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Monday 210927 5 Rounds NOT For Time

Think of this workout as a bunch of small tests. Each movement, in each round, is an opportunity to test yourself at something small. These small tests will add up to one big workout, AND, you’ll have fun along the way! The TGUs will be unbroken each side and AHAP by round 5. The 10 pulls for power on the rower are an opportunity to go all out in an attempt to hit the largest number of watts as you possibly can (you’ll then have a goal to exceed on subsequent rounds. The inversion will be a chance to get upside down. Choose something that is challenging enough that making it the full minute isn’t guaranteed. And on the sled (oh how we love the sled) go as fast as you can and try to beat that time again and again. 5 rounds of these little efforts = one challenging WOD 🙂

Parker gets triple extension on a power snatch while Becca maintains an active shoulder in the receiving position.

Yoga at The Hut and on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 6:00pm!

5 rounds NOT for time:
4/4 Turkish Get Ups (AHAP)
10 Pulls for Power on the Rower (for highest watts)
1 minute Inversion (for fewest breaks)
2x12m Sled Push (180/135# for fastest time)
Record TGU load, highest watts hit, inversion breaks, and slowest sled time in notes

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