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Thursday 220324 4 rounds EACH for time

Who is ready for this “Compare To” containing some medium duration interval sprints?! Don’t let the big numbers scare you… The intention is to truly sprint through each round so that you need every second of that 2 minute rest before getting after another round. Let’s talk about loading. You will us the same KB for the swings and the squats. This load will likely be determined by the kb swings. Ideally, at least on round 1, you should be able to complete the 30 russian kb swings in 1-2 sets. This may change as the rounds progress, but at the start 30 reps in 1-2 sets is necessary. Then, you’ll fly through 25 up-downs (which are burpees without the push-up: standing to plank, to standing, to jumping and clapping overhead). The round will finish with 20 goblet squats with your swing load. (Remember how last time these were tougher than expected!) Use all of your rest to REST. Sit on a box and focus on your breathing. Scaling the volume is encouraged for those new to this style of training or those coming back from time off. 4 rounds of this is going to be FUN! Check back to Jan 27th, 2021 and set a PR!


4 rounds EACH for time:
30 KB Swings USSR (32/24kg)
25 Up Downs
20 KB Goblet Squats (32/24kg)
-rest 2 minutes between rounds-

compare to: Jan 27th, 2021
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