRAP:
8 Pull-ups
12 Push Press (50/35kg)
16 Medicine Ball Cleans (20/14#)
Post rounds + reps and any scaling to SugarWOD

Wednesday 210120 Sprint and Clean Intervals

A quick note on SugarWOD
Great job thus far logging your results into SugarWOD! As a coaching staff we want to continue to encourage all you athletes of CFM to be diligent in keeping data. With this new tool, you’re able to easily input your workout data into the SugarWOD app. Over time you’ll build up endless data points that will be right at your finger tips (much like you have in your journals)! You know how useful this is in helping you track progress over time, plan for those heavy days, and know what you need to do to hit those PRs. So, continue to add results into SugarWOD, interact with each other in the comments, and give out some fist bumps. If you don’t yet have SugarWOD, download the app and set CrossFit Malibu as your home gym. Us coaches are always up for helping you get comfortable using this new tool.


Every 4:00 for 5 rounds (EACH round for time):
200m Run
5 Power Cleans (90/60kg)
Post time for EACH round and any scaling to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
Simply put, the intended stimulus is that you complete each round as quickly as possible. Notice the prescribed loading…this further helps guide you in hitting the intended stimulus (even if you don’t go Rx)! In order to get the stimulus you need to use a challenging load for the power cleans. For most, these will be 5 single power cleans with a drop and reset between each rep. If you can drop and get right back to the bar for another lift, then it is still a bit too light. You should need to take a few breaths, really focus, and reset before hitting another power clean. Now let’s talk about those runs: RUN FAST! Pacing these 200s too much will totally blunt the stimulus, so dig deep at the start of each round and give full effort on the running (being safe entering and exiting the yard, of course)! The goal for all athletes today is to have at minimum a 1:1 work rest ratio, meaning at most the work should be done in 2 minutes, leaving you 2 minutes to rest. If you finish a round in 1:40, then you have 2:20 to rest. You will record the time for all 5 rounds in SugarWOD along with the load you used and any additional scaling.

Tuesday 210119 Heavy Day + Something Extra


Front Squat
(Build to a moderately heavy set of 5 and hold for the final 2-3 sets)
A quick finisher 🙂

Intended Stimulus
We’ll do a nice long specific warm-up focusing mainly on hip mobility and glute activation before getting on with our heavy day. Many of us haven’t had a squat rack or enough load to go heavy for the last few weeks so today we ease our way back into the swing of our regular “heavy days”. After a few warm-up sets building in load, you’ll begin the 5 sets of 5 reps. Continue building on your first working set or 2 as you get to a moderately heavy load (think about 80% 1RM), and then hold that load for your final 2-3 sets. Missing is NOT an option today! Rest a minimum 2 minutes between sets from the beginning, and 3 minutes between your last 2-3 sets. After set #5, you’ll tackle a quick finisher. Sing up and show up to class to find out what that is!


Monday 210118 DB Snatch, Push-up, Row

Throwback to Maria going full hip extension on some DB Cleans all the way back in July



Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes at 7am, 9am, 10am, and 4pm.

Tuesday and Thursday classes at 7am, 9am, and 4pm.

Remember to sign-in in advance to reserve your spot!

35*25*15* reps for time of:

Alternating DB Snatch (50/35#)

Push-ups (ACFT Standard)

*= 500m Row (or 400m Run)

Intended Stimulus

This triplet of decreasing reps is sure to be a crowd pleaser! The intention today is to challenge yourself a bit with the load of the DB Snatch. Pick something that you may need to break up 2-3 times on the set of 35 reps. The push-ups are a different story. Break these up early and often in round 1 (think 10s, 7s, or 5s) so when you get back to that set of 25 you’re able to stick with a the same plan instead of going to singles or doubles. Keeping your 500m split time around your 1k row split time will provide a challenging yet attainable pacing goal. How convenient that this WOD ends with a 500m row 🙂 After your set of 15 DB snatch and push-ups, get on that rower quickly and leave it all on the rower! Some things to remember: both heads of the DB need to touch the ground on every DB snatch. You chest needs to touch the ground on each push-up, and if you decide to run today, be careful running in and out of the yard all 3 times!

