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Monday 210913 “Christine”

We kick off a fresh week here at The Hut with a benchmark girl WOD! “Christine” is a fast a furious triple that includes bodyweight deadlifts. If you cannot get 12 BW deadlifts in 2 sets fresh, then it’s best to scaling something that will allow you to go 6+6 during all 3 rounds of deadlifts. The pace on the box jumps should be safely pushed. No misses, but still transition between jumps efficiently and quickly. Each round starts with a 500m row and the entire 5-7 minutes on the rower should be at a pace that is uncomfortable enough to send you to the dark place, but beware! Don’t sprint the row, especially on round 1 because you’ll likely dig a hole you can’t get out of without dropping the intensity level significantly.

Don’t forget about Yoga at The Hut and on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 6:00pm!

Charlene and Joanna smile their way through some strict ring rows while Debby heads out on another run, with a smile of course!

Three rounds for time of:
500m row
12 bodyweight deadlifts
21 box jumps (24/20″)
Post time and load to chalkboard/journals.
Compare to September 23rd 2016, August 20 2014, October 19 2013, July 27 2013, October 26 2012

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