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Monday 230807 Filthy Fifty

Thanks to all who came out and made the CFM beach WOD an absolute blast! We chipped our way through 36 rounds as teams of 3, all while traversing the course as if you were on the colosseum floor at the CrossFit Games! That swim afterwards was worth all the effort wasn’t it?!

A few announcements before we kick off another week of training at The Hut:

#1) There is 1 final Monday night Yoga session at The Hut, tomorrow 8/7! This will also be the final yoga session offered on ZOOM.

#2) Don’t fret though, as Yoga at The Hut is moving to Wednesday nights at 6pm starting 8/16!!!! So get in for the final Monday nights, then adjust to a Wednesday evening yoga schedule. What should you do on Monday nights you ask….

#3) Sign up for our latest Specialty Series that is a deep dive into the sport of “Strongman” also known as Underground Strength here at The Hut!!!

Here at CFM, we are in constant pursuit of elite fitness by consistently practicing the CrossFit methodology. This means that we are pursuing increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains by performing constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity.

Two key components to this pursuit are power output and variety.

Power output measures our productive application of force.

Variety ensures we are able to effectively produce power in any physical task life may throw at us.

For these reasons, “Strongman” movements have been a staple in CrossFit since its inception. Carries, sleds, stones, tires, sandbags, and other odd objects uniquely tax out systems and broaden the horizons of our fitness.

Over the next 3 weeks, we will be looking at this component of our training in the “Strongman” Specialty Series. Learn how to use the fitness you’ve forged in the gym to explore the fun and challenging movements of Strongman.

Sign up on the chalkboard in the big room ASAP as space is limited! Cost is $90 for the 3 week series. It’s sure to be a blast!

The beach WOD crew, 26 people strong, getting briefed on the challenge that was to come!

Yoga at The Hut and on ZOOM at 6pm!

“Filthy Fifty”
For time, complete 50 reps each of:
Box jumps, 24/20″
Jumping pull-ups
Kettlebell swings, 1 pood-American
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
Knees to elbows
Push press, 20/15 kg bar
Back extensions (supermans)
Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball to 10/9′*
Double unders*
Post finish time and any scaling
Post PR to the PR Board!
*must do wall ball shots, burpees and double unders in order BUT if there are few enough people, everyone should do this in exactly the posted order.
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