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Wednesday 220608 For Max Double Unders

A huge shout out to those who set new PRs in their 3RM deadlift! The training is working, and testing days like these prove it (not to mention they’re really fun and a great hour with our community)! The June PR board is already filling up and we’re only 8 days in! Take a look below at the many PRs from the month may. Everything from consecutive double unders, 5RM deadlifts, kipping pull-up firsts, a “compare to” power clean row WOD, and more is up on that board. Good job CFMers and keep up the hard work!

Congrats on the May PRs! Now, on to June 🙂

Five 3 minute AMRAPs, separated by 2 minutes of rest:
15 Pull-ups (Rx+ with C2B)
15 Box Jumps
max rep DU in remaining time
post total DUs completed and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
You NEED to be able to get these pull-ups done in 3 quick sets or fewer to hit the stimulus! For emerging pull-up athletes, consider cutting the volume a bit, but if you need to cut to less than 10 to get the pull-ups done in a minute, opt for 15 reps with a band. Then, take the 15 box jumps at a steady and safe pace. From there, it’s time to earn point by completing max rep double unders. Log your double unders completed each round in SugarWOD along with any scaling.

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