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Monday 230522 30-20-10 DB HaSqCl + TTB

“Weight in the heels, hips go back and down!”

Yoga at The Hut and on ZOOM at 6pm!

30-20-10 reps for time:
DB Hang Squat Clean (40/30#)
Toes to Bar
post finish time and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
This weightlifting + gymnastics couplet is sure to be challenge and THAT’S GOOD! Break everything up into sets that are challenging for you (3-4 sets for the round of 30), and at the same time, limit your rest between sets to something predetermined. If you need to reassess your plan halfway through, that is totally ok, but at least you’ll have some structure starting off when it comes to your rest and how you plan to get through 30 reps of each. Embrace being uncomfy because this will be over before you know it! Get those hips open on each and every clean so you don’t burn out the grip unintentionally. 30-20-10… see you on the other side!!

Thursday 230518 Big Jackie-ish

Paula brings the class home on a recent 400m run!

For time complete:
1000m Row
70 Wallball Shots (20/14#)
30 Burpee Pull-ups (tall/short bar)
post finish time and any scaling

Wednesday 230517 AMRAP 20

Eric and Peter go max rep ACFT push-up in the small room!

20 minute AMRAP:
200m run
4x25ft SA OH Carry (32/24kg)
20 Back Burpees
2x25ft Wt, Walking Lunge (32/24kg, goblet)
Post total completed rounds + reps and any scaling

Tuesday 230516 4 Rounds for Reps

We are ever chasing perfect technique. Here, Kate drills the MB clean setup!

Every 5 minutes for 4 rounds:
1 minute max SDHP (35/25kg)
1 minute max ACFT Push-ups
1 minute max Weighted Sit-up (20/14# MB)
1 minute max Calorie Row
-rest 1 minute-

post total reps and any scaling

Friday 051223 E4M Gymnastics Intervals

Dr Jason knows that bike sprints run on grit and positive peer pressure 😉 107 RMPs!

Every 4 minutes for 5 rounds:
10 Ring Dips
12 Pull-ups
max rep burpee to the 2:00 minute mark
post burpees completed and any scaling

Thursday 230511 Buy in, Cash Out

You need your community on monostructural days like this!

For time complete:
Buy in: 800m run/1.3 mile bike*
4 rounds of:
25 MB Clean (20/14#)
25 Box jump (24/20”)
Cash out: 800m run/1.3 mile bike*

*if you buy in with a run, cash out with the bike

Post finish time and any scaling

Wednesday 230510 Handstands and Max Meters

Dr Jo pushes everyone in a recent 9am!

Workout of the day:
10 minutes of handstand hold variations
For max meters…
Row 3:00-2:30-2:00-1:30-1:00-0:30
-rest 2 minutes between intervals-
Post total meters rowed

Tuesday 230509 Power Cleaning Annie

Andy, Stephanie, and Eric power through some high volume lunges last week!

For time complete:
Double Unders
Abmat Sit-ups
Power Cleans (70/50kg)
Post finish time and any scaling

Friday 230505 Rings + AMRAP 12

Rod and Dr Jo nail the “core to extremity” principle during some DBs snatches

Workout of the day:
10 minutes of Ring skill development
(Skin the cats and muscle ups)
6 C2B Pull-up
9 Up Down Box Jump Overs (24/20”)
30 Double Unders
Post total completed rounds + reps and any scaling

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