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Thursday 220630 Lynne Style

How many strict pull-ups can you do without dropping off the bar? What’s your personal record for unbroken double unders? How many calories can you rack up in one minute on the rower? Today we answer these questions as we move through a Lynne-style workout. You’ll cycle through these 3 tests five times, resting as needed between bouts of work to ensure that you’re rested enough to test again. It will certainly get harder to hit the same number of pull-ups each round, but the DUs and rowing are bouts you can “PR” each time if you settle yourself and go for it! If you are an emerging DU athlete, scale to a 1 minute DU test instead of a max unbroken set. If it is not possible to get more than 8 strict pull-ups without dropping, scale to a band that allows for that, OR, get in 5 eccentrics as slow as possible.

Dulcie is back! Here she reps out one of many devils presses

Lynne Style
5 Rounds for reps:
Max rep set of unbroken strict pull-ups
Max rep set of unbroken double unders
Max calorie row in 1 minute
-rest as needed between bouts-
post total completed reps

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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