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Friday 210312 20 Minutes For Quality


20 minutes for quality:
2 right /2 left Turkish Get Ups (AHAP)
3 Weighted Pull-ups (AHAP)
4 Box Jumps (ATAP)
*Increase load, load, and height as needed during the 20 minutes

Intended Stimulus
As the workout progresses you’ll add load to the TGUs and weighted pull-ups, and you’ll add height to the box jump. There is no need to make big jumps. Rather, gradually increase the loading and height until you find a challenging place to stay for the remainder of the 20 minutes. If you are coming to do Open workout 21.1 on Saturday morning, this is a great way to get moving the day before without getting unnecessarily sore. Consider keeping your loading sub-maximal while still moving for the entire 20 minutes.

Thursday 210311 TTB, Ring Dips, and 400s

Watch the Open Announcement for 21.1 Thursday at 5pm on ZOOM by clicking here!

And stick around for Yoga on ZOOM with Maria at 6pm!

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Brett is a Pepperdine student training for BUDS and just finished up his elements sessions. Here he gets in some split jerk tech work. Welcome to The Hut, Brett!


18*15*12*9*6*3 reps for time:
Toes to Bar
Ring Dips
*=400m Run

Intended Stimulus
This one will be on the longer side, with five 400m runs, 63 TTB, and 63 Ring Dips, but once you get through the first 2 sets, it’s downhill! Go for big sets on the TTB, but break the dips into small manageable chunks so you avoid falling into singles. Those who can’t yet get a few ring dips Rx should still use rings, feet on a box or parallette. Take care to get full range of motion on every dip, full elbow extension on lockout and, keeping the rings tight to the body, elbow above shoulder at the bottom of the dip. Notice there is no run after the set of 3!

Wednesday 210310 Power Clean and Row Sprint Intervals

Lisa and Cecily get in some deadlifts while Dusty cheers them on. Bring that cheering this Saturday at 8am for Open 21.1!


Every 4 minutes for 5 rounds (for max calories):
8 Power Cleans (70/45kg)
Max cals to the 2:00 mark

Intended Stimulus
Get your interval work AND some moderately heavy weightlifting here! 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off for 5 rounds. You should have enough load on the barbell to require dropping after each rep, leaving you just enough time to quickly strap into the rower and sprint for max calories until the end of the 2:00 window. These 8 single rep power cleans need to be taken seriously each time. So, get a good tight set up (bar on the shins, lats packed, neutral spine), power clean, stand up, drop, get a good tight set up, and so on for every single rep! You’ll stay at the same load across all 5 sets. Post total number of calories rowed across all 5 rounds to SugarWOD and if you scale load put that in the notes section.

Tuesday 210309 Farmer Carry, MB Cleans, and DUs

By now you’re well aware that the 2021 CrossFit Open begins on Saturday morning for us here at The Hut 🙂 There will be only 1 Saturday “class” to sign in to. Show up at 8am (or a few minutes earlier) for a briefing and to get signed up for a heat. Plan on being at The Hut until 9:30 or 10:00, depending on that week’s workout. As usual, please show up wearing your face covering and, throughout the morning, maintain proper social distancing. Important links below:

Sing up for The Open

Join Thursday night’s Zoom Open Announcement

Yoga on ZOOM with Maria is Thursday at 6pm!


15 minute AMRAP:
200m Farmer Carry (24/18kgs)
25 MB Cleans (20/14#)
50 Double Unders
post total rounds + reps and any scaling to SugarWDO

Monday 210308 Split Jerks and a Finisher

This coming Saturday, March 13th, is the first Saturday of the 3 week long CrossFit Open! We encourage all CFM athletes to sign up. Ask you coaches for more info and if this years Open is for YOU. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • There will be one class to sign up for on Saturday in MindBody and it will be the open workout starting at 8am.
  • Everyone participating in Saturday’s workout needs to be there at 8am. After a brief warm-up and WOD debriefing, we will start the heats. the number of athletes in each heat depends on the workout announced on Thursday night.
  • We will “gather” as a gym on Thursday night via Zoom to watch the open announcement. Check Wednesday’s blog post for the link to join!
  • Register for the 2021 CrossFit Open HERE!



