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Tuesday 230418 3 RFT: Burpee, Front Squat, Run

Parker kips one of MANY pull-ups during a recent afternoon class
3 rounds for time:
20 Burpees
12 Front Squats (70/50kg)
400m Run
post finish time and any scaling
Intended Stimulus
This workout should fall in the 12-16 minute time domain. Scale burpees if 20 cannot be completed in 2 minutes or less, the front squat loading so that 12 reps takes 2 sets or fewer, and your run so it is less than 2 minutes. Adhering to these 3 guidelines will help you keep intensity high and transitions short! And it goes without saying, push the runs, especially #3!!!

Monday 230417 Deadlift + Push + Pull

Better is always possible. Here, Becca drills her OHS

Yoga at The Hut and on ZOOM at 6pm!

Every 4 minutes for 6 rounds:
7 Deadlift (AHAP)
Max rep unbroken strict Pull-up (odd rounds)
Max rep unbroken push-up (even rounds)

Intended Stimulus
Here you’ll build throughout the workout as needed on the sets of 7 deadlifts. They HAVE to be unbroken touch and go. Then, take a nice slow transition to your max rep set of strict pull-ups or push-ups. On rounds 1, 3, and 5 you’ll do strict pull-ups. If you can’t yet do 5-7 strict pull-ups then use a band that helps you do that. On rounds 2, 4, and 6 you’ll do push-ups. These should also be strict! Post your total number of pull-ups as the first score and total push-ups as the second score. Post the heaviest DL load to the deadlift 1×7.

Friday 230414 5 RFT

5 rounds for time:
15 ACFT Push-ups
12 Toes to Bar
9 Deadlifts (100/75kg)
post finish time and any scaling

Thursday 230413 EMOM 21

LaJon gets a little help on a set of ring rows

EMOM 21:
1) Max Double Unders in :40
2) 5 Strict C2B
3) 4 Box Jumps (36/30”)
Post total DUs completed and any scaling

Wednesday 230412 Oly Skill + AMRAP 5

Nick with a c&j PR!

Workout of the day:
Snatch Balance
Overhead Squat
5 Power Snatch (50%  1RM)
5 Burpee Over the Bar
post all loading in respective sections
post AMRAP score and any scaling in section 3

Tuesday 230411 DB Thruster + Cal Row

Paul and Chandler get after the 10 rounds of rowing WOD!

18-15-12-9-6 reps for time:
DB Thruster (40/30#)
Calorie Row
Post finish time and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
In this classic couplet, aim to break off large chunks of thrusters at a time. The DB will provide a unique stability challenge, especially as you get deeper into the workout, but that should not keep you from choosing a challenging load! The round of 18 and 15 should go in 2 sets or less. Shoot for unbroken after that if you can manage it! Then, on the rower, take the 18 at an aggressive pace, and increase that pace for the short sets (12-9-6)! You’ll be getting on or off the rower 9 times so… do it efficiently and waste no time as this is sprinty 🙂

Monday 230410 3×1 mile time trials

Congrats to Lacey and Paula on taking their CrossFit Level 1 seminar this past weekend in Thousand Oaks!

Yoga at The Hut and on ZOOM at 6pm!

3 attempts EACH for time:
1 mile run
-rest as needed-
post all 3 run times and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Three attempts, each for time, rest as needed between bouts. Pretty easy to get the stimulus today as long as you push the pace and shoot for a PR on all three runs! Get to The Hut for this one because you need workouts like this, and you need your community to do workouts like this well!

Friday 230407 Run, DU, RR

For time complete:
400m Run
80 Double Unders
24 Table Top Ring Rows
600m Run
60 Double Unders
24 Table Top Ring Rows
800m Run
40 Double Unders
24 Table Top Ring Rows
post time and scaling

Wednesday 230405 Clean and Jerk 7×3

This heavy and technique intensive day gives us a nice change of pace after the last few days of tough metcons. If you’re feeling really sore, come into The Hut, use the warm up to decide if today is a day to build in load (technique permitting) and eventually hit a new 3 rep max, or if it is a better choice to keep the load light, use the day to work on clean and jerk technique, and chase away some soreness. Regardless of with path you choose, rest 2 minutes or more between sets and stay touch and go as long as possible 🙂

Congrats to Becca on taking the CrossFit Level 2 this past weekend in San Diego!

Clean and Jerk
post new 3RM

Tuesday 230404 Handstand Helen-ish

Congrats to Becca on taking the CrossFit Level 2 this past weekend in San Diego!

Handstand Helen-ish
4 rounds for time of:
12 handstand push ups
21 KB swings (24/16kg)
400m run
-rest 2 minutes-
post total finish time and scaling

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