CrossFit Malibu is an inclusive strength and conditioning community. We are open for anyone who wants to elevate their physical abilities with the support of other motivated and inspiring people.

Here, if you are working hard, you are an athlete. Our coaches are certified at different levels to take this journey with you. They have a depth of experience and prioritize safety when teaching mechanics and fundamentals of CrossFit movement. We use CF programming to increase our fitness across all domains: power, stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, etc. 

Our supportive community is for all ages and levels of fitness. Whether competing professionally or just wanting an alternative to the couch, our Malibu athletes use CF to improve their performance in all types of physically challenging pursuits. We have hikers, bikers, rock-climbers, swimmers, and of course, surfers. Many in our community get together “after hours” to enjoy these activities together. Come join us!


CrossFit Malibu is not your normal gym. Think about the last time you ran on a treadmill for an hour without even talking to the person running next to you. That is not what you will experience at CrossFit Malibu. We are not anonymous. We are involved in each others’ lives. Members work hard alongside one another, hold each other accountable, and celebrate accomplishments together. Joining CrossFit Malibu means getting instant support in striving towards your goals and in making positive changes in your life.



CrossFit Malibu prides itself on bringing fitness to anyone open to working hard, irrespective of anything else.

When you enter our gym, you will see the following quote on the wall: “We don’t respect weight, we respect effort.” We have created an environment open to all, no matter your current level of fitness. We welcome and support everyone —  young, old, fit, out of shape, those with a rich athletic background, and those with no athletic background. CrossFit Malibu is unique in building relationships with people outside of your normal circle of friends. CrossFit Malibu is truly an unusual place. Stop by and experience it for yourself.



For many people this is the first time that they have worked out with people of various ages and fitness levels. Each training session contains a guided warm-up, specific skill work and practice, a training piece, and some mobility. What is special about CrossFit is that everyone does the same workout scaled to their ability and fitness level. For example, on deadlift training within the same class, we might have athletes lifting 25kg alongside athletes lifting over 200kg, with each person celebrating the other’s accomplishments.
 All of our workouts are run by experienced and certified CrossFit coaches who will help you choose the appropriate weight, assure that you are using correct mechanics, and provide feedback on your technique. 



Saturday post-training barbecues, movie nights at the Hut, nutrition challenges, birthday and holiday parties, and more are always on the schedule. We train for local competitions like 5/10ks, mud/obstacle-course runs, triathlons, SUP races and other adventures like Pier-to-Pier on super low tides. We host beach workouts and trail runs. If you are looking for something to do, check out our event calendar.