At CrossFit Malibu we offer group classes from our highly qualified CF Level 1, 2, 3 coaches. Our methodology is classic, true CrossFit. In our group classes you will find members of all ages and genders who make up our unique community of fitness enthusiasts. 

  • CrossFit Level 3 Coaching & WOD (Workout Of the Day) Programming
  • Morning & afternoon classes
  • Authentic community and group motivation
  • Outdoor training space during COVID-19

Completely new to CrossFit?
In order to join CrossFit group classes, previous CrossFit experience is required.

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In 2009, Mike Anderson saw the potential in an old, WWII Quonset Hut. He gave it some love and rejuvenated it into a CrossFit mecca for Malibu. Since then, locals from all walks of life have come to him to reclaim their bodies and their fitness.

Mike and his top-level certified coaches consistently cover all CF training methods to get you into your best body and ensure you are fit across all domains: Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance; Stamina; Strength; Flexibility; Power; Speed; Coordination; Agility; Balance; and Accuracy.

Your success is our top priority, so class sizes are kept small to ensure that your instructors have your attention. Instructors stay involved during the workouts, making sure you have proper form and technique. All you need to do is show up and put in the work.



CrossFit is not about “leg days.” We take the whole body into account, not only for training, but also for lifestyle. Nutrition is integral to the CrossFit philosophy. Many groups participate in the Whole30®, a clear guide on what and how to eat. CrossFitters also get together for weekend excursions, such as hikes, surfs, trail runs and rock climbs. After all, isn’t the point of fitness to get you out and enjoy doing what you love?


We are trained, certificated CrossFit Level 1, Level 2, and certified Level 3 instructors. We have also completed additional subject matter courses through CrossFit and other organizations, such as USA Weightlifting, StrongFit, and MovNat.  All of our coaches and interns are Pepperdine graduates or current students of Sports Medicine at Pepperdine University.


Small class sizes up to 9 students and detailed instruction ensure that you know what to do and that you tailor the movements to your own body’s needs. Warm-ups and stretching are taken very seriously, and dynamic programming helps keep you growing and breaking through plateaus.


Anyone – from Hollywood agents to tech entrepreneurs to retired surfers – can feel comfortable in the CrossFit Malibu community. Come train with your fellow neighbors, professionals, and fitness enthusiasts alike! Goals are yours alone, and nothing helps you work harder than the support of your buddies-in-arms. Achievements are celebrated by everyone.

Group Class Rates

We offer two membership options for you

4 Month Auto-Pay


Previous CrossFit Experience Required.

For those ready to commit to fitness!

1 Month Unlimited


Previous CrossFit Experience Required