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Wednesday 220119 Wallball Helen

This one looks a lot like “Helen”… subbing 40 wallball shots in place of the 400m run each round. This exchange of WB shots in place of running will likely cause everything else to feel a bit harder than it does during Helen because you don’t get those 1-2 minutes per round to shake out the arms on the run. Instead, break the wallball shots into aggressively large sets and consider breaking the 21 kb swings into 2 sets (which we normally don’t encourage in Helen). This is one of those days to give yourself a resting-between-sets time limit (like 5 or 7 seconds) so you don’t end up staring at your wallball or kettlebell longer than you need to! Scaling for those new to The Hut or those coming back form a long hiatus should likely include a decrease of wallball shot volume (keeping the full depth the squat each and every rep through, that goes for everyone!), Russian swings, and ring rows or banded pull-ups.

Nice lat engagement during the hollow body position of the hanging knee raise! Who is this mystery gymnast?

3 rounds for time:
40 Wallball Shots (20/14#)
21 KB Swings (24/18kg USA)
12 Pull-ups
Post finish time and any scaling

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