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Tuesday 211130 Back Squats and Push-ups

This past Thanksgiving week we ran a individual training session for Dr Jason and his father who was visiting from out of town. The goal was to introduce his father to CrossFit, specifically CrossFit as we know it here at The Hut. As a surprise, Dr Jason’s son joined them! They did a team of 3 work/rest workout after lots of introductory skill work and each of them got the scaling they needed to hit the intended stimulus and stay within their individual capabilities. It’s not very often we get to have a session with 3 generations! Nice work you three!

For those of you who may be interested in coordinating something similar, whether you have family in town or someone local, or if you’re simply interested in working on some individual skills yourself, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to help. The 1-on-1 setting at The Hut is not only an amazing way to get started with us, but also excellent for refining skills and weaknesses.

A 3 generation session with a team of 3 workout

On the 5 minute mark for 5 rounds:
6 Back Squats (~70-75% 1RM)
max rep set of deficit push-ups (hands on 35/20# DBs, chest to ground)
post # of push-ups completed and any scaling, post load used in the notes

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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