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Monday 211206 Hang Squat Snatch

For many, this workout will require sub-maximal loading due to the fact that the hang squat snatch is inherently complex and takes much time of intentional practice to master. Today, work on the overhead squat in the warm-up because you’ll NEED that good solid overhead position in order to feel stable catching in the bottom of the squat. For some, you might find yourself hang power snatching and then overhead squatting, and that is fine. Get comfortable in the bottom of your squat with load overhead and practice practice practice. Regardless of your skill level here,  keep the bar close, get the hips open BEFORE you shrug and pull with the arms, and drop quickly as you press the shoulders up into the bar. Take your time today, the ENTIRE session after the general warm-up will be dedicated to developing more skill and comfort in this challenging and high skill lift!

Kyle and Becca show off some excellent squat technique. This is how you want to look at the bottom of your hang squat snatches!

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Workout of the Day:
Hang Squat Snatch
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