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Thursday 221027 Decreasing Row + Back Burpee + OH Carry

In this triplet, picking an aggressive yet manageable row pace is going to be key to maximizing intensity (getting the best time YOU are capable of). Expect to spend 4-5 minutes on row #1, 3.5-4.5 minutes on row #2, and 3-4 minutes on row #3. The back burpees and OH carry will take far less time, but the numbers don’t decrease as the rounds go by. Chip away at the back burpees, not sprinting, but not resting during your sets of 20. Find that “constantly moving” pace. You can switch hands as desired on the single arm overhead carry so long as you do not continue to walk as you are switching hands. Try to make your lap around The Hut with only 1 hand switch! Know that this one is long and pace accordingly 🙂

Congrats to Nick on his 1-year CFM anniversary! He puts in the effort day in and day out, is always seeking to improve his skills, and genuinely cares about the CFM community. We’re glad to have you Nick, keep it up!

For time complete:
1200/1000m Row
20 Back Burpees
100m Single Arm DB Overhead Carry (50/35#)
1000/800m Row
20 Back Burpees
100m SA DB OH Carry (50/35#)
800/600m Row
20 Back Burpees
100m SA DB OH Carry (50/35#)
post finish time, any scaling, and new PR to PR board
compare to: Aug 17 2021

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