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Tuesday 211214 RDLs + Lunges for Load, Handstands for Skill

Rain is in the forecast! Come warm up on a chilly day by getting your body moving through some not for time accessory strength work and handstand skill development. Unlike the last bout of rain, there is no running! The Romanian Deadlift is a higher hip deadlift, felt almost exclusively in the glutes and hamstrings. If you can maintain a neutral spine, gently touch the plates to the floor each rep. If you’re unable to maintain a neutral spine and get to the floor, simply take the bar as far down your shin as you can go while staying neutral. The goblet reverse step lunges need to be heavy AND unbroken. If the 70# DB is not heavy enough for you go Rx+ and scale up to a double KB front rack reverse step lunge. Still unbroken 🙂 Lastly, between every set take 2 minutes or so to work on a few of the many handstand skill development drills your coaches will cover in the warm-up.

Debby and Andy during an early morning ski + sled

5 rounds not for time:
5 Romanian Deadlift (AHAP)
5/5 Goblet Rev. Step Lunge (AHAP and unbroken)
Handstand Skill between sets

post RDL loading for all 5 sets, post lunge load and HS achievements in notes

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