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Tuesday 210921 5 Rounds EACH For Time

These rounds are going to be a fight. They’re going to take some grit… a lot of grit. Attempt to go unbroken on the wallballs, move over to your barbell and get 15 reps in no more than 3 sets, sprint through 10 burpees over the bar, then REST! As the rounds tick by, you may need to break up the WBs, but continue to push the pace, specifically on the final 10 burpees to end each round. As we have been practicing over the last few months, take your 2 minutes of rest rather than just letting it pass you by. Sit on a box, close your eyes, and breath. Mentally prepare for the next round. All you need to think about is the next round in front of you. This is where we get fitter!

Thanks to Brooke Wells for coming to share stories and experience with us!

5 rounds EACH for time:
20 Wallball Shots
15 Deadlifts (80/60kg)
10 Burpees Over the Bar
-rest 2 minute-
post finish time and any scaling

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