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Wednesday 220622 FGB Style and a PSA

As we have gotten back to normal here at The Hut, there are many things we have learned over the last 2 years that we continue to implement. One of those things is that you simply shouldn’t come to the gym if you are feeling crummy, sick, with a cough, etc. This is a reminder for ALL cases of being sick… don’t come to a workout hoping to “sweat it out”. In reality, your body needs rest, hydration, and good fuel, not a WOD. In the long run, extra rest and recovery will prove more beneficial and is consistent with our mission and your goal here at The Hut: improving fitness! If you are just dying to exercise, text one of us for an at home WOD, and we’ll send you something appropriate, or help you modify what’s on the blog. As coaches, we do not come to work when we are sick, and as athletes, you should do the same. With summer kicking off, and as more and more of us travel, this is an important reminder! Thanks for thinking of one another, CFM family. Enough with the PSA and on to Fight Gone Bad Style!

Nate and Dr Jason trudge through the burpees during Monday’s 4 round burner!

Fight Gone Bad Style
Three 5 minute rounds for max reps:
SA DB Clean and Jerks (50/35#)
Box Step Overs (24/20”)
Push-up Down-dogs
Abmat Sit-ups
Calorie Bike
-rest 2 minutes-
Post total reps completed and any scaling

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