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Tuesday 211012 Pull-up, Box Jump, Double Under

You have one more week to head in to Lululemon Malibu, purchase a pair of shorts (or a few pairs), and get The Hut logo emblazoned on them! This opportunity ends October 18th so make your way over there after a class and get some custom CFM shorts 🤙🏼

For this workout, take a conservative approach to the pull-ups on the first 2 rounds. Imagine yourself getting through the 15s, 12s, and 9s unbroken or in 2 sets instead of ending the workout just barely hanging on. This will allow you to pick up the pace as the rounds get shorter! Consider stepping down off the box each time to save the calves for the 225 double unders. As is typically the case, take the box jumps at a steady pace, not rushing and then resting, but keeping the same tempo from rep 1 to rep 21. Coaches will challenge you today to step off the box directly into your jumping position (no wandering back off the box!) which will also help you sustain a pace on the box jumps. Scaling the double unders to 2x reps is a great option for those developing more capacity for lager sets of double unders while scaling to 1x reps will work well for those just learning the skill with the ability to get just a few in a row.


21-18-15-12-9 reps for time:
Box Jumps (24/20”)
Double Unders (reps x3*)
Post finish time and any scaling

*Double Under reps = 63-54-45-36-27

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