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Wednesday 210929 Split Jerk 5-5-4-4-3-3-3

For some this is a day to simply practice a new skill, become more comfortable, and get some reps of split jerk. For others, this is a day to test your strength and skill, working to a new 3 rep max. Regardless of what camp you’re in, you’ll get a nice long technique intensive warm-up and skill work before loading up the bar. Work on moving well today. Upright torso in the dip. Weight in the heels. Full hip extension before dropping. Solid bar path. Stable landing in the split. Your coaches are here for you so ask us any questions, and be sure to pay special attention during the warm-up. The warm-ups are, after all, not simply for getting warm, but for developing skill, getting specific joints and muscles ready, and priming movement patterns. The warm-ups help us improve, keep us safe and efficient, and ensure each athlete gets what they need… including you! So, don’t waste your warm-up today, or any day!

Charlene LOVES heavy sled pushes. Do you?

Split Jerk
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