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Wednesday 240522 For Max Reps

A big congrats to Rachel and Ash as they completed their CrossFit Level 1 seminar this past weekend in Santa Clarita!! We are proud of you and are thankful to have you in this community. You both add a humble pursuit of excellence that is an example to others and a reminder that we take things one workout at a time as we head down the never ending road of increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

“Taking the level 1 was a great experience! It was really cool to formally hear a lot of what our coaches at CFM do an incredible job of teaching everyday. It was interesting to see and hear different warm ups and cues for movements we frequently practice—some that I’ll definitely be using in the future. There were definitely some moments of humility and growth in being coached on movement and being coached on how to coach. It was really helpful though to have the immediate feedback on what works well and what doesn’t. Overall, so grateful for the experience and excited for the doors it opens!” – Rachel

“Atending the CrossFit Level 1 Training this weekend I knew I would have a great time learning more about CrossFit, but I never anticipated how truly phenomenal the seminar staff would be, how thorough and interesting the course material would be, and the sheer amount of opportunities we had for hands on learning and coaching experience. From this weekend I feel far more competent in my knowledge on why we train movements in certain ways, got great feedback on my own lifts, and even had the opportunity to learn about and practice some coaching. It also showed me how top tier the coaching we receive at CFM is! Some of the staff that led us through the weekend were CrossFit Games athletes so it was really cool to hear a lot of their competition stories, while still being able to connect on all the same reasons why we all love CrossFit—for the community and endless pursuit of fitness! Whether you are interested in learning more about CrossFit’s foundations, getting specific feedback on your movements, interested in dialing your nutrition, or curious about coaching, I cannot recommend this training enough for everyone! The training truly was incredible. And the lead staff pulled me aside and said they could tell I’d had good coaching by how I moved and responded to their cues, so hats off to CFM coaches!” – Ash


3 rounds for reps:
1:00 Calorie Row
1:00 Abmat Sit-up
1:00 Box Jump (30/24″)
1:00 Abmat Sit-up
1:00 Calorie Row
-rest 2 minutes-
post total reps each round and any scaling

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