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Thursday 211118 5 Rounds NFT

Not everything has to be done with intensity.
While we know through experience that working at high intensity levels coupled with good movement mechanics are tools that yield solid results in creating well-rounded fitness. There ARE times when we pull back on intensity to work on skills and drills that provide us the time to focus on refining movement and paying attention to subtleties that can be missed when moving too quickly. Take it easy on the pace today, think through some of the positions and angles your body takes, and be patient.

Mike powers his way through big sets of thrusters! Did that feel like an Open WOD?

5 rounds at a steady pace, but NOT for time:
3/3 Turkish Get Ups (AHAP, but unbroken on each side)
10 Goblet Pause Squats (same load as TGUs, 2 second pause)
1 minute Handstand Hold
5 Strict Burpees + 5 extra for every break during your 1 minute HS Hold 🙂
Post load of TGU and Pause Squat to SugarWOD and log total HS breaks in the notes

Intended Stimulus
After a quick general warmup that includes some light TGUs, you’ll go for 5 rounds (for quality, not time) of 3 TGUs on each side, 10 goblet squats with a 2 second pause at the bottom, a 1 minute handstand hold, and 5 strict burpees. For every break you take during your 1 minute handstand hold you’ll add 5 more strict burpees to your set. The goal here is to stay moving, but to really focus on the quality of the movement rather than trying to finish this as fast as possible. Find a load for the TGUs that allows you to go unbroken for 3 reps on the right before taking a short rest and doing 3 unbroken on the left. You’ll use the same load for your pause squats. If you need to modify the handstand hold, consider doing a pike on a box or even a down dog. A strict burpee is simply a burpee with a strict push-up, so no throwing yourself to the ground on these! If you break your HS hold twice, you’ll do your 5 strict burpees and then 10 more (5 for each break). This WOD is going to take some time, but that’s ok, keep moving and and before you know it your 5 rounds will be done!

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