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Friday 211015 Run, TGU, TTB Chipper

We don’t typically have Turkish Get Ups in a timed workout… but when we do, we execute them with as much precision as possible, as if they were not for time 🙂 Hit every step of every TGU, maintaining a stable shoulder, and full control of that DB until you’re laying flat on your back. You can break up the 15 reps however you’d like, but should be able to keep moving for at least 5 at a time! Break the TTB into sets you KNOW you can maintain across 30 reps. And lastly, run hard. Try to run your final 600m at a faster pace than your first 600m!

Our friends at Estrin Hinds Construction hard at work on their barbell front squat technique. Nice work! (shout out to Eric and Christine for having us!)

For time complete:
600m run
15 Turkish Get Ups (40/30#)
30 Toes to Bar
800m run
30 Toes to Bar
15 Turkish Get Ups
600m Run
Post finish time and any scaling

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