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Monday 230814 4 Rounds For Reps

CrossFit Malibu is a community of hard-working individuals dedicated to improving lives through fitness. We come from all walks of life, different pasts on a common path to bettering our futures and ourselves, doing what we can to guide others who might benefit. As we turn 14 years old, we celebrate our anniversary with full understanding that it’s all about the people. And while we’ve come to love The Hut, and all the effort and energy that’s taken place under it’s curved, corrugated roof… The time has come to venture out into the world, though not beyond our own black metal gate. A mere 150m farmer carry across the asphalt and dirt lot, we continue our adventurous experiment on a new patch of earth. From The Hut to The Yard. Trading a space beneath the palm tree to a place shaded by sycamores. You’ll see evidence of the move already underway. We will extend opportunities to take part in the migration over the next few weeks. For those who know: “Quarters” will be run from our new home. And for those who don’t, just ask!

“Strongman” Specialty Series starts tonight at 6pm!

Yoga at The Hut is now on Wednesdays at 6pm!

4 rounds for reps:

1 minute max rep Alt. DB Hang Snatch (50/35#)
1 minute max rep Push-ups
1 minute max rep SA DB Front Squats (50/35#)*
-rest 1 minute-
post total reps completed each round and any scaling

* switch hands on the front squats as desired

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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