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Thursday 221006 Monostructural TABATA

Over the years we’ve run countless variation of the CF benchmark workouts “TABATA This” and “TABATA That”, and today we take on yet another variation that just so happens to be all monostructural! No weightlifting, no gymnastics, just repetitive locomotive movements that often get lumped into the “cardio” classification, through we know that cardio, or metabolic conditioning, can quite easily be trained in the absence of monostructural movement! With only 10 seconds of rest between bouts, an all out sprint won’t be maintainable, so think about going out at 90% and try to hold that pace across all 8 rounds. You’ll get 2 minute of rest between Tabatas which will help you again shoot for 90% when you get to the next movement!

Dr Jason works on keeping a vertical shin in the hang position while Becca drives the elbows up at the bottom of a hang squat clean

Workout of the Day:
10 minutes of slips
Tabata calorie row
-rest 2 minutes-
Tabata double under
-rest 2 minutes-
Tabata calorie bike
Post total reps completed across all 3 tabatas

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