Workout of the Day
20 minutes to build to a heavy 5 rep Split Jerk from the ground
A finisher

Saturday 210306 8am and 9am Group WODs!

Classes this Saturday at 8am and 9am as usual. Grab your slot in advance!

Next Saturday, March 13th, we start week 1 of the 2021 CrossFit Open! This means that there is one Saturday class lasting from 8:00am to 9:30 or 10:00 depending on the workout announced Thursday night. PLEASE sign into Mindbody in advance and arrive by 8am!

We will watch the Open Announcement on Thursday as a crew via zoom. Be on the lookout for that link and more information in the days to come! And of course, if you haven’t registered yet, do so HERE!

We are ready to judge you, officially 🙂

Friday 210305 Row + Alt. DB Snatch Couplet


For time complete:
1000m Row
30 Alt. DB Snatch (50/35#)
750m Row
30 Alt. DB Snatch
500m Row
30 Alt. DB Snatch
Post finish time and any scaling to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
Take the 1000 and 750m rows at your 2k row pace (or if you don’t know what that is, roughly 10-15 seconds slower paced than your 1k PR). Then, break up the snatches as needed. Find a rhythm on these that allows you to keep moving through sets of 10-15 reps. You don’t want to gas yourself on the first row, or the first 30 snatches for that matter, so come out of the gate with a pacing plan and a planned rep scheme and follow it! Then you can let it rip on the last 500m row and 30 snatches!

Thursday 210304 3RM Back Squat

Training days vs. testing days…. Most of the time when you show up to The Hut you’re stepping into an hour of training. While these workouts are still often “for time” or “for load”, the goal is not to make a direct “compare to” or set a PR on a lift. The goal is simply to train. To train the skills involved in the workout, to train for increased strength, endurance, stamina, etc. Training days are essential in getting us ready for testing days. The testing days are much more infrequent and are self explanatory. We test ourselves against past data. We cannot test everyday, although we do train hard each workout. Today has the potential to be one or the other, testing or training, depending on how your training as been over the last 2 months or so. If you have been inconsistent, maybe even coming back after a hiatus, you will treat this as a training day, building to a moderately heavy set of 3 by the 4th or 5th set and hold for the remaining sets. On the other hand, if you have been consistently getting in to The Hut for your training days then you’ll shoot for a new 3 rep max! Both groups need the same warm-up, rest periods (2-3 minutes between sets), etc. The difference lies mainly in the mindset. So, be honest with yourself on whether you should test or simply train today.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Open. Click HERE to register!


Yoga on ZOOM with Maria is Thursday at 6pm!

Back Squat
Post heaviest set of 3 to SugarWOD

Wednesday 210303 Box Jump Overs, Ring Rows, HSPU

Sandra hits a PR on her 3 rep OHS!

12 minute AMRAP:
12 Box Jump Overs
10 Supine Ring Rows (heels on 16″ Box)
8 Handstand Push-up

Intended Stimulus
Just keep moving for 12 minutes. This is easier said than done and will require the correct scaling on both the supine ring row and the handstand push-up. These 2 movements should be completed in 2 sets or fewer. On the ring rows, your heels will be on a 16″ box out in front of you and the straps of the rings will hang directly below the pull-up bar. Scale these by going without the elevated feet to table top position. Rings need to pull all the way into your rib cage and then elbows must extend fully before starting another rep. Scale the HSPU by going from a rack or box, and if further scaling is needed use down dog push-ups. The main goal with scaling of the HSPU is creating an inverted press while preserving the “tripod” position where the top of the head touches the ground slightly in front of the hands. Whatever your scaling, preserve this position as well as full range of motion.

Tuesday 210302 Wallball, Burpee, Run

The “mystery lifter” series makes a comback! Who is hitting full depth on this back squat?

4 rounds for time:
25 Wallball Shots (20/14#)
12 Burpees
200m Run

Intended Stimulus
The intended stimulus is fairly straightforward here… Push the pace from the beginning and finish as fast as you can. Break the wallball shots up into 2-3 sets with short rest IF necessary. Burpee fast and run faster. The challenge is going to be getting right back to the WB after each run. So, make a deal with yourself to rest no more than 5 seconds before getting back to that WB!

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