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Tuesday 220315 4 Rounds for Max Wallball Shots

“Do I really have to do another wall walk?”

4 Round for max reps, on the 5:00 mark:
40 Double Unders
15 MB Sit-ups (20/14#)
Max rep WB Shots (20/14#) to the 3:00 mark
post total completed wallball shots and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
The goal here is to choose scalings that give you at least 90 seconds to accumulate wallball shots on the  first round. Emerging double under athletes should scale to a number of double unders that they can complete in unber 50 seconds, which leaves roughly 40 seconds to transition and complete the MB sit-up, which leaves you 90 seconds to max rep WB shot. Do 80 double unders if those are smooth, but double unders are not possible. Even choosing 10 double unders per round is better than simply doing singles today. Let’s develop that skill instead of hiding from it! Scale to wallball shot to a load or target height that allows you to get at least 8 in a row.

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