We have LOTs of outdoor workout space

Tuesday 210928 E5M for 4 Rounds


Every 5 minutes for 4 rounds:
9 Hang Squat Cleans (50/35kg)
15 Push-ups
Max rep toes to bar to the 3:00 mark
post total completed TTB and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Don’t be afraid to choose a load for the hang squat cleans that forces you to break the 9 reps into a few small sets. Making sure this is challenging is a major key to hitting the stimulus! (Remember, in order to start your first hang squat clean you’ll need to do a deadlift. You cannot do a full squat clean from the first rep of any set!) Then, aim for 15 push-ups in no more than 3 quick sets. Whatever time remains is yours to accumulate reps of toes to bar. For many, the path to the highest number of TTB will be through lots of small sets with SHORT rest between. Breaking off a large set of TTB that necessitates a long rest will likely not be the best use of whatever your remaining time is. These 3 minutes of work will fly by, so be mentally prepared to push for the entire time!


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