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Friday 220121 5×3 Hang Power Snatch + Open 14.1

Today we get in 5 sets of 3 reps of hang power snatch (building in load) as way of priming technique before retesting CrossFit Open workout 14.1, which was also 11.1 (except requiring a snatch instead of ground to overhead). In this 10 minute AMRAP, if you have compare to data, use the exact same scaling that you used before. If you have never done this WOD before, find a load that allows you to complete the snatches in, at minimum, sets of 5 and go for double unders if you’re able to do even just a few at a time. Go for 60 single unders if needed. 10 minutes is long enough to require pacing so try to resist the all out sprint after 3..2..1.. go!

Thib wonders, “who is that mystery wallball shooter?”

Workout of the Day:
Hang Power Snatch
Open Workout 14.1
Complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 double-unders
35/25kg power snatches, 15 reps
Compare to Feb 22 2021, July 12th 2019, August 3 2018, May 23 2015, Feb 28 or 30 2014, mid-March 2011 (ground to overhead any way)

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