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Tuesday 211109 3 RFT: Run, Sit-up, Ring Dip

Congrats to all who PRed during the Deadlift BBQ and in the morning classes that day! Get those written up on the PR board if you haven’t already done so. PRs like these prove we are collectively getting stronger month after month while PRs on workouts like last Monday’s “Jackie” demonstrate an increase in fitness in a different time domain and different modalities. Together they show that you are increasing your work capacity across broad time and modal domains…. simply put: here at The Hut, we’re STILL getting fitter! Today’s workout is not a “compare to”, but it does represent training in yet another time domain and with different monostructural and gymnastics movements. Hitting training days like this hard surely pays off when we get to the testing days we all love 🙂

Jonathan leads a CFL1 style DL circle. Remember, the warm-up and skill work is always purposeful!

3 rounds for time:
800m Run
40 Sit-ups
20 Ring Dips
post finish time and any scaling

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