Saturday 210116

These ladies found a great way to use the lowest tide of the year!

Saturday schedule and more announcements:

Saturday morning sessions are at 8am and 9am.

Signs-ups are open in MindBody so PLEASE make sure you are signed in to class beforehand if you show up to class.

Again, if you drop you equipment off during non-class hours, please place it on one of the workout stations outside the sliding door, disinfected of course, and send a picture of it to Mike. If you are not signed in to class, please bring your equipment back during non-class hours. No drop-offs on Sunday please.

Friday 210115 Short Running Cindy



Welcome back to classes at The Hut! Friday we have 7am, 9am, and 4pm classes (bring your equipment a bit early if you can). On Saturday we have classes at 8am and 9am. Signs-ups are open so please make sure you are logged in to the session beforehand if you show up to class.

If you drop you equipment off during non-class hours, please place it on one of the workout stations outside the sliding door, disinfected of course, and send a picture of it to Mike. No drop-offs on Sunday please. If you are not logged in to class, please bring your equipment back during non-class hours.

12 min AMRAP:

15 Air Squats
10 Push-ups
5 Pull-ups
200m Run
Post time and scaling to SugarWOD


Intended Stimulus

Plan on having a nice long and thorough warm-up before the work out today as we check in and clean our returned equipment. The workout today is a twist on the classic benchmark workout Cindy. Instead of being 20 minutes long, it is 12 minutes and includes a 200m sprint after each round. So, you’ll approach this very different than Cindy, a workout where the 12 minute mark usually marks a down turn of intensity for many. With this 12 minute AMRAP however, the intention is to push the pace of each round from the very beginning, knowing you don’t not need to pace for a 20 min event! And yes, to be upfront and honest, another intention here is to get folks back on the pull-up bar 🙂 Plan on going unbroken through everything (MAYBE 2 sets on the pushups) and pushing the run pace EVERY time!

Thursday 210114 Jump, Step, Press

3 zoom sessions today: 7am, 9am, 4pm Password: TheHut

Yoga on ZOOM with Maria is Thursday at 6pm!

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a sneaky 3 round triplet. It’s sneaky because often times we see box step-ups in a WOD and immediately look to the other movements to see where the challenge lies. Maybe it’s because the simple weighted box step isn’t sexy or doesn’t require a ton of skill, but today it is certainly the grunt work challenge smack in the middle of each round! After completing 100 double unders (2x singles, penguin jumps, or a lower volume of DUs are all great scalings for today), you’ll move to that big set of 30 weighted box step-ups. Here, try to go unbroken. That likely means picking a pace that is a touch slower than normal, but this will pay off when you save ALL those seconds you would have spent resting! Then, after 30 steps, grab your barbell for a safe and efficient power clean and get in 15 push presses. Choose a load that allows 15 reps to be completed in 2 sets or so. You have the choice of using a barbell or DBs 🙂 Repeat this 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds…record your time…congratulate your zoom comrades…. and smile…because FridayThe Hut is back open in person.

3 Rounds For Time:
100 Double Unders
30 Weighted Box Step-ups (50/35#, 24/20″)
15 Push Press (50/35kg or 50/35# DBs)
Post finish time and scaling to SugarWOD


Wednesday 210113 Move Cleanly

3 zoom sessions today: 7am, 9am, 4pm Password: TheHut

Hang squat clean
-light to moderate load, for quality (full hip extension and getting under the bar quickly)
12-10-8-6-4 reps/round for time of:
Hang squat cleans
Toes to bar (or double reps with strict sit ups)
Post time, loading and any scaling to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus

Loading on both segments of today’s session are based on athlete choice. There is more of an obligation to work time, mechanics, and speed than prioritizing loading. So each set, if you are moving with all those factors in check through the 5 reps- then consider bumping up the load a bit on the next set. If not, then definitely don’t. You might even reduce the load. Take some time to reset between sets and the coach might prescribe a movement drill that you can practice. For part 2- move fast and “clean”- don’t overload this. You can choose a bar or DB for part 2… part 1 is a barbell priority! But as they say- use what you got.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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