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Wednesday 231213 Pressing Series

After some heavy pressing overhead, make sure to get back to the gym at 6pm for the final CFM Yoga of 2023! Maria will be here with lots of shoulder mobility and a relaxing atmosphere as usual. See you there!

Paula floats on top of the box for one of her SIXTY box jumps!

Workout of the day:
Shoulder Press
Push Press
Push Jerk
post all loading and any new PRs!

Intended Stimulus
Ready for a hefty helping of pressing!? Use today to dial in the bar path for all 3 lifts. Chin back as the bar drives straight up off the front rack, lock it out overhead, active shoulders with the bar directly over the heel, and head back through. This order of events doesn’t change across all three of the overhead presses today. What does change is what happens BEFORE all that pressing. On the push press you add a “dip and drive” to the above sequence and on the push jerk you add a “dip, drive, press and drop” to the above sequence. Focus in on 2 things today. The bar path and the timing of the “drive then press” (on the push press and push jerk). Then, after all 3 lifts are warmed up and the movement pattern is primed, build in load on the should press across 4 sets of singles. Try to end with a new 1RM! After 4 sets, transition of 4 sets of 3 reps building in load on the push press. Then, do the same, but with 5 reps, on the push jerk. In total, there are 12 sets today. Settle in for an all weightlifting day! Rest AT LEAST 2 full minutes between sets and post any PRs to the PR board.

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