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Thursday 230105 Three Intervals

Today’s workout is an interesting take on intervals. Each of the three intervals start with a monostructural piece and then finish with 30 fast reps of gymnastics or weightlifting. You should aim to scale the row/bike/ski to a distance you can finish in 3 minutes or less. That will give you 1-2 minutes to finish the 30 reps thus achieving the correct work to rest ratio. The final 30 reps of each interval should be at near sell out pace so choose something that will allow larger sets and get moving as soon as the monostructural piece is complete. Jot down your round time after rep #30 and then REST. Interval #1 starts at 0:00, #2 starts at 8:00, and #3 starts at 16:00. It is likely that you WON’T complete the intervals in order as the ski slots are limited. Let’s push today!

We know it’s raining… get into The Hut anyways!

Each interval for time, for the lowest cumulative time:
On min 0: 750m row + 30 Toes to Bar
On min 8: 1 mi bike + 30 DB HPC (50/35#)
On min 16: 600m Ski + 30 Back Burpees
Post all 3 times and any scaling

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